The Dr. is IN (Omaha)

Dr. Ben Carson in Council Bluffs in August 2015.
Dr. Ben Carson in Council Bluffs in August 2015.

Dr. Ben Carson, the new leader in the polls in Iowa, will be in Omaha Friday at The Bookworm on 90th & Center at 7:30pm.

This is NOT on the campaign’s list of stops, and the good doctor will be there to sign his book,  “A More Perfect Union: What We the People Can Do to Reclaim Our Constitutional Liberties ($26.95 for the hardbound — but $14 on Amazon, via Leavenworth St!).

The BW says that “Signing Restrictions will apply”, which can often mean very little chatting and a restriction on photos with the candidate…er, author.


Marco! Po…Rubio!

And on that note, there is also word that Senator Marco Rubio will be coming to Nebraska…soon.

Whether that visit will be to woo at of the Ricketts family for their endorsement of the Presidential candidate is unknown.

Of course, if they wanted to do it in Chicago instead, there’s a venue that just became available for the next few weeks…

(Too soon!)
(Go Royals!)


Brewer, Patriot

Tom Brewer’s name was mentioned here as an unlikely primary opponent to 3rd District Rep. Adrian Smith again.

However, the rumor mill has churned out word that Brewer will instead run for the Unicameral. The scuttlebutt says that he would run in District 43 against State Senator Al Davis, who assumed U.S. Senator Deb Fischer’s old seat.

FWIW, Al Davis spent a year studying theater at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York City.

Unrelated, retired Lt. Col. Tom Brewer spent 2 years in Afghanistan hunting down the Taliban.


When News Breaks, They Fix It

ICYMI, The Daily Show — the jokey/not jokey/we can’t decide “news” show on Comedy Central that no longer has Jon Stewart as the host, has taken a road trip to Nebraska to make fun of the Nebraskans and the Death Penalty.

Well, maybe not ALL Nebraskans.
Just the ones in favor of the Death Penalty.

And probably there will be a shot or two, or three…heck, ALL the shots will revolve around trying to obtain the (illegal?) drug from that one dude in India who supplies everyone.

Of course, the only good thing about this is …who watches this show since Stewart left? Sure maybe some underclassmen who couldn’t find the clicker that’s under the couch and Comedy Central was left on. But, that’s pretty much the demographic.

In any case, here’s what you won’t see: a tough, but fair, review into the issues.

The show is on COMEDY Central.
And the joke’s on…YOU.


  1. Wondering says:

    Just wondering why OPS Board Member Snow is pushing so hard on LGBT issues in the new sex ed updates. I thought he was a good representative of the community.

  2. Ricky says:

    Mets sweep the Cubbies! Take that Mr Ricketts! The Cubs put on a snooze fest, and at home. I sure hope Pettee was there to witness that smackdown.
    Why does the Governor keep saying he is trying to receive that death penalty drug from the dope in India? How stupid does he think Nebraskans are? Well on second thought we did vote Charlie Janssen in as auditor despite a million dollar conflict with the state, and we did elect Mr Ricketts to office, despite never being in office before and being rather incompetent as it turns out.
    And once again Ricketts will be the butt of jokes on national TV, and the state of Nebraska going along for the ride. Thanks a lot Pettee.
    Great Job Mets! 70 years for the Cubs without a pennant!


  3. Sparkles says:

    In case you missed missed it, highly prominent conservative voice Peter Wehner addresses the stream of crazy that is Ben Carson in an Opinion piece in the Oct 20th, NYT, titled: “Why Ben Carson’s Nazi Analogies Matter”
    A couple quick quotes of his commentary on Carson –
    “..staggering ignorance when it comes to the unique malevolence of Hitler’s Germany.”
    “..we certainly don’t need conspiracy-minded amateurs like Mr. Carson”
    “..intellectually discrediting, politically self-defeating and unworthy of those who are citizens of a great republic.”

    In case you’re unaware of Mr. Wehner credentials – his former immediate bosses include Reagan, George HW Bush, George W and Bill Bennett.
    Mr. Wehner served in both the Reagan and George H.W. Bush Administrations prior to becoming Deputy Director of speech writing for President George W. Bush in 2001. In 2002, he was appointed head the Office of Strategic Initiatives, where he generated policy ideas, reached out to public intellectuals, published op-eds and essays, and provided counsel on a range of domestic and international issues. Prior to joining the Bush Administration, Wehner was executive director for policy for Empower America, a conservative public-policy organization. Mr. Wehner also served as a special assistant to the director of the Office of National Drug Control Policy and, before that, as a speech writer for then-Secretary of Education Bill Bennett.

  4. Sparkles says:

    It seems fitting there be a follow up to “Air Libs, Part II”, a commentary on Leavenworth Street last week re the appointment by Mayor Beutler of Dr. Lucas Sabalka to the local Air Pollution Control Advisory Board.
    Leavenworth Street called Dr. Sabalka, a registered Independent who deliberately eschews politics, a “far left winger”.
    Former NE GOP Party Chair and current Republican National Committeeman J.L. Spray, as well as State Republican Executive Director Bud Synhorst chose to dedicate time to dig into Dr. Sabalka’s personal life and voting record in order to publicly attack this highly educated, remarkably well qualified CITIZEN volunteer.
    Sabalka is a private citizen. By all accounts a brilliant young man. A man who grew up in Lincoln. cares about his community and has chosen to volunteer for a local advisory board that pays nothing.

    On Monday evening of this week the Lincoln City Council unanimously approved the the appointment of Dr. Sabalka, 6-0.
    Dr. Sabalka received only praise at a public hearing on his appointment to the city’s Air Pollution Advisory Board.

  5. Ed Stevens says:

    Here’s hoping Col. Brewer runs and wins in the 43rd. Met him a couple of times during his 3D campaign last year – very impressive guy.

    My regret is I can’t vote for him. We’re still wearing Hadley around our neck like a dead goose here in the 37th.

    Go Tom!

  6. Mark Andrews says:

    My excellent wife & I were just talking about Mrs. Clinton slipping out of the noose. Nothing new about Benghazi and Clinton is ready to put this issue behind her, she and the electorate. Cause? Republican ill-discipline. Way to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory, morons.

  7. News Flash from the 43rd says:

    It isn’t ever easy to beat an incumbent. Brewer’s chances of unseating Davis in LD43 aren’t much better than they were of displacing Adrian Smith in Congress. Davis is a life-long rancher. He may not have done anything else right, but he has done everything he could for the ranching community. There isn’t a single military base in the 43rd, but there are thousands of ranches. Brewer is probably going to end up looking like a perpetual loser if he gets in a fight with Davis.

  8. Sparkles says:


    Here’s your “low bar” –

    PhD in Mathematics
    In 4 years at UNL – Bachelor’s Degree; Mathematics, Computer Science, History, Physics, Psychology, Graduated With Honors, With Highest Distinction
    Regent’s Scholarship, Honors Program
    National Science Foundation Graduate Fellow
    VIGRE Fellow
    Recipient of the Irving Reiner Memorial Award for outstanding graduate achievement in algebra.
    Recipient of the national Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship for American students with outstanding potential in science and mathematics.
    Undergrad dissertation: Geodesics in the Braid Group on Three Strands

    Yep, a real looney, this one.
    Thank goodness the freedom loving NEGOP is looking out for us! Certainly wouldn’t want a crackpot like this volunteering his time and effort to help better our community.

  9. The Grundle King says:

    Nobody rejoices in other people’s failures quite like Ricky Fulton. I suppose it has something to do with his own lack of personal successes to rejoice in.

  10. Sparkles says:

    Mark Andrews,

    I would posit that “noose” you perceived to be around Hillary Clinton’s neck was in fact a finely braided necklace skilfully crafted of 24K gold and studded with precious diamonds.
    A necklace Hillary wore with great statesmanship and poise.

    Hillary Clinton’s 11 hour Benghazi testimony will likely go down as one of the most valuable Presidential campaign ads ever to appear on television.
    An invaluable campaign contribution, courtesy of the GOP.

    Charles P. Pierce summed up nicely this marathon masquerade of an investigation that is the 8th inquisition into Benghazi-Benghazi!! –
    “A movement full of grifters and ignorami, acting out a simulacrum of representative government for the benefit of an audience steeped in comfortable, narcotic delusion.”

  11. Sparkles says:


    Although I am a UNL alum, it should be made clear the credentials and honors listed above are not mine.
    My knowledge of geodesics, braid groups and strands is limited to stringing popcorn and bulbs on a xmas tree.

    The credentials above are of Dr. Lucas Sabalka, the newest member of Lincoln’s local Air Pollution Control Advisory Board.
    A 9 member, unpaid, volunteer, citizen advisory committee.

  12. Sparkles says:

    Since conspiracy theories are being bandied about…

    Does anyone think it’s merely coincidence that the long delayed round eight of the Benghazi-Benghazi!! hearings were scheduled to coincide with this latest iteration of Star Wars mania?

    May the Farce Be With You.

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