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First Down!

Here are a few AM links for you…

Here is the video from the University of Missouri campus that everyone is talking about — where the Professor demands that the reporter leave the public area and yells for some “muscle” to help her do so:


Down in New Haven…

Then here we go at Yale, where a university dude attempted a dialogue with finger-snapping co-eds, only to be screamed at by an 18 year-old.

(there are 4 relatively short clips)


If the election were held today…

And here is some interesting data leading up to tonight’s GOP debate:

Who WAS winning Iowa and New Hampshire in 2008, 2012…

On November 10 of prior years —

IOWA, 2008

Mitt Romney leads the Republicans by 13.8 points. He’ll lead for 21 more days.
Hillary Clinton leads the Democrats by 6.4 points. She’ll lead for 19 more days.


Mitt Romney leads the Republicans by 9.5 points. He’ll lead for 52 more days.
Hillary Clinton leads the Democrats by 17.7 points. She’ll lead for 55 more days.

IOWA, 2012

Herman Cain leads by 5 points. He’ll lead for 8 more days.


Mitt Romney leads by 22 points. He’ll lead the polls for good.


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  1. repentinglawyer says:

    Nobody who has been on a university campus thinks they are short on fools with advanced degrees. Over the top behavior is a mark of youth. What else is new?

  2. Missouri is a real cesspool, though. I suspect a large part of it is that the goons who came to Ferguson to instigate riots have simply moved 100 miles up the road to Columbia. I think a major reason Melissa Click and her cultural revolutionary cohorts didn’t want pictures taken, is that pictures would have revealed a substantial fraction of the ConcernedStudents1950 aren’t actually students at all.

    I know some decent science faculty at Columbia, but then they also hired a vice chancellor for research who created a cold fusion research instituted (and has since left).


  3. Bluejay says:

    OWH reported that UM grad student on hunger strike is from Omaha.

    These stunts at Yale and Missouri are the best advertisements for Creighton. And the Bluejays beat the Tigers in a “secret” scrimmage. Heck, even the Corn footballers could whip the toothless Tigers.

    Jane Kleeb needs to move her agitating to Lincoln now that she won KXL. Bold and Black Nebraska. And did you know that since 2010 thousands of miles of pipelines have been built in the US and have operated without incident?

    • repentinglawyer says:

      Bluejay, your youth is showing, we had our share of student protest, it is just that people at CU protest politely. Pipelines do not always operate without incident, I was involved in a investigation of a couple of ng pipeline explosions while with FPC{now FERC} and a couple of comp cases involving employees killed in pipeline accidents around here.

  4. Here’s something very interesting. Sean Davis (journalist for The Federalist) has been trying to find a photograph of the ‘poopswastika’ that is the latest oppressive outrage at Mizzou. Except he can’t find one. In this age of smartphones, when almost everyone has a camera in their pocket, nobody recorded it. How weird, eh?

    Furthermore, when he called the MUPD, the officer at the desk said he hadn’t seen it himself, and wouldn’t reveal who, if anyone, had seen it. Now, since the poopswastika is clearly vandalism aggravated by racial hatred, it is inconceivable the police wouldn’t have photographed it.

    I was already betting on this being a hoax. Now I’m offering 2-1 odds.

  5. Ian Swanson says:

    Regardless of what you think after watching the four videos, this sentence should stick out, I think: (In Video 3)
    “[Your job] isn’t about creating an intellectual space; it’s about creating a home.”

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