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Dan Parsons
Dan Parsons

The newsywebs were aglow yesterday when the Death Penalty Repeal camp announced that “GOP” politico Dan Parsons had joined their team.

Well, “joined” is one way to put it.
“Hired” would be more accurate.

Yep, Parsons is now part of “Nebraskans for Public Safety” (I’m itching to discover how getting rid of this punishment makes the public more safe…).

But Parsons is a PAID consultant.
He ain’t workin’ for free.

And yes, as the OWH notes, Parsons has worked for Kay Orr and Don Stenberg.

But more recently, he has supported…

  • Democrat turned “Independent” Senate candidate Jim Jenkins
  • Uber Liberal Democrat Lincoln City Councilman Carl Eskridge
  • Freedom to Marry supporter Donna Colley

Which is all fine.
But let’s maybe rein in the talk of  “what a conservative Dan is, and therefore conservatives should follow his lead” (which is, of course, the gist).

Dan is a hired gun
There are lots of them in Nebraska.
And there’s nothing wrong with that.

But rather than tout his “conservative bona fides” maybe just note that he’s a paid political consultant.

Who, by the way, will be paid from George Soros’ money this time around.


Tank the Frank

Whoa, OWH’s front-page, above-the-fold story on Rep. Brad Ashford wanting to get rid of Congress’s free-mailing privilege (the “Frank”).

Well, that’s fine.
Didn’t exactly note in that story just who Ashford was influencing to vote on that bad boy in the House. Minority Leader Pelosi? Likely Speaker McCarthy? Maybe Rep. Chaffetz?

Just wondering how the Freshman plans to put this through.

But in the mean time, Team Ashford will continue using YOUR MONEY to advertise for Ashford’s Congressional campaign…er…“mass communications”.

Let’s credit the OWH’s Joe Morton for noting this:

One Ashford Web ad, which featured an image of someone in uniform saluting an American flag, touted Ashford’s Facebook page and his position on veterans’ benefits. “I’m working to ensure our nation’s vets get the healthcare they’ve earned,” the ad read. “Like my page.”

(Of course, this is 13 paragraphs into the story, and sure as hell ain’t on the front page or in the headline…)

So maybe Ashford will let us know when he stops advertising for his Congressional campaign with YOUR money.

At least when you Frank a newsletter there’s presumably, some news in it.
When you spend $1000 on a web ad — that’s all we get. An Ad.


Brekekekex koax koax

Commissioner Boyle
Commissioner Boyle

And then there’s the OWH’s story about Democrat Douglas County Commissioner Mike Boyle and the rest of the Democrat “majority” on the County Board. Boyle sponsored a resolution from the Board, “Honoring Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, for his long years of public service and accomplishments in Congress.

How about paying back the taxpayers for the electricity bill for the waste of everyone’s time in “honoring” Boehner.

Was that a joke? No seriously, was it done over drinks and with, like, a clothes-pin on his nose or something?

Because not only is it stupid in and of itself, but it would be difficult to find a less sincere vote possible.

Heck, at least Cavanaugh Family Dynasty member who’s on the board had the decency to go to the back of the room and ignore the witless palaver.


  1. repentinglawyer says:

    Sweeper, Mike may have been serious, he is rather old fashion. Frogs cite impressive, thought Prep did not have Greek in your day.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Yes, a “conservative” who is happy to take Soros money. “Money, money, money…..MONEEE!” (With apologies to The O’Jays)

  3. Anonymous says:

    Would that the county board have something better to do than this kind of bloviated nonsense. I give Cavanaugh credit. I’d have left the building. Period. Isn’t Parsons the one who always loses any effort he is involved? This should buoy the death penalty advocates. Senator Jenkins agrees.

  4. Macdaddy says:

    Do Congressmen still mail things out? I can’t remember a single mailing ever from any Congressman. Now maybe if people still used the US Postal service…

    Congressman Ashford: Tackling the tough issues from 40 years ago, today.

  5. Mark Andrews says:

    I received junk mail from Rep. Lee Terry’s House office regularly when he was in office, all by means of the franking privilege. I didn’t evey ask for it. Maybe I was on a mailing list somewhere.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Soul patch. That’s funny.

    Parsons is gearing up for his next for-profit gig with the NAACP. Its wide open to the only color that counts, green.

  7. Ricky says:

    Speaking of Governor Ricketts ghastly effort to save face and fund the death penalty initiative, here is what Senator Chambers had to say of Ricketts:

    DADDY JOE RICKETTS … pushed PEETIE “into politics in order to rid “The Business” of a liability while, at the same time, providing PEETIE with something to keep himself busy and out of the way.
    Politics was the Realm of Choice because foolishness and incompetency are deemed standard fare for politicians, and PEETIE was overburdened with both “talents,”
    Ha ha Ernie exactly right!
    And said to say the Governor had to drag his toadies like Edwards and Moaning down into the gutter with he and Nebraska’s AG.
    What a waste.

    ricky from omaha

  8. Anonymous says:

    Trump is a huge threat to the GOP’s and to FOX/Murdock’s rice bowls that thrive on donations and news sales that pour in as suffering conservatives watch Obama dismantle the USA. If that suffering eases, profits will ease. Murdock wants to be power behind the throne, or else profit from the pain. Trump threatens many like Murdock. But with Murdock it’s personal.

    Making money is Murdock’s goal and Trump uses Murdock’s FOX for free, like a crack addicted whore. FOX’s pimp doesn’t like it one bit.

    After Trump chivvied FOX’s Kelly and Fiorina to a feminist reveal, FOX had to lay off Kelly for a week, Murdock brought her back and then pushed Ailes to cancel Trump from O’Reilly, Trump boycotted FOX, Murdock caves under bottom line pressure that pays FOX employees, and Trump is back on O’Reilly. FOX then quite uncharacteristically begins to sell unreliable tiny skewed polls to show Fiorina and then Carson ahead while everything else shows Trump.

    Murdock is sacrificing FOX’s credibility to play The Great OZ. Murdock means to sucker Trump into a gutter fight with a non-candidate, Murdock himself, which requires Trump be stupid. He’s playing Trump’s game. Stay tuned…

  9. Macdaddy says:

    Ricky, is that the same Ernie Chambers who said it was ok to shoot at the police a week before one of his constituents shot at the police, killing Officer Stacie Orozco? That Ernie Chambers? You’re in negative credibility territory by throwing your lot in with that scumbag.

  10. Macdaddy says:

    Mark, maybe Lee Terry sent me something. If so, I guarantee you it went straight into the trash without being read, just like 98% of the mail I get. My point is that franking is merely a waste of money. The original complaint about it back in the early 80s was that it was an unfair advantage for the incumbent. Nowadays, that contention is laughable and the amount spent on it wouldn’t even be a rounding error among government waste. It probably would cost more to wind it down. In other words, Brad Ashford is frozen in time in what is important to him. Do we need to start worrying he has a medical issue or does he come by his haplessness honestly?

  11. bynd says:


    That would be the Ernie Chambers who condones the death penalty in his own neighborhoods. If Ricky respects him so much, he should move in the neighborhood Ernie represents. It is not the same as the neighborhood he lives. But then Ricky supports genocide of the unborn black babies in this country.

    Ricky, why is it by 2060 all minorities will have grown at rates between 5% and 11%, except for the Black group, which will be 1%?

    If Black Lives matter, why do you care more about the few on death row than you do the dozens who are killed each year in North Omaha? Are you afraid to go up there and help?

  12. Ricky says:

    By the way I am from North Omaha originally. I love North O AND I love Ernie Chambers. He has way more guts and smarts than any anonymous posters here on L Street.
    So bynd: come out and get it over with; tell us how many wives and girlfriends you have funded abortion for. Come on you are anonymous nobody will know who you are.
    So how many abortions have you been involved with? Probably a lot since you are so obsessed with that issue.
    Go ahead I’ll wait by my computer here.


  13. bynd says:

    One Ricky, over 40 years ago. And that experience based in the context of that time, help me form the opinion I have today. I have also been involved with the AAA counseling center on 65th and Sorensen Hwy. Although it has another name now. I have mentored in North O and help rehab condemned houses.

    And you have done what? How many baby parts have you sold for Planned Parenthood? How many abortions have you been involved in? If you haven’t been involved in any abortions, you have no right to speak to the issue.

    The AAA center has connected numerous couples wanting a child with those they have saved. What have you done for such people? Over 1200 a year.

    What the hell makes you worthy to waste the precious air in this area by breathing?

    OK I’m waiting! Because when I called you out before, you said squat, because your an anonymous poster also. Prove you are Ricky Fulton! Prove you have the character to do other than assassinate some one else character as you hide behind the computer.

    Troll with daddy issues.

  14. Ricky says:

    I did not know there were a lot of Ricky impersonators out there. I realize the world would be better off with more Rickys but alas there are only one of me.


  15. bynd says:

    Once again being the coward you are, you duck the questions and give an ignorant answer when you try to give one. That’s the difference between a weasel like you and those like me who honestly answer your stupid questions.

    You have all the integrity of a slug. There is no way for anyone to prove on line who they are. So all your bravado about using you’re “real” name is just a bunch of false courage by a spineless coward. And when will you develop the ca-hones to tell the governor and major to their face what you say from the anonymity of your troll cave?

    Crawl back into your slime cave Troll.

  16. bynd says:

    I see Ricky has sent his legions of crickets out to do his talking for him, again. And what do you get when you combine Ricky and crickets? Rickets Fulton. Now all his remarks about Ricketts make sense. He just needs to learn how to spell.

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