What will tonight’s Ben Carson event be like?

Ben Carson Bus 01Dr. Ben Carson visits Omaha tonight, on a book-signing trip at the Bookworm at 90th & Center at 7:30pm.

This is 100% unlrelated to the campaign.
Well, officially, anyway. The campaign isn’t coordinating it. And the PAC isn’t coordinating it. And those two groups can’t coordinate with each other.

But you better believe this is a Dr. Ben Carson event.

So what’s it going to be like? Like this:

ben-carson---signing-books (1)

I was in Overland Park, Kansas earlier today (Friday) for his 11am event. It lasted an hour and a half. And Carson signed books like Pete Rose signs baseballs on Hall of Fame week in Cooperstown. I dont’ know how his hand doesn’t cramp.

But if you’re planning on attending tonight’s event keep this in mind:
I spoke to the woman who was 3rd in line for the Overland Park event (at a local bookstore near the Sprint campus).

She got in line at 7:00am for the 11am event. They opened the doors at 9am. By 10am, the lines that snaked through the store — with probably 100 yards of aisles — were filled.

Mardel Books aisles 01

By 11am, the line went outside the store, and went about 100-150 yards.
See it here:

Now keep this in mind:

It will be a party.

It’s Friday night. Everyone’s off work. And you’ve got a big crowd of like-minded folks for the current front-runner for the Iowa Caucuses.

It’ll be fun. If you’re not into lines, bring something to keep you busy. Call up the food-trucks and tell them to park. Hopefully someone will come with music.

Iowa is fortunate that they get spoiled with this type of stuff all the time. You’ve got a nice opportunity to take part.

And send me your pics!

(Oh, and because it’s what the kool kidz do, here’s a Vine of the line…)

More videos?!

While we’re at it, here are a couple new ads that the Carson Camp put out today:

And here’s the one that NBC featured today.


More media?

And while we’re at it at it, here is my interview with Dr. Carson on The Wheels Down Politics Show:

(Click above to play in the browser or Direct download by clicking here, or by searching Wheels Down Politics on iTunes.)

Ben and Jerry
Ben & Jerry

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Have a great weekend and Go Huskers and Go Royals!

(By the way, this post shouldn’t be read as endorsement of Dr. Carson, but as endorsement of getting involved when politics comes to town!)


  1. Anonymous says:

    Good on the spot reporting Sweeps. I like Ben Carson but just didn’t think he had the knowledge of foreign policy, etc. However, between Carson and Trump I’d go Carson any day and of course EITHER of them over Hillary who has now been exonerated of all wrongs with her performance in front of the Benghazi Committee.

  2. Sparkles says:

    Carson’s far too crazy for a slot on Fox.
    He’s destined for the whackdom of Glenn Beck or Alex Jones, wedged between spots selling survival seeds and End Times food insurance.

    By the way – Justice Dept. clears IRS and Lois Lerner of any criminal violations in dealing with political non-profit status applications.

  3. bynd says:

    They also didn’t go after Black Panthers with night sticks in front of a polling place. They lead all to believe that officer Wilson was guilty of some wrong doing and Brown was as innocent as new born babe. Ancient history? How about a pattern. These are just the most glaring and best known. Oh, yeah, let’s not forget Fast and Furious. So will Lerner be rehired and get back pay? No victory here Sparkles, just more of the same. Those in charge knew nothing and those below did the CYA thing so as not to get retaliated against. Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. Obvious to the most casual of objective observers.

  4. Bluejay says:


    Now that the Obama DOJ will not indict Lois Lerner will you support her further testimony to the House. Please understand that she can no longer invoke the Fifth as she will not face criminal charges.

    Sure would be nice to know who in the White House directed her to deny the non- profit applications so that Obama could win re-election.

    You better hope Trump doesn’t win. Then the IRS will be totally politicized.

  5. Carson is a Young-Earth Creationist. If he kept it to himself, it wouldn’t bother me so much, but he actually attacks people who believe in a scientific theory of origins.

    Sorry, the guy may be able to cut your brain skillfully, but he’s a nutcase.

  6. bynd says:

    GH: I am not a young earth believer. But I understand why Dr. Carson does what he does. Question, does he attack those who disagree with him or defend his beliefs? I don’t know as I haven’t researched what he has said. But usually, those who attack Dr. Carson’s position are not the friendless bunch around.

    But it is interesting that anytime the question is asked, if you don’t believe in God what is your belief of the origins of the universe, you never get an answer. So if you don’t mind, which scientific theory do you believe? Although I use the term “theory” loosely as it seems most current thought is more a hypothesis.

  7. TexasAnnie says:

    Geez y’all! Don’t you support your front running Republican candidates? Y’all have grown so quiet. And now Gerard has reverted to name-calling (typical for his frequent rebuttals) to express his displeasure. If you don’t like the front running Republicans, waddaya gonna do?

  8. Tsk, tsk, tsk says:

    Annie, please be kind…

    Can’t you see that these people are in a lot of pain right now? As much as they hate to admit it, their chances of getting a Republican into the White House this year are probably between slim and none. If things keep going the way they have been it’s going to be more like none and never again.

  9. Carson reported this as his response to an atheist.

    ‘You know what? You win. I believe I came from God, and you believe you came from a monkey. And you’ve convinced me you’re right.’

    This is barely above ‘I ain’t no kin to monkeys’, and it’s unworthy of someone who probably thinks of himself as a man of science. Carson has to be deeply ignorant of the molecular genetic evidence to deny our common ancestry with monkeys.

    Note he is not simply a creationist, but a Young-Earth Creationist. God didn’t just create the world; he created the world within the last 10,000 years. Virtually every scientific field confirms we are billions of years old. Carson, in asserting this, denies physics, biology, isotope chemistry, ecology, and probably a dozen other fields.

    Personally, I don’t believe in a God, but I certainly can’t disprove that a God set off the big bang. If you want to believe that, fine. My own opinion is that the big bang is an example of spontaneous symmetry breaking. The vacuum is the more perfectly symmetric entity known. It’s therefore inherently unstable. The laws of physics genuinely prefer something to nothing.

  10. Keep the Money in Nebraska says:

    Keep the Money in Nebraska Keep the money in Nebraska.
    Why does Senator Schumacher say that the latest drive to put casinos in Ne does not have broad-based support? Because he is exactly correct. The Indian group gets Loserbaugh to start a petition drive by spending a bunch of money that gamblers lost and that’s about it, besides the horsemen.
    However, Loserbaugh named this enterprise the same as the last.
    He must not be too bright to not consider that.


  11. bynd says:


    Ironically, the original Big Bang theory started with a Belgian monk named Georges Lemaitre. Also, as Dr. Hawking states, cosmology is not a proper science as you can not predict from it. You can just go backwards. The Big Bang is no longer in favor. One major problem was, it had a beginning that had to be explained and science couldn’t do that. After several other hypothesis, Dr. Hawking’s and his colleagues current thought is called M Theory.

    One principle that first must be understood is that nothing means nothing. No dark, no light, nothing. Therefore there are no principles or laws to follow.

    Theory M is, and forgive for the cut and paste but this needs to be done in the most accurate manner, “Under M-theory’s tenets, Hawking contends, it is possible for the universe — actually multiple, coexisting universes — to pop into being from nothing”. (Just Google M theory.)

    But as you see, something is made from nothing and that goes against the First law of Thermodynamics. And, the effect can not be bigger than the cause. Which poses a few problems for this theory. But I am nowhere as smart as Dr. Hawking so a lot of this is JMHO. His math and other principles are well above my head.

    But in the end, as you can see, cosmology not being a proper science and the theories being more than a few and still being formed, there is no real “scientific answer” for the origin of the universe. So the question is, if something like multiple universes can be made out of nothing, why can’t there be a God? If you need a model that shows an infinite number of universes produced from nothing, what other non provable assertions can one use to support what one believes but can not prove? Sounds like faith to me. In this case the foundation of the “scientific”, for lack of a better word, answer is no different than the there is a God answer.

    What has all this to do with politics? Atheist and the world of science have perpetrated on hoax on the public so that, even learned ones like you, people believe there is such an explanation for our beginnings and those who do not believe there is such a thing makes them a wacko. When it actually appears that the reverse is true.

    But it matters not as those who believe the scientific origin hypotheses do not care to research nor understand it and it would appear they are afraid to know what the real answer is. (May I tread lightly here to point out that even GH doesn’t know the current hypotheses for universe origins. No slam or personal insult intended, especially since you are not a cosmologist.) So the hoax will continue and people will still believe that man has the capacity to bring utopia to this world. And they will continue to vote for and support that which is not attainable or realistic. And the consequences for such irresponsible behavior can be cataclysmic.

    Or as someone smarter than me pointed out, your belief system is only as strong as your foundation to such a system. Which liberal on here could have answered the origin question? At least you tried.

  12. "The state continues to work with the (federal Drug Enforcement Administration) to import the drugs." says:

    Does Mr Ricketts think Nebraskans are so stupid that we believe this remark the Governor keeps making? The DEA has already said they won’t allow the drugs in the state and the latest story from Buzzfeed points out this Harris guy Ricketts paid taxpayer money to is kind of a crook.
    It’s amateur hour at the Governor’s office and I think all of L Street readers realize how dumb Ricketts is making the state look to the nation.


  13. TexasAnnie says:

    Hold up, bynd! You might better understand how some-thing can become of no-thing if you read Jean-Paul Sartre. You have not given credit to the role of consciousness. I’m assuming you are a man, plus a man who thinks, and within those thoughts an ability to conceive God and an ability to negate the idea of a god. You literally chose your reality in the same way that sensory input defines your idea of hotness and greenness. Read the phenomenologists.

    You claim that atheists and the world of science have perpetuated a hoax, that there is (cannot be?) no scientific answer about the origin of the universe. I rebut: Show me evidence of a god which does not rely upon your consciousness for existence!

  14. Key 'n Trumpets says:

    Trump called Carson “low energy”. That’s rude but is it a lie? Compared to Carson, “inhuman” Romney and “wooden” John Kerry seem like sparkly personalities.

    Carson is seen to be a nicer (more politically correct) Trump and Ben thus edged up in polls. But so too did Carly who, once people got a good look at her, is dropping. The skepticism of voters is what draws them to these non-politician regulars. Voters look at Carly and see her fired from the only job she touts and a closet feminist for defending the disgusting Rosy O’Donnell being disgusting. If voters get a good look at a sleepy doctor who doesn’t believe in science, that ought to do it for Ben Carson. He is low energy. Saying that is rude but saying that also true.

    Rude truth is the enemy of PC’s kind lies. And voters grasp this before politicians do.

    Trump’s rude truth is either magic or strategy. As strategy, it triggers the deepest unaware political correctness in people to drive them to suicidal acts. Rising to the rudeness bait, Bush said he doesn’t especially care about Mexico where his own in-laws live, Fiorina stupidly defended Rosy, and Carson tried to parrot a Trumpic tactic but got it reversed, Carson seeing Trump brush off a religious nut question which oddly prompted Carson to volunteer that a President shouldn’t be Moslem. The same was said about Catholic JFK and Mormon Romney. Trump didn’t put the PC idiocy into his opponents but he’s damn good at tickling it so they make fools of themselves. Opponents like a doctor who doesn’t believe in science. Yet some think Trump is a clod. He appreciates you falling for that.

    If Trump’s a clod, how did he graduate from the most competitive college in America? How did he turn millions into billions? And how does he play all these political opponents like a fiddle? Those who think this, must also think Biden is out of the race. Yet nothing has changed in the fundamental dynamics on both sides. Hillary is still toast and Trump isn’t magic.

  15. bynd: M theory is not in conflict with the Big Bang (it better not be, because we have observational evidence for the latter). M thoery is just an expansion of superstring theory. It’s a theory of the structure of the universe, not of origins. And there is zero experimental evidence supporting it.

    Nowhere is it required that the Law of Conservation of Energy be violated during the Big Bang.

    No one ‘needs’ a model. The problem at the moment is that we have too many models, and not enough experimental data. But we do know there was a Big Bang, because background radiation from it is still echoing around the universe.

    Postulate a god, if you wish. Just don’t call it science.

    And ballocks to you for saying I don’t know the current theories of origins. NASA has in the recent past given me funding to study origins. You are recycling second hand pop-science without properly understanding it.

  16. Sparkles says:

    Speaking of the Young Earther GOP Presidential Candidate (WTF!!), the Big Bang and Stephen Hawking.

    A re-imagining of the fundamentalist’s long promised, eagerly awaited End Times –

    The end of the not only our speck, our little blue marble, but of the entire multi-verse, via Hawking’s postulation of a cosmic death bubble sparked by the Higgs Boson, aka the ‘God Particle’.
    The end of, everything, as a true vacuum expands across the multi-verse at the speed of light.
    In less than an instant.. nothing.

    Now there’s a twist on the prophecy of God’s End Times.

  17. Lil Mac says:

    Annie, your question, “Don’t you support your front running Republican candidates? Y’all have grown so quiet” presumes partisans can openly support an anti-party candidate within their party with equal ease as those who support traditional GOP candidates. That is not the case.

    Add to this Trump’s self-funding which denies every RNC Chairman and Koch type donor their ability to fund/influence (buy/own) a powerful incumbent and that means GOP bloggers who aren’t blind to Trump’s stratagem must be at best closet Trumpeters.

    Trump threatens the biggest GOP rice bowls and is loathed by those invested in Republicans being good losers. The same Republican regulars loathed Reagan. If Reagan had self-funded, the dynamic that that former Democrat big-tent GOP iconoclast brought to his Primary would be similar to Trump’s. These guys don’t run for office. They float above the entrenched system and play it for all its worth. Trump perhaps more so.

  18. bynd says:


    MY purpose was not to try and prove there is a God. Point was, no matter what you believe, except for the extreme wackos, that the basis of those beliefs are the same. If you call one a wacko, then both must be a wacko. No one has the “intelligent” high road here. right now they are both based on faith and something that can not be defined by science.

    I will point out that mathematics, the pure science, proves that the earth has not been along enough for us to evolve to the point we have. As for the big bang, where did all that stuff come from? Which is not to mean I don’t believe in the big bang.

    And I choose a realty that includes you:) Should you be honored, or me?


    Don’t know what to say except Hawking says M theory is the way the universe started. And when it comes to such discussions, he is the man. Just ask the media. And yes, it is as unproven as any other theory.

    As for the big bang, nice hypothesis but unless you can say where it all came from, it is a meaningless hypothesis. And the fact that two learned men disagree on whether or not it is true proves my point. I will point out the Dr. Hawking refused to speculate on such things as the chemistry aspect for all of this as he was not a chemist:)

    Don’t know about the vacuum bubble thing. But, several weeks ago, science finally confirmed the universe is dying. It has already lost about 1/2 it’s energy. Something the Bible predicted:)

    And isn’t it interesting such a conversation takes place with the non progressive conservatives. I say that to prick the uniformed and don’t care crowd.

    Great conversation folks. Thanks.

    PS. according to Forbes, Nebraska is the 3rd best state for business. We never had a chance to keep Con Agra. It is a great state to live in despite it’s warts that all states have. If you believe you are a true progressive living in Nebraska, the two are mutually exclusive!

  19. Oracle says:

    I am amused that GH believes every determination made by the Obama administration is only politically based 🙂

    However I concur with Brian T.’s last post. Thanks for pointing out the craziness that is Ben Carson. I’ve never been able to resolve or understand the dichotomy found in obviously very educated and skilled people who hold completely illogical, anti-evidence views in subjects outside their expertise.

    The rebuttal to bynd was also interesting and informative.

  20. bynd says:


    M theory replaces the Big Bang theory. And as always in the scientific world, as more discoveries are made, theories/hypotheses must be amended or discarded/replaced to account for the new data. I’m sure you don’t need the guidance but Google Hawking and M theory. Is not Hawking the recognized expert in this field? His rational is far beyond me but the basic hypothesis can be understood by a layman. You would understand it even more. NASA not withstanding.

  21. “I will point out that mathematics, the pure science, proves that the earth has not been along enough for us to evolve to the point we have. As for the big bang, where did all that stuff come from? Which is not to mean I don’t believe in the big bang.”

    Aw jeez. Mathematics proves nothing of the sort. Go take a science class, bynd.

  22. If Trump’s a clod, how did he graduate from the most competitive college in America?

    News to me. I read he spent 2 years at Fordham, which isn’t even the most competitive college on Long Island, and then finished at Penn., which isn’t a bad school, but is hardly the most competitive. If you want to study economics, go to U Chicago or Princeton.

  23. bynd says:

    Taken and passed. I suppose all you say is true also? But that is no excuse, on further review it was a position taken that was twisted to say that. Mea Culpa.

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