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Screen Shot 2015-11-16 at 1.29.30 PMA few links on this Monday morn…

Bloomberg’s Mark Halperin asks on the Twitter…

I don’t get why it took Paris for some Western country to bomb the ISIS targets the French hit Sunday. Is this a war or not?

— Mark Halperin (@MarkHalperin) November 16, 2015

While there have been thousands of hits in Syria, why did it take murdering 150 people in Paris to decide that ISIS needed to be hit there?


Don Walton takes to his Monday column to call for Nebraskans to get rid of / change term limits…again.

And he tells Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders to stop lying to voters during the debates.
At least I THINK that’s the point he was making.

Oh, and he thinks the Mizzou president needs to be more aware when that 25 year old from Omaha fakes being hit by his car.
(Again, check me if I misjudged Don here…)


Obama: Ben Carson ‘Doesn’t Know Much’ About Fighting ISIS

Trump warns Syrian refugees could be ISIS ‘Trojan horse’ in the US

Paris Bomber Sneaked in With Refugees, Officials Say


  1. Obama Kept Us Safe says:

    While Republicans are rushing out to blame Obama for the Paris attacks, do they realize this happened on another continent? It’s not happening here.

  2. GetBloodyReal says:

    “While there have been thousands of hits in Syria, why did it take murdering 150 people in Paris to decide that ISIS needed to be hit there?” — Answer: Because we westerners think ourselves into irrational corners. We try hard to choose peace. Others aren’t so picky.

    I am a former executive in matters small caliber and mega-tonnage and a blooded combatant. I know Islam as most Americans don’t. Westerners, born to the enlightenment of separate church and state cannot well grasp church-state such as ISIL. A Caliphate is better than medievalism but anachronistically crippled compared to the individual choice at the heart of open markets and democracy. A world in ashes is required for Islam to shine. Required. It cannot be Islam and and not demand submission.

    But to address your question, Westerners like us feel guilty by winning wars unless we bleed enough and barely win them. We despise Enola Gay crewmen for winning WWII by wiping out a city, thought they saved millions from death by invasion, because our crewmen weren’t wounded. Indeed, America’s greatest war tributes are memorials to our greatest stupid slaughters by bad luck and bad generalship; Iwo Jima memorial, the Vietnam Wall, celebrations of useless death. Like the French, we want to hesitate to slaughter enemies. So we applaud and worship mountains of our KIA’s while we let our living veterans wait to death at VA hospitals.

    Americans are the warped children of Hollywood. We need Gary Cooper to be wounded and allow the bad guy to pick up his gun in a “fair fight” before we feel we earn the right to slaughter him. I myself have been shot at while killing people, and that includes the civilians who are the enemy’s economic base. And I can guarantee you, it is much better if you catch them asleep or in a mall or at a football a game. There is nothing fair about war. And as secular “christians” we approach it much dumber than Islamists do.

    Go ahead feel aghast at my rude truth above. Get your panties in a knot like you do over Trump.

    • Sparkles says:

      America’s brightest and shiniest moment in all of history was the incineration of more than 150,000 men, women and children. Nearly all of them innocent.

      Yep, a true Shining City on a Hill.
      The shine, courtesy of the isotopic glow of your friendly lobbyist’s at Wars R Us.

      It’s clear that the answer to ISIS, and to reclaiming Murrica’s exceptionalism, is to incinerate the 1.7 Million residents of the capital city of Syria. And for good measure, why not nuke a couple hundred thousand women and children from the neighboring city of Al-Raqqah.
      That otta show ’em. Why, we’re certain never to see another radicalized muslim ever again!

      A detailed plan was recently presented in Iowa by the lead clown in the GOP tour d’ ignorance:
      “Bomb the shit out of Isis”

      • This doesn’t address the fact that there 150,000 killed in the atom bombings saved several million deaths in an invasion of the Japanese home islands. Because, to a liberal, results don’t matter, only intentions.

        And no one suggested incinerating Damascus, except Sparkles himself. What a sick little puppy.

      • bynd says:

        But it was a liberal Democrat president that ordered the dropping of those A bombs. By liberal reckoning, that puts the blood on your hands. How do you get those stains out?

  3. Mark Andrews says:

    A post-9/11 attack of the same scale hasn’t happened on American soil yet. Not for lack of trying.

    It is prudent to assume that those who want to harm us are already here. Some are imports, others home-grown, still others are motivated by a variety of ideologies and not the presenting one.

    What I wonder about is the larger strategy behind these attacks. Kill 129 people in Paris, grievously wound another, what, 500? So France goes on a war-footing. This is about more than murdering innocents, its about goading France onto a war-footing. I am not saying France’s response is incorrect, either. But I do wonder who’s zooming who.

    Here is an example of the mindset I wonder about. Ruhollah Khomeini spent 15 years in exile in France before returning to Iran. He had exactly ONE thing on his mind. He largely succeeded. We in the West don’t have anyone in leadership that cunning. Why not? There is serious chess being played here. Clinton thinks she’s up to it but she, like her husband, enjoys electioneering more than governing. Trump thinks he’s up to it, but he’s not quite smart enough for this level of play.

    We’ve awakened in a mine field with no map. Where do we step next?

    • Sparkles says:

      Why, surely you know the answer to your question: “We’ve awakened in a mine field with no map. Where do we step next?”

      You must have missed it.
      John McCain and his bestest pal Butters were on TeeVee just this morning, regurgitating the cry.
      When you wake up in a minefield with no map, the answer is clear: American boots on the ground.

      Cause ya see, like climate change, evolution and Barack Obama’s birth certificate.. Dwight D., and his warning never existed.

    • Mark Andrews says:

      You’re slow to learn aren’t you? Imagined connections to terrorists vs real stupidity? Real stupidity loses every time.

      • TexasAnnie says:

        Again, Mark, Gerard Harbison has published accounts of having grown up in a terrorist family. As a Librarian, you should be able to find them.

      • The Grundle King says:

        It would be interesting to know if TexasAnnie’s parents ever made an off-color remark regarding blacks, Hispanics, gays, cross-dressers, or even (heaven forbid) the developmentally disabled. After all, by her rationale, ideology is genetic…so I’d be curious to know which forms of bigotry run in her lineage. I mean, hey…she is from Texas, y’all.

    • repentinglawyer says:

      So what if the Prof’s family was involved with IRA, he also has told us that they liked TLM. Neither fact provides disqualification for discussing ISIS or blaming POTUS. I think his position on POTUS is wrong but not because of his family. This whole discussion is stupid.

      • TexasAnnie says:

        Sooo…since Gerard perpetuates the discussion beyond your input I infer that you regard his comments stupid. And I agree. It’s just another example of the name-calling he thrives on.

  4. Anonymous says:

    The USA right now has a 50% or better chance of at least one US city being reduced to a lifeless mountain of dead before the election next November.

  5. Ricky says:

    On another subject: I see Friend Of Ricketts Mike Cassling, who like Ricketts got rich because their daddy’s got them into the family business, is trying to strong-arm the city of LaVista into taking two large swimming pools off his hands.
    (By the way this Cassling guy gave 15 grand to the death penalty petitions, and his daddy’s company was a HEALTH CARE company).
    If I were LaVista I’d stay far away from this dumb project. I suggest Cassling give the pools to the Department of Corrections, since he is concerned about them. The prisoners could use them to get in shape and kill time.

  6. Ricky says:

    Oh, and I don’t think ISIS is a threat to the US, and are over -rated, and it’s the Middle East’s problem to solve not Americas.
    ricky from Westside High

  7. bynd says:


    So once again, snarky remarks that mean what?

    It would seem that you accept with much personal angst the numbers from just WWII, 12 to 13 million military deaths, 45 million civilian deaths, 25 million wounded, Holocaust, comfort houses, death marches, POWs brutally treated contrary to the Geneva convention. To name just a few. Evidently, you would have accepted more of the same and not dropped the bombs. As horrible as was happened was, it is mindsets like yours that enable wars to go on and on with more and more killed, civilian and military, and it is always more civilians. There is no such thing as a moral war, there is no such thing as a higher road when fighting a war.

    I assume that you didn’t bring up Obama’s treaty with Iran because you know it is bogus. Diplomacy. How many wars/fighting has it stopped? It has started a lot more than it stopped. The treaty with Iran is not about nukes, they will eventually get them but Obama put that off in his time assuring it will happen to another administration. But what chaos and death will the $100 billion bring to this world? Unknown. But the outlook is catastrophic.

    So save your faux moral high ground about dropping the bombs for those, who like you, seem to like protracted wars and even more deaths. It would appear that you have never fought in one nor listened to those who have.

    Ricky, what do you mean by over rated? Obama had the exact same attitude and look where we are today. Brave words from one who probably never served. Wisdom is NOT under rating your opponent like you do/did Miles.

    • Sparkles says:


      Re your statement:
      “I assume that you didn’t bring up Obama’s treaty with Iran because you know it is bogus. ”

      You mean the historic Iran nuclear containment deal that was praised by Colin Powell – former 4 Star General and National Security Advisor to Ronald Reagan and Chairman of the Joints Chief’s of Staff as well as Secretary to State to George W?
      That deal?

      The very same deal that was called: “An epochal moment that Congress shouldn’t squander”, by none other than Brent Scowcroft, retired USAF Lieutenant General and National Security Advisor under both Presidents Gerald Ford and George H. W. Bush. Also Military Assistant to President Richard Nixon and as Deputy Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs in the Nixon and Ford administrations. More recently Chairman of the President’s Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board under President George W. Bush from 2001 to 2005. A man revered so universally as to have been charged with personally assisting President Obama in choosing his entire national security team.
      Brent Scowcroft who characterized Obama’s Iran Deal to be akin to Reagan’s With USSR and Nixon’s with China.
      Is THAT the deal you’re talking about?

      The same Brent Scowcroft that joined yet another National Security Advisor and highly prominent geostrategist, Zbigniew Brzezinski (Carter, 77-81) in penning a letter to Congress eliciting their support for the Iran agreement.
      Surely it’s not THAT deal your talking about??

      Oh, I forget, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and a cackle of extremist right wing nut jobs in Congress have promised the Iran deal is certain to hasten the End Times.
      Yep, it’s THOSE miscreants and grifters whose voice we should heed, as we stock up on ammo, food insurance and survival seeds.

    • repentinglawyer says:

      Bynd, Since ISIS is mostly at war with the Shia and the honorary Shia in Syria, in the Middle East Iran is on our side with regard to ISIS. US seems to wanted to oppose ISIS without supporting Assad, neither Russia nor France have shared that worry. The French planes took off from UAE a Sunni Muslim country. I agree that the we are to blame argument is unsound, but given the confusing Middle East, I doubt any of us have the expertise to be sure of much else. I would note that Bibbi’s upset about Obama’s deal with Iran’s not shared by much of his own defense and intelligence community, though the Israeli paper I read, in English, is not among his friends.

  8. bynd says:


    As more and more worldly offshoots pledge allegiance to ISIS, I would not agree that their war is mostly against Shia in Iraq or Syria. They brought down a Russian airliner putting, arguably, another world power against them who will not hesitate to get as brutal as they need to be. On the face, it looks like a stupid move, but ISIS is not stupid.

    Iran is not really on our side. They are on Bashar’s side, which is to mean, their own side with their own agenda. They and the Russians do not hesitate to take out our moderate allies in Syria. Putin plays Obama like a fiddle and the Iranians play him like a drum.

    As to the Middle East being a mess. Yes it is. And I would just as soon see us leave except for protecting the Kurds and let the Russians and Iranians get caught up in the quagmire. Doesn’t anyone pay attention to history? As one analyst from intelligence recently stated, they have told us who they are and what they are going to, and we refuse to believe them. So much for Hillary’s we need to know about them. Yes we do, but we need reality, not made up names.

    So we shall see when the $100 billion? or million is in the hand’s of Iran what the outcome will be.

    As long as Obama seems secure in his 65 nation coalition, he will continue for a diplomatic solution that, like the Palestinians and Israelis, will never come.

    How many of Obama’s coalition can you name? 65 to one and the one is still around raping, pillaging, destroying historical artifacts and cutting off heads. And that is considered leadership by the 65:(

    • repentinglawyer says:

      Bynd doubt if I could name many of the 65, but then I do not claim to be an expert, just confused. Iran is enemy of my enemy, though they did make Alawites honorary Muslims. Can not see any evidence ISIS is becoming more worldly though it clearly has recruited in Islamic slums in France and Belgium. In Paris ISIS seemed to target Westernized Muslims, which tends to refute worldly expansion. For the rest, you maybe right, but I think your politics are showing

  9. bynd says:


    I haven’t read any of those specifically but it isn’t hard to deduce that they were addressing the nuclear treaty and not the build up of arms that the Russians are already selling them. If you believe that the Iranians are going to use the money for humanitarian causes, then I would hav to believe in Santa also. But no need together your panties in a wad right now, only time will tell.

    RL: Groups in the Sinai, Libiya, and Afganistan just to name a few are calling themselves IS in “name the country”. And maybe it would be more accurate to say that their influence continues to grow while th administration states they are contained. Kind of like they were the JV team.

  10. repentinglawyer says:

    Bend, Clearly ISIS is trying to make contact with radical groups in Arab countries and these groups are suggesting association, doubt anyone in DC does not know, WP has given considerable coverage. But so what? 8 people did a lot of damage in France, though they seem in the main to be from Belgium. Hardly the presence that justifies Apocalyptic language of many Rs. On other hand Paris shows, as did 9 11, that a few can inflict horrible harm. Vigilance is one thing, the sky is falling ia another. First terrorist acts, which disappeared lockers in airports, were Croate nationalists, while former Yugo. was not former.

  11. Bluejay says:

    Hope the Butler family enjoys its Hawaiian vacation.

    What a joke that Butler kid is.
    But a future LPS or OPS principal, for sure.

  12. Sparkles:

    No one in the modern GOP has the slightest regard for Scowcroft, Powell, or least of all Brzezinski, three guys who would be denied jobs as extras in Jurassic Park because they might be too easily confused with the wildlife.

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