Ashford: Call it Ssergnoc!

Ashford and Planned Parenthood 01
Ashford & Planned Parenthood partying

Nebraska 2nd District Congressman Brad Ashford declared (paraphrased):

Me and my fellow Reps are too big of wimps to stand up to special interests so we need to keep our votes secret from you.

Got that?

Ashford thinks that Congress should go the way of the Nebraska Legislature and have a secret ballot for Speaker — a practice Nebraska state Senators are trying to get rid of.

Because Ashford thinks we need MORE secrecy in Washington!

There’s your Congressman, Second Districtites.

Former Democrat Congressman Lee Hamilton shot down Ashford’s wuss-vote idea:

They’re not easy. But that’s the job. You’ve got to expect to be accountable to the American people.

Of course we are merely days — nay HOURS — away from Ashford proposing a Congressional Unicameral, making the two-finger wave mandatory for all DC cabbies and changing the name of the Smithsonian to the Nainoshtims, “Because it works in Nebraska!!!”

But some ideas are better kept to one’s self.

If Ashford can’t nut up and vote his conscience in front of God, America and his colleagues, then he should get out and let someone else do the job.


Ashford still listed as “Vulnerable

By the way, the Rothenberg & Gonzalez Political Report still lists Brad Ashford as the ONLY Democrat incumbent in the House whose election is a “Pure Toss-Up.

No doubt, Ashford’s next move will be to propose that Reps be appointed, “…So every single one of their votes aren’t influenced by trying to get elected as a Democrat in a swing-district. Oh, and ALL of their votes should be secret. Because Democracy!”


Watch out for flying rolls at the Nebraska Breakfast

Yesterday the U.S. Senate voted 77-19 for a continuing resolution to keep the Government running, and avoid a shutdown.

And Nebraska Senators Deb Fischer and Ben Sasse were on either side of the vote. Fischer voted to keep the Government running, and Ben Sasse voted for the shutdown.

And their press offices each had some choice words for the other side of the vote:

Deb Fischer on shutdown:

  • An ill-conceived strategy
  • Accomplishes nothing

She noted further that the shutdown vote would NOT have stopped mandatory Planned Parenthood spending associated with Medicaid. She says, “the only way to eliminate both discretionary and mandatory funding (for Planned Parenthood) is by passing S. 1881, a bill I cosponsored with Senator Joni Ernst.”

Ben Sasse, on the other hand, called voting to avoid a Government shutdown:

  • A stupid false choice
  • Kabuki theater
  • Empty gestures
  • Nonsense

Well then.
He added that, “I am committed to defunding Planned Parenthood.”


So far, the Government Shutdowns have accomplished almost nothing. People get ticked off because National Parks and Monuments get closed while they’re on vacation. Others don’t get paid.

And it can cause some Congressmen to lose their job when they comment on it…

But It didn’t stop Obamacare.
And it won’t defund Planned Parenthood.

It’s one thing to draw your line in the sand.
It’s a whole ‘nother thing to be able to stop your opponent from crossing it.

To date, the Republicans have done the first, but not the second.
Until they can do both, it’s all just beach volleyball.


  1. Ed Stevens says:

    Shut it down … don’t shut it down … who the hell cares?

    During the last “shutdown” my wife and daughter happened to be traveling in a national park in New England. They stopped at a rest area to “rest” but were astonished to find the doors on the biffy had been screwed shut. Soon there were several more travelers gathered and all were …ahem …”under pressure”. As they pondered their situation, a fellow tourist ( a “can-do” kind of chap) produced an electric screwdriver from his trunk and promptly opened the doors … while his wife handed out paper towels and T.P. which they also had in their car. Everyone cheered them and a couple even tried to give them money (which they refused).

    That was the only evidence of a government shutdown that I heard about. So shut the whole danged thing down … I’m betting there are a lot of enterprising sorts out there who can deal with the “inconvenience”.

    And btw … I know a couple of federal workers (Park Service and Dept of Education) …they are cheering for a shutdown so they can get a paid, unscheduled vacation.

    So can we just move beyond this “shutdown” crap and worry about things that are important?

  2. TexasAnnie says:

    Stunning, Ed Stevens! Absolutely stunning!!! At least when I bitch about inadequate special ed. and DD services, I’m bitching about something the government is supposed to be doing…

  3. repentinglawyer says:

    Kabuki theater, perfect. People pretending to be puppets.
    Secret vote for Speaker, not going to happen, silly to suggest, must have thought it was a slow news day.

  4. Sparkles says:

    The last time the GOP held America hostage, the financial ratings agency Standard & Poor’s stated the the government shutdown took at least $24 billion out of the United States economy, as it cut its forecast of gross domestic product growth in the fourth quarter by at least 0.6 percentage point.

    A staggering cost to the economy and a completely self-inflicted political catastrophe, courtesy of the Teahadists.

  5. repentinglawyer says:

    Sparkles, Thank you for defending our Republican Senators. Fine display of traditional NE common sense. You might have mentioned compound interest, tv ads say that is an important concept.

  6. Bluejay says:

    1. Ashford’s race is not a toss-up. Chip is going to clean his clock!

    2. The real story about Planned Parenthood is how its lobbying arm paid House Dems over one million dollars in two years. That’s about the amount of taxpayer money PP received from the federal government.

    Ergo, Planned Parenthood federal funding is just a conduit to turn all federal taxpayer money into funding the Dems!

    Open Secrets has the numbers.

    GOP needs to convert tax money into campaign money. Higher taxes for everyone.

  7. Bluejay says:

    And the way to handle this is to do it the old way and break the budget into 12 bills instead of one. Stick Planned Parenthood into the HHS budget. Pass the other 11. Obama has to sign them. Don’t pass number 12. HHS closed but the parks and defense stay open.


  8. repentinglawyer says:

    Bluejay, Under your conduit theory before getting worked up about Planned Parenthood, should we not want to know what the 331 groups that gave more are getting, and part of the muscle behind “right to life” are tax free churches, which takes taxes from everyone and are not
    shy about wanting and getting tax dollars. While not spent at federal level, the money the Catholic Church threw around on referenda on same sex marriage was impressive.

  9. Bluejay says:


    When did the federal government send cash straight to the Catholic Church?

    Planned Parenthood is just a money laundering operation for the Dems. Just like government unions.

    And how pathetic was it for PP to pay Iowa college students to throw condoms at Carly? Only a Hawkeye Dem would be so stupid and pathetic. Idiots.

  10. Chip is a joke says:

    Bluejay: Chip is about the biggest joke in Nebraska. I would never vote for that guy for anything after his self centered stunts of the last few years. To be a good leader, you must also know how to be a good team player. Chip is more like the spoiled brat who if he doesn’t get his way, he goes home. As a coach, we always hate when we get a kid like that on the team.

  11. TexasAnnie says:

    Donald Trump wants to lower my taxes! And Carl Icahn is backing him up!!! And other Republicans are talking about simplifying the tax code and fully taxing hedge fund managers. And of course, the Democrats are talking about taxing them too!

    They aren’t talking about a flat tax (i.e. no exceptions and no excuses) —yet, but we’re inching toward an idea of tax justice this election season. And that’s the best of all outcomes that The Donald could have wrought.

  12. Sparkles says:

    Bluejay asks;
    “When did the federal government send cash straight to the Catholic Church?”

    Glad you asked.

    Before being appointed GW’s AG, then Senator John Ashcroft (MO) in 1996 steered through the U.S. Congress the “Chartiable Choice” provision, permitting direct government funding of religious organizations to provide social services.
    (GW Bush embraced and enacted Ashcroft’s “Charitable Choice” agenda while Gov of Texas)

    Upon his election as President, GW made his “faith-based” initiative a top priority of his domestic policy. An initiative sending money directly from the Federal government to churches of every denomination in every state of the nation.
    Unable to get it passed over the objections of Congress, Bush established the initiative through Executive Order in January of 2001.
    Direct government funding of religious institutions via Faith Base Initiatives continues to this, although more closely monitored and better managed, under President Obama (you know, Obama the Muslim, Obama the Anti-Christ).

    Billions and billions and billions of dollars have flowed directly from Federal government coffers to church ledgers for more than two decades.

  13. Bad times in Nebraska says:

    Your city and state might have a problem with the way they treat businesses if:

    A) A fortune 500 company decides to leave
    B) 1500 jobs are being eliminated or leaving
    C) A fortune 500 company is better off with their HQ in Chicago of all places
    D) All of the above

  14. Mark Andrews says:

    “Bad Times,” Nebraska has been Con Agra’s bitch for quite a long time. The state has given Con Agra concessions that other companies (to say nothing of us individual citizens) don’t get just to placate them. All we got was a delayed exit. As a public company Con Agra has exactly one loyalty and that is returning equity to shareholders. Nothing else matters. The next time public officials negotiate with public companies, I recommend a rather more jaundiced, shrewd & altogether bitter negotiating position.

  15. Ricky says:

    Unless a credible contender emerges in the House 2 race next year, Mr Ashford will win in a walk. Where is that candidate that can challenge the incumbent? It’s not Chip Maxwell Smart.
    Also, the real crime in the Planned Parenthood joke of a story is the crime of doctoring videos and making false claims. I wonder how may abortions Ted Cruz has in his family? Three or four at least.
    In closing, a fine thank you to Republican Mayor Jean Stothert and Republican Governor Pete Ricketts for saving Con Agra’s headquarters for Nebraska.
    Maybe Pete was distracted working on bringing the death penalty to Ne?
    ricky from Omaha

  16. Sparkles says:

    Pete’s been in office for what.. 8 months.
    In that time he’s traveled to Utah, Arizona, Beverly Hills, New York City, Washington D.C., Denmark, Italy, Belgium, England and Germany. Which brings us to July 10th, at which time he spent 9 days traveling the nation to (undisclosed) historical sites on a family vacation. Returning from vacation his travels resumed, flitting off to a Republican Governors soiree in Aspen Colorado before heading off on an Asian excursion, being escorted throughout the cities of Tokyo, Japan and Beijing, China.

    Appears maybe Pete should have spent a little more time ‘promoting Nebraska’, along the riverfront of his own hometown, Omaha.

    Boy o’ boy.. Pete sure ‘needs a win.’

  17. Frequent Voter says:

    ConAgra packing it’s bags and running away was not spur of the moment, or even spur of the month. Plans like this take minimum a year to develop if not considerably longer.


  18. Chip Maxwell's literary agent says:

    Now where were we? How many did Chip say copies of the book we had to sell? Well whatever that figure was we missed it by plenty.
    And that surprises me, cause of the beautiful prose like “The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog”, and “A nod is as good as a wink to a blind horse”.
    Anyway, once Chip gets to congress, we can get lobbyists to but 10,000 copies of any book he (or his ghost writer) pens.

    Pity Me I Work for Maxwell

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