Pay no attention to THAT man behind the curtain

Ricketts Family Cubs ESPN 02Political reporters are taking their deep dive into the Nebraska Accountability and Disclosure Commission’s website to find out who gave how much to the Death Penalty, for and against, campaigns.

The latest notes that the Pro-Death penalty forces raised nearly $1M for the signature petition process — with the repeats that the Ricketts family weighed in heavily. And now there is a new name associated with it — Robert Mercer, a New York hedge fund operator. And Judicial Watch added $100K to their previously donated $200K.

Hedge Fund manager! Spending money on politics in Nebraska? Outrageous!
(At least that’s the implication, and we have seen that repeated here in the Leavenworth St. comments.)

But then we see that “Nebraskans for the Safety Patrol” or whatever the anti-Death Penalty forces are calling themselves raised and spent over $433,000. And they didn’t even have to get petitions signed.

But, gee, I’m looking for the mention that Dick Holland chucked in $200K of his own money into that cause. My gosh, that’s Joe Ricketts type of cash!

But narry a mention.

And then there’s $400K from something called the “Proteus Action League.” They were on Saturday Morning Cartoons in Hungary, a foil to the American Justice League, and…

Wait. Not so much?

Oh, but there is a Hungary connection you see. That’s because billionairre George Soros drives and funds that group. See Hungarian Soros wants to see HIS views dominate in American politics. And where did he get his money? Well he made a billion or so betting against banks and shorting stocks.

All great stuff. He’s just like a goulash dealer selling on the strees of old timey New York! Except he’s betting on you dropping your goulash and becoming poor.

But hey, no reason to mention him!
Did you see Hal Daub gave $5K?!

And by the way, we are hearing that the Anti-Death Penatly folks will be WELL funded through next year…


Speaking of the Rickettses, did a major story on the family and their work on the Cubs and Wrigleyville.

No much mention of Pete, except to say that he’s not at the ballpark much.

Oh, and ubermodel Kate Upton makes an extremely random appearance with the fam.

See it here.


And another little follow-up on the “race” for the new Speaker of the House of Representatives.

Chip Maxwell, candidate for #NE02 sent off a little missive that hit a few good points:

Congressman Ashford said on the radio this morning that the job of a representative is to govern, which he described as compromising and making deals and moving government forward. The gist of the conversation was that House Speaker John Boehner did as well as he could given the unreasonable demands of conservatives.

…The kind of compromise Congressman Ashford endorsed boils down to: Let’s not fight over spending reductions; let’s grow government, make everybody happy, salute ourselves as enlightened compromisers, and take on more debt to pay for it.

As noted here before, Maxwell will have a tough time through the primary, let alone next November’s election.

But the point he makes is valid, and one that could push Brad Ashford a bit. Ashford is the pinnacle of the just-go-along kind of guy. He doesn’t even stick up for his own (new) party.

Is he likely to make any of the hard decisions that people seem to want out of Congress now?

Of course Ashford is likely good for pivoting his votes as the winds shift. But in this political climate, the voters of the 2nd District may be looking for just a little stiffer backbone.


And you can read this headline at The Hill…

Paul takes break to raise funds for Senate campaign

…but of course, as a Leavenworth St. reader, you already read about this yesterday.

However, National Review’s Jim Geraghty says, The ‘Rand Paul will drop out soon‘ talk feels extremely premature.”


  1. Sparkles says:

    Robert Mercer is Ted Cruz’s personal billionaire.

    Mercer is an unusual cat.

    In addition to being Cruz’s sugar daddy, Mercer is also the money behind the repeated failed efforts to elect to Congress a hardcore winger named Art Robinson, who runs the Oregon Institute of Science and Medicine.
    Check out their entertaining website, and while your there, be sure to pick up a copy of their self-published book: “Nuclear War Survival Skills”.
    Robinson ran for Congress in 2010, 2012 and 2014, losing each contest.
    Robinson, a biochemist, is a signatory to ‘A Scientific Dissent from Darwinism’ (he’s of the thoroughly debunked Intelligent Design camp), he’s also a vocal Climate Change denier and…
    he collects pee. Lot’s an lot’s of pee.
    Robinson has sent hundreds of thousands of mailers to Oregon residents, requesting they bottle and mail to him their pee, twice a year.
    Robinson also once proposed using airplanes to disperse radioactive waste on Oregon homes, in the hopes of building up resistance to degenerative illnesses.

    And it was Robert Mercer, reclusive Long Island, NY billionaire, who spent more than $1 Million in an attempt to buy Oregon’s Art Robinson a seat in Congress.

  2. Anon says:

    Okay, and $45,712.30 was paid for payroll and “consulting” to people on the “against” the death penalty side. So, almost $100,000 paid to people on both sides of this issue for a couple of weeks this summer. Lots of money to be made in “consulting” and travelling around to county fairs it seems.

  3. Ricky says:

    None of the anti-death penalty money would have had to have been raised at all, had not Icky Ricketts got his ego bruised when Ernie over-rode him on the death penalty.
    What a waste of time and energy. See what happens when you elect a Republican who has never held office before?
    And, it looks like the thing won’t get on the ballot; I predict the ACLU will win this case. Of course Ricketts was a “sponsor” but was not listed as one. Ooops another block head move by Pete, like him appointing the Taliban-type head of the State Patrol.
    And, there is a good chance Mr Ricketts will be indicted for his wasting of 54 thousand dollars in taxpayer money for the drugs he was trying to buy illegally over the internet. Can not wait to see that mug shot!

  4. Macdaddy says:

    Based on the amount of truth in Sparkles’ previous posts and applying to the one above, I think it’s safe to conclude that there may be a person named Robert Mercer.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Rand Paul, darling of the Tea Party which Democrats stupidly think is in Trump’s back pocket, also blames Trump for Paul’s miserable showing. Trump appreciates that.

    Tenth out of fifteen, Paul says “I think we’ll be around just as long as Trump, if not longer.”
    Really? Because this is SENATOR Rand Paul (R-Ky).

    Rand Paul said “The problem in Washington is that there is an unholy alliance between left and right,” he said. “They’re both bankrupting the country.” Then Paul said, “The people who elected us are frustrated that we’re not able to do anything with it.”

    Not able? Rand Paul is a US Senator. And he can’t do anything with that? Then what good is the useless asshole?

    I think its the pin curls. They sap a man’s vitality.

  6. Enough of Chip says:

    Chip is great at platitudes, but offers no real substance. How long has he ever held down a job? He jumps from one thing to another – to include running for things.

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