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Trump Belt - Ft DodgeA few links for you this morning with your coffee and Friday bagel…

Don Walton of the LJS “confirms” that Lou Ann Linehan is indeed thinking of running for Beau McCoy’s West Omaha Legislative seat (McCoy is term-limited).

Walton does not mention why he is “confirming” that with her…

40 minutes late, hair mussed…

Lots of the Twitterati are tweeting about Donald Trump’s 90 minute speech in Fort Dodge, Iowa last night.

Trump takes on Ben Carson directly, essentially mocking him for some of the things he said in his autobiography.

Many are essentially saying Trump came unglued. And Carly Fiorina took to The Facebook to call out Trump for being “pathological”.

Here’s some video of Trump as well.

And Trump also asked, “How stupid are the people of Iowa? How stupid are the people of the country to believe this crap?”

And the Washington Post noted this…

The tirade came amid one of Trump’s busiest weeks yet on the campaign trail. Trump hosted “Saturday Night Live” last weekend and then spent Sunday doing interviews. Monday night he had a rally in Illinois. Tuesday night was the fourth GOP debate in Milwaukee. Wednesday morning, after about 90 minutes of sleep, Trump attended a breakfast in New Hampshire. Thursday he arrived in Iowa for a tour of a factory, television interviews and the rally at the community college.

FWIW, his hair looked regularly Trump-coiffed to me…

And what you’re reading on Twitter and other places is pretty much that Trump was sleep-deprived and out of control.

Author and Dilbert cartoonist, Scott Adams, on the other hand says this was classic and unstoppable Trump.

Trump has always been good at this game, but he took it up a level with the Iowa speech. I’m a professional speaker, and I was in awe. Watch his body language, his intonations, and his humor. He owned that audience. And he wasn’t reading a teleprompter. I believe this speech will be replayed in college classrooms for years as an example of best practices in persuasion.

Adams gives a list of ways the 9 minutes of that speech show how Trump will crush all comers. And he predicts Trump will not only win the GOP nomination, but will win the Presidency with 65% of the vote.


Senator Standoff

And National Review is noting the immigration battle between Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio.

Cruz will hammer Rubio on this, to go for the top Senate candidate in the bunch.

I do remember when similar argument broke out in Nebraska…


Founders Keepers

And an FYI, Marco Rubio will be at the Nebraska GOP’s Founder’s Day Dinner on Monday, November 23rd, at the LaVista Embassy Suites ($40/person).

For more info go to


More later!

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  1. Shake up says:

    I guess a lot of the Party Leadership is not happy about Lou Ann Linehan’s interest in running for the Unicameral. Her open support of Democrat Brad Ashford reinforces his narrative of being bi-partisan and hurts Don Bacon’s chance to win the seat back.

    • TexasAnnie says:

      Well maybe the Party Leadership is WRONG! I just googled her (and Sid Dinsdale too) and learned Lou Ann has an extensive record in government and politics over more than twenty-five years. What y’all should wonder is WHY she wants to work in the lowly unicam now, after achieving her stature in national and international politics. Do you think she wants to reinforce Gov. Ricketts? Sorta offset Chambers???

  2. Google This says:

    We have Lou Ann Linehan to thank for getting a carpetbagging asshole and opportunistic turncoat like Chuck Hagel elected. It is well documented how he turned on the hard working people of Nebraska and the republican party who got him elected.

    She happily helped him all along the way. Shares the same untrustworthy traits and strategy. Bait, switch and “MIS” represent the good LD 39 citizens. Not on my watch. A lot of anarchy will be taking place before that happens.

  3. To Google This says:

    I googled Lou Ann Linehan too and found the story of her handling a sexual harassment case in Chuck’s office quite troubling. I guess a congressional committee was troubled too.

  4. To To Google This says:

    Ouch! I Googled it. Freebeacon has a story
    “According to Foreign Policy, the Senate Armed Services Committee is investigating a sexual harassment allegation by a former Hagel staffer. The unnamed staffer has been interviewed by the committee about an incident that took place in 2007.
    The staffer, whose allegation was found credible by committee staff, does not involve Hagel directly. Instead, the investigation appears to center on whether Hagel knew of the incident and whether it was handled appropriately.
    Hagel’s former chief of staff Lou Ann Linehan, who oversaw the disciplinary process now being reviewed, dismissed the allegation and denied that the misconduct was “actually sexual harassment”:

  5. Do not be fooled by grandma Linehan says:

    Linehan has spent the last 20 years in DC. Just 18 months in NE. Will keep her DC traveling lobbyist job. Only a Republican in registration only. She is not qualified to truly know the folks and myself who live in her district. I will not be fooled by her “conservative cookie baking grandma” exterior she will try to thwart on us.

  6. Don Bacon supporter says:

    Are you kidding me? You want to run as a Republican after those donations! I will go door to door in my district with her donation records to every Republican household.

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