Ernie Chambers 001State Senator Ernie Chambers is his regular cool, calm and collected self during the Judiciary hearings yesterday and today.

He says (courtesy of Watchdog’s Deena Winter):

Governor Ricketts is…
…a spoiled brat of a rich family…
…fixated on killing…
…has an obsession with killing…
…needs counseling…
…is a pathetic little man…
…but notes,

“Jack the Ripper is who I am not.”

And it’s the Governor who needs counseling?


Rapper’s Delight

The Dr. Ben Carson hip-hop radio ad is here.
And it’s not by some third-party group.
Ben Carson approves this message.
Here it is:

Not the way I would have gone.
But then, this campaign IS outside the box…


Radio Radio

OK, Donald Trump is also going for radio (which has been criticized, but it doesn’t seem like the worst plan to me) and his ads are more “traditional”.
Hear them here:

and here…

You wonder if Trump is TRYING to sound more traditional, to buck the “entertainer” tag.

And maybe Carson is trying to buck the “low energy”, “boring” monikers.

And did you know we are only 5 days away from the next GOP debate?

Early predictions?


The Third Darren?

The Daily Show’s feature on the Nebraska death penalty debate will be on at 10pm tonight.

Don’t feel bad if you miss it.

I never watched the Daily Show when John Stewart was hosting for the same reason I don’t watch Rachel Maddow on MSNBC. I know where they’re coming from and I know their plan.

Oh sure, it’s sometimes interesting to see what the opposition is doing, and each is arguably talented, but I have better things to do with my time and TIVO.

But there’s a new sheriff in town at The Daily Show now, bu the name of Trevor Noah. He’s South African.

And whomever thought it was a good idea to have him are likely the same types who thought Piers Morgan was a great idea for CNN.

But as Stewart proved, as long as you’re funny, people will pay attention.

Noah is not funny.
Well, forgive me if I don’t watch for 2 weeks to determine this to be the case. But I did watch his featurette against Jeff Kauffman and the Iowa GOP — and all of the GOP Presidential candidates.

At this point they’re not even pretending to be fair-minded, and are just in some sort of strange bashing mode, while trying to wink at their audience over and over.

I counted ONE time that a hint of a smile crossed my face on that piece (the “free cotton candy” line). After that, it was crickets on Leavenworth St.

And I have no doubt their “report” on Nebraska will be the same stuff.


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  1. Ed Stevens says:

    I watched Ernie’s antics during the committee meeting this AM … no question about it – the man needs some serious looking after. Why he is allowed to misbehave in that fashion is a mystery to me. Lord knows, most of us have little enough faith in the Unicameral as it is – allowing Ernie to bring in his circus act whenever he feels like doesn’t do much to inspire confidence.

    It has always been my experience with bullies that if you smack ’em back, they go away quickly – a short but emphatic come-to-Jesus session with Ernie would do it – but nobody has the stones – and he knows it.

    Ernie needs some high octane attitude adjustment … as my wise old Daddy used to say – when you’re a toilet, everything looks like a turd.

  2. Ricky says:

    Oh definitely I’ll be watching the Daily Show when they spoof Mr Ricketts on his foolish attempt to bring the death penalty back to Nebraska.
    You’d have to be pretty much a Republican apologist to not realize how much embarrassment Ricketts has brought to the state nationwide.
    Ricketts claimed he could get death penalty drugs during the height of the debate in the Unicam, in a failed attempt to keep them from over-riding his veto. So obviously Ricketts did not think this through, or the supposedly bright college graduate would not have sent $54,000 of taxpayer money to a scam artist in India.
    Ricketts sent the state into turmoil, and all because of his ego.

    ricky from omaha’s Westside High and we do not claim Mr Ricketts as a graduate, foolish as he is.

    • bynd says:

      A white republican is elected as governor of Kentucky. And for the first time ever, the Dems there elected a female to state office. Every state has their issues good and bad. How quickly you forget when Ernie sued God in court the whole world laughed. By the way, over 40+ murdered in Ernie’s district and he has accomplished what to stop it? What has he even proposed? And according to you he is such a powerful and clever fellow.

      PS: no one, I mean no one in the metro cares or even respects Westside high. The domain of rich, whinny, spoiled, drugged up kids and off the charts libs like, well, like you. Your attitude proves the point.

      • repentinglawyer says:

        Bynd, Ernie is a very clever fellow, proof, how much he gets up your sleeve. Suing God was funny and only embarrassed those who already disapproved of Ernie.
        Remarks about Westside rather unfair, though since I went to the Catholic rich kids school maybe I am biased.
        Gov. was clearly not prepared for the job, he may learn. On death penalty drugs, he has driven the clown car and been more of a temptation than Ernie could resist.

    • The Grundle King says:

      I find it humorous that you (Ricky) bemoan a piddly $54k in taxpayer money…as if it were a significant sum of money in a state operating in the midst of a $4.3 billion budget cycle.

      Some would consider the annual salary of a single postal carrier, which averages around $54k, to be an utter waste of taxpayer money when +/-90% of what they deliver is mail nobody wants.

  3. Bluejay says:

    We need comprehensive elected officials reform. Limit the total time in one office; not just terms. He new law would apply not only to the Governor and Unicameral but to every City Council and County Board.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Ed, Not even Committee Chairmen try to impose the same rules on Ernie that other members labor under. In other words, he gets to filibuster committee hearings the same as he filibusters on the floor. Committee Chairmen throw out all the rules when it comes to Ernie and the average Nebraskan from Western Nebraska who shows up thinking he can testify at public hearing has a rude awakening when Ernie takes up all the time and suddenly the Chair is scrambling and limiting testimony. I have seen an angry mob form several times because time runs out in hearings and all those who wanted to testify could not. All because a double standard is employed when it comes to Ernie.

    • Sparkles says:

      Ernie simply knows the rules (and most other topics) better than the Committee Chairman, and everyone else in the state legislature for that matter.

      Knowledge is power and when he feels so inclined Sen Chambers wields power as masterfully as anyone who has ever held the office.
      Of course, one has to consider those who’ve most frequently deigned to challenge Sen Chambers.
      Folks like Bill Kinter, Beau McCoy, Dave Heineman etc.. I would imagine it’s often boredom from the lack of intellectual stimulus that leads Sen Chambers to some of his more colorful rhetorical flights.
      What’s that old proverb.. ah yes:
      In the land of the blind, the one eyed man is king.

      • Anon says:

        Ernie does have command of the process, he wastes time with a lot of bluster and personal attacks. His jokes, poems and singing is lame. A lot of his success comes from the fear of his retribution by spineless legislators

      • Anonymous says:

        Sparkles: Of course Ernie knows the rules inside and out and no one can match him on that. The point is there is no “rule” that allows a Senator in a Committee Hearing to blather on ad nauseum, completely off topic, while average Nebraska citizens are waiting and waiting to get their 3 minutes apiece to testify. The Chair has complete control over that but most just let Ernie blather on because when he’s on a roll, to cross him will only mean there will be retribution for them later down the road. Ernie is a bully who gets special privileges in the Unicam and around the Capitol, i.e. how his little poodle used to accompany him every day while Capitol Security looked the other way. The rules for the Capitol are that only service dogs are allowed. But when it’s Ernie, anything goes!

    • This is true. I remember testifying once and being cut off in five minutes. Then Ernie spoke (he was term-limited into being a mere citizen at the time) and they gave him 40. He also offered to punch me and a colleague in the nose during his rant. There were no consequences.

      What the unicam lacks in IQ it makes up for in cowardice.

  5. Ricky says:

    I am on Senator Chambers mailing list for his poems and observations about Gov Ricketts. Some of it is funny although you would think he might have better things to do while at his office.
    Chambers says Ricketts started the battle when he disrespected Ernie in a couple of speeches.
    But who looks like the fool here? A senator that cobbled together 30 votes to outlaw capital punishment which has not been used for 30 years and can not be used, or a rookie Governor who pays $54,000 to a scam artist and has to spend $200,000 of his and his daddy’s money wasting everybody’s time?
    PS I see some guy name Chris Petersen is the “spokesman” for the fake group Nebraskans for Jobs and Energy and is a spokesman for the death penalty creeps. Same goes for Jessica whats her name.
    I have never met these two and don’t care too since they have to take orders from far-right conservatives Heineman and Ricketts. How do they look in the mirror?

  6. bynd says:


    I use to cheer for Ernie as he stuck it to the pompous as__es. But now, he is a caricature of himself. He accomplishes nothing, just postpones it. Because they just wait until he is gone again. And while he charges windmills made of mountain lions, many of his constituents are murdered and live a hopeless life. As an individual he may do good in his neighborhood. Overall, his lack of accomplishments hurt his neighborhood. And I say “his neighborhood” knowing that he spends less time there than his domicile in Bellevue.

    Regardless of whether or not you knew what his point was in suing God, it was a media circus and he was a clown.

    As to his power in the legislature Sparkles. I guess it doesn’t matter how he gets it, but it is an abdication of personal responsibility by the rest that allow him to keep operating like the bully he is. And what has such power done for his constituents? Bring jobs to North O? Transportation to jobs? lessen the killings, drugs or gangs? The people he has really buffaloed are those who voted for him and the harm he does to them by doing nothing. That is his shame, what he could have accomplished if he wasn’t so filled with such hatred and bigotry. I now see, what a waste.

    RL: When you let the likes of Ricky speak for you, then you really have hit rock bottom. And my niece went to Westside. I see her as one who succeeded despite that handicap.

  7. TexasAnnie says:

    For Sparkles:
    Well I have read this morning about the $17B just granted to banks by the Congress yesterday. The article appears in the HuffPost and states this practice has been going on since the origin of the central bank, but that the dividends were to be slashed in half within this budget, and the savings shifted for highway funding. However yesterday, that plan was nullified by the HR 22 vote.

    All but two Republicans in the House voted in the affirmative (and two did not vote) which might be expected if not for current Freedom Caucus clout and it’s anti-crony-capitalism stance. Interestingly, only 70 Democrats voted against the amendment, and according to the article, they were “mostly members of the Progressive Caucus.”

    Sparkles I recall that you had lots of quotes about the banking collapse in past posts. And I suspect you are a Progressive Democrat. What is your take on this?

    • Sparkles says:


      I read that article yesterday and came away torn on the matter.
      Torn primarily because, Janet Yellen defended the payments, and I trust Yellen.
      Also, I don’t pretend to be equipped to understand the complex interaction between the Fed, the banking system, the markets, liquidity of funds, possible alternative tools, peripheral effects, etc..

      Plus, it appears the $17B that will remain a tool of the Fed was a compromise.
      In addition to that $17B, the GOP had also attempted inserted riders into the bill to further deregulate large banks and to weaken the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.
      Both of these measures were stripped from the final version of the bill.

      And, it comes as no surprise at all that the ‘fiscally conservative’ GOP and the Freedom Caucus extremists (AND many of their Democratic counterparts) are happy to set principles aside when it comes to doing business on behalf of their Wall Street sugar daddies.

      I don’t understand why there’s nary a peep about raising the federal gas tax to help fund our dire infrastructure needs. Although it’s regressive, I think it’s a bargain worth making. It’s a tax that has remained frozen for two decades and our gas prices have declined considerably in the last few years and is predicted to remain depressed for at least a few years.
      Hey.. maybe our Truth Telling Born Again Ben Sasse can lead a ‘Rebuild America’ charge!
      Oops! Almost forget. Born Again Ben’s first act upon being elected to Senate was to undergo Grover Norquist’s No New Taxes lobotomy.
      So no matter how efficacious the action, raising taxes is off the table.

  8. The Grundle King says:

    Of all Ernie’s cantankerous ramblings, this doozy from Sen. Schumacher actually sticks out more…

    “If I were Mitt Romney, and I had $10,000, and gambling were legal in this state, I’d bet you that nobody in this room believes you [Scott Frakes].”

    Perhaps. And perhaps if I were the son of Odin, and I had a magic war hammer, and understood the inner workings of inter-dimensional travel, the movie ‘Thor’ would be my autobiography flick.

    Seriously. What is in the water in Columbus? What possessed them to vote for this clown? One can only hope he’s term-limited.

    • Sparkles says:


      Respectfully, I don’t understand why the vitriol for the consensus opinion among the oversight panel?

      Why no concern that Rickett’s has, again, reached out across the country to import yet another incompetent, obfuscating, politically driven appointee?
      An appointee accountable to, we the people, who openly expresses no concern for the informed opinion of those to whom, we the people, have elected to provide informed oversight and efficient government services.

      • The Grundle King says:

        You mistake me. My beef is with that clown Schumacher. This is the kind of guy who will piss down your back and argue from now til Armageddon that it’s really just rain.

      • Sparkles says:

        So Rickett’s appointee, Scott Frakes, is sworn in (I hereby swear that the statements..) before testifying to the duly elected members of the Department of Correctional Services Special Investigative Committee.
        Frakes then proceeds, by all accounts, to mislead, obfuscate, refuse to answer claiming lawyer-client privilege and generally obstruct any and all attempts toward progress.
        And what pisses you off is that Sen Schumacher, the people’s representative, called Frakes out on his lies.

        Got it.
        Thanks for the clarification.

      • The Grundle King says:

        Again, you mistake me.

        But if you’re upset about incompetent, obfuscating, politically driven appointees, you should be more upset about your boy, Obama, putting Eric Holder in charge of the justice department…a position of significantly greater power.

      • Sparkles says:


        That would be Eric H. Holder, Jr.,
        2008 recipient of Legal Times magazine “Greatest Washington Lawyers of the Past 30 Years,” as well as the National Law Journal’s “50 Most Influential Minority Lawyers in America.”
        The winner of an August 2012, “Living Legend” award, the commencement speaker for the 2012 class of Harvard Law School and 2013 class of UC Berkeley School of Law.
        A self made man, born in Queens, NY to immigrants parents from Barbados.
        A child who attended public schools until the age of 10 when he was selected to participate in a program for intellectually gifted students.

        By every objective account, a brilliant man and one of the most accomplished attorneys alive today.

      • The Grundle King says:

        “Greatest Washington Lawyers of the Past 30 Years,” — Silly me, here I thought his job was to administer a department charged with enforcing laws against criminals.

        “50 Most Influential Minority Lawyers in America.” — Which is supposed to mean what, exactly, as it related to his ability to do his job as head of the DoJ?

        The winner of an August 2012, “Living Legend” award, the commencement speaker for the 2012 class of Harvard Law School and 2013 class of UC Berkeley School of Law. — Holy shit…liberals love liberals. I’m shocked.

        A self made man, born in Queens, NY to immigrants parents from Barbados. — Again, irrelevant to his ability to perform as head of the DoJ.

        A child who attended public schools until the age of 10 when he was selected to participate in a program for intellectually gifted students. — Do I really need to say it again?

        Please, if you would…point to his numerous successes as Attorney General. I’m sure that you should be able to come up with dozens of accomplishments from such a brilliant man.

    • Ed Stevens says:


      If you really want a chuckle (or maybe a grimace), check out Schumacher’s grand idea to create a new mega-metropolis in western Nebraska (you can Google it). Guy should be writing sci-fi instead of making policy for grown-ups. He really is a couple quarts low ….

    • Anon says:

      GK- Watching Schumacher in the legislature, I also do not understand them electing him, I think he had a narrow win first and a wide margin next term, surprised(supposedly) represents his district

    • Sparkles says:


      You’re the one that reached out into the ether to introduce to the conversation a GOP fabricated liberal bogeyman.
      It’s you who needs to present a single failure on the part of former A.G. Eric Holder, Jr.

      Of course we’re talking legitimate failures.
      Not the fabrications and B.S. of a miscreant band of grifting GOPers.
      For the record – Mr. Holder was fully exonerated by the OIG in the Fast & Furious witch hunt. GOPers riled their base of low information voters and shook them down for $10’s of millions in contributions – but Eric Holder was found wholly innocent of any wrong doing.
      His contempt charge, courtesy of what even the GOP now acknowledges is a House overrun by an extremist minority, was a travesty.

  9. Key 'n Trumpets says:

    Carson’s “I’m a violent negro” message is meant for who? White churchy Republicans? That is the weirdest ad this year. And it comes as CNN highlights Carson’s book.

    Granted, the media is clueless. But apparently everyone who knew Carson as a kid says he was the same sleepy mild guy. Carson says Carson was violent. More than violent. Creepy violent.

    For comparison, Trump’s coach during five years at a military academy, said Trump was a fine athlete and good academic. Carson however says –or brags– about trying to murder a kid with a knife, tried to crack another’s head open and apparently tried to kill his mother with a hammer.

    What kind of “vote for me” tactic is that? I have seen combat. I am more “violent” than any of them. But attack my own mother with a hammer? Do even Bloods and Crips do that?

    What’s the point of outing himself as a potential mother killer? To appear tough? There are less creepy ways to do that.

    Carson says he was applauding Jesus. Jesus saved Carson from being evil Carson. But Jesus also saves murderers on death row. And plenty of “saved” people have gone back to being insanely violent.

    Carson wants to be Commander in Chief. But tell a military PRP psychiatrist that you tried to whack momma with a claw hammer and, bang, both your TS clearance and your access to nukes are instantly revoked.

    • Sparkles says:

      With each and every bit of new lunacy to spill forth, I can’t help but think, idiot savant.

      Too bad the GOP doesn’t hold debates in the afternoon. It would be fascinating to wait to see if we get Carson on camera, involuntarily uttering:
      “Uh oh, fifteen minutes to Judge Wapner”

    • Sparkles says:

      More lies and delusions spilling forth.
      News just broke that Ben Carson flat out lied about being accepted at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point. Offered a full scholarship and even claiming to have met and dined with Gen. William Westmoreland, who led U.S. forces in Vietnam.
      All of it, a lie.

      Ben Carson has mental issues.
      The guy should be immediately barred from stepping foot on a debate stage.
      But he won’t be.
      The conservative base will still embrace Cason and stand and applaud each time he appears in public.

  10. The Grundle King says:

    “With each and every bit of new lunacy to spill forth, I can’t help but think, idiot savant.”

    What a coincidence. I feel the same way about the current African-American occupant of the White House.

  11. WTFU says:

    Obama and Carson have two really eerie similarities. — Yes, Carson is a surgeon and Obama a bad student. Carson raised poor, Obama privileged. Carson is a black ghetto kid while half-white Pacific Islander Obama has more slave owner blood than a clansman. And of course, Carson seems as right and Obama seems left. – However, both were damaged kids who grew up to lack executive chops.

    Before running for President, nether had executive experience. In Obama’s case, not even a manager. (Obama’s presidency can only seem a success to people who cannot do long division.)

    Secondly, Carson’s desire to hammer his momma somewhat parallels Obama being serially abandoned to ultimately write verse about his childhood sexual abuse. As crazy upbringing goes, Obama is up there. But so too is Carson.

    There are normal, well-adjusted black people. But just like normal well-adjusted white people, they don’t run for President.

    In case you haven’t noticed, everyone who runs for President is a bloated ego who, but for constitutional limitations, would be a tyrant. So quit hoping to “like” candidates and instead look for an able temporary manager of this country.

    It is called “Executive Branch” for a reason.

    • Sparkles says:

      Regarding this slice of whackdom –
      “Obama being serially abandoned to ultimately write verse about his childhood sexual abuse.”

      What toxic corner of the internet do you people frequent in order to come up with some of the insane s#^& you believe to be true?

  12. bynd says:


    Or should we call you Frakes the sequel for flat out lying. Didn’t see any of the descriptors you used on here to describe what went on in the legislature in the OWH story. As to the noble state senators who had all voted to repel the death penalty, they seem to take their petty grievances out on a underling. What a brave group of leaders. And no they are not happy that the Gov’s administration is still trying to get the drugs. So big bad Ernie does his usual stick and badgers the guy not allowing Frakes to even answer. Because Ernie was not there to get answers he already had, but to be his typical ass self and gain more media face time.

    And let’s see, these self righteous senators have had how many years and special committees to work on all of this? And Frakes has been here how many months? Maybe Ernie should have spent more time with corrections than saving mountain lions. But we have seen the positive impact he has had for those who vote for him. Right!

    I really don’t care much one way or the other about Frakes or the governor, but your flat out lying for who knows what personal agenda you have makes this administration look like angels. As I keep saying, the best sales people in this state for the GOP are the rabid Dem partisans. Keep up the good work you’re doing for the opposition. Do they have Viagra for a whole political party? The impotent Dems need something and a lot of it!

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