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Morfeld and Ricketts 01
State Senator Adam Morfeld & Governor Pete Ricketts

In today’s LJS, Don Walton writes in his Monday column that Lincoln Democrat state Senator Adam Morfeld is laying down his marker for a filibuster on Charter Schools.

Speaking at a young professionals meeting, Walton quotes Morfeld saying,

“I think the governor would need 33 instead of 25 on that issue.”

The Governor has had Charter Schools at the top of his agenda, and early combativeness in the Unicameral can’t help.

Will the Gov and his team decide to go at this Butch & Sundance style, guns blazing — and possibly go out the same way? Or will try to figure out a compromise to ease something in, maybe as a test?

As has been heard in podcast interviews on The Wheels Down Politics Show, Republicans are all over the board on this issue. There is likely as much opposition as there is support. And of course, 50-50 won’t get you past a filibuster.

But this issue is treading water at the top of the Governor’s agenda. We will see who tries to drown it.


The Rand Paulistas are always a vocal group here on Leavenworth St., and his Presidential campaign is sputtering along, sometimes making loud proclamations, other times barely creeping along in the polls.

Many are saying that the Paul camp is more than likely to go the way of Rick Perry and Scott Walker. Of course Walker went back to the Governor’s mansion and Perry back to the Austin music scene.

But Rand Paul, if he can’t make it to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, would at least like to keep his office up the street in the Senate.

And one of the more telling signs is that he is suddenly putting some emphasis on his Senate campaign — which is also up in 2016. He now has more and more fundraisers planned (in DC) for his Senate campaign than many have seen in a year.

Maybe he is just trying to cover all of his bases.
Or maybe the campaign is on life support.

And taking its finals gasps…


We are hearing about more and more Republicans coalescing around Marco Rubio’s Presidential campaign.

It could be possible that Leavenworth St.’s contacts are younger, and thus find the younger guy closer to their style.

But for the government-experienced pols running (i.e. NOT Trump-Carson-Fiorina) Rubio is certainly making a bit of a run at the lead.

And he would like to take out Jeb Bush as an opponent in that area, not to mention Florida as a whole. Though sometimes it is difficult to take out the guy with $100M in the bank.

And of course Trump will be more focused on taking out Rubio.

This season has been leaps and bounds more interesting than any in recent history, you gotta give it that…


And for those interested, our sources in the Capital city say that Rep. Kevin McCarthy is likely to become the next Speaker.

Yes, yes, the right-wing of the party didn’t like Boehner, and maybe they aren’t nuts about McCarthy either. But one source says…

“…McCarthy is better at taking on the right-wing. And he is better at explaining to them (with facts) why they can’t always win.

McCarthy is always very prepared, well-versed. Knows every member and their district…and what percentage of vote they got.”

Interesting to see what happens — and how the crankier caucus responds.


  1. Sparkles says:

    Interesting how you describe a band of gerrymandered GOP jihadists seeking to shut down the government as; “the crankier caucus”.

    Even their fellow Republicans have gone on the record calling them “the crazies”, “wacko birds”, “grifters”, “nutty”, and “stupid”.

  2. bynd says:

    As one who spent 25+ years in the Federal service as an “essential” employee, I really have a good chuckle when some one uses shutting the government as a bad thing. So my question is simple, why is it such a bad thing? Spare me the hardship on the governmental employees crap. That is union speak to make it sound a lot worse than it is so they can fulfill their sycophant roles. It is free vacation time that will be reimbursed. So Sparkles, what is the rationale for your unfounded paranoia? Quite frankly, those who believe shutting down the government is such a horrible thing, are the nuts and fruit cakes.

  3. Sparkles says:

    A newly released Quinnipiac poll shows:
    Nearly seven in in ten, 69 percent, oppose a government shutdown over Planned Parenthood.

    And as far a simply cutting off federal funding for Planned Parenthood, 52 percent said they would oppose doing so, compared with 41 percent who supported such an action.

    The doctored tapes and the bogus cries of profiting from baby parts has been soundly rejected by the majority of Americans.

    Imagine that.

  4. Macdaddy says:

    Bogus? You mean that Planned Parenthood gives away those parts for free? They don’t. They get paid for them and spare me the baloney about reimbursement for time and expenses. It’s free money. The clinic does nothing they weren’t already doing.

  5. Ricky says:

    Another tid bit from the Walton column is that Senator John Murante of Suburbia has been appointed to something called the United States Election Assistance commission.
    Considering Murante’s fervor for voter suppression, he even had the awful Kris Kobach of Kansas come and speak to the voter id bill, I’d trust Murante in this position as far as I could throw him.
    Also I remember Murante declaring himself a candidate for the US House, then a couple hours later when he sobered up, he said Nah better not, but I could win.
    No you could not dope! Just stick to making pizzas.
    Charter schools are not happening in Nebraska. Maybe Icky Ricketts could spend another fortune and get a vote on that?

  6. Truth Hertz says:

    MD, I think what is meant is that when Fiorina inflates a case that’s already substantial, the aspect of any untruth or stretch by her tends to erodes its aura of substance, tainting that case. Everything becomes suspect. Credibility dies when people inflate truth thinking it becomes more persuasive that way. Its a bad habit that hurts what you try to help.

    For example, Fiorina had one top CEO job and she brags about it and yet she was fired and has been poison ever since. She is some sort of irrational inflator.

    Like stuffing a sock in your shorts or toilet paper in your bra, nobody is long convinced and in the end you appear to be sadly packing less than had the truth not been inflated in the first place.

    Pro Life advocates deserve better than Carly Fiorina’s habitual inflationary lying twisting this sure case into something people think needs to be fact checked, like Carly herself.

  7. bynd says:

    So Sparkles,

    Why do 69% of gerbils not support shutting down the government over planned parenthood? This is not a rhetorical question. Without this part of the question the 69% doesn’t mean squat.

    Do they understand that with Obamacare there are over 6000 other clinics that do what they do not to mention all the hospitals? Throw out the selling of baby parts part and you still have a half million dollars wasted to support the religion of female health, with all it’s myths and voodoo scare tactics, and the lie their 700 clinics are needed.

    Do you even know where the PP clinics are in regards to other real medical facilities that really do what PP states it does? Now that will be a map that is never produced. The radical left won’t allow it.

  8. repentinglawyer says:

    Bynd, only a few days ago you informed us that words and reality do not mesh, so how can we know what your comments refer to?
    Gerard Harbison, as the usual master of the sharp jab on this site do you not owe Sparkles a little credit for his? Clever, even if you disagree.

  9. bynd says:


    I can see as a lawyer, you have issues with most who post on here. It’s tough for most of us to write what you might understand, because we can’t write out of both sides of our mouths. But if you will point out what you believe I said, I can explain it. You can also either ask about other postings or you can wait and see what everyone else writes. They seem to have no problem.

    Objection over ruled as it is out of order.

  10. Bluejay says:

    All the smart people are backing Carly.

    If Rubio could be conned by Shumer (Chuck, not Amy), Putin will steal Marco’s lunch money.

  11. Macdaddy says:

    No, TH, what is meant is that these tapes are making even more headway against the progressive agenda and that there is a ginormous double standard. Fiorina accurately describes something that is happening in abortion clinics all across America every single day, and suddenly we have to have court-level of evidence along with 6 pieces of ID, affidavits, and 5 cops observing it before she’s allowed to speak, yet Obama and Shrillary get away with exaggerations and outright lies day in and day out and there’s not a peep. Obama lies, all the time, but what was the big story? “You Lie!” hollered by a Congressman. Progressives like Sparkles desperately do not want anyone to pay attention to what is going on but instead throw distraction after distraction out in an attempt to fool the low-information voters.

    Fact: fetuses are being aborted in such a way that their organs stay intact so they can be sold.
    Fact: some of those fetuses will be born alive
    Fact: abortions are being altered from the usual standard just so Planned Parenthood can make more money.
    Fact: Planned Parenthood makes money from the sale of fetal/baby organs.
    Fact: This is pure profit and can easily double the take from what they charge the woman
    Fact: This looks really, really bad and this makes most Americans queasy about it.
    Fact: Democrats are just fine and dandy with butchering fetuses well after the period where all scientific experts agree they can feel pain.

  12. repentinglawyer says:

    bynd, It was you that asserted the discontinuity between language and reality, given your premise understanding is impossible, I simply accepted your premise. I never talked out of both side of my mouth that is just silly. When I was an advocate I spoke for others, some of whom may have had different position, but that does not involve duplicity. I make no secret of what I believe. As you can see if I assume your language has some contact with reality I can understand you. I was mislead by accepting your own philosophy,I do not agree about Planned Parenthood or closing down the government, you do. While I find your reasons obscure, your passion is obvious, which forecloses conversation.

  13. bynd says:


    Your post proves my point. I ask for opinions that are contrary to mine, about how they decide what they decide. Never, ever to get an answer. Is that too much to ask? I can’t even goad some one into answering? If I were more polite? Just tell me what it takes to get a straight answer out of a liberal. I can only surmise, that just like your false passion argument, and I do have passion, it forestalls nothing.

    Quite simply, if you don’t agree why? Sparkles obviously won’t answer. I knew that he/she would not. Without passion, life would be a lump of coal. Merry Christmas?

  14. Sparkles says:

    I find it rare your questions, always filled imagined constructs or sheer delusion, merit an answer.

    When an answer is provided you it has proven only to serve as an off ramp for yet more flights of delusion, each one less related to the topic of conservation.


  15. repentinglawyer says:

    Bynd, I agree about passion, early for Christmas wishes, failure to give reasons results from endless character of debates about abortion, what Newman called “a night battle.” Endless because of absence of shared premises and unwillingness to compromise on either side. I share Sparkles view you liv in a land of illusion, and you clearly think the same of me.

  16. bynd says:

    Sparkles, repentinglawyer:

    Land of illusion? You folks seem to live in the land of denial.

    Sparkles, where did I miss your answers?

    lawyer, there was a heck of a lot more there than abortion.

    You folks keep dodging. What’s new.

  17. Truth Hertz says:

    No, Macdaddy, you miss the point. There is indeed a double standard against Pro Life. All you say is true. And because of all you say is true, the last thing Pro Life needs is to hand its many opponents any Fiorina-ish inept loose-with-truth reason to throw this baby out with the bath water.

    You keep doubling down on thinking that by showing baby-killers pictures of baby-killing, you will somehow convince them to feel like you do about baby-killing. For heaven’s sake, they are baby-killers! They are okay with selling chopped up baby parts. They won’t like seeing the pictures anymore than you like seeing your favorite bratwurst being made. But unlike them, you see a difference between chopped up fetuses and chopped up pigs. They don’t.

    You cannot attack this head on or you will break your head.

  18. Ricky says:

    Am I missing something because not one sentence in this post by Street Sweeper does it mention abortion or Planned Parenthood?
    That seems to be a favorite subject of the nutty right. Fact is, abortion will remain legal in America, as most people prefer that it does.
    And, Planned Parenthood is a LOT more popular than Congress, especially more-so than the House GOP.
    Probably every out spoken nut jobs like Ted Cruz and the outraged posters here on L Street have had an abortion in their family; wife daughter mother niece sister girlfriend and probably encouraged by the likes of you people.
    But you all want this practice denied others. Why is that?
    It’s like all those out-spoken Republicans who rail against gays when they are in the closest themselves.
    Grow up please.
    Ricky from omaha

  19. bynd says:


    I will answer your questions. But first, understand, you sound exactly like, and are no different from, those who in the past supported such things as segregation, separate but equal and laws against people of different colors marrying. They said it was the law of land also and it could not be changed.

    As we have seen over and over again, the Supreme, when it matures, can and will change it’s position to a more civilized posture.

    If you are against the death penalty but pro murdering children, you are a hypocrite. This is the truthful flip side of the coin where hypocrite liberals like you say if you are against abortion, you must be against the death penalty.

    As a former men’s counselor in a pregnancy center, it should be obvious even to and Neanderthal like you, those involved in such things as abortions, are the ones most passionate against it because they have lived the horror. You, having no such experience, have no viable or moral standing to support that which you have not experience on a personal level. Once again, this is the truthful flip side of the drivel you spout. And since you are not a woman, who are you to speak about a woman’s health care? In other words, by using your own logic, you should keep your trap shut about something you are not directly affected by. Your own arguments demonstrate what a hypocrite you are

    As always, we do not want abortions denied to anyone. We want the innocent and not guilty children in the womb to not be murdered. Once again, if you can speak for those on death row, that gives us, under your morality, to speak in support of the child who can not speak for themselves.

    So, I have proven you are a hypocrite. I have proven you do not want to allow others, who have opposing view points, to have the same speaking rights as you. Yet you say others should grow up. If you are an example of being grown up, then that this is best explanation there is for why the libs are the puss of the infection we call society.

    Personally, I don’t want you to grow up, I want you to get a clue. And, quit trying to force your religion on every one else.

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