Hillary’s double trip

First, a quick Separated at Birth, from the recent story on the initiative petition to expand casino gambling in Nebraska…

Bristol, CT - March 27, 2013 - Studio S: Portrait of ESPN's Curt Schilling (Photo by Joe Faraoni / ESPN Images)

…former State Senator Scott Lautenbaugh and former baseball star Curt Schilling!


Feeling the Bern…

Yes, I DID watch the Democrats “debate” last night.
Well, I watched Anderson Cooper badger them with questions, but, unlike the Republicans, there was very little give and take.

But of course, none of that really matters.
Unless Hillary is indicted — and probably even if she is — she has it wrapped up.

Heck, I’m still trying to figure out the Bernie Sanders appeal. Hillary flattened him on the NRA stuff (“I’m from a rural state!!!”) and he gave her full berth on the server stuff that the freaking FBI is still investigating!

Then again, I always forget how strong the appeal of redistribution of wealth is among the “progressive” class. While Republicans still admire the American Revolution, I get the feeling the Progressives more closely associate with the French Revolution. (Off with their heads!)

And Hillary seemed to get that she was coasting, and started to focus her karate chops less towards those on stage and more at the Republicans.

But a few notes on that:

She is asked who her “enemies” are.
ISIS? Iran? Putin? The North Koreans?

So, just to confirm that (though she will no doubt walk it back, soon enough) she has declared half of the country to be her enemy.

And Mitt Romney had his issues with that 47% statement?

And then there was the reason she gave to elect her:
I’m a woman!

So that’s it huh?
As other have noted, I’m not sure Barack Obama ever said “Vote for me because I’m Black!” Of course that was 90% of the arguments for him. But HE never came out and said it — at least not explicitly like that.

Once again, that’ll be enough to get her to win among the group of Far Side characters she was on stage with.

But in the General election, both of those two statements will come back at her.


Air Libs, Part II

Going just a few notches down, the Nebraska Republicans and Republicans on the Lincoln City Council are “concerned” about a far-left winger being appointed to the local Air Pollution Control Advisory Board.

Seems that Democrat Mayor Chris Beutler figured the opposition to Mitch Paine a few months back was only due to his campaign tactics in the City Council race. So Beutler once again tried to slip into the system a guy, Lucas Sabalka, who is for federal carbon taxes (ala Bernie Sanders) and is otherwise a member of the left-wing environmentalist movement.

I always think it’s cute when these guys drop in and declare, “I don’t believe being concerned about the environment, about protecting our children, our land, our air, our water, is a partisan political issue!”

No, it’s just when you want to disrupt the economy, put people out of business and elect Bernie Sanders as Supreme Leader, it becomes a “partisan political issue”.

Oh and by the way, Sabalka is a speaker for the Climate Reality Project.

Yes, The Climate Reality Project.

(And no, they don’t do that Sirius song during the Husker Tunnel Walk…)


…er, I mean “Climate Change”…

On that note, Paul Hammel of the OWH Tweeted that…

NE environmental groups to deliver petitions signed by 3K to @GovRicketts urging state to adopt “clean power plan’, address global warming

These are the same people, I can guarantee you, that will tell you that the 100,000+ signatures for reinstating the Death Penalty aren’t a good representation of how Nebraskans feel…


Bringing it home

Don Bacon’s #NE02 campaign announced today that they raised $110,000 in Q3. That’s almost exactly the same amount that he raised in Q2 — though about half of what Brad Ashford raised in Q3.

At a comparable time in 2013, Brad Ashford was 4 months from declaring a run, and people figured Pete Festersen would still do it.

So have at it.



Thanks again for reading and sharing with a friend and enemy (you know, like Republicans, for you Democrat readers…).

New podcast coming tomorrow!


  1. Bluejay says:

    Price of electricity is 300% higher than US average.

    Jane Kleeb and HRC need to tell us how much clean power will cost us.

  2. Not a one hit wonder says:

    I think many thought Bacon would be a flash in the pan. Candidates first quarters tend to have a larger amount due to friends and family. Bacon’s ability to pull off a repeat in a non election year is surprising and it shows he has staying power.

  3. Mark Andrews says:

    Look at it this way “Bluejay.” What does dirty power cost? Electricity is cheap in coal burning China, but you’re not saving money if you can’t effing BREATH. I may be willing to pay more for electricity if the air is cleaner as a by-product. And I’m not a power bigot. I’ll take every erg, every joule, and every watt from every possible source – solar, wind, hydro, biomass, natural gas, fractional amounts of coal, nuclear, and anything else that can be shown to work reliably, affordably & safely.

  4. Bluejay says:

    Mark Andrews:

    Do you seriously think the air in NE is dirty?

    Are you choking? Do you wear a mask?

    Do you want to pay 300% more for power to get that last 0.01% clean?

    If you can’t see that Nebraska is way different than China than there is no hope for you.

  5. Mark Andrews says:

    And if you can’t see there is just one planet with one atmosphere you must have skipped science over a lifetime. Honestly, Bluejay, the Creighton I went to beat the sciences into me. Did you skip those classes? Pollution is in constant motion over the entirety of the Earth – land, sea and air.

  6. Bluejay says:


    So prioritize and get China to clean their really dirty air that actually makes people sick. A much better use of money and time instead of jacking around in NE.

    Too bad Tom Steyer financed all those coal plants in Asia.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Sweeper, I like your joke that Republicans admire the American Revolution while Democrats admire the French Revolution. Grains of truth there.

    The wealthiest man in France was the French Head of State, King Louis, whose head was cut off by the French Revolution.

    One of the wealthiest Americans led the American Revolution and became America’s Head of State, President George Washington, who was in fact the wealthiest US President in history (JFK never inherited) and … get this… Washington was paid a larger salary (in adjusted dollars) than any US president since, amounting to 2% of the entire 1789 United States budget.

    Holy crap. The richest President, became the richest man in America, was paid the highest salary ever as President. And Washington just got richer until he died.

    The second wealthiest President was Jefferson. He was a jackass with money and was mired in debt when he died. Jefferson is considered to be the father of the Democratic Party.

  8. Ricky says:

    Am I the only guy wondering what happened at Rick’s Boatyard Cafe down by the river?
    What is the explanation for this fiasco? Was it not a Hal Daub investment this expensive property?
    And how is it that the city owns the restaurant? So after Rick’s failed wasn’t there a to-do about the Storz whatever it was project? Wasn’t the wonderful Mayor Stothert at the opening and said how great it was going to be?
    Now we find out the place has not paid taxes or rent for two years and actually is one terrible restaurant. I think the Stothert administration owes an explanation. Doesn’t this add to the city’s debt at least as much as the supposed pension shortfall?
    Great management GOP at City Hall!


    PS It’s easy to see how Loserbaugh’s latest attempt to bring casino’s to Nebraska will turn out. Can’t the dopes like he see the situation as it is now is best? The dumbasses lose their money over in Iowa, that place has the tawdy ugly exploitative casinos, and the low IQ people can go hang out there. It reminds me of the People of Wal Mart web site.

  9. bynd says:

    icky Ricky, for all the faults Iowa may have, or any state may have, they don’t have someone as ignorant as you. That puts every state one up on Nebraska. By the way, Rick’s Boatyard cafe opened in 2002. Let’s see, Fahey the rich, 1% businessman, Democrat who brought the city to the edge of bankruptcy, was the major at the time. So, by your own standards, if you can call them that, Mike Fulton Fahey is responsible for that debacle on the edge of the river.

    Embrace it and eat it baby!

    When you set the standard, you should have at least a small idea of what it means. I’m not even sure you have the mental capacity to be a graduate of OPS. And what would you have done to keep the restaurant open? What would you have done to keep Con Agra in Omaha? RFLMAO

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