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Jerry Kratochvil interviews Lincoln, Nebraska City Council Chairman, Trent Fellers.

Kratochvil and Fellers talk about some of the issues, and conflict, that has been part of the Lincoln City Council since the Council went majority Republican in the spring election.

They discuss the issues of governance around the Pinnacle Bank Arena and the latest controversy near the building: the proposed art sculpture to be placed out front.

Fellers gives some insight into how the Lincoln council works that makes it different from other cities and some of the unique issues that have come up since.

Trent Fellers at Marine graduation
Fellers, left, at his Marine Corps “graduation”.

To finish up, Fellers talks about his background as Chief of Staff for State Treasurer Shane Osborn and his time in the United States Marines Reserves.

And of course, they conclude with a chat about Presidential politics.

Twitter: @TrentFellers


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