Ricketts’ beef with Trump

Ricketts 002Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts is diving into Presidential politics right about the same time as his guy (allegedly) Governor Scott Walker is taking a dive in the national polls.

Maybe someone from the Walker camp requested a life-preserver?

Ricketts took a shot at Donald Trump for saying that

“(Japan sells us millions of cars)…and we sell them beef. We sell them beef. And they don’t want it because their farmers don’t want our beef. They protest and they send it back, right?”

Ricketts, on a trip to Asia, said, no, Japan buys Nebraska beef, and they want to buy more.


This comes at a time when the most recent national poll shows Governor Scott Walker down to…0%! Zero! Yikes!

Now this of course is NOT an Iowa only or a New Hampshire only or a South Carolina only poll. And there seems often to be little worth in asking people nationwide. But, FWIW, Walker is currently down in the dumps nationally, with Graham, Jindal and Pataki. Even Rick Santorum is up to 1%.

Walker’s early lead was attributed by some to the fact that he was a vanilla candidate — not necessarily boring, but one that everyone agrees they at least like, though probably don’t love.

Well, for now the public has moved on to the Pineapple Upside Down Cake that everyone else at the table is raving about. Boy it LOOKS really good! And EVERYONE is talking about it!

(And yes, I realize I’ve opened up the dessert analogy for everyone to go wild on. Have at it…)


And speaking of local thoughts on the Presidential primary…this one is not terribly shocking.

“Rand Paul wins Douglas County (Nebraska) Republican Party Straw Poll at Debate Watch Party.”

Uh huh…

Interesting on many levels…


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  1. Sparkles says:

    “Now this of course is NOT an Iowa only or a New Hampshire only or a South Carolina only poll. And there seems often to be little worth in asking people nationwide.”

    Just for added clarity, in comparison to Scotty’s impressive 0% nationwide, here are the Iowa only, NH only and SC only numbers:
    Iowa 3%, Quinnipiac, Sept 11
    New Hampshire 2%, Monmouth, Sept 13
    South Carolina 3%, CBS/YouGov, Sept 10

  2. Sparkles says:

    A July 31, 2015 report from CNN reveals that Joe and Marlene Ricketts gave Scott Walker’s PAC $5 million.
    Of course that’s just the disclosure for the 2Q of ’15.

    Walker’s PAC is (comically) titled, ‘Unintimidated’.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Why would it be “terribly shocking” that Rand Paul won a straw poll in Douglas County just because some keep trying to reference him as his father. He appeals to a broad spectrum that the GOP would be good to try and secure as voters.

  4. Sparkles says:

    According to the latest USDA Bi-Weekly International Meat, Poultry & Egg Review (dated Sept. 3, 2015) –
    Year to date, Japan has imported 6214 fewer metric tons of beef in 2015 than they did in 2014. A decline of 5%.
    In that same time frame, S. Korea increased their beef imports by 41.1%; Taiwan by 12.3% and Hong Kong by 61.5%.

  5. Anonymous says:

    @Anon 1:53

    it’s not actually terribly shocking, you see. It’s funny in an un-ironic way that Rand won the DCRP debate poll because it was conducted by, and participated by, Paulbots. I am aware that Paulista or Liberty Caucus is the preferred nomenclature.

  6. Macdaddy says:

    Smart comment on Ricketts’ part. Now hopefully The Donald will bite and launch into a tirade about Nebraska and give us free publicity. My guess is he won’t since Ricketts is right.

  7. MA,
    Actually several — forgot to spell-hceck.

    Yep, NYT is saying Walker’s going to drop-out.
    I’m surprised. Seems like an early decision, ala Pawlenty.
    Maybe something else is going on.
    Find out in a bit.

  8. Sparkles says:

    Imagine, it was just August 5th, when this headline appeared (Politico):
    “Walker prevails in Koch donor straw poll”

    450 wealthy conservatives jetted into Koch’s gala gathering at the St. Regis Monarch Beach luxury resort in Dana Point, California and it was Walker who was anointed their chosen vessel.

    Dear, oh dear. What’s a plutocrat to do?

  9. votewiser says:

    Over half of all GOP voters support one of the three non-politicians, obviously because most GOP voters think politicians stink. So the problem isn’t Trump. It is the traditional GOP itself.

    Walker’s parting suggestion is telling. He suggests other GOP regulars should quit running to allow only one politician to run against the three non-politicians and thereby once again the GOP can screw the majority of its own voters by shoving yet another McCain or Romney down their throats, which GOP voters understand is why Obama became President.

    The old GOP politicos say voters will soon wake up and demand candidates with “government experience”. As if government is a real productive thing.

    Government is an easy scam. Lawmakers show up and take credit and sidestep responsibility while spending OPM. Governors don’t get fired if they wreck their state, like CEO’s get fired for wrecking a company. Senators and governors have to get caught eating babies to get impeached.

    Government needs to be managed. And you can’t learn management from inside government.

    Imagine a big bloated Sea Cucumber. It ingests tax dollars at its front end and after its lethargic bulk absorbs all it can hold, it excretes public services, defense, etc. from its backside. And as with Sea Cucumbers, government too has little fish that live inside its anus. Those fish are politicians.

    Presidents must manage the sea cucumber’s movements. Picking a chief executive because he has experience living inside the creature’s arse seems rather high on the stupid scale.

  10. Macdaddy says:

    What’s a plutocrat to do, Sparkles? Back Hillary, of course! She’s their best friend. George Soros bank-rolled an entire industry to pull Bill’s nuts from the fire. Surely you remember MoveOn? Bought and paid for by George Soros. The same George Soros who attends Star Wars conventions as Jabba-the-Hut and he doesn’t even need make-up! The same George Soros who is worth $27 billion and nearly brought down the governments of Thailand, Malaysia, and the UK with his currency speculation. Even Paul Krugman called him out for those moves. Oh, yeah, he was convicted of insider trading in France as well. Forgot that little nugget. And guess what else? He’s co-chair of Ready for Hillary! When it comes to plutocrats, the George Soros makes the Kochs and Joe Ricketts look like shoe shine boys. But just in case you’re worried that Hillary can’t hang with Georgie Porgie who stuck in his thumb and pulled out a big fat juicy government plumb, Hillary’s little Clinton Foundation has pulled in a cool $2 billion in donations and spent, like, what, $50 on some Haitians? Should we ask Slick Willie details about how that $50 was spent?

  11. Up in Omaha says:

    So all Rand Paul can win is straw polls. In a real poll in Michigan, Paul is only polling 2%. Rand Paul claims that he has this enlighten understanding of the Constitution, but he seems to forget about the supremacy clause in the Constitution when talking about pot at the debate last Wed. The truth is Rand Paul and the Paulista are no more enlightened on the Constitution than Bernie Sanders and the Socialist.

  12. The Eye Ball says:

    Don’t get ahead of yourself. Most of the problems with these early primaries is they focus way too much on polls. The best experts try to keep the funding steady and grow the campaign carefully. The problem with the Walker campaign is they surged early and assumed it would continue to grow when it did not. Trump can avoid much of this due to unlimited money but eventually, he has to have serious policy. Right now, most people favor his SHOW, not his candidacy. This is lost on many.

  13. Lil Mac says:

    Why are you still talking about Hillary here? I say again, it’s going to be Trump against Biden and Hillary was never viable. She isn’t likable inside a party obsessed with kindness. But mostly, she’s a crooked character who isn’t smart enough to cover her tracks. Yet she is the DNC’s chosen one.

    She is being foisted on Democratic voters like the RNC is trying to foist another GOP politician onto GOP voters. Both parties want to own a President. But executive management is management. Regardless the type of cure any Prez cooks up, he or she doesn’t cook better with a dozen hands working the Prez like a hand puppet; be those hands DNC, RNC, Soros or Koch. And voters grasp that.

    Today Obama is slapping the Pope in the face, as if to kill Biden’s bid. Better for Barry’s legacy that way. But the 2016 election itself is all about the opposite of Obama and Biden and McCain and Romney.

    This race is anti-politician. Sanders and the three outsiders leading the GOP race are proof. And of those three non-politicians only Trump isn’t being handed wads of “free money” to control him.

    Trump is the least controllable and the most unlikable. This isn’t a year for liking.

    Voters usually go through stages from liking, to infatuation, to love, to “take out the garbage”. Today, already half of all GOP voters have skipped the kissing and are demanding the garbage be taken out. Like a client facing jail, the closer they are the court date, the less a nice lawyer matters and the more they want a nasty bastard with a record of winning. Eight years of Obama can do that to voters.

    That’s partly why Carson is doubling down on his comment about Moslems, trying to be a Trump. And it is also why Fiorina, whose one big bragging point is that she ran HP, will hit a wall because she didn’t take out HP’s garbage. That leaves nasty Trump and Plugs Biden and no Hillary. In this anti-politician atmosphere, against Obama’s VP, this could be the most massive landslide ever.

  14. Macdaddy says:

    Lil Mac, Obama is slapping the Pope because he just can’t help himself, not to do damage to Biden. It’s the tale of the frog and the scorpion. Of course, I get the sense that this Pope likes to be slapped.

  15. Sparkles says:

    Speaking of welcoming the Pope to America, the long quintessential right wing read, The Weekly Standard, (byline – “A Weekly Conservative Magazine”) has an article prominently featured on it’s front page, entitled;
    “Pope Francis: Menace or Farce?”

  16. Ricky says:

    I wonder if Governor Ricketts will disrespect the Pope when he comes to Nebraska by flouting Ricketts love for the death penalty?
    It’s not that Ricketts dis-agrees with the Pope on this; everybody knows Pete doesn’t give a crap about the death penalty one way or another; his ego was bruised and the petition drive was the result of a petulant child acting out. Ricketts and his family just could not abide Senator Chambers getting one-up on the new Governor. (Chambers by the way says he maintains his serenity. He was right all along about this vote and I suspect Chambers is right when he is not worried about the death penalty coming back).
    And I think Amy has a good law suit going with Ricketts not being listed as a “sponsor” of the petition drive and has case law to back her up. And now we realize why the Gov was not listed as “sponsor”; his oath of office requires him to enforce the laws of Nebraska. What a fool!

    ricky from Omaha

    PS what do the election of Jean Stothert as Mayor, Charlie (mr conflict of interest) Janssen as auditor, the Ralston Arena vote and the death penalty signature drive? All were worked by Rod Edwards company. Yuch! How would you like that on your resume? Four losers!

  17. bynd says:

    In Lincoln, the homeless will freeze to death this winter, children will die of starvation and some will die because of lack of health care. Yet, here is Ricky and what are his concerns. That Beutler spends a million dollars to finish building his shrine using taxes from the poor and middle class. No. ( Ricky would double it to two million just to show what an elitist, art snob he is, a wanna be of the 1%.) Yes Ricky believes that once someone is elected to office, they give up their right to free speech. Unless of course the one elected is a liberal. So while he worries about 7 guys on death row and $54,000 dollars, he let’s those who he should care about wallow about in their wretched lives while Beutler spends their money on his ego and does Ricky care? Nope. As bad as some believe I am, I never had a twitter account shut down because, unlike Ricky, I monopolized what wasn’t even my account. Intellectual integrity, a concept Ricky abhors.

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