Biden taking cues from the master

You know, if Vice President Joe Biden was going to be doing the non-announcement announcement, he could have skipped the Rose Garden, and just let the Master of that strategy take over:

Hagel-Biden 01

You all remember back in March of 2007 when Chuck Hagel assembled the national press corps to Omaha to tell them that he would tell them at a later date that he wasn’t really into running for President.

It was before Twitter, see, so in those days the only way to let people know stuff was if they were in the same room.

My favorite quote out of that was from national reporter David Broder who stood in the lobby and asked, “Why did I come here?”

Oh, and Hagel’s strategy was to tell them he was announcing later. At least Crazy Joe said he WASN’T running, before diving into all of the reason he should run.

(There HAD to be a Hagel hand in all of this…)


Climbing the Caucuses

Going over the “race” for Speaker of the House of Representatives, Paul Ryan is saying he will take the gig under certain conditions.

One of those conditions is that (at least) three of the House Republican caucuses support him: The Republican Study Committee, the Tuesday Group and the Freedom Caucus.

Where do Midwest House Members fall within those three?

Well, the Republican Study Committee is pretty broad, with many GOP members, whether “conservative” or “moderate”, being part.

From Nebraska, both Jeff Fortenberry and Adrian Smith are members of the Republican Study Committee. From Iowa, Steve King and David Young are in. And all four of Kansas’s Reps, including the hard-core conservative Tim Huelskamp from Western Kansas, are members.

Then there’s the Freedom Caucus, made up of about 40 House Members who are considered the right-wing firebrand, Tea Party types. That may or may not be true, but that’s their reputation.

Neither Fortenberry nor Smith are in it. One Iowa member is in — Rod Blum, who surprisingly comes from a swing district, (32% Dem to 27% GOP), and NOT Steve King. And one from Kansas, the aforementioned Huelskamp.

And then there’s what’s known as the moderate “Tuesday Group“. It is difficult to find a membership list, but this looks to include Jeff Fortenberry and used to include Lee Terry. No Iowans are there and only Lynn Jenkins of northeastern Kansas.

Ryan is now demanding support from ALL of them, including other concessions. Some (like Huelskamp) are finding the demands outrageous. Others say, hey, if you really want him, those are the demands.

Should be fun to watch this play out (especially from the uber-inside baseball points of view).



Oh, and to those who say this is “chaos” within the GOP, let me know when Bernie concedes to Hillary’s demands. Though it looks like Webb has already tossed himself…

Oh, and hey by the way, where is non-partisan, pro-Unicameral-Congress Rep. Brad Ashford on all of this?

Will he publicly throw his support to Paul Ryan, on a the first ballot?

It would really be the non-partisan thing to do.


Psst! Wanna buy an “O”?

BuzzFeed (of all sites) did an investigation into the guy from India who was supplying the sodium thiopental to the State of Nebraska for executions.

Not a company, mind you. A dude. Out of his apartment.

It’s an interesting piece showing…well that the source of these drugs is at least “shady”.

Of course it is a bit telling that the story never really delved into the question of, “Do the drugs operate as they are supposed to?”

One would think the state shouldn’t be purchasing a drug to administer the death penalty from a guy on the street corner who is also fencing hot letter O’s.

sesamstrasse Schleimi Pic 1

(And if you read the story, this guy is either one step up or one step down from Ernie’s acquaintance on Sesame Street.)

No matter the source, one would think the state should/would be testing the drug in any case.

Though, FWIW, there are those who, if asked, would tell you that if the Ricketts admin had simply asked Jon Bruning’s office about buying the drugs from this guy, they would have informed them about the pitfalls.

But give it to drug dealer, Chris Harris: the guy is disciplined about (not) talking to the media.


What does the Fox say?

And in the Legislature, today Democrat Anthony Vargas, an OPS Board Member who moved to Nebraska from New York in 2012, has announced that he is running for the South Omaha District 7 seat.

That is the seat that Democrat, Brad Ashford staffer, Jeremy Nordquist quit. Governor Ricketts chose Republican, now State Senator, Nicole Fox to replace him. And soon after that, Democrat and former state Senator John Synowiecki announced that he is going to run.

You may remember that Omaha Mayor Jean Stothert campaigned hard and won in that district.

Will Democrats Vargas and Synowiecki split the Dem vote, allowing the Republican make it to the General?

Crazy? Or Crazy like a Fox?
(See what I did there?)


…oh, and Vegans…

Thanks for telling your Republican, Democrat, Independent and Vegetarian friends to click on and to read and hear the talk of Nebraska (and Midwest!) politics!


  1. heckofajobjeannie says:

    Rick’s Boatyard Cafe owes over $37,000 dollars to Douglas County in back taxes. A portion of those taxes goes to schools, roads, sheriffs, etc. So all are hurt when Storz or whatever it is does not pay.
    So how to collect those taxes? Can the county foreclose on a building owned by the city of Omaha?
    This problem was handed to Stothert when she was elected, but her choice of Storz to benefit from the city’s largess was a poor choice.
    And, Stothert is not being a good Republican, which I thought was her number one goal in life. The GOP believes in limited government and free market principals, and giving hand outs to business and letting them pay no rent or taxes should not be how a Republican operates. A lot of other business would love to have the advantages of no taxes or rent. And the city let Storz have that advantage.
    Bad Bad Republicans!


  2. TexasAnnie says:

    If Biden could have been anything, he would have been the president to have cured cancer. I’m glad he said that, and it was worth dragging out as many camera persons as possible, to hear it!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Biden said “As my family and I work-ED through the grieving process… ” Past tense? And “process”, like grinding sausage? And “The good news is…” he’s out of time for running. Then a stump speech. Seemed rather insincere even for a serial plagiarist.

    Is Biden doing a Hagel or a Ryan? Ryan’s suddenly sharing a voter spotlight with GOP candidates being hammered by GOP voters who hate the HOR. Ryan is being careful. Maybe Joe too. Maybe its a delay so Plugs won’t have to share his spotlight with Pork Chop. Maybe Joe has a change of heart in a few weeks, after Hillary is tanked, and then suddenly the way for his family to get over the grieving process (present tense) is for him to honor them by running for President. Of course after Hillary has been racked and thumb screwed.

    Joe actually said “Obama Legacy” with Obama standing there. He puts the oaf in meatloaf.

  4. Mark Andrews says:

    Ryan setting conditions for even running for Speaker shows him trying out the job before he has it. Good on him. The Freedom Caucus got what it wanted, which was “Rid of Boehner.” I am curious who’ll blink first, Ryan or the FC. Will we have order or anarchy in the House?

  5. TexasAnnie says:

    Can’t you see that the Republican Party is all in tatters, Mark? The big tent never really did work. And I’ve been hoping for a third party to gain traction for a long time now! We could have had it in 2008. But the Libertarians allowed Bob Barr to literally buy the nomination, and then quit campaigning!!! (He was not a Libertarian and those of us who checked his record did not support him, but we were sadly outnumbered because the mantra at the convention became: Bob Barr has name recognition…)

    What we have to do, Mark, is register ‘Independent.’ (Although Sweeper pointed out to me a few weeks ago that you will lose your ‘primary vote’ if you do that in Nebraska. Doesn’t seem right. We have open primaries here.) Let the Freedom Caucus become the Republicans; let the Socialists & Progressives become the Democrats; and the vast middle will be the Independents: the most pragmatic yet rational electors to be had!

  6. TexasAnnie says:

    Oops! For Grundle King: Actually, Bob Barr did REGISTER as a Libertarian before he was nominated. He just did not act like one, neither when he was in Congress, nor afterward…

  7. Drug Dealer says:

    Did anyone look into where we were buying the drugs? That is the most sketchy story I’ve ever seen. It’s a good thing we bought enough sodium thiopental to execute 100 prisoners since there is only 10 on death row.

  8. bynd says:


    When I first opened my business, I was given three months of rent free occupancy by the owner. It is a proven and effective way to help business’ succeed since 3 out 5 fail within the first three years. Stothert was doing nothing less than trying to make lemonade out of the Dems lemons. Obviously you have never been a business man or do you know how to run a business.

    $37,000 is 1% of the counties budget. If you go to their web site, you will see lists of outstanding tax warrants for business’ behind on their taxes. Shall we blame the Secretary of State for issuing them a business license? The total far exceeds $37,000.

    Since the county has not issued a tax warrant against Storzs, it would show that the county does not think it’s back taxes are noncollectable at this time. So while you write off in ignorance, that is far from the truth.

    Your attempt to deflect from the failures of past Dems administrations and blame the current one are like a first graders attempt to gain recognition for a lonely and bitter person. What a pitiful person you would be if you weren’t filled with such hate and bigotry.

  9. Ricky says:

    Yes Anonymous at 12:04. I never mention the anonymous Bynd, and never said a bad word about the guy, but he constantly calls me names and insults me.
    What a coward! He stalks me right?


  10. bynd says:

    Hmm, that must mean anonymous is stalking me! Ironic his words said he came here for a good discussion, but his actions speak louder than words.

    Ricky you are a Troll and a liar. What I give you is what you give to others. And what was that crack about some one should have gone to The Westside? Pretty personal! If you don’t like it then don’t do it. You open yourself up

    Anonymous: I am not here to run anyone off, but the answer to your fascination about me is, change the channel. Because at this point you have become what you are whining about. But hey take your best shot. It is part of being here 😏

  11. bynd says:

    Ricky you coward, prove you are Ricky! We’ve had this discussion before. The fact is, anyone who posts on the Internet can call themselves anything. But big brave Ricky, do you send your complaints to those who you vilify? Didn’t think so. By the way, the article had nothing to do with what you posted about. That is the classic example of a Troll.

    And now you have Troll enabler, anonymous. The plot thickens😖

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