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Yesterday, reading Don Walton’s column in the LJS, it seemed that he was trying to foment some revolution among the voters to “kick the bums out” of Congress. Only problem is that of “the bums” currently representing Nebraskans, there’s only one who would clearly be in Don’s wheelhouse for out-kicking: Adrian Smith.

So who would/could challenge Adrian?

Well, I chatted with an experienced local politico, and that person pointed out a few things:

1) Tom Brewer, who challenged Smith last time, would be unlikely to run again, for a variety of reasons.

2) It would be a monumental task for a Dem to win in Nebraska’s 3rd District (which everyone knows).

3) That being said, Jane Kleeb MIGHT be the best known Democrat with the best chance, BUT…

4) She said last July that she was taking a hard look at running for the Nebraska Public Service Commission. (Which the LJS wrote about in this article.)

Which is interesting.

Because now, Trans Canada has said they will submit their pipeline request to the Nebraska PSC. And it would be interesting (to say the least) if Kleeb was running for the commission on which she would have dramatic bias against one type of covered service.

And THAT being said, PSC is an interesting gig, because…
It’s a partisan office.

It’s NOT like the Legislature, where the top 2 vote-getters go on to the General Election. It’s an R versus a D.

And the current person in the office from District 4, Rod Johnson is an R (and has been there since 1992(!). (See the map above)

So while Kleeb could be positioning herself to run for something for which she has a certain amount of support — she would also be doing it in a partisan election.


Wait who is she challenging?

Oh, and FWIW, that was the same LJS article where Jane Kleeb said she might move to the 2nd District and primary Brad Ashford.


Kleeb said she also hasn’t ruled out running for Nebraska’s 2nd District House seat against Congressman Brad Ashford. Kleeb said she disagrees with many of the stances Ashford, a Democrat, has taken since being elected last November.

So again, maybe Don Walton was just blowing smoke.
If there IS a fire, at this point it’s fairly well hidden…


Drip, drip, drip…

Speaking of Brad Ashford, the NRCC won’t be taking it easy on him any time soon. While Ashford is trying at every turn to be portrayed as Mr. Veteran, the NRCC points out that President Barack Obama is threatening to veto the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA).

Theh veto threat is for legislation “as part of a larger budget debate” that is unrelated to military personnel and their families. The NRCC says…

“The budget discussion is a rouse for the President considering the current NDAA budget and President Obama’s budget both land at $612 billion.

“Brad Ashford needs to publicly call on President Obama to stand down on his veto threat to a bill that has been signed into law for over 50 years in a row. The last thing our brave soldiers and their families should be worried about is whether or not their Commander in Chief is playing politics with their livelihood.”

Watch this space to see if Ashford tries to distance himself further…from the rest of the Democrats…in his party.


Help me Obi Wan Kenobi…

It has come to my attention that the Sarpy County Election Commissioner, Wayne Bena, cannot obtain tickets for some movie that is premiering two months from now.

And THIS is the information superhighway that Al Gore took us down.

Well, help Leavenworth St. from getting flat tires on that highway like Bena, by buying all your Amazon stuff via the links on this page! Great stuff for you and you’ll send a little anonymous love our way to keep the lights glowing.

May the Schwartz be with you.


  1. Brian T. Osborn says:

    Adrian has already accomplished all that he set out to do in 2006. He has served long enough to get his free-money-for-life card punched. Other than that, he has been about as useful to Nebraskans in the 3rd CD as tits on a boar.
    To be fair, I’d have to say the same about NDP Chair, Vince Powers.

  2. Anonymous says:

    It’s my humble opinion your obsession over Don Walton’s column from yesterday is much ado about nothing.

    I perceive nothing from that column to be a call to action against a specific NE pol or district. I read only a general (and gentle, as with everything Walton) cry against amorphous voter apathy.

    Also, you’d have to have just crawled from under a rock to imagine anything other than an atavistic R could emerge, in our lifetimes, from an NE03 contest.
    In the last 80 years, a Democratic has held the NE03 seat for a total of 1 term.
    One whole 2 year term.. since 1935.

    Cook PVI for NE03 is R+23!
    Of the 435 Congressional Districts in America, NE03 is among the 15 most extreme Republican leaning.

  3. bynd says:

    Sparkles: wouldn’t it be more PC to say it is one of the most consistent Republican leaning seats. I would hardly call any of our Republican congressmen extreme. More like willow the wisps.

  4. Bluejay says:

    Jane Kleeb and her alarmist science denying gang have cost this state millions and our country billions.

    If KXL isn’t built, then who benefits? OPEC.

    What every Nebraskan wants to know is whether Jane Kleeb is being paid off in gold coin, diamonds or bitcoins by our friends in OPEC. You know that crowd. Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Venezuela. Or is George Soros and the hedge fund crowd paying her?

    She makes plenty of trips to DC and NYC and those countries have embassies and UN offices. Easy to pass the consideration at the Four Seasons.

    I do wish she would run as then she would have to answer questions. She would also lose in an epic landslide. She won’t even carry Adams County.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Another thing to note is that PSC pays far more than most state elected jobs: over $70,000 I think. She wouldn’t have to work that hard for some decent money unlike the Legislature where they are on 12 months running for a pittance.

  6. repentinglawyer says:

    Bluejay, Will change in government in Ottawa dim prospects for KXL? TransCannada tends to be a pet of Progressive Conservatives and to lose influence when there is a Liberal majority.
    Charges against Kleeb are colorful but lacking in proof. Do you have evidence you would be willing to share?

  7. Bluejay says:


    1. Makes no difference re Ottawa. If the new PM wants to keep his job he has to back KXL. Canada’s economy is hugely dependent upon oil.

    2. Kleeb is an idiot but not a complete idiot. Sure she is getting paid off. Why else would she try to make us all poorer and continuely dependent upon OPEC?

    Flat global temps for 18 years. Al Gore predicted worse years ago. The models are all wrong.

    It is is NOT science to make a prediction about something in the future. It is a guess.

    We don’t need a 300% energy price increase in order to “solve” a non-existent problem. Ask the Euros about energy poverty.

    I always fall back on the justification for this type of question on the method the Dems used against Ginni Lamp’s husband: It is a serious allegation and it must be answered.

    And I don’t need a Cray computer to predict she will not even draw Domina-like numbers.

  8. Gary and Ace says:

    Scott Kleeb should run instead of his wife. The bulging muscles, the tight fitting jeans, the strong jaw and perfect teeth is what us voters crave in a candidate.

  9. Cheech says:

    It seems State Senator Tommy “Chong” Garrett is trolling on the web for money for his reelection. I would suggest he have a bake sale and ask his supporters to buy his “special brownies”. Those brownies can be pretty profitable Tommy.

  10. repentinglawyer says:

    Bluejay, The oil producing Provinces have not traditionally had many Liberal Ridings, so I am dubious.I do not know what Clarence Thomas has to do with this, unless you have adopted an exemption to your black letter moral rules. You cite no evidence and offer no more than rank speculation. What happened to bearing false witness?
    I hold no strong belief one way or the other on KXL but the importance you assign to it is very improbable which really weakens your case.
    I did teach Ginni in one course and attended a number of faculty breakfasts with the Justice wich is the extent of my association with the Thomas family. I confess I did spill some water on stairs just before the Justice entered a room, but it was not part of a conspiracy, just clumsy.

  11. TexasAnnie says:

    Don’t know whether the KXL should be built, or not. Can’t trust either point of view because both sides have embellished (lied about) the effects of the project! I don’t believe the project will be an economic engine, and I don’t believe drilling and pumping UNKNOWN chemicals deep into the earth is without negative consequence. Without ‘belief’ one cannot support or reject ideas. We have been tossing up KXL here at Leavenworth St. for years, yet no convincing evidence emerges…

    repentinglawyer: How do we discover truth? From the media to the politicians to the environmentalists to the rapists of our earth, wherein lies truth?

  12. Sparkles says:

    Several independent analyses have found that completion of the Keystone XL would in fact INCREASE gas prices, especially for consumers in the Midwestern U.S.

    The most frequently referenced study was in 2011, by Cornell University’s Global Labor Institute:
    “KXL will divert Tar Sands oil now supplying Midwest refineries, so it can be sold at higher prices to the Gulf Coast and export markets. As a result, consumers in the Midwest could be paying 10 to 20 cents more per gallon for gasoline and diesel fuel. These additional costs (estimated to total $2–4 billion) will suppress other spending and will therefore cost jobs.”

    Others include:
    “Midwest drivers would be hardest hit because the region currently imports more than half of its oil for refining from Canada,” according to Consumer Watchdog, a nonprofit public interest group. “Increases at the pump could range from 25 cents to 40 cents a gallon, depending on how regional refineries respond to paying $20 to $30 more per 42-gallon barrel for Canadian crude oil.”

    Canadian Oil Industry Regulators are on the record stating that the primary goal of the pipeline is increase the price they can get for their product:
    “Canadian producers will be able to charge more for their oil after Keystone XL is built, boosting revenues by $2 billion to $3.9 billion, Canada’s National Energy Board said in the 2010 report approving of TransCanada’s pipeline plan.”

    Of course, one has to remember that these billions of dollars sucked from midwesterners pockets and transported to a foreign oil conglomerate, will be offset by the 4 or 5 permanent jobs Nebraska would gain, courtesy of KXL.
    Plus, KXL comes with the surety that at a some future point – likely numerous points in the future – we, our children and our grandchildren will get the opportunity to suck toxic tar sands sludge from our state’s precious soils and waters.

    Boy, I bet our grandchildren will be proud. What a legacy.

  13. Sparkles says:


    You state:
    “The last time there was an upsurge against voter apathy, it was called the Tea Party.”

    I respect your opinion, but I find it difficult to concur that it was ‘voter apathy’ that elicited the wave of anger that coalesced (with a big assist from the Kochs) into the Tea Party.

    For some reason, thinking about the advent of the Tea Party brought to mind a scene from Blazing Saddles.
    The one where the newly elected Sheriff is spotted off in the distance, riding into town.

  14. Bluejay says:


    First off there is no global warming. See charts below.


    Since there is no warming it is clear the predictions have been wrong. The predictions about the future are also wrong. There is no crisis. The believers are alarmists not connected to science,

    Global warming is a scam. Those that believe in it are either useful idiots or part of the scam for the purpose of making money. Jane Kleeb is no idiot. She is doing it for the money.

    So it is a reasonable question to ask who is paying her. It is a serious question. If the press was doing its job, it would ask these questions.

    Is America better off with $2 gas or $4 gas? What will energy prices be if the global warming crowd gets its way?

    Rich people can blow this off. Hard working Americans can’t. High energy has crippled Europe. Look it up.

  15. Oracle says:

    What ever happened to my high school Alma Mater, Creighton Prep? It seems like my decade of schooling, the 70’s, immediately preceded a 180 degree reversal of graduate characteristics in terms of philosophy, honesty, and especially political persuasion. “The end justifies any means because my cause is just” seems to be completely moral and acceptable. For example, Bluejay had to throw out a statement which is only true if one cherry picks data. Flat global temps for 18 years. Only if you start at 1997, which was definitely an outlier. I’ve brought this up before, so Bluejay is either an idiot for actually believing and repeating this canard, or is doing it on purpose to deceive others into believing anthropogenic climate change is a hoax. Thank God repentinglawyer (a 60’s Prep grad?) has more time than I do to rebut the idiocy that is often posted here.

  16. Ricky says:

    Way to go Mets! Hopefully Mr Ricketts and his 15 state patrol people and his family were in Wrigley Field to see the bumbling Cubbies get embarrassed.
    And if you think the Cubs are bad, wait till you see what Mr Ricketts will do to Nebraska, or try to, if not for that pesky Unicameral.
    Also, the Keystone Pipeline is dead as dead can be. The only thing missing is Mr Obama giving the official heave-hoe. The new Canadian PM is in favor of Keystone xl, but he will be even less effective in getting it built than the previous PM.
    It does not take a rocket scientist to see that Keystone is dead, long dead, and the people of central Nebraska sticking up for clean water were the ones that killed it.

    ricky from west omaha

  17. Bluejay says:


    You caught me. I lied. See charts above. Global temps have been flat since the day Creighton Prep opened its doors in 1878.

    Fr. Ray Strange, S.J. taught me to start all charts at zero. He also taught me to look at percentages. And that carbon dioxide is only one component of the atmosphere.

    Best thing I learned was that predictions about the future aren’t science. It’s gambling.

    Wise up. Global warming is a scam designed to enrich rent seekers, lobbyists, activists, academics, government, the Street and Silicon Valley. Us flyover people will pay the price.

  18. Sparkles says:


    Your link to the definitive proof that there is no global warming is.. laughable.

    Your ‘proof’ is a chart showing the rise in ambient levels of CO2 over time.
    A chart whose author ADMITS he crafted to be intentionally deceptive as a means to show how he -imagines- left wing “climatistas” “grossly mislead” the public.

    And, your climate expert, the source of your definitive denial, happens to be a conservative author, steeped in all things right wing, with a PhD in.. History.
    In addition, the source of your paradigm shattering refutation of the collective knowledge of 90+ percent of all climate scientist, is the right wing blog, Powerline.

    It’s become common to see crap such as this presented as “proof” to a myriad of right wing causes. From climate change to voting rights, to gun violence, to the economic collapse, to environmental regulations, the ACA etc..
    It’s frankly stupefying that so many in our nation, people who I’m certain are otherwise quite intelligent, successful, and thoughtful, can be so deluded by ideology.

  19. Bluejay says:


    The central question is do you want to avoid 0.018 increase in global temps by 2100 by adopting Obaama’s Clean Power Plan all at a cost of a 300% increase in US energy prices?

    Sign me up!

  20. repentinglawyer says:

    Bluejay, Ray Strange SJ, you must be an old guy, he was up in years whenI was there, first class on 72. Oracle you and Bluejay might enjoy Eureka Street the Australian SJ on line magazine. Last month there was an interesting article on why Jesuits do not have to apologize for their grads, apparently same diversity down under.

  21. bynd says:


    What is even more stupefying is how both sides can be not only deluded by ideology, but then also so self righteous that they believe the only truth is theirs. Especially since both groups represent a minority of the population in the US. But they do have the power, which proves how much power does corrupt.

  22. “The most frequently referenced study was in 2011, by Cornell University’s Global Labor Institute:
    “KXL will divert Tar Sands oil now supplying Midwest refineries, so it can be sold at higher prices to the Gulf Coast and export markets. As a result, consumers in the Midwest could be paying 10 to 20 cents more per gallon for gasoline and diesel fuel. These additional costs (estimated to total $2–4 billion) will suppress other spending and will therefore cost jobs.””

    This is the problem when people who fundamentally don’t understand an issue try to prove something by cut and paste. Yes, the above was probably true. But the section of the pipeline that reduces midwest oil-supplies was the southern section of KXL, and it’s already built! Because it didn’t cross an international border, it didn’t need King Ditherer’s permission.

    So now KXL South carries oil away from the midwest to the gulf. Meanwhile, we don’t have the northern section carrying oil from Canada/N Dakota to the midwest. Failing to built the Northern section has made the problem worse.

  23. Bluejay says:

    Sparkles, Oracle and the rest of you climate alarmists:

    The EPA, by its own admission, says the Clean Power Plan will only save .018 of a temp rise by 2100.

    Is that worth the cost; public and private?

    Looks to me like a non-existent war is being put on a credit card. We are, after all, $18T in debt.

    Free college also might cost something too.

  24. repentinglawyer says:

    Bluejay, Your reply was about Global warming. Apparently you question Kleeb’s honesty because you do not believe in that phenomenon and assume that anyone who does is dishonest and bribed. Do you think Sparkels and Oracle are being dishonest and being paid to refute your position on Leavenworth St.Seems highly improbable. Though ,if they are, will they share diamonds and gold and give the rest of us George Soros’s email address?

  25. Bluejay says:

    Kleeb could be a useful idiot. A trust fund baby who is not very smart, poorly educated at a non-Jesuit school and who wants to save the world.

    Or she could be a craven money grubber looking to fool poorly informed liberals who are easily duped by the veneer of science and the appeal to authority. It is science! Worship Mother Earth!

    Only two options here.

  26. Oracle says:

    Only two options here
    Bluejay is exhibiting a debilitating (for the country) trait that appears to infect a majority of right-leaning folks: The belief that everything is black or white. Sorry, but the world is not binary. It may make life easier for you, but it’s not reality.

  27. repentinglawyer says:

    Bluejay, What is your background in science, particularly compared to people who believe in Global warming? Is your degree in some area of science or at least courses beyond Prep? For most of us listening to experts is simply prudence, and there is a Jesuit chemist in Rome who believes in Global warming and he was educated by the Jesuits. Why not just say you disagree with her and give your reasons. If you want an expert on Global Warming you could compare your credential to Henry Pollock’s. I think he went to central, but we can forgive him.

  28. Bluejay says:

    Once we learned through the hacked British emails that they were gaming the numbers, the credibility of the entire global warming community was shot. Cheats and liars.

    A person doesn’t need to be a science PhD to see this is a scam. Again, the AGW crowd has predicted for years all sorts of dire results and they have been wrong. They predict the end of the world at some future date (usually not stated) when we are all dead. Therefore no opportunity to be proved wrong before the money is spent.

    No legal liability because fraud can never be premised on a future event.

    As to all the academics who back AGW (and it is far from universal and the deniers include Al Gore’s teacher) maybe the have a monetary bias to get grants on this issue.

    Any lawyer can see there are scores of problems with the persuasiveness of the AGW theory.

    Any economist can see that the costs outweigh the alleged benefits.

    And tell me what authority did JP Stevens have to declare carbon dioxide is a pollutant?

  29. Sparkles says:


    The relief of the Cushing glut was not the only reason fuel prices were expected to increase.

    The sole reason for TransCanada to spend $8 Billion on KXL was/is access to international markets. International markets which would allow them to sell their oil at the higher prices possible on the international market.
    Higher prices consequently driving up our prices here at home.
    Transcanada has admitted this very fact.
    Sole Reason for building an $8B Pipeline = Higher Price for Oil.

    The anticipated higher prices, post southern KXL, were largely ameliorated by the shale oil/gas boom.
    The glut persists.
    And, it’s not as if all pipelines are being blocked. Google Flanagan South, a newly built Enbridge pipeline pushing 500,000+ barrels of tars sands sludge into Cushing every day.

    Also, regarding “sleazy insinuations”.
    I suggest you take up your argument with the researchers at the Combatting Terrorism Center at West Point Military Academy. The ones who in Nov 2012 published a study titled:
    ‘Challengers from the Sidelines: Understanding America’s Violent Far Right’
    A quote:
    “In the last few years, and especially since 2007, there has been a dramatic rise in the number of attacks and violent plots originating from groups who self-identify with the far-right of American politics…
    ..There are three major ideological movements within the American violent far right: a racist/white supremacy movement, an anti-federalist movement and a fundamentalist movement.”

    In 2009 then Homeland Security Secretary Napolitano issued a report warning of the threat of right-wing terror. A report that was to prove prescient.
    In February of this year the U.S. Department of Homeland Security issued a new intelligence assessment, again warning of the threat of right-wing terror.

  30. Sparkles says:


    You’re tossing out yet more, thoroughly debunked, right wing nonsense.
    I’m specifically referring to you lead statement:
    “Once we learned through the hacked British emails that they were gaming the numbers.. Cheats and liars.”

    You’re of course referring to The Climatic Research Unit email controversy, better known to Fox & Friends as “Climategate”.

    Eight committees investigated those allegations and published reports, finding NO evidence of fraud or scientific misconduct.
    The eight major investigations, each one debunking your claim, were conducted by:
    House of Commons Science and Technology Committee (UK)
    Independent Climate Change Review (UK)
    International Science Assessment Panel (UK)
    Pennsylvania State University – first panel and second panel
    United States Environmental Protection Agency
    Department of Commerce (US)
    National Science Foundation (US)

    All of this is easily accessible for your reading pleasure. Google away.

  31. Oracle says:

    Bluejay, you are the second person on this blog that I believe suffers from cognitive/confirmation bias. Take off the blinders! You seem to be highly skilled in ignoring all data that contradicts your worldview. Pointing out a bad player, or the few in the minority that agree with you does not come close to disproving a theory that has general acceptance.

  32. repentinglawyer says:

    Bluejay, I hope you did not go to law school. While it is true that an action for deceit cannot be brought for a prediction, thank you Aristotle, an action will lie for a dishonest predication, one uttered without belief. “The state of a man’s mind is as much a fact as the state of his digestion.” There can also be actions in some cases for negligent prediction.
    Absence of PhD is not required but some evidence on background is helpful. Holes in theories are facts of life since science is correctable.. When a decision must be made best supported theory is all that is available. Mistakes happen.

  33. Bluejay says:

    You are learning Oracle. AGW is a theory that has been dead wrong for years. It isn’t science. It’s a guess based upon models.

    I have a scientific model for winning fantasy sports. Will you give me millions in cash and tax breaks to predict next year’s games?

    And Sparkle, Mann’s “hockey stick” graph is part of the same scam.

  34. bynd says:

    Sparkles, only those with an agenda and no intellectual integrity would connect a racist/white supremacy movement, an anti-federalist movement and a fundamentalist movement.” to any party but the extremist party. Ask any law enforcement, they are most concerned about the sovereign citizens movement. It is no longer 2012. The report is to old to be valid. And oh yes, the statement about the SC comes from an IRS investigator who faces the problem every day.

    Connecting those groups to the right is like connecting jihadist to the Muslim moderates. Hyperbole serves no purpose except to support political bigotry and hatred. Although the domineering male (Republicans) always lead the fragile female (Dems). It always takes two tango.

  35. bynd says:

    Roger Pielke, a political scientist specializing in climate guidelines, points out that climate change and climate policy are two frequently convoluted topics. He summarizes the problem into three distinct broad categories. 1. Too often, climate policies flow against public opinion. 2. Economic growth is often pitted against climate policy. and 3. Current technology is not sufficient to meet confirmed climate targets. (SS, yes I used cut and paste and I apologize. But to hand type it would look the same and take immeasurably more time. Please forgive.)

    If you would like to see a more balanced approach to climate change with out all the hype, fear and misunderstanding, you can go to Reason to Believe internet site and search climate change.

    Yes, it is christian scientists whose purpose is to show that the Bible and science are not incompatible. Although this is not a biblical issue to them, they get the question all the time when speaking to different groups.

  36. Bluejay says:


    I’m thinking about bringing a civil RICO action against the AGW cabal with Al Gore as the lead defendant. Causes of action for both dishonest and negligent prediction of the end of the world.

    Will that stop the scam?

    Chris Hayes and Senator Whitehouse are thinking about the same thing.

    Lawfare is better than water boarding or trial by battle!

  37. Bluejay says:

    Here’s what medical doctor and former Mondale speechwriter Charles Krauthammer has to say on the topic:

    ” It mocks the very notion of settled science, which is nothing but a crude attempt to silence critics and delegitimize debate. As does the term “denier” — an echo of Holocaust denial, contemptibly suggesting the malevolent rejection of an established historical truth.”

  38. repentinglawyer says:

    Bluejay, I did not know they taught the sciences relevant to issues of climate science in medical school and he went years ago. He certainly would not qualify as on expert for your law case. He was, when he practiced, a shrink, so maybe he could help decide which of us is a nut case, but none of us want to run that risk.

  39. Sparkles says:


    So your infallible sources for refuting the consensus of 90+ percent of the scientific community – a community of CLIMATE scientists – has gone from a post on a right wing blog by a right wing professor of History, to an opinion piece from Fox News’ favorite right wing Psychiatrist.

    And you somehow think this is… sane?

    Also, your reference to Chris Hayes, Senator Whitehouse and XON is remarkably confused.
    It took me a moment to figure out what Chris Hayes, Sheldon Whitehouse and Intrexon had to do with climate change.
    Then, I realized the point your were attempting to make… and thought to myself… ouch!

    1) It’s Senator Sanders. Not Senator Whitehouse.
    You know.. Sanders, the white haired guy who’s on your TV all the time. The guy who always looks like he just awoke from a nap while waiting to catch a plane at the airport. The guy running for President of the United States.
    Senator Whitehouse (Sheldon), is the jr. Senator from Rhode Island.

    2) It’s Exxon.
    As in Exxon Mobile.
    You know, of Exxon Valdez fame? The global oil conglomerate that in the last few years has managed to contaminate the Yellowstone River, the community of Mayflower Arkansas and the cities of Brooklyn and Baton Rouge with oil and benzene spills.

    3) XON is the ticker symbol for the biotech company Intrexon. They make synthetic drugs, stuff like monoclonal antibodies and such.

    I find it amazing you would even bring up Exxon.
    Exxon is about to be made the poster child for LYING to the public about climate change!
    Just like the tobacco trials, it’s going to play out over the next several months ands years that Exxon’s own scientists knew the damage burning of fossils fuels was going to inflict on our planet. And the knew it as early as the late 70’s.
    When they discovered this fact, what was their response, hide it.
    Hide it and lie.
    Hide it, lie and commit hundred’s of millions of dollars to buy politicians and set up fake think tanks to lie to worlds population about the havoc their product would wreak on the delicate balance required to sustain life on our little blue marble.
    Fund an industry of global warming skepticism and faux science hacks, just as big tobacco did for decades.
    Fund an industry of skepticism to hide the FACT that their products will kill you.

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