McCoy vs Mello: Twitter Battle

State Senators Heath Mello (D-South O) and Beau McCoy (R-West O) took to the Twitter on Sunday afternoon to debate Medicaid expansion…140 characters at a time!

See it here!












[McCollister stated this on KLIN’s Drive Time Lincoln on 10/7/15 – Ed.]












If Jefferson and Adams were alive today, THEY would be going at it on the Twitter!

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  1. TexasAnnie says:

    Yuck! That’s an inefficient means for conversing.

    But, it makes the point that Medicaid expansion is not dead in Nebraska, YET. The Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services provides charts and graphs at it’s website which project growth of Medicaid + TEEOSA to be 95% of state revenues by 2025! But the charts and graphs are outdated projections and, being mere projections, do not supplant actual facts about Medicaid growth. Indeed one SHOULD wonder why Medicaid growth projections are presented at the state’s website together with TEEOSA growth. However last April a study from UN-K, plus McCollister’s LR 306 study this autumn, indicate that expanding Medicaid would result in financial benefits to the state.

    And that’s what the google machine reports. I have no doubt that Medicaid growth in Nebraska will be costly. But I do not believe ‘projections’ suggesting it will cost more than Nebraskans can afford. Nebraskans are accustomed to meeting the demands of it’s tax expenditures as they come due. For example, another very costly program, the Nebraska Advantage Act, projects its revenue growth for the current year, 2015, at $50,549,696, while projecting its tax credit use at $57,416,735. Indeed, if you look across the chart provided at the Dept. of Revenue, “Fiscal Analysis of the Nebraska Advantage Act,” you will learn that losses have been projected for each of the five years spanning 2015-2019. Does anyone believe Nebraskans will fail to honor these fiscal obligations?

    So why the hesitancy for expanding Medicaid, a program which will grow and grow and grow, just like the Nebraska Advantage Act? After all, healthy taxpayers will be needed to supplant the Nebraska Advantage Act!!!

    • Sparkles says:

      McCoy tweets:
      “When you’re ready to drop Medicaid expansion & focus on sustainable solutions to the cost of healthcare in Nebraska, I’m ready.”

      Mello’s answer should have been – I’m thrilled you’re ready Beau. How about we start with the fact –
      In 2015, according to a survey (released Oct 15, 2015) by the non-partisan Kaiser Foundation, spending by states that refused to expand Medicaid grew by 6.9 percent. A number in line with the historical average.
      However, spending by states that accepted Medicaid expansion grew by only 3.4 percent.
      (for the Kaiser study google: Medicaid Enrollment & Spending Growth: FY 2015 & 2016)

      Look Beau, a sustainable solution to the rising cost of healthcare in Nebraska!!
      PLUS, University of Nebraska professors in both Economics and Management have shown Medicaid expansion will support 10,779 jobs in Nebraska!
      10,779 jobs!! You’re beloved Keystone pipeline was anticipated to support.. what.. 4, maybe 5 full time jobs in Nebraska?
      AND, these Professors also point out that employing federal medicaid expansion dollars will create jobs at a cost of only 20% of what Nebraska taxpayers currently pay per job under Beau and Pete’s beloved Nebraska Advantage Act. A disgraceful corporate welfare feeding trough where every new job costs Nebraska’s working poor and middle class taxpayers anywhere from $42,747 to $234,568 per job!
      IN ADDITION, another 2015 Kaiser study finds: “Studies: Hospitals fare better in states that expand Medicaid”. Small rural hospitals, of which Nebraska is blanketed, struggle mightily with uncompensated care. They just don’t have the balance sheets to sustain the increasing losses of our aging rural population. How many rural Nebraska hospitals would Beau and Pete like to see closed? The closing of which devastates communities and the economy of entire regions of the state.

      What does Chuck Herbster’s Money have to say about any of these inconvenient facts, Beau?!

      Of course, I’m interjecting facts into the argument, and we all know Beau ‘Bobblehead’ McCoy doesn’t give a $#^& about the facts.
      He cares about representing Chuck Herbster’s Money.

  2. bynd says:

    I have a pen and phone. And today I am announcing all of uninsured Americans will be taken into Medicare plans or the FEHB and the federal government will bear 100% of the cost forever. This plan is simple, easily implements and cost effective without huge and unsustainable expenditures on a whole new health care insurance program for the US. It will not bankrupt the federal or any state government and wil not interrupt current expenditures.

    The President of the United States

    The answer is there, simple and cost efficient if the object was to just insure everyone. That was not the objective. Dont blame the governors, blame the Dems who came up with 1200 pages they never read.

  3. Supporters of Heath says:

    Remember those Senators that did not want transparency in committee votes???? Yes those republicans that wanted Heath to be a chair of a committee!!! So Heath is going to grandstand all session so he can run against a Republican mayor in 2017. Thank you RINOs!

  4. Whack Momma says:

    We get it. Beau’s the real McCoy versus an unmellow Mello. You have squeezed all the urine you can get out of that pissing contest, so let’s switch to something with more relevance.

    How dare Trump accuse Carson of being dishonest just because Carson is lying.

    Carson’s campaign admits Carson lied about being appointed to West Point. But that was just the Doc stretching the truth. Of course, West Point kicks out liars like Carson. And when it was discovered Carson authored medical research that used aborted fetuses, he again is blameless because Ben didn’t actually do the abortions but only took credit for them.

    So much for facts. In the spirit of this blog, we ask, isn’t Ben Carson just too creepy? I mean Stephen King film creepy. The most honest thing Carson has ever said is that he tried to kill his mother with a hammer.

    Let’s ask Al Sharpton or Condoleezza if it is normal in the black community to whack momma. Sure Black people tend to lack fathers but they all seem to worship their mothers, except Carson.

    • Macdaddy says:

      Are you back with your lies about what Carson claimed? Politico falsely reported that Carson claimed he received a scholarship (not appointed, you can’t even get your lies right). Carson never claimed it and Politico had to eat crow.

      In the meantime, maybe we should go back to the numerous skeletons in Hillary’s closet: Whitewater real estate fraud, Rose law firm billing fraud, cattle futures fraud, stealing FBI files, firing the White House travel office and falsely claiming they had committed fraud (and actually tried to put the employees in prison), lying about not working for the government when heading up her pathetic health care takeover, lying about being shot at, lying about being a life-long Yankees fan (that should get Don Walton torqued), committing treason by leaving state secrets completely unprotected on a server in somebody’s bathroom, illegally transferring state secrets to her lawyer, couldn’t even answer a 5pm phone call when her “Dear Friend” was under fire in Libya (what was she doing?), telling lies about some film maker and successfully subverting his First Amendment rights, presiding over a criminal enterprise that has collected over $1 billion in bribe money from unsavory characters and governments all over the world. I could go on, but Sweeper is probably already mad this post is so long.

    • bynd says:

      Actually, if you had spent any time in the black community, you would know that most worshiped their grandmothers, when the grandmothers were actually old enough to be grandmothers. I went to court with many a young man from DCYC and the constant was not mothers, but grandmothers. And even that didn’t deter bad behavior. So did anything from your post stick to the wall?

  5. Sparkles says:

    Medicaid expansion, Ben Carson’s lies, Pete Rickett’s incompetence… none it matters.

    According to the former leading Republican contender for President of the United States, the GOP’s winner of the Iowa Straw Poll prior to the 2012 election; Jesus is coming.. soon.

    “We recognize the shortness of the hour,. ..That’s why we as a remnant want to be faithful in these days.. and to help bring in as many as we can — even among the Jews — share Jesus Christ with everyone that we possibly can because, again, he’s coming soon.”
    – Michelle Bachmann

    Also, I predict Ben Carson will pack up his giant the Tent o’ Crazy in ten days or less.
    The band of grifters that are propelling his campaign won’t go away, the racket will roll on, they’ll just abandon the pretense of a Presidential bid.

      • Sparkles says:

        That’s funny.

        June, 2014
        A poll by Rupert Murdoch’s Wall Street Journal found:
        “Bill Clinton Most Admired President of Past 25 Years”

        June 17th, 2015
        Your man, Donald Trump, named Bill Clinton the “best President” among the last 4 to have served.

        Febr 17, 2015
        Bill Clinton is ranked the 8th greatest president – in U.S. history – in a survey of 162 members of the American Political Science Association.

        Bill Clinton is already considered to be among the greatest Presidents in American History.
        Donald Trump and Ben Carson are both destined to be nothing more than footnotes in Presidential campaign history.
        Right along side the likes of Lyndon LaRouche, Michelle Bachmann, Herman Cain, Pat Paulson and Vermin Love Supreme.

  6. Macdaddy says:

    Mello might want to read something other than DailyKos. In the WSJ, they just published an op-ed talking about how Medicaid expansion is busting state budgets. And that’s before the feds drop their support by 10%. Do liberals ever get tired of being the fool?

    • Sparkles says:

      Your Wall Street Journal op-ed is comical.

      It’s authors are Evelyn Everton and Chris Hudson.

      Evelyn Everton directs the Koch brothers funded Utah chapter of Americans for Prosperity
      Evelyn claims Bachelor’s degrees in Communications and Political Science.

      Chris Hudson is the Florida state director of the Koch brothers funded Americans for Prosperity.
      “Chris attended Salve Regina University in Newport, Rhode Island, where he earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science and a Master of Arts degree in International Relations. He lives in Naples, Florida with his wife and daughter, and is an avid paintball player.”

      • Anonymous says:

        Is the Chicago Tribune working for Koch? According to them earlier this year, Illinois Medicaid expansion was sold as going to cost only $500 million more. In 2 short years, the estimates have quadrupled to $2billion. Mello is either wrong or lying about what this will cost. Either way, Nebraska isn’t going to fall for his foolishness.

      • repentinglawyer says:

        GK, questioning interest of an expert or his credentials on an issue is not ad hominem as improper argument, though a literal translation of the Latin might suggest that.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Something about grown men who fancy themselves “leaders” spending time tweeting. Used to be called a pissing contest and few really wanted to hear the details.

  8. bynd says:


    Prove Ms. Bachmann wrong.

    And you believe we can give free health care, free college, living wage ( as defined by you), free housing, free food and no reason to work as government will take care of you simply by taxing the rich.

    Howard Dean, POWER TO THE PEOPLE!

  9. Macdaddy says:

    Sparkles, thanks for the laugh about Clinton’s place in history. I bet you believe TV wrestling is real, too. BTW, how come you keep coming up with some stupid polls instead of actually trying to defend your candidate, Hillary? Is it because her biggest accomplishment in her 30 years at the public teat was to loot the White House when she left?

    • Sparkles says:

      “how come you keep coming up with some stupid polls”

      Wait.. wasn’t that exactly what Dick Morris, Karl Rove, Charles Krauthammer and Team Romney kept repeating to themselves in the days leading up the the 2012 election??

      Speaking of the 2012 election, I’m still waiting for pedophile, pant-shi**er and GOP icon Ted Nugent to fulfill the promise he made in April of 2012:
      “If Barack Obama becomes the president in November, again, I will be either be dead or in jail by this time next year.”

  10. bynd says:


    Ms Bachmann’s words are straight from the Bible. Obviously you have no knowledge of context to understand their meaning. As such, maybe you should keep your bigoted ignorance to your self.

    Or better yet, spend some quality time reading the Bible, instead of all the other drivle you read, and the commentaries that go with it. You won’t look so foolish when you write regarding it.

    And no, that is not exactly a christian answer.

    • repentinglawyer says:

      Bynd, Given the number of times through history that the End Times have been announced and not come, including, arguably, Paul on the Rapture, I do not think Bachman needs deep respect as a prophetic voice.

      • bynd says:

        Those words are not about when the world ends. And quite frankly, God doesn’t operate according to our time tables nor do we see time as he does. So what does shortness of time or coming soon mean? Doesn’t matter. The purpose of the words is to urge followers of Jesus to always be prepared for when the end comes. (And no one disputes that there will be end. Just how.) And therein the rebuke to such as Sparkles who ridicules something they know nothing about. And indeed, if they took the time to actually think about their belief systems and what they are based on, they would find that their foundation is based on faith also.

        And just a side note, anyone who claims to know when the end is coming, is not a Bible believing follower of Christ.

      • repentinglawyer says:

        Bynd, I completely agree with your reading of End Time language as a reminder that we have no permanent home here. But a lot of Christians have bought into theories about reading Scripture to find prophecy about current events and the when of the End. I think they misuse Scripture, but I do not think you or I have standing to expel them from the Body of Christ. Certainly I hope my stupidities will be forgiven.

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