The next Sig Petition bet

Sower Craps 02
Don’t tell me if Jeff Koterba has already done this image. I’m pretty proud of it…

Craps. Blackjack. Slots. Pai Gow.

All could be coming to Omaha.
And Lincoln.
And Grand Island, Hastings, Columbus and South Sioux City.

And they group that is pushing it says 58% of Nebraskans want it.

The expanded gambling petition is set to hit the streets with $1M to get the required signatures to put the issue on the November 2016 ballot.

And they won’t have to get their sigs in 90 days.

The details of that, according to the OWH:

To put a proposed state law change on the ballot requires the signatures of at least 7 percent of the state’s registered voters, or about 79,700, be submitted and verified. A constitutional amendment requires signatures of 10 percent of voters, or about 113,900.

In both instances, signatures would be required from at least 5 percent of the registered voters from 38 of the state’s 93 counties.

The Keep the Money in Nebraska effort would have until July 2016 to collect the required signatures, and it has already hired a professional firm to do the work.

By contrast, the successful signature drive to place a referendum on the death penalty on the 2016 ballot faced a 90-day deadline, and more than 166,000 signatures were collected.

So they have until July of next year to get their signatures, and the organizers — including former state Senator Scott Lautenbaugh — don’t think they will have any problem getting the sigs.

(Not only will they have more time, but they should also be able to pay their signature getters by-the-signature, as opposed to by-the-hour. This would, in theory, make for a more invested and aggressive signature getter.)

Their push is to “keep the money in Nebraska” that is going to out-of-state casinos.

And, presumably to Nebraska Indian Casinos.
Such as…

The Iron Horse Bar & Casino in Emerson.

The Lucky 77 in Walthill.
Lucky 77

The Native Star in Winnebago.

And the new Ohiya Casino in Niobrara.

Room for 6 more?

Expanded gambling has been a hard-sell in the past. Plenty of big names against it, including the Governor.
But it will be an interesting issue, when there are a number of big-ones on the ballot next November — President, Congress, Death Penalty, and now (potentially) Casinos.

There’s always lots of voter apathy.
But wouldn’t you WANT to take a crack at that ballot?

Assuming the polling is close on any of those issues, I’ll just make a guess that the 2016 General Election could be one of the highest turnouts in a long time.


As I’m writing this, John Boehner has stated he will resign as Speaker of the House.

(Back when I was working in the Senate, and Boehner was Majority Leader under Gingrich. I was giving my sister a tour of the Capitol and Gingrich and Boehner were giving a mini-press conference, sporting casual-Friday attire. My sister, not that into politics, remarked that Boehner, sporting a polo and khakis, cut a much better jib than the somewhat disheveled Gingrich. But I digress…)

The names on the block?

Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy.
Former Vice-Presidential candidate Paul Ryan. (Acutally he JUST said, “No dice.”)
Rep. Jeb Hensarling of Dallas (a Tea-Party favorite).

And remember, this was supposed to be Eric Cantor’s job…

Rep. Adrian Smith’s office, for one, has said he is waiting to find out all the candidates before putting his support behind anyone.

And no word if Brad Ashford will switch parties to vote for the new Speaker.


Senator Deb Fischer’s E-Warranty Act was signed into law by the President last night. The new law, “modernizes warranty requirements and allow manufacturers to save paper and printing costs by posting warranties online.”

Now this seems like such a small, common-sense thing to go through. Of course that kind of stuff should just be online, and not in a jumble of paper in a box that no one has ever read.

But this is exactly the kind of thing we ask for from Congress. Actually cut some red-tape and make the laws more modern and efficient for business.

And Senator Fischer is diving in and actually getting it done.


And to conclude on a lighter — and sports related — note…

Hall of Fame Quarterback Fran Tarkenton Tweeted earlier today…

So far I’m impressed with @marcorubio. Knowledgeable, articulate, reasoned, and a mature, thoughtful thinker. I look forward to seeing more.

And so I think we can all agree that The Donald’s soon Tweet NEEDS to be something of the order of…

Wouldn’t want Fran’s support. Lost 3 Super Bowls. I’ll take Tom Brady who has WON 4. #Champion

Mind you, this Tweet hasn’t happened yet.


Have a great weekend and Go Huskers!


  1. Sparkles says:

    Fran Tarkenton is 75 years old.
    He led Georgia to the 1959 SEC championship (under coach Wally Butts).

    In a newly released study study by the Department of Veterans Affairs and Boston University researchers have found chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE), the brain-destroying disease that has been linked to the deaths of Junior Seau and others, in 87 of 91 former NFL players tested.

  2. Macdaddy says:

    Finally! Maybe now we can get somebody in the Speaker’s seat who’s not such an Obama patsy.

    Sasse needs to take note if he insists on compromising with people who are happy to rip apart fetuses who can feel pain. His vote against the latest attempt to strip funding for Planned Parenthood along with his working to make sure Iran gets their nuclear weapons with our blessings and $140 billion is exactly the type of horse s*** that I knew he was going to pull and it’s why I didn’t support him last fall. He’s a snake in the grass.

    At this rate, Senator, you’re only getting one term. Let me guess. You’re thinking the progressive side of the lobbying aisle is much more lucrative than the conservative side. Maybe you can pull a David Brock even.

  3. Sparkles says:

    Republican Congressman Peter King, former Chairman of the House Committee on Homeland Security, calls Boehner’s resignation a “victory for the crazies”.

  4. Joe Bob says:

    Anyone see Sen. Pansing Brooks’ shot at Nebraska’s farmers and ranchers in the LJS today? I don’t know why she felt the need to comment on something which she knows nothing about.

  5. Sparkles says:

    Joe Bob,

    How is the accurate reporting of statistics a “shot at Nebraska farmers and ranchers”?

    According to the USDA’s National Agricultural Statistics Service, Nebraska farms made, after taxes and other expenses, an average $112,966 in income each year from 2009 to 2013.

    The people screaming most loudly for property tax relief are the very same ones with incomes more than double what the average Nebraskan took home last year.

    According to Nebraska Farm Business Inc., in 2012, when farm incomes peaked, the most efficient farms were bringing in more than $600,000 annually.

  6. Ricky says:

    Not again. Loserbaugh is a broken record, but at least now for him he will get paid over the table to promote gambling interests.
    How many times to Nebraskan’s have to vote no on casinos?
    Let the dopes go to Iowa and lose their money. We don’t need casinos here.
    The costs of casino gambling far outweigh the so called benefits. Compulsive gamblers, cannibalizing existing business, etc, the issue is a loser and Nebraskans know it that is why we vote it down all the time. But since people are flush with money gamblers lost, what do they care they will spend another million on it.
    Also not so fast, the death penalty question is not on the ballot yet, and I doubt it will be on the ballot.

  7. Sparkles says:

    By the way, that $112,966 in average annual farm income, after taxes and other expenses, is also pre-subsidies.

    Nebraska farm subsidies totaling $16.4 billion from 1995-2012, according to the EWG database.
    $10.8 billion in commodity subsidies.
    $3.19 billion in crop insurance subsidies.
    $1.54 billion in conservation subsidies.
    $817 million in disaster subsidies.
    Nebraska ranks Number 5 out of 50 States in total farm subsidies.
    73 percent of farms in Nebraska collected subsidy payments according to USDA.

    And the people helping make those generous subsidies possible are the ones earning less than half of the average Nebraska farm family.

  8. bynd says:

    Why does anyone in their right mind want to give more money, regardless of the source, to any government entity? Colorado, the Midwest equivalent of California, gave it all to the bureaucrats of their schools to squander.

    A dollar for dollar tax reduction, property or income preferably, for the residents of the state is where the proceeds need to go. Baring that, vote no for giving government more money to squander.

  9. Macdaddy says:

    This is one weird day. I agree with Ricky on gambling. Of course, I am fine with it getting on the ballot so it can be voted down again.

  10. clarity please says:

    So Street Sweeper has a problem with Trump? Why not explain that instead of just sniping and then retreating? Seriously, we’d like to know.

    Some people see Rubio as oily and under-educated compared to most of the others running. Would I take any of them over Obama, Biden, Hillary? Oh hell yes. But Street Sweeper seems to not feel that way about Trump and Trump alone. Clarity may be in order.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Boehner weeps like a child before a Pope and then says today “yesterday we witnessed the awesome sight of Pope Francis addressing the (Congress) …. And I hope we will all heed his call to live by the golden rule… last night, I started to think about this and this morning, I woke up and I said my prayers, as I always do, and I decided, you know, today’s the day I’m going to do this.”

    Do what? Quit Congress? Boehner is insane. Or at least too weird to be in power.

    I don’t care if its religion or economic policy inanities that drive you over the edge, nuts is nuts.

  12. Reckless Robyn says:

    Funny to read Robyn Terry’s posts today. She is unfriending anyone who speaks ill of the Speaker. Your husband lost his job due to his loyalty to Boehner.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Watch the 1988 Oprah interview of Trump. — If you like Trump today, you will want to see it. If you hate Trump, you need to see it as basic opponent research.

    If you think Trump is an undiplomatic, unsophisticated, loud-mouth today, then you really need to see what he was like 27 years go. One way or the other, you will be surprised.

  14. Anonymous says:

    When will Sasse introduce a bill to repeal Obamacare, just for a show vote? When will Sasse admit his Born Alive bill is just for a show vote? When will Sasse speak on the Senate floor and end the show speeches in front of abandoned embassies or TV cameras or the Koch brothers’ gatherings? When will Sasse represent Nebraskans?

  15. Tryptophan Trifecta says:

    I hope the new gambling laws in Nebraska allows cat juggling. It’s a dandy wager sport. As long as it is kept separate from the dog fighting. Of course, the best wagering event is cock fighting because roosters want to kill each other naturally, much like unicameral members, but with cock fights you get to make soup out of the loser. Cat is stringy, dog dry and unicameral casualties taste like chicken. Really, really bad chicken.

    Before Nebraska totally got rid of all the gambling in this state, at the request of the Ak-Sar-Ben Horse Racing Association, the original gaming event in Nebraska was pig wrestling. It began at barn dances and continued until they closed the last outdoor drive-in movie theaters, after which the introduction of real pigs made seem it too much like the legislative process.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Will Governor Ricketts publicly oppose the gambling petition? In the past he has been on record not supporting expanded gambling. The group Gambling with the Good Life.

  17. The Grundle King says:

    “By the way, that $112,966 in average annual farm income, after taxes and other expenses, is also pre-subsidies.

    And the people helping make those generous subsidies possible are the ones earning less than half of the average Nebraska farm family.”

    So in Sparkles’ brain, “farm income” means that only one person works for the farm, and is keeping all of the farm’s income. And the top 10% of taxpayers (with adjusted gross incomes of about $120,000) aren’t actually paying ~70% of the total income taxes like the IRS says they are…and therefore are not making those subsidies possible.

    You know, the subsidies that help keep food and fuel affordable for ‘poor’ folks that he/she pretends to care about.

    The thing Sparkles’ can’t seem to wrap his/her brain around is the fact that property doesn’t pay taxes, people pay taxes. So the fact that over 90% of Nebraska’s land is used for ‘farming’ (which includes, row-crop farming, ranching, or just about anything agriculturally-related) is immaterial…3% of the population is paying over 30% of the property taxes. But that’s fine with Sparkles, because he/she would not only bite the hand that feeds…but would gladly chop it up and eat it, too.

    Tell ya what, Sparkles…if farming is so damn easy and lucrative, YOU go do it. Surely you’ll be a 1%-er in no time.

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