Coash on Daily Show 01
State Senator Colby Coash on The Daily Show

The Nebraska Legislature’s Department of Correctional Services Special Investigative Committee met last night and gave State Corrections Director Scott Frakes a severe pounding.

A good chunk of the cudgeling was over Frakes attempt to obtain the death penalty drugs from the supplier in India.

Here’s a big surprise for you:
There are 11 Senators on that committee.
And 11 of them voted to repeal the death penalty.

How’s about that!

So no big surprise that there was no objection to committee member Ernie Chambers sitting reading articles at Frakes, asking questions of Frakes — usually multi-part questions — without allowing Frakes to answer them, and generally making an ass of himself.

Did you read in the OWH about when Chambers started to sing “When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie, that’s amore…”?

Oh, you didn’t?

Btw, Joanne Young did Tweet this about Chambers’ singing:

No, not “lightening the mood. Condescendingly mocking Frakes.
And Young says, that’s “for the record“.
THAT’s who’s covering your Legislature.

Or did you read about when Chambers finally allowed Frakes to answer his last question, and it was, “What kind of comic should I draw of you? A chihuahua?”

Frakes chose not to answer.

Must have missed that in the papers, eh?

Chambers was generally handling the meeting in courtroom fashion — not asking any questions that he didn’t already know the answer to, trying to get the defendent…er…Director to commit himself to certain statements.

He really wasn’t interested in finding any new information or generally providing oversight for the Corrections Department. And in the mean time he was, of course, unprofessional and condescending.

Or as his supporters and willing accomplices call it, “Ernie being Ernie.


No, no! We’re laughing WITH you…

And The Daily Show finally presented their feature on the death penalty repeal in Nebraska.

See it here:


You can note that, of course, they make fun of Nebraska conservatives — particularly State Senator Colby Coash.

And while standing in Lincoln street with a robber’s mask on, let Coash take part in their “skit” about criminals. (See screen-caps above.)

The anti-Death Penalty forces are calling that showing “respect” for Nebraska.

Right. THAT’s what The Daily Show was doing.
They were respectfully saying, “Even the hicks in Nebraska want to get rid of the Death Penalty!”

You know, just like when they respectfully took on the Iowa GOP, and pronounced all of the GOP Presidential candidates, “terrible.”

THAT Daily Show.

One little item they conspicuously left out:
Nebraska voters will get the final say on the issue.


“Because I say so”

The President walked into the Oval Office this morning with John Kerry and Joe Biden in tow, and said he was rejecting the Keystone XL Pipeline.


1) Because it wouldn’t create as many jobs as highway construction.
2) Because gas prices have gone down.
3) Because he’s going to Paris for an enviro conference, and it would have looked bad otherwise.

That’s it.
Those are the reasons.

Wait, but you don’t see any actual REASONS for rejecting the KXL there do you?
Of course you don’t.

Because the President’s own advisors and scientists say that the KXL would be an employment gain, wouldn’t be climate decimation and would otherwise be fine.

But a highway bill wold provide more jobs?
Could be.
But ask anyone who would have been working on the pipeline over the last 7 years how that would have been for them.

Gas prices are down?
Until they go up again.

Oh, but the main reason is the President doesn’t want to look bad in front of his liberal international friends as they are sipping REAL Champagne in Paris. And he couldn’t handle the criticism from the extreme left who declare that the pipeline would be “game over” for the environment.

Big surprise, I suppose.

Well, that’s more people out of work (and out of the workforce altogether). But at least the President and his buddies can hold their nose up above their Champagne flutes.


Dig an underground garage, call it the Holland Tunnel

And finishing up, today the OWH talk about the argument that the Holland Center NEEDS parking.

Democrat funder Dick Holland explains to Matt Hansen that many oldsters attend performances at his Holland Center and they NEED parking right next door. (Makes you wonder how 90,000 people keep making it into Memorial Stadium…)

Of course, one wonders why didn’t they factor in parking when they built the behemoth? Was there no long-term planning?

And regarding that map the OWH made:

OWH map

There seems to be a facility that is doing nothing but destroying trees, day after day, right NEXT to the Holland Center. Not very environmentally friendly! Certainly shouldn’t THAT be considered for destruction instead of the historical buildings?

Just askin’ for a friend…


Spoiler alert!

Have a great weekend and yes, Go Huskers!

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  1. repentinglawyer says:

    Sweeper, Yesterday you suggested Ernie might have a fixation, today you are back on Ernie, projection?
    While Dick Holland may contribute to the Ds, like most of the Omaha business community, he belongs to the Chamber of Commerce party in City politics, like nearly every other Mayor since the Charter except for Jim Dworak, which is why you comments on parking lot could have equally come from most liberal Ds in O.

    • Professor,

      You mean I’m pointing out that many Dems would or should be against one of the biggest financiers of Democratic politics in the state? (Wow that’s clever of me…)

      And, yes as long as the State Senator keeps doing and saying ridiculous things, I’ll note it.
      Unlike the two biggest papers in the state.

      • repentinglawyer says:

        Sweeper, Clever you are, but you did not address central point about Chamber of Commerce party in Omaha, after all, as this event proves, it’s the Mayor’s party as well. Thanks for not rubbing Dvorak in.
        On Ernie, I still think your responses are Pavlovian. He gets your goat.

      • The Grundle King says:

        I cannot speak for Sweeps, but I don’t think Ernie gets his goat, so much as the differential treatment of Ernie gets his goat…as well it should. Ernie Chambers hath been anointed by many as some sort of T-shirt wielding superhero, when the truth of the matter is that he’s a professional race baiter to whom the normal rules of legislative conduct do not apply.

        There’s something wrong with that. He should be held to the same standards as every other State Senator. But he’s not. He’s allowed to flat-out lie on the legislative floor, and nobody dares call him out on his lies, lest they see any bills they hope to pass be filibustered to death by the biggest source of wind power in Nebraska.

    • TexasAnnie says:

      I wish the ‘Chamber of Commerce party’ you mention had been discussed further. Although I did not know the players, I understood it’s absolute control over city politics. I lived approx. Dodge & Happy Hollow. Our basements in the area did not flood. But I knew of recurring flooding east of my location. So as the city “developed” artistically and recreationally, I concurrently watched its bonded indebtedness and considered that fact in relation to it’s sewers, a decided health hazard. (Wasn’t Lee Terry finally getting federal money to separate the sewers? Are they separated now?)

      Question: Could the new bonds (type) required for the proposed FDR/OPA project be useful somewhere else in Omaha? If not, why take out that type of bond at this time?

      • repentinglawyer says:

        TexasAnnie, Since my Dad’s house was north of Dodge in about the same area, I can confirm no floods. Your questions on municipal finance are well beyond my competence.

  2. Ricky says:

    Congratulations to Jane Kleeb and Bold Nebraska for killing the Keystone Pipeline. This was a victory for grass root’s organization over big oil and big Republicans. The pipeline never was going to go through Nebraska. The people of Central Nebraska would have chained themselves to bulldozers before allowing the pipeline to be built. So the Great President Obama did Nebraska a big favor by not letting it come to that.
    And, a big tip of the hat to Brad Ashford, Jim Smith and Dave Heineman for their passing of LB1161, an obviously unconstitutional bill wrote by TransCanada. This silliness kept the issue tied up in court until the price of oil dropped so low getting the bad oil from Canada was not needed.
    So thank you Mr Obama, and too bad for the phonies at Nebraska Jobs and Energy, the hapless Pete Ricketts, and those that have to do his bidding.

    PS: Why would Scott Frakes go to bat for Mr Ricketts. Does Frakes really want to go to jail or is he going to roll over on Ricketts once the indictments come? Ricketts already lost his economic director and another director why would Frakes want to stay with this sinking ship?

    • The Grundle King says:

      Part of me hopes that TransCanada builds a pipeline in the U.S. that runs right up to the border, leading to a train depot where the oil can be offloaded from Canadian oil trains into a pipeline bound for the coastal refineries.

      Obama wouldn’t be able to do a damn thing about it. Oh, and the majority of Nebraskans supported the pipeline…you dunce.

      BTW…this shit, “This silliness kept the issue tied up in court until the price of oil dropped so low getting the bad oil from Canada was not needed.” The price of oil came down because those middle easterners, who love us so, decided to try to kill the North American petroleum market. Canada loses, terrorist nations win…and Kleeb laughs all the way to the bank with Big Daddy Dick’s dollars.

      • repentinglawyer says:

        GK, As conspiracy theories go, yours is a great one. If you added the Illuminati and the Jesuits it would be even better. Whether pipeline was good or bad, it was not important enough to draw the conspiracy you suggest. Market lowered prices because World has been awash in oil.

      • The Grundle King says:

        It’s not a conspiracy. Middle eastern nations have put the world ‘awash in oil’ on purpose. They’ve done it because they wanted to protect market share moreso than market value, so that upstart oil markets (like Canadian oil) are less profitable, therefore less likely to draw significant financial investment. The middle eastern oil producers still make money…though not as much…while effectively shutting out competition. It’s really not that difficult to understand.

      • repentinglawyer says:

        GK In your conspiracy where does USA figure with its bounty of oil sands production and when did Canada become a new oil producer? Tar sands maybe new, but Calgary had been an oil town for years. 50% of Alberta’s income is already from petroleum. Canadians are blaming American hypocrisy in over looking our oil sands while dating there tar sands. Canadians might have missed the middle East connection because clever folks from the Middle East got a Muslim elected Mayor of Calgary. Perhaps you could add that to you myth.

      • repentinglawyer says:

        GK, The questions I raised were adult, the snark was the nasty little kid who sometimes escapes my adult control.

    • Bluejay says:

      Tell me how STUPID and used all of Jane Kleeb’s followers must feel today for not accepting TransCanada’s easement money. Turns out it was FREE money.

      The only good to come of this is that Bold Nebraska must disband as they won.

      I suggest that the Burger King heiress turn her venom to fast food. Burger King has spilled more oil than TransCanada ever did.

      I do agree with Ricky that Governor Dave totally botched KXL both legally and politically.

      And one odd aspect. This is the first “trans” thing the Left has ever opposed.

      And do the TransCanada investors get a refund of their speech fees (er, bribes) paid to the Clintons?

    • bynd says:


      Your deeply penetrating observations are only exceeded by the brilliant and clever way you express them here. And your letter to the editor, how can not everyone make your thoughts theirs.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Good point Sweeper about the building to the west of Holland. I thought the same, but when you have a mayor willing to take $10 million of taxpayer money and GIVE it to the Omaha Performing Arts Society…her spin is truly an art. Never mind if you check her NADC reports how many OPAS board members gave to her campaign….not that there’s anything wrong with that when water needs to be carried. Can’t wait to see her spin her way out of this one at re-election time. The only reason she didn’t support eminent domain was because she knew the city council votes weren’t there for her so….what a mess that would be to explain to voters when her hand was forced. Almost as messy as using “conservative” to describe a gift of $10M. Someone needs to tell the preservationists that the mayor isn’t on their side when she failed to have a stipulation written into the…….agreement.

    • TexasAnnie says:

      Don’t forget that the OWH property is partially funded by local taxpayers in so far as it’s TIF is yet to expire. And surely you don’t want the building gone after that. That’s when it will begin paying it’s fair share of property tax!

      BELIEVE! Don’t you know it’s a good thing the OWH took property-tax-abating financing? Otherwise, the whole operation might have moved to Council Bluffs… That’s what TIF proponents believe!

  4. School call says:

    I think some school call is in order regarding Carson, Trump and JROTC.

    Stolen Valor is when civilians masquerade as vets to get benefits, or a vet with a Bronze Star inflates it to a MOH which also can mean money/privileges, or a sergeant says he is a commissioned officer. These lies are felonies. But all lies, felony or not, are lies.

    Carson said he was offered an appointment to West Point. He said that often. Yet he didn’t apply.

    Our of 20 total candidates seeking to become the USA’s Commander in Chief, only 3 were military veterans. Two have already dropped out, Webb (D) and Perry (R). Military lawyer Lindsay Graham is in GOP 11th place, so we may disregard — There are no veterans among the top 10 GOP candidates. No veterans at all among the Democrat candidates.

    Trump and Carson have both had J-ROTC. Not ROTC.

    JUNIOR Reserve Officer Training Corps means High School. ROTC means college. There is no commitment to serve after High School with JROTC. JROTC is on the same level with Sea Cadets and Boy Scouts. Trump and Carson both did High School level JROTC… but with one big difference; Trump did it full time, 24/7, for five years.

    Trump spent 5 years at the NY Military Academy. Essentially a full time boot camp/OCS style campus complete with uniforms, marching, leadership training, and scrubbing barracks, even weekends unless you were a senior on furlough. Every day was regimented from revile at 6:00 am to taps 10:30 pm. After that, Trump went to Wharton, the top business college in the USA. Trump says he feels close to the military. That is understandable. He’s had a lot of military style training and discipline.

    Carson also feels close to the military. However, Carson attended a regular civilian high school JROTC program, which is nothing like a military school. Carson wore a uniform once a week, attend a few JROTC classs, marched the flags in at football games, and attended summer camp for a few weeks. Nothing nearly like Trump’s immersion at a military school. But still, Carson did very well in High School ROTC… but then he inflated it into a bogus offer to West Point. Like Trump, Carson then went on to a good university. Both Trump and Carson have more in-uniform time than all but Graham.

    A 4 year college degree is required to be an officer. That comes from either OCS (after college) or via college ROTC, or after four years at a real US Service Academy… the same kind Carson lied about.

  5. Nebraskans for Jobs and Energy says:

    Well Damn!
    How did Jane from Hastings get the better of us? We had the Koch brothers supporting us and Mr Heineman and Barry and Ron and Mr Ricketts and we still lost!
    We lost to a ragtag bunch of farmers and ranchers who whined about the pipeline soiling their water and land. What a bunch of babies.
    Now the truth can be told though “Nebraskans for Jobs and Energy” consisted of two people and a twitter account. That’s it.
    Well now Petersen and Jessica can focus on getting the death penalty back in Nebraska. I am sure they will be more successful than they were at this. Well …. maybe not.

  6. Macdaddy says:

    Wow! Obama nixed KXL. Shocking. He didn’t have the balls to do it years ago, so I guess Hillary told him to get this off the table before 2016. Of course, President Trump will just approve it on January 21st, 2017, so you liberal hypocrites shouldn’t plan a victory dance quite yet.

    • Bluejay says:

      During those seven (seven!) long years the Clintons collected millions from both sides.

      That’s what this scam was all about.

  7. bynd says:

    I love the internet. You can fake class that you really don’t have, but it is fun and to the point.

    Now back to real life and feeeeeelings:

    [He] is the worst kind of asshole they make – the kind who is completely oblivious to how he sounds, the kind who is impossible to argue with because he doesn’t allow for a worldview outside of his own.”
    ― Sloane Crosley

  8. Macdaddy says:

    I had to quit halfway through on the Daily Show sketch. It was really, really boring and not the slightest bit funny. The Geico commercial that played for 10 seconds before the sketch was way funnier. Maybe they thought it was called Snark Central. Wasn’t even witty snark, though.

  9. Blame Game says:

    Any honest assessment of what killed the Keystone XL has to give a lot of the credit to Dave Heineman. His politically motivated letter to Obama delayed the approval process early on, and gave the opponents time to gain a lot of momentum. I’m sure our former Governor is high on the list of people Jane will be sending thank you notes to as she finishes up things over at Bold Nebraska. If it hadn’t been for all of Dave’s help the Keystone folks might be pumping oil through Nebraska right now.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Ben Carson’s lie that he was appointed to the United States Military Academy at West Point, when in fact he had never even applied for West Point, would have gotten Carson thrown out of West Point in disgrace due to its “honor code”.

  11. bynd says:

    Lee Terry and his ill conceived bills on KXL probably had more to do with delaying the KXL so it could die a slow death. He’s gone and still the consequences of his actions are here.

    at 8:40 am.

    Carson never said he was appointed to West Point. Would that make you the liar that needs to be thrown out of here in disgrace? Just saying

  12. Sparkles says:

    What makes possible the rise of someone like Ben Carson?
    (and Mike Huckabee, Rick Santorum, Michelle Bachmann, Herman Cain, et al)

    Fascinating analysis from Mike Lofgren, a former Republican U.S. Congressional aide who served for Congress for 28 years. A Fulbright Scholar and Naval War College graduate. A budget analyst for national security in the House and chief analyst for military spending on the Senate Budget Committee.

    GOP and the Rise of Anti-Knowledge

    A quick quote:
    “Thanks to these overlapping and mutually reinforcing segments of the right-wing media-entertainment-“educational” complex, it is now possible for the true believer to sail on an ocean of political, historical, and scientific disinformation without ever sighting the dry land of empirical fact.”

      • Sparkles says:

        If I were voting R, Kasich.
        If I were voting D, Clinton.

        I don’t care about style or appearance.
        I don’t want to ‘take our country back’ to the days when the polio epidemic terrorized a nation, school children practiced hiding under their desks in case of a nuclear war and women, minorities and children ‘knew their place.’
        I don’t want theocrats in charge of the NIH, CDC and National Science Foundation.

        I want someone with the knowledge, experience and capacity to bring together the brightest minds on the planet to solve the remarkably complex issues facing our nation.
        I want a President who won’t immediately abandon wise governance on behalf of his constituency by signing a pledge to a special interest group to never raise taxes.
        I want a President who will once again help even the playing field for the working poor and middle class. To increase the odds that through hard work, a desire to succeed and moderation in living, a mother and father can own a home, send their kids to trade school or college and live without the fear that should one of the family become ill, they could lose everything.

  13. bynd says:


    I am a little awed by all these quotes you find by conservatives knocking conservatives. I don’t know if it is great research or just another site you have found. However, having said that, thinking people, this would mostly be independents, who control who get’s elected, could really care less what these folks have to say. Titles are things to be acquired with little practical use, except to impress those who also have them, and to those they serve. And yes, I have one.

    If they are prior government, it makes their opinion even less trust worthy. So maybe in the liberal world, what your leaders have to say is very important to the low information zealot partisans. And that is the system the partisans have built. And to a smaller extent those independents who have participated over the years. But in the end, if the best you can do is run around and get information that only supports your ideology, then you are a low information voter unable to think for yourself. And that is why we have the dysfunctional system we have today.

  14. Ricky says:

    The deal for the Holland Center and HDR is confusing. Does ANYBODY think Mayor Stothert knows what she is doing?
    Ten million dollars for three buildings when Frankie Panes was worth less then one million.
    And the city of Omaha is buying the buildings and GIVING them to the Holland Center so they can tear them down?
    This sounds like a terrible idea. HDR has fine buildings over here on 84th street. They can stay there don’t throw ten million dollars at them.


    • bynd says:

      Ricky: When Con Agra left, your claim was it was Stothert’s fault. Many asked you what you would have done different and you hid in your Troll cave. Now with HDR she has helped keep them here and she has done too much.

      One can only conclude that if brains were made out of cotton, you wouldn’t have enough to make a…..
      Oh wait a minute, you wouldn’t have any cotton at all.

  15. Brian T. Osborn says:

    Everyone gets the respect they deserve.

    Jane Kleeb and Bold Nebraska have done something that the Nebraska Democratic Party can only dream of ever accomplishing – actually representing the will of her constituents. The NDP continues to beg for money from working class people so that their Omaha/Lincoln attorney elites can get their travel, hotel rooms, meals and rental cars subsidised while they run all over the country to rub shoulders with “important” people from the DNC. If only all that hobnobbing served to actually realize the will of Nebraska’s Democrats rather than just pay Vince Powers and his pals to go bask in the glow of people that really matter.

    • repentinglawyer says:

      Brian, I thought the litigation had a lot to do with Bold Nebraska’s strategy. Does Dave Domena count as an elite Omaha lawyer and did he not run for Senate as a D, or at least walk?

      • Sparkles says:

        Nebraskans missed an invaluable opportunity.
        The representation by Dave Domina and the ticket of Chuck Hassebrook / Jane Raybould would have been so remarkably superior to what we now must endure.

        Night and day.
        True representatives of the people with deep knowledge of the needs of our state and it’s citizens.

  16. Sparkles says:

    Another Republican bemoans the cluster….. that is today’s Republican party.

    robert reich they’re all nuts facebook

    Reich reports on a recent conservation with a Republican Congressman (RC) with whom he worked and has remained friends.

    A quick quote:
    RC: “It’s a disaster. I’m telling you, if either of them (Trump, Carson) is elected, this country is going to hell. The rest of them aren’t much better.”

    Reich: “Who’s to blame for this mess?”

    RC: “Roger Ailes, David and Charles Koch, Rupert Murdoch, Rush Limbaugh. I could go on. They’ve poisoned the American mind and destroyed the Republican Party.”

    Robert Reich, political economist, served in Ford and Carter admins and was Labor Secretary for Bill Clinton.

  17. Anonymous says:

    As Rubio is asked about misusing GOP credit cards, I think back to the first GOP debate.

    Trump alone refused to promise to vote for every other Republican running for President.

    Every other GOP candidate promised to vote for the credit card crook, and for the governors who have dropped out, and for the woman who nosedived when voters discovered she’d been fired from the only big job she ever held, and also for her replacement is now stuck with a lifetime of lies and published embarrassments from back when his pureed fetus experiments and academy lies didn’t matter. It all comes home to roost; the stupid stuff and the rarer cases of wise foresight.

    As Trump’s opponents rise toward the sun, they each melt. Trump, like Reagan, has been roasted so often and so long he’s made of callouses. Heat just makes him limber up and work better.

    • Macdaddy says:

      Rubio reimbursed the state GOP for those charges years ago. In the meantime, Hillary Clinton continues to rake in money hand over fist from corrupt governments that have some of the worst treatment of women in the history of the world. When she was Secretary of State, a donation to her was a sure fire way to get your arms purchases approved. But yeah, let’s talk about reimbursed credit card charges and make things up about the other candidates.

    • Sparkles says:

      I appreciate your perspective.

      I’m guess I’m a bit surprised people would imagine Robert Reich would make up such a story from whole cloth.
      Number one, Reich is a man of considerable distinction. A man who’s honorably served in government under R and D admins for 4 decades (beginning as an Assistant to Robert Bork). A man of impeccable integrity.
      Why would he now choose to lie.. in a Facebook post?

      Number two, the very same story Reich relays, Republicans discouraged with their party’s intellectual and ethical collapse, has been expressed by a dozen other prominent Republican voices throughout the course of the last few years.

      Actually, the very same story appears in the November 5th cover story of Politico Magazine.
      A story written by a noted “movement conservative refugee” titled: ‘Days of Desperation’.
      It’s a quick and insightful analysis of the rise and fall of movement conservatism beginning with the late (great) William F. Buckley to the calamity that is the party today.
      A quick quote:
      “After Buckley, Reagan and Goldwater had jettisoned much of their earlier hard-edged conservatism, there should have be an intellectual reformation on the American right in the 1990s..
      ..But instead.. ..movement conservatism came back, in an even more radical form in the 2000s,”

      • Anonymous says:

        Reich routinely gets his facts wrong and warps them to support his fantastical claims. He routinely accuses others of lying. It’s his stock in trade. The fact that he doesn’t put a name to his source is very covenient isn’t it? Likewise, Politico is a liberal website and has every reason in the world to try to clear the deck to your favorite corrupt politician: Hillary. By the way, is she still accepting money from Algeria or has she replaced that donor with funds from Sudan and North Korea?

    • repentinglawyer says:

      Brian, You seemed upset with elite lawyers, now its only pals of Vince Powers. Since I do not know who the members of the posse are, I would not undertake to defend them. My knowledge of NE D party is long out of date, though I recall similar complaints about Bernard Boyle, and I believe they were also made about Arthur Mullen. At my age it is nice to know somethings do not change.

      • Brian T. Osborn says:

        No, RL, it isn’t just Powers. The NDP has suffered from the actions, and inactions, of a series of shysters. My own familiarity with them began in 2006. I saw enough corruption, and lack of will to end it, that I finally gave up. The truth is that the NDP deserves no better, since the rank and file keep making a choice to be led by people whose primary purpose is to edify themselves and to milk the rubes for every dime they can squeeze out of them. The will of the people is the least of concerns for the “leadership.”

  18. Ricky says:

    The Nebraska Democratic Party supported the pipeline. Mr Power’s brother is an Omaha lawyer who worked for TransCanada in their eminent domain claims. The NDP has the support of labor who supported the pipeline because of the small number of temporary jobs (in a state with a very low unemployment rate and PLENTY of construction jobs).
    Brad Ashford supported the pipeline.
    Wasn’t there ANY POL that stood behind the Nebraskans who wanted to protect their land and water?
    Makes you wonder how they prevailed. But prevail they did, and it was a minor miracle.
    Very smartly done too. Kleeb and the pipeline busters got the best of big oil and politicians on the take from TransCanada. Remember Lee Terry? What a sad sack.


    • The Grundle King says:

      Really, you wonder how “they” prevailed?

      “They” didn’t prevail, as the victory was not theirs to claim. Obama didn’t cite concerns over water quality or eminent domain in his (ir)rationale for denying the pipeline permit…he claimed the spotlight for himself and puffed out his meager chest by claiming leadership in the fight against climate change. His own state department laid to rest any fears of significant water contamination, and he’s a Democrat, so eminent domain is of no particular concern to him…after all, in the Democrat’s view, none of us “own” property insomuch as we pay rent to the government, and get to call property ‘ours’.

      And to that end, it was no minor miracle…but a slow-moving train wreck in the making. Which is a fitting metaphor, seeing as how we’re likely to see even more oil train disasters as the oil continues to flow down Warren Buffet’s rails. Thank goodness there’s no BNSF rails running through any populated areas of Nebraska.

      Errr, wait…

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