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Senator Marco Rubio spoke at the Nebraska Republican Party’s Founder’s Day dinner last night.

As a service to you, the following is that speech pasted into a podcast on The Wheels Down Politics Show.

Photo courtesy of Tom Chappelear
Photo courtesy of Tom Chappelear

In this format, you can listen to it here in your browser, download it directly by clicking here, or you can download it onto your podcast player via iTunes.

You can also see a video of Rubio’s speech via Chip Maxwell’s original Periscope video — now via YouTube.



And, ICYMI, here are the two new Rubio ads up in Iowa now:

The second one is a better story, but I’m not sure I’m crazy about the “actor’s portrayal” of his dad walking into the house.

Seems like a number of still pics would have been better.


Here comes the Flood

While people were greatly impressed by Senator Rubio last night, the rave reviews are STILL coming in about the night’s emcee, former Unicameral Speaker Mike Flood.

A few of Flood’s (printable) zingers:

After a very tardy Governor Ricketts finally came into the room…

“Governor Ricketts is here. He’s been traveling a lot lately…”

On former State Senator, now U.S. Senator Deb Fischer…

“I was at a gas station in Norfolk. As I got out to pump gas, I hear on the radio that Senator Fischer was part of a group meeting w Benjamin Netanyahu. I thought, what the hell is happening? I’m pumping gas and Deb Fischer is meeting with the Prime Minister of Israel???”

On former State Senator, now Congressman, Adrian Smith…

“Adrian hates when I tell this story. Started in the Legislature and Langemeier comes up to me one day and says ‘Adrian and I are going to the juice bar later. Want to go?’ and I say, yeah I’m in. So I get in the car and Adrian’s driving and I think to myself, ‘Wow we’re actually going to do this and drive to Waverly!’ But next thing I know, we’re in downtown Lincoln at a smoothie place and these guys are excited about getting fruit smoothies. I thought, you guys might be a little too straight-laced for me.”

Flood was in full-on, I’m making jokes and I don’t care mode.

Either completely out of politics…or running for President.


You know where this is going…

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  1. T“therein lies the rub” says:

    Marco Rubio is a thief. And I don’t mean he misspends tax dollars as a legislator who has difficulty showing up to vote, although he does that too.

    Rubio appointed his wife treasurer of a Florida PAC and then stole the PAC’s money to purchase things for his house. When others became aware of the crime, he put the money back like any smart embezzler would. For those of you who wallow in political correctness, this is okay because he spent the money on his house rather than heroin. But stealing is stealing. And frankly, a greedy ambitious politician isn’t all that unusual or much of a threat.

    What is most worrisome about Rubio is his constant personal indebtedness to the point that last June he took a huge loss on a home heading into foreclosure after he failed to pay the mortgage for five months. And that was while he was running for President.

    Rubio’s mushy record, like that of 99 other Senators. bears scrutiny enough to get into the U. S. Senate but melts like soft wax as he rises in the polls and the heat rises on him.

    After Rubio joins Fiorina and Carson in the dustbin along with Bush and that bunch, all that will be left will be Donald and Ted. But you already knew that, right?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Therein lies the Rub…io.

    Shakespeare lived at a time when being honest got your head chopped off and yet he made a fortune by writing popular entertainment that carefully tickled truth for effect and alternately directly patronized the lies for his own safety. Twas the political correctness of his time.

    You today can be fired, fined or imprisoned for saying what you think if it is deemed not nice, and yet politicians can commit crimes like theft and releasing top secrets and still run for President.

    We haven’t changed so much since the Bard.

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