Ashford still hates raising money

Dipping into the Separated at Birth archives for this oldie but goodie, in light of The Fort’s recent endorsement of Carly…

Rep. Jeff Fortenberry and…Donny Osmond!

Fortenberry Osmond 02


Annoying Irony

Freshman Democrat Rep. Brad Ashford announced his fundraising numbers, and it shows that he still has yet to step up to big-time incumbent fundraising.

As the OWH’s Joe Morton notes, Ashford’s COH of $458K is about 20% less than Rep. Lee Terry had at the same time in his last election.

But Ashford has been famously bashing fundraising, instead favoring spending taxpayer money on Web Ads that tout how he has voted on various issues while in Congress.

Ashford ads


And of course there is the irony of Ashford touting elimination of “annoying” junk mail, while spending money on ANNOYING web ads!

These ads — he has spent over a thousand bucks so far — have been found to be more modern than sending direct mail to constituents. And they can show glossy photos and slicker graphics, runlike that stodgy old mail.

And they can also provide direct links to Ashford’s websites!

When you have the taxpayer funding you, who needs contributors!


Halting the Coronations

The LJS’s Don Walton asks in his Monday column:

Isn’t it puzzling how 40 or so House members are allowed to essentially be in control of the House?

No Don, what’s more puzzling is how 34 Senators can control the Senate. Literally control it.

As opposed to a minority having some influence who gets elected to lead THEIR PARTY as Speaker. Because last time I was schooled in Math, 40 House member won’t make a majority on a vote.

But since Don is really referring to the influence 40 members can have on a Speaker getting to 218 votes to win election…so what?

The House was structured so that they would have the voice of The People in mind. Last time I read the polls, The People want change so bad, they are favoring 2 pols with no experience and a self-avowed “Democrat Socialist”.

THAT’s The People screaming for some change. Or at least a little consideration.

So LET the people have a little consideration before the next guy (McCarthy) gets the gig just because he was standing in line longer. Or another (Ryan) just because he’s the least of any evils.

Maybe Ryan is the guy. Or maybe it’s Marsha Blackburn. In the mean time, there is a Speaker and there is a Majority Leader and the trains are still running.

So how about getting the Speaker right, instead of just slamming through what you’re hoping for as fast as possible.

(Which, truth-be-told, would be a liberal Democrat.)


Making Congress work…for Democrats

The LJS had an editorial over the weekend “praising” Senator Ben Sasse for wanting changes to the Senate rules. And the LJS says they’re all for it, “Because Congress is so dysfunctional!”


FYI, Senators Blunt and Alexander along with 3 other Senators in the GOP Conference do have a working group on Rules now meeting to makes changes in the Senate.

It’s not clear if Senator Sasse will have anything beyond what their plan will be, but LJS please get back to us when you’re excited about changes that grease the skids for Republican bills.

You can bet that as soon as a GOP plan gets passed, there will be calls for “patience” and “consideration” and “respect for the process”.

Thus as it always has been and thus it always will be.

The LJS’s “differences” with Sasse on policy will only increase, the easier it gets for the GOP to pass its agenda.


  1. Fundraising says:

    Wait, no mention of Don Bacon’s fundraising numbers? Must be pretty poor. So Ashford has raised 80% the same amount as a 16 year incumbent? Not bad for a freshman congressman .

  2. repentinglawyer says:

    Bluejay, Modification of current rules is hampered by the fear that next time it maybe us using it. Doubt Obama vetoes following on change would have much impact since everyone is so locked into their position on POTUS.

  3. Ricky says:

    Why should Brad spend a lot of time raising money? There is no credible opponent for him.
    Unless somebody steps up Brad will coast to re-election.
    I hope Jean Stothert runs against Brad. At least then she would be out of our hair and things can get done like the Crossroads and a better bond rating and not a record number of homicides.
    Also, why does the House have to consider a bill not to have a chance if it takes Democratic votes to get it passed? That makes no sense. The GOP is incapable of governing, that is pretty obvious.

    ricky from west Omaha

  4. Mark Andrews says:

    How does doing something with the Crossroads reduce the homicide rate, Ricky? The Crossroads is a dump. Tear it down and turn it into a park.

  5. Ricky says:

    Who in the heck is this Bacon fellow? Some war monger from SAC that has not only never won an election has never run for anything. He should have a platform where the USA sends 200,000 troops to Syria.
    Bacon probably thinks this is a good idea so run with it and win Sarpy County and lose Douglas County by 30 points.
    Also, the homicides in Omaha this year under law-and-order I have a gun Mayor Jean Stothert stand now at 37. I think the record number of homicides in Omaha in one year is 43. With three months to go we can easily reach that mark!
    Then after the mark is set Stothert and her friend the Chief of Police can get all dressed up again and have a press conference where they say everything is fine.


  6. bynd says:

    Poor Ricketts Fulton. Waa Waa. But you are the best thing for the Repubs in this state. Just keep posting.

    Must be hard to realize how much Chicago, Rahm Emanuel’s town of zealot Dems and liberals, love the Ricketts.

    The Ricketts make winners, and Rickets Fulton is the loser from West Omaha.

  7. bynd says:

    Ricketts Cubs win again. Keep rooting against them Ricketts Fulton from your safe little coward’s castle in west Omaha!!!!!!! Or you could join your lying god Ernie in Bellevue. He is your kind of guy!

  8. Anonymous says:

    Sweeper? What he hell is with this website and its video ads that keep throwing the page to the top while you are trying to read or write in it. ??? This really sucks.

    • Anony at 5:10am
      Any movement of the page or anything like that is not my doing.
      I have not experienced that on L.St., though I have on other sites.
      Let me know if you are getting that on a laptop or if it’s just on a mobile device, and I will consult with my web guy.
      Please let me know if there is anything else specifically.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Sweeper, I am using a laptop.

    I am sure someone else mentioned something about this a few posts ago.

    When some (or all) video ads loop, they slam you back to the top of the page. When the video ad is replaced by a static ad, the slamming ceases. Whatever this is, it is definitely related to video ads that loop.

  10. Sparkles says:

    Trey Gowdy agrees with Don Walton –
    “I think the House is bordering on ungovernable right now. …We need to have a family conversation and sometimes you have to hit rock bottom before that conversation starts. We’re getting close.”

  11. The Grundle King says:

    “Also, the homicides in Omaha this year under law-and-order I have a gun Mayor Jean Stothert stand now at 37. I think the record number of homicides in Omaha in one year is 43. With three months to go we can easily reach that mark!”

    Funny that you would blame that on the mayor. Intuition tells me that a little cursory research into both the victims and killers would reveal that the majority of them voted for Obama. It’s just as easy for me to say it’s his fault…but I won’t, because that would be absurd.

    Why would that be absurd? Because only murderers should be held to blame for murders. Duh.

  12. Sparkles says:

    Conservative columnist David Brooks agrees with Don Walton.
    Brooks weighs in today (about 10 years too late) with an Editorial titled:
    “The Republicans’ Incompetence Caucus”

    Direct and damning.

  13. repentinglawyer says:

    Bynd, is not one Ricketts a Democrat? Maybe she makes winners. I think she supported Obama. Besides baseball transcends politics. My relatives supporting Sanders are all Cubs fan. I am old enough to remember when Omaha was a Cardinals franchise, my Dad represented them, but I suffer in silence.

  14. bynd says:

    RL: Probably but I don’t know what she is involved in. But if she makes winners it probably has more to do with her Ricketts genes. Does voting for Obama make one a winner? The only thing I could agree with him is, get out of the middle east. But, he blew his chance with me there.

    Yes baseball is above politics in all but Ricketts Fulton little mind. Listened to Vorhees while doing my morning get ready for the day routine, but once again, couldn’t take it. However, it did strike me how much Ricketts Fulton and Vorhees are the same. Mental midgets?

  15. Heckofajobbrownie says:

    Three cheers to Dave Brown and the Omaha Chamber of Commerce!
    Not only do they have the worse slogan in history, and they lost Con Agra.
    I think the Chambers downfall started when they conspired with Loserbaugh to remake the public schools board to their liking. How did that turn out?
    On the one hand now OPS has passed a huge bond issue and the chamber can doll out construction contracts to their buddies and contractors in favor of the Chamber and the Mayor.
    On the other hand OPS is going to kick people out of their houses at 156 and Ida to build a school?
    Doubt that will ever happen.


  16. Karma Farina says:

    What was Fart-n’-Berries thinking?

    Carson has twice Fiorina’s polled pts and Trump three times. On Oct 8, she was one tenth of a point above Rubio. Today she’s a full point below Rubio. And Rubio hasn’t budged. The rest went down, except Trump and Carson who nudged up.

    Much of this is open to interpretation. But not Fiorina. Her one qualification is a job in which she was fired for incompetence. She’s as electable as Fort’s uncombed hair.

  17. Sparkles says:

    “What was Fart-n’-Berries thinking?”

    October 4th, Reuters –
    “Koch brothers, other 2016 mega donors warm to Carly Fiorina”

    October 8th, OWH –
    “Jeff Fortenberry, Howard and Rhonda Hawks back Carly Fiorina”

    Purely political. Fortenberry knows who toasts his waffles.

  18. Macdaddy says:

    Karma, maybe Fortenberry likes Fiorina’s opinions and thinks she would make a good President.

    Ricky, I’m pretty sure that the Chamber of Commerce has no say in how OPS hands out contracts. As for the need to use eminent domain to build a school, blame that on the liberal members of the U.S. Supreme Court and the very short-sighted, idiotic, completely incompetent previous OPS school board led by one Freddie Gray and her band of miscreants. Maybe if they hadn’t been so focused on political correctness that would have thought intelligently about the actual needs of actual school kids and made some actual plans. Thank you, Senator Lautenbaugh, for breaking the criminally negligent cartel that used to be the OPS school board.

  19. Sparkles:

    David Brooks is a conservative only by contrast with the rest of the New York Times. To actual conservatives, he’s the fool who endorsed Obama because of a nicely pressed trouser crease.

  20. Midtownguy says:

    Per FEC website Bacon does not have any Report Summaries that are able to be viewed. Maxwell raised 13,251 in the July Quarter with 9,068 cash on hand. The majority of Ashford Individual contributions are well below the Max contributions so they would be able to contribute again.

  21. bynd says:

    MacDaddy: Great answer to Ricketts Futon. However, his criticism is the perfect example of why our school systems are so dysfunctional. Does he care about how the students are doing? It would seem absolutely not. It would also appear that he was an honor graduate of OPS. That and $5.00 dollars will get you a cup of coffee somewhere.

  22. repentinglawyer says:

    McDaddy, What has SCOTUS done that impacted the School District and eminent domain, and why was it liberal, an odd description of current Court or was it something the 7 in Lincoln did while I was sleeping?

  23. repentinglawyer says:

    Bynd, Kelso does not impact school district, since it deals with private parties, which are not common carriers or public utilities being given condemnation powers, leaves matter to States, would not impact NE since our Constitution probably would not allow. Taught issue years ago, strangely I seem not to forget my lectures.

  24. Sparkles says:

    I have a solution for attaining the land to build a new school. A solution that should make MacDaddy and nearly every Nebraska Republican jubilant.

    Simply have a behemoth oil company, from a foreign nation, seize these private Omaha properties via eminent domain, then they can turn around and sell it to OPS.
    After all, in a Dec 2014 OWH state wide poll, 71% percent of Nebraska Republicans support the Keystone XL pipeline.
    So it’s a win-win! The NEGOP gets their victory and Omaha gets a new school!

    Plus – maybe in another nod to the NEGOP, OPS could get a marginally employed Republican Lee Terry to spearhead their cause. Lee could tell the people of Omaha something like “.. All told, Keystone (substitute: building the new school) will create roughly 20,000 new jobs related to the construction of the pipeline (sub: school). And it will create another 118,000 jobs downstream. Labor leaders in my hometown of Omaha tell me it will create 2,000 jobs here.”

    Of course, after all the b.s. was shoveled, it turns out the pipeline would create a grand total of 35 permanent jobs. Thirty Five.

    A headline from a March, 31, 2013 OWH story:
    “Pushing pipeline is keystone to Lee Terry’s D.C. career”

  25. bynd says:

    Where were Sparkles and Ricketts Fulton when Freddie Grey and her old ladies Dem cohorts were running OPS into the ground and paying an impotent superintendent millions of dollars to retire that they didn’t even realize what they did? Remember, the products of OPS you see now came during the Democrats reign of terror at OPS.

    And Ricketts Fulton, true to form, whole heartedly supports that system and the waste of tax payers money on a massive scale. But then, that is the liberal mantra. Throw money at it until they choke on it ans then throw even more. That’s what Rickets Fulton learned working for the USPS unions who have put it into bankruptcy also. Oh, yeah, they are government and can’t go bankrupt no mater what. Good for the deadbeats like Ricketts Fulton.

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