The Wheels Down Politics Show — Scott Lautenbaugh – Expanded Gambling in Nebraska

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Screen Shot 2015-10-14 at 10.52.56 PMJerry Kratochvil interviews former Nebraska State Senator Scott Lautenbaugh on the initiative petition to expand casino gambling in Nebraska.

Jerry and Scott discuss the new group, Keep the Money in Nebraska which will distribute signature petitions for a Constitutional Amendment to grant casino gaming at the five current horsetracks in Nebraska.

Lautenbaugh discusses the economics behind the petitions, the support they have and their plan to get the issues on the November 2016 ballot.

They discuss the types of gaming facilities that would be affected and where. They also discuss some of the opposition to the plan and who is in charge of the group’s political operation.

The conclude by talking about a few of Lautenbaugh’s previous legislative endeavors, including cigar bars, and a little bit on a new smoking topic.

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Facebook: Keep the Money in Nebraska

Twitter: @Lautenbaugh


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  1. TexasAnnie says:

    Synopsis: Casino gambling limited to horse racing tracts (now 5); 3 petitions: 1st constitutional amendment, 2nd & 3rd tax and regulatory statutes; 1st could pass without 2nd & 3rd but not the other way around; 2nd stipulates 20% revenue to be divided: 75% to state and 25% to (now 5) local govt. New casinos to require new horse tracts. Paid circulators out through July 2016. Studies show Nebraska already has cost of gambling without its beneficial revenue i.e. gambling addiction. Horse racing is an “industry worth saving” and adding casinos may promote more live racing days.

    Problem: Pat Loontjer!

  2. Bluejay says:

    Ask that felon pharmacist in Lincoln if we should expand gambling.

    Keep the money in Nebraska? That’s the ultimate zero sum game. Actually a negative sum.

    Nebraska doesn’t need to become Pottersville.

    The people who promote gambling make me want to puke.

    It loses again. And forever. Nebraska is morally superior to Iowa.

  3. Ricky says:

    Easy to see where this is going. Some people will sell their soul and do anything for money.
    It’ll be the felon pharmacist times ten in the unlikely event this goes anywhere.
    People without morals will gladly let problem gamblers and addicts fund their enterprise.
    Loserbaugh left his post early so he could start gaming the system, leaving his constituents without representation.
    I wonder if he and Tea Party OPS board member Wayne are still hitting the bars?


  4. heckofajobjeannie says:

    If you liked how the Stothert administration dealt with Rick’s Boatyard Cafe then you will love what this administration will do for the Crossroads Mall.
    How many restaurants get to live for 2 years without paying rent or taxes?
    How did the city of Omaha get into the restaurant business anyway?
    Wasn’t Hal Daub behind this building?
    Was is a MECA venture? Don’t get it.

    ricky from west omaha

  5. Bluejay says:

    Hey Scott! I got an idea. (And I know you will read this.) What about this?

    The felon Lincoln pharmacist records an ad before he heads off to the Federal pen. It goes something like this.

    “My fellow Nebraskans.

    I stole millions to feed my gambling habit. Millions.

    I’m going to the federal penitentiary because of it. I basically destroyed my life. (Insert photo of jail.)

    I drove thousands of miles to Iowa to gamble. Yes, Iowa. Nebraska currently doesn’t allow this type of gambling.

    Don’t make gambling easier. Don’t bring it to Nebraska. Don’t sign the petition. Don’t gamble with the good life.

    Expanded gambling only benefits fat cats. (Insert Scott’s picture here.) We all will suffer with expanded gambling.

    I beg you. Don’t turn Nebraska into Pottersville. (Insert still of Pottersville.)”

    Do you like it?

  6. Bluejay says:

    New idea.

    Jane Kleeb endorses expanded gambling in Nebraska as long as the buildings are wind and solar powered. At least it will lock that way.

    The ultimate monument to innumeracy. The numbers don’t work for either SCAM.

    I can’t believe the body politic has sunk so low.

  7. Sparkles says:

    Gotta laugh..

    Donald Trump announced a few days ago that, coincidentally, he’s got a new book coming out in 3 weeks.

    It was just announced that Ben Carson will be suspending his campaign for two weeks to go on a book promotion tour.

    Grifting Obtuse People

  8. Since not a single Republican has cast a primary vote yet, it’s hard to see how we’re being grifted. I certainly won’t be voting for Trump or Carson.

    And somehow I don’t think the Donald is doing the book for the money. By the way, Sparkles, didn’t Hillary do a book, for which she got a huge advance, and then nobody read?

    Meanwhile, 5 dinosaurs debated earlier this week about whether America’s biggest enemy was our insurance companies, our pharmaceutical companies, or people who trade stocks. ISIS, Iran, North Korea, and Vladimir Putin don’t exist, apparently. Well, except to Jim Webb, whom everyone ignores.

  9. Bluejay says:


    Speaking of grifters, the Clintons define that term.

    Read, “Clinton Cash” ask yourself how Bill and Hillary became one percenters.

  10. bynd says:

    Ricketts Fulton: No one on here cares about Rick’s Boatyard because we know what is going on. Only you care because you do not know what is going on. It sucks to be you.

    Rick’s Boatyard is all Fahey. Just like Suttle had to bail Fahey out after he left Suttle with a bankrupt city so he had to create a new tax increase.

    Stothert is trying to fix another Fahey screw up. So you seem to be another low information voter. What’s new.

    By the way, how would you have kept Con Agra in Omaha? How would you have kept the Storz restaurant alive? Your crickets army is deafening. Can’t you even fake an answer.

    Who are you really?

  11. Who lost Rick's Boatyard Cafe? says:

    I heard that Mr Hal Daub was the investor for Rick’s Boatyard. I believe that because only a GOP-Businessman-Politician could screw up something that bad. A terrible pricey too big location and building.
    But why is the city the property owner? And Mayor Stothert gave some guy named Markle a sweetheart deal and made ads for the place then gave them two years without paying taxes or rent? She must have been drunk on Storz when she did that. Of course the Crossroads Mall is this screw up times twenty.
    They did not pay rent to Douglas County. Isn’t the county a little upset about that?
    Also, I don’t give a rat’s ass if Con Agra left. They make junk food and lose a billion dollars a quarter. Omaha does not need them.
    Don’t worry the connected people that lost their jobs will get other jobs. I wish heckofajobbrownie would worry about the people in North Omaha without jobs instead of worrying about OPS construction projects and electing board members to his liking. By the way how come Justin Wayne is a favorite of the GOP?

  12. Sparkles says:


    You stated:
    “5 dinosaurs debated earlier this week about whether America’s biggest enemy was..”

    Most will recall, Hillary included “Republicans” among her list of enemies.
    It appears her opinion has just been validated by two of America’s preeminent political scholars. Bloomberg View published, just yesterday, and interview with Norm Ornstein, of Ben Sasse’s beloved American Enterprise Institute, and Thomas Mann, of Brookings. The article is titled: “Republicans gone Wild: Q&A with Mann & Ornstein”.

    A quote –
    “There is no clear path out of our current distemper. The solution, like the diagnosis, must focus on the obvious but seldom acknowledged asymmetry between the parties. The Republican Party must become a conservative governing party once again and accept the assumptions and norms of our Madisonian system. That will likely require more election defeats, more honest reporting by the mainstream press and more recognition by the public that the problem is not “Washington” or “Congress” or “insiders” or politicians in general.
    The burden is on the GOP because they are currently the major source of our political dysfunction. No happy talk about bipartisanship can obscure that reality. Unless other voices and movements arise within the Republican Party to change its character and course, our dysfunctional politics will continue.”

    And yes, Hillary did publish a book. A book that was released on June 10th, 2014, two and one half years prior to the election. Her advance is thought to have been $14 Million. And yes, nobody read it. Ain’t the free market great! I’m guessing Trump would call that “winning bigly”.

  13. Sparkles:

    Norm Ornstein has been off the rez for years. He reminds me of those ‘lifelong Republicans’ who periodically write to the newspaper to say the party they joined stood for higher taxes and more regulation, and the GOP left them, not vice versa.

    When a company gives a 14 million advance, knowing that they’ll never recoup it, it makes me ask why, and conclude the answer is they’ll get their money back by other means. But then, I have a suspicious mind. And when you’re discussing the Clintons, that’s the only kind of mind to have.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Word is Rick’s Boatyard was a Hal Daub project. I wonder if all the focus on Dale Clark is another private investor trying to grab the land. Heck to get the Holland they blew a man’s building and business by accident of course. O de Daub smells again?

  15. bynd says:

    Ricketts Fulton, as you have pointed out, all problems of the city rest on the majors shoulders. Now that your Dem Fahey is shown as the culprit, you flip flop like you always do. Fact is, doesn’t matter who built it, it was up to Fahey to insure it was a solid deal and it wasn’t. As I said Icky Ricky, your guy, embrace it and eat it.

    Omaha feels the same way about you as you feel about Con Agra. Difference is, they brought a lot to the table and you bring nothing. To go further, Con Agra was good for Omaha, you’re like the sewers they are replacing, letting the garbage overflow out of your mouth as you add nothing of value to anything. You certainly are a bitter and lonely person. Not to mention demented.

    Oh yeah, Con Agra through it’s foundation and employees have given millions of dollars and hours to fight world child hunger. And you have done what? What’s that you say, you are too embarrassed to admit you have done nothing? Typical liberal.

    Your lack of compassion for those loosing their jobs at CA is typical for a retired civil servant who has lived off of the teat of government his whole life.

    You answered that to keep Con Agra in town you would have given them more money incentives. That everyone has their price. Sorry Ricketts Fulton that isn’t what they wanted. You say to keep Ricks Cafe running you would have forgiven all their debts as it was too big a burden? Wow, you are generous but not a good business person at all. You say you have a conceal carry permit so you can be an armed citizen patrol who volunteers in North Omaha? Make sure you wear your bullet proof vest. Finally, we get some answer. from the Zimmerman of Omaha.

    Aren’t you really John Gault?

  16. Art Corvelay says:

    From 2013:

    Markel had already started the process to revive the Storz brand, Kratz said, but began to work with the city after he was routed through a series of current and former public officials including former Mayor Hal Daub.

    “That’s the way these deals happen sometimes,” Kratz said. “You just never know.”

    Daub has been one of the Rick’s Cafe investors, Kratz said, and serves as a sort of spokesman for its other investors.

    Daub wasn’t present at Thursday’s announcement, but Stothert said her supporter in the mayoral election was instrumental in the riverfront’s development.

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