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GoodLife.jogAs we dive into this holiday week, let’s call this a Carl Curtis Open Comment Friday (because who doesn’t like Friday?).

As always, keep your comments clean and fair and, most importantly, interesting.

Live by the Jim Rome adage: Have a take, don’t suck.


Playing on both sides of the aisle

Rep. Brad Ashford is trying to keep the local Dems off his back by hammering national Republicans as much as possible, while voting with Congressional Republicans.

Tell the protestors about Governor’s refugee stance and they will no doubt hammer him as a racists anti-muslim bigot, or some such.

Read the local fishwraps and they note, “Nebraska Gov. Pete Ricketts joined more than half his fellow governors seeking a temporary halt to the resettlement of Syrian refugees in their states.”

Anything about Congressman Ashford’s vote in Congress — you know the one that will actually affect policy. Ah but Ashford runs it down the middle by knocking Donald Trump! “Hate is filling our airwaves!” Ashford piously intones.

Ashford’s playing a tricky game. Of course if Trump’s numbers go up in the District, expect to see statements about “understanding the anger he’s tapping into…”


What do THEY want to talk about?

Interesting discussion today with a legislative candidate who notes the topic he hears most from voters: Death Penalty? Property Taxes? Husker Running Game?


Well, there’s always those. But, #1?


People are STILL fascinated, and it ain’t sloughing off just yet.
Ted Cruz seems to be rising in Iowa — and there could be major issues for Trump regarding organizing for the caucuses — but Trump is still leading.

What do the MAJOR donors do?
The Washington Post says…nothing.

Plan A for GOP donors: Wait for Trump to fall. (There is no Plan B.)

Most of the party’s financiers and top strategists are sitting on the sidelines. Many are reluctant to spend money against Trump after watching others fumble as they tried to handle his counter-punches. Others, citing past elections, remain confident that the race will eventually pivot away from him early next year.

An interesting “plan”.

And history say’s they’re right.
But I heard peeps pretty excited about Marco Rubio’s recent reception in C.B. where around 100 people showed.

Which, don’t get me wrong, is good.

But Trump’s still getting thousands at his rallies.
It’s still a spectacle.
HE’s still a spectacle.

But what say you peeps?
Is he JUST a spectacle?

I’ll tell you right now, there are many, many oldsters — who vote en masse — who believe Trump is the only one who can save America.

What say you?
Yeah, YOU!


Still don’t like the fire/tear logo...

And for a little media hit for ya, here’s Ted Cruz’s first ad:



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Oh, and GO HUSKERS!!!


    • bynd says:

      Just a continuation of Presidential status quo elections. But you can’t keep doing the same thing and expect a different out come. What happens when the voting majority finally gets tired of establishment candidates?

      • I would not say either Rubio or Cruz qualify as ‘status quo’. They both have solid conservtive records, unlike McCain or Romney. If Trump has done us one favor, it’s to move the Overton window so the establishment now feels it has to get behind Rubio.

  1. Anonymous says:

    Trump is rising thanks to smart people like you being blind to reality. It is you, the involved partisans, after all, who put the “political” into political correctness. Your blindness is profound.

    69% of average voters (and that isn’t you) say it is more important to do charity work than to do any work involving politics. They despise what you value most, and which makes you most blind. Sorry. That’s how it is.

    Like Reagan, Trump will drag you last into the light and after that it will be up to you to pry your eyes open or as most like you did after Reagan, simply wonder in a glow of confusion. Your sort still cannot grasp Reagan’s appeal and neither Trump’s. But it is worse with you because you are deeper into the Matrix, or for you old academics, your Orwellian myopia.

    The shift began in the 1960’s away from blunt reason toward endemic PC unreason that gags plain speaking, free expression and freedom of speech that prevents tyranny, and ever since then people telling raw truth are punished by society and criminalized by the state. And you know that is true.
    You also know that lies couched in kindness are promoted, rewarded, and enforced.

    It is in fact not hope but the poor’s misery that drives people to need largess and then vote that way, and it is working misery that drives people to fear the other side’s crippling largess and to vote that way. Everyone is invested in the sheer profit they get from misery while draping it a façade of civility. Americans aren’t supposed to be English poofs like this.

    When faced with simple Trump reforms that break rice bowls of those invested in defeat, you don’t know you are begin offered ribeye from the long line of Democrat and Republican shit sandwiches you have been handed since forever. Maybe it’s a sense of smell you are missing too.

  2. You're Delusional says:

    Trump just ain’t Reagan.

    I’m starting to wonder if Trump’s real goal isn’t to get Clinton elected. If he ends up winning the nomination the moderate middle is going to vote for Clinton and she will win. If he doesn’t get the nomination and decides to run as an independent he’ll siphon off enough votes from the right to make sure that Clinton wins.

    A vote for Trump is a vote for Clinton!

  3. Anonymous says:

    You say Trump will run as an independent? That’s funny. It is GOP insiders who today talk about running their own independent against GOP nominee Trump, and that is thanks to the 60% of GOP voters who have very clearly said they will take anyone except candidates offered by the GOP Establishment. What disgusts GOP voters is… you… the GOP Establishment.

    SS says GOP voters are “fascinated” with Trump, while the guy is hauling the mail in the GOP primary. That’s some fascination.

    The thing about really good strategy is, it works no matter what you do to stop it. The more you squirm, the better Trump will do.

    Read The Hill’s recent “GOP in Panic Over Trump”. A GOP is beyond mired in abject fear. It is going spastic.

    Liz Mair’s and Kasich’s so called “secret guerilla war” to have the RNC stab Trump in the back isn’t convincing Koch types to donate. Their wallets snapped shut last June. But this GOP effort to stab its own front runner will confirm what most GOP voters suspect, and also what almost all Independents already loath, about the party and indeed about all partisans.

  4. Brian T. Osborn says:

    I really do hope that the GOP selects Donald Trump as their candidate. It will spell the end of the GOP as we know it.
    There are too many sons and daughters of The Greatest Generation that still respect the sacrifices that our parents made to fight fascism in this world. We won’t be so willing to hand over all that is good about America to that egomaniacal, fascist narcissist . We will turn out to vote in record numbers. The days of radical politics will soon be over and the boring, old, status quo middle-of-the-roaders will once again hold the reins of power. Hopefully we can do that before the horses and wagon go off the deep end.
    I believe a revolution in American politics is imminent. For too long spoiled rotten babies have led both parties. They insist on a my-way-or-the-highway fealty to the “leadership” within their organizations. Both parties have forgotten that our representatives are supposed to serve “We the people,” not merely the monied interests that line the pockets of those in charge. The time is ripe for an upheaval of our entire political system. A new political entity may arise, possibly as a 3rd party, possibly as a coalition of moderate Republicans, moderate Democrats and Independents; certainly NOT one centered around an autocratic buffoon such as Donald Trump.
    America will be strong enough to defend itself from all of the threats that exist in our world only when we are led by adults that have OUR best interests at heart. By “OUR” I mean the vast majority of American citizens, not just those with enough money to buy political influence. The vanishing middle class, women, minorities, the working poor, veterans and a whole new generation of young people are becoming aware of the damage that our current political system has done to America, a nation that was once proud and powerful, a nation that stood up for what was right and good. We will see that America rise again only when we decide to abandon the shackles that political parties, and their alliances to the military-industrial complex, have placed on us.
    Viva la Revolucion!

  5. Anon says:

    revolution, .the dream of the hopeless. You abhor Trump, yet accept lie to your face Clinton and their trash associates . What more harm could be done by another. Check her e-mails where Saleha Abedin has access thru her companion, the Daesh candidate.

  6. The band says:

    Turkey shot down a Russian jet. Turkey is supposed to be a US ally. But when US-led forces raided the ISIS CFO’s digs back in July, they found clear evidence that Turkey is dealing with ISIS, mainly purchasing oil, funding the Islamic caliphate that wants Americans and Russians dead.

    Islam traditionally hates itself more than anyone else. Turkey has awful military tyranny and Sunni and Shite branches are awful counter theocracies. They are as charming as Fascist Germany, Italy and Japan and far more similar to them than many of us today realize.

    But here’s the thing. As the Internet makes the world shrink, people really do join hands like in the Coca Cola commercials. Moslems finally have something in common, i.e. killing us.

    So come on kids, let’s get the band back together!

    Remember WWII? The Big Three (and I don’t mean Churchill’s island). Uncle Sam, the Russian Bear and China. We whipped the Fascists down to bone marrow. And that’s what Islam needs to separate its church from state, or else its head from its neck. Either way, it is fixed.

    We have a Communist China that acts capitalist, a capitalist USA that acts socialist, and Putin’s Russia that works like the KGB. Its a real power house band.

    We need a name for the band. I want it on a T shirt.

  7. Benthere says:

    Trump is doing pretty good when he gets RWP and BTO to agree.

    Republicans here are pooping their pants and now the Democrat who Democrats most love to ignore is lapping up the pain to the point of calling Trump a fascist.

    Fascist? Wow. That sounds like Democrats describing DNC functionary and union boss Reagan who divorced his pumpkin headed Democrat to marry a weird Republican. But Trump a fascist?

    Fact: Fascism is government co-opting business to do government’s work.

    Obamacare does that. Obamacare fills corporate and bureaucratic rice bowls.

    Frankly, fascist Obamacare is a slap in my own serviced-connected combat-related face because I am stuck in America’s largest socialized medicine system. VA patients die waiting. I’m not eligible for Obamacare. Socialized medicine kills vets. But what I know is true isn’t what voters think.

    I assume Obama’s reelection means Americans want socialized medicine, or at least adequate neighborhood free clinics, else you get a job and pay for care where they have nicely carpeted waiting rooms. And why not? Why don’t we have federal medical academies training doctors free and then oblige them to work X number of years for peanuts in free clinics? That is common elsewhere. Obama instead gives Americans a lumpy wasteful monster cobbled together in a fascist style.

    Compare that to Trump’s VA reform plan that piggybacks VA care overload onto existing Medicaid systems. A simple solution that Dem and Rep politicians won’t touch because it threatens the rice bowls of bureaucrats and unions invested in business as usual, which includes disabled vets dying of waiting.

    Donations, bribes, kickbacks, and subsidies drive and own pretty much everyone in every party except this one guy. He used to buy politicians like none of you can buy him today. That infuriates you. Good. No pain, no gain.

    But we quibble. If Trump has Brian’s attention, Donald has made the big time.

  8. Anonymous says:

    We don’t have federal medical training hospitals because that breaks the rice bowls of university administrators who are invested in not-educating students. Nebraska’s university doesn’t pay Prof Harbison anything close to what they pay a loser football coach.

    You know what is driving all this. And yet you demand multimillionaires like Clinton and Carson take donations from patriotic old widows, only its not old widows incumbents obey, it is the Soros and Koch brother types, and you know that.

  9. Anonymous says:

    I could vote for Trump, but if he was in position to bolt the party and unlike Perot, actually carry states and their electoral college votes might be a good show.

  10. Brian T. Osborn says:

    Hey “Benthere,”
    I’ve been an Independent for a while now. Try to keep up.
    I really do hope that you Trumpeters get to run your precious Donald against whomever the Democrats decide to support. Nothing will put the GOP out of our misery faster than that. Anyone that thinks having Trump and his strumpet doing the funky chicken in the Lincoln bedroom is going to sell to the Bible thumpers throughout the Beef Belt, and elsewhere, you really are delusional.
    I don’t know what care YOU have received from the VA, but they have saved MY life. I have noted, however, that it helps to go in there with an attitude of thankfulness for the care provided rather than one of demanding to be waited on right now – or else.

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