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If we knew, we’re guessing it wouldn’t be…

The Lincoln Journal Star has an interesting editorial today — interesting in a “fact-free” sort of way.

They are wading into the controversy about Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts’ travel costs — about a month late. Deena Winter at Watchdog has been hounding Ricketts and the State Patrol to provide details about the Governor’s out-of-state travel.

As you know, the Governor has been across Europe and Asia talking about Nebraska to potential customers of Nebraska products. But he has also headed out to various Governors’ meetings, as well as trips to New York Chicago and Pittsburgh — the last two following his family owned Chicago Cubs.

But when Deena Winter tried to get details on the cost of his travels and the associated security, the State Patrol and the Gov’s office stonewalled.

All she ever got was a summary of TOTAL State Patrol OVERTIME for 2014 and 2015 through July 15, 2015. She never received any specifics on the cost of Ricketts’ travel security, because the patrol says it doesn’t segregate that out.

So the bottom line is, neither Nebraskans, nor Winter, NOR the Lincoln Journal Star Editorial page has any idea what Ricketts’ travel is costing.

But that didn’t stop them from making a declaration on the whole thing:

Security expenses for Ricketts pale in comparison to those racked up by some other governors.

Connecticut Gov. Dannel Malloy’s security detail cost $1.1 million for his first two years in office, according to NBC News. When a security unit accompanied Texas Gov. Rick Perry to the Pacific island of Palau, it cost taxpayers more than $48,000, according to the Houston Chronicle. Security expenses skyrocket when a governor has presidential ambitions. Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal’s security costs were about $3.3 million for the past fiscal year, according to the Associated Press.

Well, all those details about the other Governors are interesting. But there is no comparison to Nebraska…because there’s no data!

It could also be worth noting per capita expense — but again who cares if you simply don’t know the numbers.

Ricketts has said that is all going to change going forward.
It’s not real clear why the info from the past 10 months can’t be updated as well.


But can he do the Haka?

Hey speaking of sports and Governor Ricketts, did you know he played rugby at the University of Chicago?

I didn’t.

I’m sort of assuming this was a club team or something, as opposed to an NCAA team.

But still.

That’s one of those things his campaign or his office should have at least been throwing around. I mean, I’m not saying rugby is more “manly” than say, biking…except that it is. (And don’t get me started on you bikers riding in front of me…)

Anyway, that’s the sort of thing you LIKE to hear about your Governor. He should be pushing the Wayne State team (as he is this w/e) and the G.O.A.T.S. in Omaha, and make it his “thing”.

(You know, if anyone reads this stuff…)


It’s called “H/T” in the biz…

And speaking of random occurences, if you saw the morning links, you’ll know that Don Walton of the aforementioned LJS “confirmed” that Lou Ann Linehan is considering running against fellow Republican Pat Borchers for Beau McCoy’s term-limited District 39 seat.

In some journalistic worlds, you at least credit where you got that original information, or some such.


It’ll be an interesting Nebraska GOP Founder’s Day Dinner on November 23rd (featuring Senator Marco Rubio), if Linehan attends — and gets the chance to chat with Lee Terry or Don Bacon or their supporters.

Linehan endorsed Democrat Jim Esch against Lee Terry and contributed to Brad Ashford’s campaign against Terry. And she just recently contributed to Ashford’s campaign against Don Bacon.

She won’t be the first Republican to give money to a Democrat — then again to do so in such close proximity to running for office, while a registered Republican in theory, is somewhat novel.

Linehan still lists her business — Linehan and Associates, LLC — as Fairfax, Virginia. And she was/is also a lobbyist for Washington, DC based DCI Group Public Affairs.

One would assume she would be moving back to Nebraska full-time. But then again, her old boss Chuck Hagel lived in Virginia, while representing Nebraska, so you never know. (Cheap shot alert!)


Or just in the back of the head

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  1. Macdaddy says:

    The only real question is how many lies Linehan is willing to tell to dupe voters into voting for her. Maybe she could use Hillary’s fake story about trying to join the Marines. BTW, did she happen to buy Kerrey’s house or is she sleeping on some relative’s couch?

    Here’s a tip Ms. Linehan, the voters have had enough of lying politicians. Save your time and lobbying perks and don’t bother.

  2. To Macdaddy says:

    Lou Ann has been on the wrong side of republican Politics since 2006. She is big buddies with the Clinton, Biden and Obama people and Team Hagel worked to get Bob Kerrey Elected here recently.

  3. Bluejay says:

    On GMA today Obama declared ISIS “contained.”

    Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.

    He had a chance to blow them to bits early and he did nothing.

    Worst. President. Ever.

  4. Bluejay says:

    ISIS is entirely Obama’s fault.

    He let it grow and become powerful in a safe place.

    He just wanted to run the clock out.
    He should have crushed ISIS when he had the chance.
    Loser. Failure.

  5. Lil Mac says:

    What a difference a day makes!

    Nov 10, (3 days ago) Trump at the debate reiterates the need for a border fence with Mexico. Governors Jeb Bush John Kasich dismissed the idea as silly.

    Nov 11, (2 days ago) Austria announces it will build a fence along it southern border (after months of Austria criticizing Hungary’s new razor wire fence between it and Slovenia, Croatia, and Serbia; and Denmark closing its border with Germany; and Germany with Austria; and Italy with Slovenia.) Borders are snapping shut everywhere. Nevertheless…

    Nov 12, (yesterday) Obama dismissed Trump’s illegals/border fence plan as “unrealistic and un-American” saying it will cost too much and tarnish our image abroad. — Trump responded by saying “A country without borders isn’t a county”.

    Nov 13, (today) France slams shut its borders after massive terrorist attacks.

    At a minimum, the political fallout here in the USA will be substantial.

    Trump will rise in the polls… Bush and Kasich will join Perry and Walker… And Obama may quiet down for a while.

  6. Gerard the Braggart says:

    Gerard Harbison is attacking Obama’s handling of terroritst, ya that same Gerard that has bragged about his own family ties to the IRA on this very blog.

    • Mark Andrews says:

      I learned that if you can’t say anything nice it better not to say it. The nicest thing I can say to the anonymous, “Gerard the Braggart” is that you, sir, are a dumbshit. I don’t hold that against you, anymore than I can blame a skunk for its smell, you’re just “made that way.”

      You can play here when you can sign your own, real name – and take the beatings you’ve earned like a goddamn man.

      • TexasAnnie says:

        Why the ire? Certainly Gerard dishes it out! And nothing said by Gerard the Braggart is untrue. But I would not have acknowledged the comment without your having interceded.
        Mark you have previously chastised me for caring more about disabled wards of the State of Nebraska than you! What was your input? Oh yes, you have a nephew with disability… sooo you are/were sick of me speaking up for the wards of the state! But I note you did not deny what has/is happening there in that regard.

        And Grundle comes at me frequently for speaking about my ‘taxing’ experience in Nebraska. READ your damn legislative transcripts!!! It’s all in there. Directly after passage of LB775 families were brought to Nebraska en masse, purposefully, as “new jobs created” in exchange for corporate tax abatement. Nebraskans have USED PEOPLE as means to its ends, rather than as an end unto themselves! That’s immoral and that’s enshrined in your tax code. And rather than argue this ‘taxing’ issue with me directly, disdainful Leavenworth St. responders resort to name-calling. So it seems to me that y’all are still doin’ what you were doin’ when I lived there and that the disabled community is no better off. Evidence this new budgeting cycle: slighted SPED funding, AGAIN!

        Gotta’ head out for Austin and FUN!

      • Ed Stevens says:

        Pearls before swine, Mark. Don’t waste your time and bandwidth speaking truth to the anony-mice that infest the blogosphere – they’re all having too much (cowardly)fun attacking from the bushes. As I’ve noted many times, they don’t even have enough regard for their opinions to own them … so why should I, or anyone, pay them any attention?

        Best part is, we don’t have to keep score … that’s being done ….

      • The Grundle King says:

        TA, I ‘come at you’ because you continually play this victim game, perpetuating this notion that you were forced to come to here…as if some black van full of masked men ripped you from your home and plopped you in Nebraska. You and your husband CHOSE to move here. If the idea of living here so thoroughly disgusted you, he could have found a new job. Hell, even after moving here, you had every opportunity to leave. Instead you chose to remain, and now you can’t quit whining about how badly poor little ol’ you got treated. Grow the hell up and take some ownership of your life. Life is a series of choices…choose wisely.

        Ed, for someone who claims not to care about the opinions from folks like me (who would prefer to protect our identities), you sure do spend a fair amount of time whining about our anonymity. I can say with a considerable degree of certainty that I’ve never met any of the commenters here in person, including the anonymous ones. Exposing my name would have no effect on the things I say, so I see little benefit in telling everyone who I am. Indeed, the only likely outcome would be that one of those damn black vans that scooped up Annie and her family will come for me and mine, and drop us that burgeoning liberal haven of Austin, TX. (shudder)

      • TexasAnnie aka D'Anne says:

        I’m not 8:28, but please explain yourself, Gerard:

        “The strangest thing about growing up in a terrorist family is how normal it all seems at the time.”

        “What can I say? It all seemed pretty ordinary at the time.”

        I said PLEASE.

      • TexasAnnie says:

        Yep! MAMIWAM’s. That’s Ed’s organization. And he won’t debate, because all he knows how to do is name-calling. I think he’s stuck in junior high. Maybe I should google his name!

        But you, Mark, I thought above name-calling. How sad to see you resort to this tactic as well. Anytime you want a debate about the care and cuddling of the developmentally disabled there, I’m ready. And remember: Gov. Heineman granted about as much tax abatement to corporations last year as he spent on SPED (not limited to the DD pop., but ALL SPED).
        Surely good Republicans do not regard this similar amount too excessive! But don’t worry, even if you do forget, I’ll be here to remind you…

  7. hone the point says:

    You are saying Professor Harbison was what? King of Ireland? An IRA chieftain? I am not sure what your point is but it is most definitely on your head.

    Please remind us why your Democrat boyfriend Barry Obama got the Nobel Peace Prize.

  8. Trumpeter says:

    Trump may be the smartest and most insightful guy to ever run for President. Yes, it is chilling that he’s so right about borders and illegals while everyone else is so bloody dead wrong. But on a lighter side, there is Trump’s delightfully funny campaigning.

    I mean, look at Carson. Trump calls Carson a “Pathological Liar”. Just two words yet so elegantly tailored to one psyche (Carson’s) that while everyone else hears only a jab, the very next day Carson is eagerly explaining to Katy Couric the definition of the word “pathological” to make sure she understands Carson isn’t a mentally diseased liar but rather the regular kind of liar.

    Carson’s campaign has already admitted his book is full of lies, they simply say his lies don’t matter.

    Trump’s carefully selected bait draws Carson to hook himself just like Trump deftly baited Fiorina ala Rosy O’Donnell and baited Jeb Bush ala his Mexican connections. Trump trolls for idiots and they volunteer to hook themselves. Its so damn funny. I cannot remember when a candidate made me laugh as much as Trump does. It is like watching a chess game between Bobby Fischer and a bunch of Forrest Gumps.

  9. Hold them accountable says:

    Those that supported the Obama Administration’s work in Syria and Iraq and did nothing to stop ISIS should be held accountable

  10. Macdaddy says:

    The pathetic part about Obama is that despite repeated warnings, repeated demonstrations of the seriousness of the threat, the repeated offers of help from every stripe of the political spectrum, he does…nothing but offer meaningless platitudes. I guess we’ll have to count on the Russians for a while.

  11. Anonymous says:

    “Team Hagel”, ala SECDEF, was Obama. The entire Executive Branch is one man, one person, with one personality contest that puts him there, and right now its Obama. If you believe Obama can blaming his subordinates, blaming being black, blame whatever else for his failure, its his failure, The buck stops at Obama’s effeminate ass.

    For general info, you cannot fix stupid. Obama is unfixable. So you better start talking about the next president.

    And, BTW, forget the sympathy for the hundreds of dead frogs. You need to worry about thousands and millions of dead Americans.

  12. Anon says:

    Remember the originator of the “who you going to call at 3AM”. The Liar. She has shown in Benghazi the answer to that. With her and Slick’s loathing of the military, and the law it should be interesting

  13. TexasAnnie says:

    Street Sweeper: Since it’s OPEN COMMENT and I’ve got the evening stretched ahead, and since you asked for it, I’ve got to say your neglected commentary over the years about tax policy, especially Nebraska’s corporate welfare, is glaring! Do you and your usual commenters believe you should be buying temporary jobs via tax policy? Cause that’s what Nebraskans are doing!

    It is conceivable that I am in outfield on this issue and I’ve considered that. But I always experience an involuntary aversion when I learn about more and more tax abatement. And even though the Democrats are just as entrenched in crony capitalism as Republicans, my aversion is especially acute in the case of Republicans because they know better! Yet they routinely campaign on a promise of tax justice…we never get it…and bloggers like you fail to rail against it. Don’t you care?

    • More of the same says:

      With decreasing income and increasing property taxes the agricultural sector in Nebraska is about ready to drown under the burden. The Governor is intent on passing an income tax cut for his rich friends and the Legislature is sure to provide even more corporate giveaways in response to the exit of ConAgra and the pending demise of Cabela’s.

      You’re lucky you got out when you did, Annie. The future is looking bad in Nebraska, and there isn’t much hope that the damned fools in the Legislature and the spoiled rich brat in the Governor’s mansion are going to do anything but accelerate the decline and fall.

  14. TexasAnnie says:

    Thanx for your reply and kind expression of my ‘luck’ in getting out. You can get out too! I know it was easy for us to pack and leave because we weren’t born and raised there. And I know so many of you who love Nebraska with such great sentiment. But at some point survival outweighs sentiment. More than tax structure and more than boring football, it was truly our regard for our daughter with disability which sealed our departure. Not only do we pocket a very sizable Nebraska state income tax each year, but we are able to guarantee her safety and nurturing here.

    Y’all can speak up! I don’t care if you use your real name or not. Anyone using this blog now, who knew me back when, knows my real name to be sure. The question is simple enough: Do you care about rampant corporate welfare in Nebraska to a point of diminishing ________________ public programming?
    You fill in the blank. It doesn’t matter what program you favor ’cause eventually the corporatists running the state will be cutting there as well, to meet the ongoing annual demand of ‘tax credits earned.’

  15. ColormeAmerican says:

    Listening to tax gripes is less interesting than poop swastikas. So let’s switch gears.

    A poop swastika on campus seems “racist” to Obama who doesn’t stop to consider that a poop Star of David would be more appropriate. Yet how flattering is any image drawn in poop? But let’s for a moment assume Hitler would applaud a poop swastika. As symbols go, swastikas are heinous. But then, what about Nov. 4, 2008, when giddy Obama supporters on TV in front of the White House waved the Communist “hammer and sickle” symbol? It wasn’t made of poop. It was real.

    Nazi Germany (the swastika) murdered 21 million innocents. Communist regimes (hammer and sickle) PRC and USSR murdered 149 million innocents. Communist Che Guevarra posters were seen in Obama campaign offices. Yet none of this is racism, because US racial oppression isn’t real. Like a poop swastika, waving hated symbols is something political assholes do to get attention or in some way profit.

    And that leads us to a core concept…

    RACISM IS DEAD IN AMERICA. Two terms of Obama and now Carson leading GOP polls proves it.

    Disliking groups of people? Hell yes that is alive. It is our right to hate groups of people.

    I hate one particular group. They are violent, lazy, and uneducated. Their young women pop out bastards for the welfare check and their young men, when not shooting at each other, make money by selling illegal drugs. They talk loudly about loving Jesus and yet most have criminal records and spend their time playing music when they should be working. They are drains on society. But unlike Hitler, we don’t put them into gas chambers. We pay them via taxes, we subsidize their rotten subhuman lifestyle. And because they are trailer trash, nobody, including Obama, gives a shit what I say about these walking bags of human garbage. For they are white. And there are more of them who are white than there are those like them who are black. So there is no racism per se. There is just government’s addictive welfare that wrecks human beings.

    There is however a profitable Race-Terror-Mythology Industry that brings in donations and votes that are money and power. The only “color” of this faux-racism is green, as in the folding kind.

  16. Rick says:

    While Bacon has the Sarpy-heavy support of some insiders, I’d bet 90% of NE-2 voters still couldn’t tell you anything about him. Is it really too late for someone (heck, even a political newcomer) to join the race after the holiday season – when voters might start paying attention to the race?

  17. bynd says:

    When all is said and done, and the votes are counted next year, what change do really expect?

    Ricky: instead of just being an inconsequential blowhard. Why not change to Republican and really make a difference.

    TA: I stay here because my wife tells me as long as my kids and grand kids stay here so will we. Those are the sacrifices we make for them.

    I even offered to by a motel in a state that doesn’t tax a federal pension. We could all move there. Wife didn’t think I was serious. Although I had mandatory retirement at age 56, I left a little early when I finally figured out, it has nothing to do with how much you will make in retirement, but what you will spend. You will never make enough.

  18. Anonymous says:

    I’d bet Sarpy voters at least know Bacon is a General and a Republican. And that says a few thing automatically. He’s good under pressure, security clearance, executive experience, dealt with congress, is successful and has a squeaky clean record — generals are vetted far more than politicians — and he is of the party that controls the HOR. People know that.

    Your tone sounds like those who whack Trump because they know Jeb or Bernie are a shoe in.

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