Imagine a world…

P1200096 (1)If only the Unicameral was in EVERY state!
Ah, the awesome programs that could be rammed through.

That’s the idea the LJS’s Don Walton once again floats this morn.

See, the Unicameral is awesome because the single house was able to rifle through the Death Penalty repeal even though Nebraska is a conservative state that likely does not want the repeal.

You got that?

It’s no wonder the “progressives” that Walton talks to would like a system like this. Frankly, this isn’t much different form the Lefties who long for just ONE day of a dictatorship like China’s, so that we can GET THINGS DONE.

And then in the same breath, Walton praises decentralization of the U.S. House of Representatives so we can GET THINGS DONE.

So which is it?

Well YOU, of course, know that it depends on the THINGS you want done.

Want ObamaCare? The powerful Speaker is a dream!
Want to stop ObamaCare foes? Neuter the Speaker!

Just remember that those on the Left are in favor of whatever suits their agenda.


We LOVE Ben! / We Hate Ben!

Case in point:

Remember a week ago when the LJS was praising Senator Ben Sasse for suggesting that the Speakership change to toss aside politics, serve the American people, etc?

And right here on Leavenworth St., the response was:

LJS please get back to us when you’re excited about changes that grease the skids for Republican bills.

Well, lo and behold!

Sasse has said he is putting a hold on political appointees to the Health and Human Services Department until the Administration gives a thorough explanation of the failure of Obamacare’s co-op program.

The LJS is MAD. They say, well this is the same thing that Democrats and Republicans have done in the past, so it’s a bad thing that Sasse is doing it now!

And remember all of those times the LJS hammered Democrats for this type of stuff?

Mmm hmm.
How about this, LJS:

Maybe the Democrats in Washington, including Ben Nelson, shouldn’t have slammed through ObamaCare with zero bipartisan support and almost no review. Maybe the Administration should provide some upfront responses on this major policy issue. Then maybe members of the other party would have a little more buy-in when this type of thing comes up.

Is Ben Sasse using old-time tactics in the Senate?
Of course.
The LJS is only disappointed because he’s not using the tactics to turn Left.


What he didn’t write

And as long as we’re on the LJS, just one more

Don Walton notes in his column that Senator Deb Fischer has, “a nice relationship” with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

What The Don DIDN’T mention is that on the same call, Senator Fischer noted that President Obama does NOT call her. She noted he neither contacts her to persuade her nor asks for her input. And she said that she certainly sees the irony in the fact that she has a better conversational relationship with the PM of Israel than the current President of the United States.

I’m looking forward to Walton’s column where he notes the abject and utter failure that Barack Obama has had, in nearly seven years, of making any effort to work with the Republicans — and many Democrats — in Congress.

Hard Days Friday Night

Hey, Ben Carson was in Omaha Friday night, and he had the same vociferous reception that he has had at many other stops around Iowa and the rest of the country.

Minimum of a thousand people there?
Could be a conservative guess.
And Carson did (at least) three of these on Friday.

It’s probably worth noting that Texas Senator Ted Cruz did an event across the river in Council Bluffs, and the OWH’s Robyn Tysver reported that he had about 200 people there.

Of course Cruz has been to C.B. a number of times, and may have had a better crowd if he was doing a visit to West Omaha.

But then again maybe not.

A Tweeter noted to me that the Ben Carson “event” was probably boring, like all of them. Well, not from what I saw. I saw people walking out of meeting Carson like they had just touched one of the The Beatles. They were floating around, and wanted to linger.

The “event” — 3 seconds for a guy to sign your book — may not have been much. But the whole experience was an interesting deal.

Is Carson the flavor of the month?
Probably depends on the month.
(The important month, in Iowa, would be February 2016.)



PAC’s Man

And on THAT note, the Ben Carson PAC, “Our Children’s Future”, has announced that it has a new Chief Operating Officer, and it is none other than Nebraska’s Sam Fischer.

Fischer is a veteran of Nebraska and national politics, most recently as the general consultant for U.S. Senate candidate, Sid Dinsdale. He has also been Finance Director for the Nebraska and Pennsylvania Republican parties and an RNC regional finance director.

Probably not a better time for Fischer (nephew of U.S. Senator Deb Fischer) to be involved with Carson’s PAC — or for the PAC to get him.


Friday Night Lights

Finishing on the Presidential note, Florida Senator, and GOP Presidential candidate, Marco Rubio will be in Council Bluffs this Friday (10/30) at noon at Barley’s (114 W. Broadway).

This free event is open to the public, though you must RSVP to attend — through this link.

Also, thanks for sharing Leavenworth St. and Wheels Down Politics with a friend (and enemy), because YOU help us grow!


  1. The Grundle King says:

    Firing squad execution for those convicted based on evidence involving DNA, photo/video, ballistics, or other scientifically-sound forensic evidence. I would also include those killers who were found to be in possession of the murder weapon. Life without parole in a sans-privilege concrete box for the rest.

    Bullets are cheap. Guns are plentiful. Neither needs federal approval for import, because there are plenty that are made in America.

  2. bynd says:

    Although Walton doesn’t know it he is on the right track. Eliminate both parties and most of our problems get solved and civility returns. He can retire!

  3. Oracle says:

    SS, is the legislature just supposed to rubber stamp the opinion of the majority? I always thought the point of representative government was to have a group able to devote the time analyzing complex societal issues that most of the electorate doesn’t have the time or inclination to do. This can sometimes result a decision that differs from the majority, but may be the better decision. Most likely we’ll have the death penalty reinstated because a large number of yahoos will vote primarily by emotion.

  4. Sparkles says:

    One of the most remarkably ahistorical statements I’ve ever read on Leavenworth St;
    “the abject and utter failure that Barack Obama has had, in nearly seven years, of making any effort to work with the Republicans”

    Ben Sasse knows exactly why the Co-Ops are failing. Anyone with more than a passing interest in the topic can, within 15 minutes, read and understand why the co-ops are failing. The Co-ops could have been saved. Republicans wouldn’t allow it, they wanted their scalp.
    Ben Sasse clearly doesn’t give f*&% about solutions, or effective governance.
    Ben Sasse clearly doesn’t give a f^%& the 120,000 Nebraska families that were sent scrambling when Co-Opportunity collapsed last year.
    Ben Sasse has contributed absolutely nothing since being elected, apparently picking up gauntlet of Lee Terry.
    And now, doing nothing must no longer be sufficient for Ben. Harm must be inflicted.
    Now it’s time to take hostages through the gutless maneuver of brain-dead obstructionism.
    The ill-informed base loves them some obstructionism.
    Obstructionism and Runzas.
    And the TeaPeople Cheer.

    By the way, heads up to a truly fascinating article.
    A short article that should be especially interesting to the Leavenworth St crowd. A peek at the demise of the Whigs and the Know Nothings. Insight remarkably relevant to our modern dilemma.
    It even touches on the battles between the immigrant Irish Catholics and the Know-Nothings in mid 19th century NYC. Battles chronicled in the book and film “Gangs of New York”. (Bill the Butcher, stunning performance)
    Simply google “Donald Trump and the Know Nothings”.
    It’s written by historian and Assoc Prof of History, Kathleen Frygl.

  5. bynd says:

    It is interesting that when talking of the electorate, they are smart enough to elect representatives to do the complex thinking to get rid of the death penalty, but yahoos when they disagree with that decision. Which sterotype is the accurate description?

  6. bynd says:


    There will be no obstructions like you proclaim as this is the most transparent administration in history and the information in question is at this very moment being delivered in a semi to Mr. Sasse’s office:)

    PS. By the protocols of the House and Senate, freshmen/women are to be seen and not heard. With a few exceptions who have been crucified by their own party. Context is everything!

  7. Oracle says:

    bynd, I’ve said this before, things are rarely black and white. Since each legislative race is between only two candidates who have generally had to be smart enough (there are many exceptions) to even get to the finals, I’d hope that either candidate would spend the time and effort to come to a reasoned decision that might differ from what the yahoos want.

  8. Sparkles says:

    Heinemann dissing on Ricketts over at NE Watchdog.

    Looks like a NEGOP pissing match is brewing.

    Nebraska’s own little TravelGate, except of course, with much dumber participants.

  9. Oracle says:

    bynd, state senators are human and don’t always perform to high standards. I’d have been more accepting of their LB 943 (minimum wage) vote if any of the nays could have explained why they voted against the bill. I’d guess it was mostly ideology that didn’t gibe with the facts. I never said that the people should never have a direct vote, but it should be rare. The death penalty discussion was open and comprehensive. When I see legislators changing their initial positions after research and discussion, I figure they’re doing their job and shouldn’t be overridden.

  10. Hesdeadjim says:

    Dear Sparkles:

    Why should the federal government have saved the failed Co-ops? That’s just more welfare. Quasi-corporate welfare, actually. If the co-ops can’t stand on their own, why should the federal government sink another dime into a failed institution? Do you propose the federal government save the co-ops to prop up Obamacare? If this whole thing was supposed to be a money saver (as Obama stated prior to Obamacare becoming law time and time again) then why are the costs out of control, why is it so damn hot, and what are we doing in this hand basket?

  11. Sparkles says:

    Speaking of Perambulating Pete.
    Our on-the-go Gov will soon to be heading to D.C., again – State Patrol in tow along w/half a dozen of so additional paid State employees.
    He’ll be with joining his bestest buds, Sam “Trickle-Down-On-Em” Brownback, Scotty “Your-Corporate-Logo-Goes-Here” Walker and Georgia Gov. Nathan “Salvage This!” Deal.
    They’ll all be wasting yet more taxpayers dollars to attend the uber conservative Federalist Society’s lawyers conference, moderated by George “I-Used-To-Be-Relevant” Will.

    No doubt Pete will be huddling with Brownback on how, he too, can implement that brilliant policy of tax cuts for the wealthy scheme.
    You know, the one that’s PROVEN time and time and time again to fail.

    Speaking of failures, Brownback’s approval rating in Kansas in now a whopping 18%.

    And as for all that ‘job creatin’ those tax cuts were promised to enable –
    The state of Kansas announced it lost 3,000 total jobs in August. That’s on top of the 5,100 jobs lost in July.
    In the past 12 months Kansas has the fourth worst record in the United States, with a total of a puny 1,000 new jobs.

  12. Sparkles says:


    You ask:
    “Why do they need saving, and why should we bother?”

    The United States healthcare system is the most expensive in the world, but when it comes to health outcomes, the U.S. was last or near-last in measures of health access, efficiency, and equity.
    Of course, you already knew this.

    From 2000 to 2006 (GW), the average family premium went up $5,042, an increase of 78 percent.
    The average family premium from 2008 to 2014 (Obama) increased $4,154, a 33 percent increase.

    Of course, you may not be aware of this. You work for the University. The taxpayers of Nebraska pay, if not all, a lion’s share the cost of healthcare for yourself and your family.
    Ten’s of Millions of hard working, God fearing, Americans don’t enjoy such a luxury.

    Post ACA implementation:
    Dec 3, 2014 –
    “Health care spending grows at lowest-ever rate”

    Jan 8, 2015 –
    “Study: Premium growth slowed after Obamacare”

    Sept 22,2015 –
    “New Data Show Slow Health Care Cost Growth is Continuing”

    HesdeadJim – Re:
    “If this whole thing was supposed to be a money saver (as Obama stated prior to Obamacare becoming law”

    This whole thing DOES save money, regardless the corporate paid grifters who disseminate volumes of intentionally misleading information.
    June 19th, 2015 – CBO
    “Striking down Obamacare, as the federal insurance program is called, would increase the nation’s budget deficit by a net $137 billion over a 10-year period,.”
    “..Repealing the ACA would increase the national deficit by growing amounts after 2025”

    Remember this the GOP’s CBO. Republicans appointed former Bush economic advisor Keith Hall to head the CBO in February.


    We should support the Co-Ops that are proven to be well managed and fix what’s broken with the ACA, because we can’t afford NOT to fix it!

    De-regulation and the whims of the free market will GUARANTEE costs will continue to escalate out of control. More and more hard working families and children will suffer.
    Families YOU know.
    Children whom I pray are not some day your own.


  13. The Grundle King says:

    Oracle wrote: “I’d have been more accepting of their LB 943 (minimum wage) vote if any of the nays could have explained why they voted against the bill. I’d guess it was mostly ideology that didn’t gibe with the facts.”

    This is kinda funny. I’d guess that the nays probably did explain their positions when the bill was being debated, and you likely passed it off as ‘ideology’. The truth seems to be that leftists are more than happy to give ‘power to the people’, so long as the people are giving power back to them.

    Folks like me, who felt that the Senators’ best course of action would have been to put it to a vote of the people FIRST, felt that those voting in support of the repeal were doing so based on ideology over facts. Their opinions on that matter (it’s used disproportionately, innocent people get executed, etc.) didn’t seem to jibe with the fact that that Nebraska’s death row population isn’t really disproportionate with the overall population, and there’s no evidence to suggest Nebraska has executed an innocent person, or that anybody currently on death row may be innocent.

  14. bynd says:


    Well since you bring it up. Had the Dems just rolled the uninsured into the FEHBP, they would ALL be insured now with the cost being about 10% of what it is. So the ultimate issue is with the Dems failed policy.

    Why are the 120,000 coop uninsured anyone’s problem but the Dems.? It is their system. If they can’t run it, why would you expect Sasse or any other person to be able to do anything about it? The Dems screw it up and you blame the Repubs for not bailing them out? And by the way, why did the Supreme Leader not just use his pen to fold in all the Medicaid eligible into the Medicaid system and then have the Feds pay for it like they said they would? Because it isn’t about health care is it? And what about the 1/3 of the original uninsured who still are not insured. You spent how much to insure only 66% of those who didn’t have it?

    The answer to the question is Brad, it is his to embrace. And he has done what? Because the most transparent administration ever does not divulge the information necessary for any outside person to help them fix their problem.

    Why do you not trust those you support to fix their own problems? Because you know how incompetent they are?

  15. bynd says:


    I tend to agree with TGK. for the wage debate. All that needed to be known is that small business is the economic engine of the US, small business is not WalMart, McDonald etc. Government unable, or mostly to lazy, is unable to tailor laws to specific circumstances to reach the maximum effectiveness. Whether it is the employees or the patrons who pay the increased cost, it is not a net gain to anyone. But who really cares that the family that is already struggling to pay for daycare can not afford the rising price. Certainly not Sparkles. How do they pay for health care when they can’t afford daycare?

    It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out a teenager living at home doesn’t need a living wage.

    I would also put forth that maybe, just because of your bias, that you didn’t consider not only did the yahoos pay attention to the debate but actually entered into communications with their state senator to find out the reason why they voted they did? The electorate maybe yahoos, but many who think their stance is right and righteous can not see the truth for their bias. Just saying:)

  16. No Sparkles, I don’t ‘know’ most of your made-up factoids. When you factor out lifestyle and demographic issues, US does very well on most health outcomes. The reasons, for example, black male life expectancy lags white male life expectancy are not primarily health care. ‘We’ spend money on health care because we choose to; I want to retain that choice. I’d rather have an extra colonoscopy (since the last one saved my life); but you might prefer a new flat screen TV. That’s your choice!

    You’re cherry picking time periods, in your usual dishonest way. Costs rose less 2008-2010, because of the recession. But you knew that.


    Would that it were true. Preventative care is worthwhile, and I’m a poster child for cancer screening, but with a few exceptions (immunizations, daily aspirin) it does not save money.

    If co-ops were well managed, they wouldn’t be going broke.

    According to the Center for Medicare Studies

    For 2014-24, health spending is projected to grow at an average rate of 5.8 percent per year (4.9 percent on a per capita basis).
    and better…
    Given the ACA’s coverage expansions and premium subsidies together with population aging, federal, state and local governments are projected to finance 47 percent of national health spending by 2024 (from 43 percent in 2013).

    I see you chose to make it personal. Since you yourself don’t have the cojones to post under your real name, this is the act of a cowardly dickhead; my benefits are part of my salary, and were part of the job I was offered. They’re nobody’s largesse.

  17. Sparkles says:


    “made-up factoids.”
    “don’t have the cojones”
    “cowardly dickhead”

    My apologies for mistaking you for someone worthy of a response.

  18. Ricky says:

    I wonder why the guy from Virginia loves Ben Carson so much. This is the guy that compared Obamacare to slavery and says people go into prison and come out gay.
    He does not believe in evolution, and uses Nazi references constantly.
    Just another in a long list of GOP crazies. No wonder Carson is popular in Nebraska with all it’s nutty GOP and popular with the loony evangelicals in Iowa.
    Carson has zero chance to be President, but I hope he is the nominee on the crazy side, because Hillary would beat him by 45 points.

    ricky from omaha

  19. Sparkles:

    You’re not worthy of the tiny amount of carbon dioxide you emit. If I were the UN, I’d say you were a low-hanging fruit in the fight against global warming.

    L8r, chicken$h17.

  20. Oh Sparkkes says:

    You say the Republicans destroyed the COOPs. If you had bothered to read the ACA and subsequent regulations you should have known they were doomed. If you blame the Republicans for taking away money for the COOps you fail again since it was President Obama who agreed to do it. It is also his administration who is disallowing alternative funding sources for them. So, Sparkles, you know, thanks Obama.

  21. The Grundle King says:

    TA, did you have something constructive to add? Or was that it? You and Ricky are truly troubled individuals, as only troubled individuals gain satisfaction from other people’s frustrations.

  22. Key 'n Trumpets says:

    PC dysfunction permeates Americans’ bones like cancer and most cannot see it. We see it all too clearly in Walton’s view of a Unicameral being good at being unchecked and imbalanced. Yet the same PC infuses our persons too.

    For example, per the CDC, more US men are victims of wife violence than women are of husbands. Yet if Mr. Bobbitt had cut off his wife’s breast we wouldn’t have laughed as we all still do for his victimization. As persons, we are all deeply PC infected and so too is the fabric of US law and government.

    Instead of finding guilt and later considering extenuating circumstance during sentencing, US law finds one “not guilty” of doing what one actually did, based on opinion of extenuation; an irrational façade of relativized truth that suffuses our justice.

    And too, our non-parliamentarian system doesn’t divide the dignity of an anointed royal head of state from our gritty empowerment of a political chief executive. As voters, we gravitate to hugging both the lie of trying to empower a president we wish to respect as our kingly better, while we also need to hold the managerial political schemer to account as hired help.

    Our system’s extraordinary benefits come with an extraordinary vulnerability to political correctness.

    Whether Trump is ultimately electable, he does much good by his shock therapy making comfortable voters aware they swim in PC cancer. His rude truth is a chemo we need but, still, to many voters, Trump cannot be worshiped as the lordly king we demand, and he be welded to the un-kingly political hard ball negotiator CEO we need to hire. Every PC case Trump cures changes that dynamic. But it is slow going.

    However, the heat is now on Dr. Carson aka “Rev. Carson”. More kingly perhaps, in a sleepy way, who seems to most waken as a fiery “Defender of the Faith” for the voting subjects of Uncle Sam’s realm.
    Plenty of GOP voters like their preacher in his pulpit but get creeped out when he plays politics.

  23. Sparkles says:

    I guarantee Boehner and McConnell are absolutely giddy this morning.
    They’re about to take a cudgel to the anti-government, teahadist, House Freedom caucus.

    Instead of zippity do dah, Boehner’s new song o’ the day has a holiday lilt –
    Here we come a-cudgeling
    Among the leaves so green..

    ..Love and joy come to you,
    And to you your cudgel too

  24. Ricky says:

    The Department of Corrections continues to work with the DEA to obtain death penalty drugs.
    We will be greeted as liberators.
    I will get rid of the restaurant tax.
    Keep the Money in Nebraska.
    I have no conflict of interests being Ne Auditor.
    Open carry saves lives.
    Cut taxes on the rich and it will trickle down.
    If you like your health care plan you can keep it. (Oops that was Obama).

    famous falsehoods by pols.

    ricky from omaha

  25. repentinglawyer says:

    Prof G H You got a little carried away with the Immaculate Conception. There are many things we are reasonable in believing on authority without being able to offer a coherent explanation, I think I believe the Copenhagen Interpretation, but I know that the authorities are correctable. Catholics do not believe
    an infallible statement can be changed.
    Assumption would have confused the Prods more and avoided role of sinless Virgin in debate about earl abortions.

  26. bynd says:

    It would seem that Planned Parenthood is so good and efficient at killing a human being, let’s just send the death row folks to them. A little dig in the back of the head and bye bye. I’m sure the libs are now very happy that the Gov can spend more time in the state taking care of state business.

  27. Squeeze Play says:

    Will Carson play the race-card when squeezed? Fiorina played the feminist-card and she’s tanking.

    Like Obama, Carson is at times naïve. Carson however faces GOP voters who spent the last eight years being nauseated by Obama’s “race card” whine whenever Obama got caught being naïve. Carson shouldn’t go there. But the pressure is intense.

    You never know what’s inside a candidate until you give ‘em a squeeze. And the squeezer is always tightest at the top. Perry, Walker and Fiorina crumbled like wet plaster. Squeezing Trump seems to harden his substance. In any case, Carson’s about to be squeezed. And being Black, the results may well be another politically correct silence from voters, whose minds can then only be read via the outcome of subsequent polling.

    Don’t feel bad for Carson or Trump or any the rest. Putin and ISIL squeeze the USA a lot harder than Americans can ever squeeze a US Presidential candidate. So let the nut crunching begin…

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