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Screen Shot 2015-11-30 at 1.30.41 PMA website called Morning Consult published results over the last few weeks of polling they did in all 50 states for Governors and Senators.

The results were interesting…but so were their methods.

They note that…

The survey was conducted with more than 75,000 registered voters across America in Morning Consult’s weekly online national polling between late May 2015 and mid-November 2015.

May through November is a biiiiig stretch of time — at least 28 weeks. It makes it very difficult to know what was happening in the news at that time, and how the news cycle may have affected the polling results.

In any case here is what they came up with for Nebraska:

Governor Pete Ricketts
Approve: 60%
Disapprove: 25%
Don’t Know: 15%

Senator Deb Fischer
Approve: 54%
Disapprove: 25%

Senator Ben Sasse
Approve: 54%
Disapprove: 19%

That was based on 465 registered voters, and they give a margin of error at 4.5%

And I guess we can assume that for the Senators, since the numbers don’t add up, that the balance is also “Don’t Know”. For Fischer that would be 21% and for Sasse it would be 27%

This is also “online polling”, though there is no indication of what that means exactly or what the methodology may have been.

Without raining on any parades too much, one would assume this is pretty good news for all of the above office holders…


Longtime Leavenworth St. reader and commenter and blogger in his own right, Ed Stevens of Kearney (a/k/a/ “Uncle Wiggly”) wrote a fairly scathing post of one of his local pols on his blog, “A View from the Middle Border“.

Interesting is that he states that said pol is…

“…card-carrying, dues-paying, T-shirt wearing member…” of the “Unicameral liberal class”.

Who is this Mike Dukakis of the Plains?

Stevens is describing the “doughty senator” from Kearney, Legislature Speaker Galen Hadley.

Stevens has a bone or two to pick with Hadley for his suggestion to change the filibuster rules in the Unicameral — and the Lincoln Journal Star’s editorial championing Hadley’s cause.

Just a warning: Stevens invokes the Federalist Papers.
Sh*t just got real.


Interesting stories lately about Offutt AFB, the effect on the surrounding community and what needs to be done to keep it in place and effective.

Now, if only there were a candidate for office who had years of experience and knowledge about Offutt and ideas about how to keep it there.



Nebraska Watchdog’s Deena Winter notes that after her stories on Tuesday and Wednesday, she will no longer be covering Nebraska for Watchdog.

And at this time, she is not aware of anyone else taking over.


We hardly knew ye, Deena!

And that is one less hard-nosed reporter digging into things across the state.


Interesting little bit in the OWH about an author who went across Nebraska asking people to chat.

In Stuart Chittenden’s “A Couple of 830 Mile Long Conversations,” he states that “people feel voiceless,” and “want to be heard.”

And if you want to know why the Tea Party and Black Lives Matter and Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders have all come to the fore, that is the reason.

People DO want to be heard, and they just don’t figure that the traditional avenues are open to them.

And now someone like Trump comes along, masterful at communication and persuasion, and it may be more than just a temporary movement.

More to think about…


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  1. Jimm says:

    A shame she is leaving the Watchdog post. She was a legitimate journalist, reporting what she found – not just what was spoon feed to her. We may be back to not knowing the truth about anything over there. Too bad for us.

  2. Ed Stevens says:


    Thanks for the shout-out – but I gotta be careful … if traffic goes to more than 5 or 6 readers, my little steam-powered server is likely to red-line.

    Really sorry to hear Deena Winters is hanging it up … there is already too few good ones watching the “watchers”.

    • Sparkles says:

      Republican Governor, Republican AG, 36 Republican Senators vs. only 12 Democratic.
      And, those 12 Democrats faced with a 30 vote requirement to override a gubernatorial veto.

      THIS, is the “Unicameral liberal class” conservatives need to fear?
      This is what elicited a quote from the Federalist Papers and a warning of “potentially dangerous majority factions.”?

      It is a truly fascinating world Republicans have constructed for themselves.

      Tilting at windmills.

    • TexasAnnie says:

      I took the effort to read your opinion Ed Stevens. You use a lot of words to say very little… But if you really don’t want filibusters changed, ask Ernie to help you get ‘extended debate’ even beyond eight hours. Heck, go for 10 or 12! It’s been a number of years, but I have seen Ernie STOP efforts to change unicameral rules even though a vast majority WANTED the rules changed! He can get the job done for ‘ya!

      Indeed, if you want even more debate, require attendance and participation. And if you don’t want the Unicameral to act like Congress, require that the senators READ each bill and each amendment proposed at each of the three stages. And why stop there, give ’em a pop quiz about the contents of the bill, and post the testing results for the public to see!

      For most folks, though, six hours is enough to accomplish what is now taking eight. That’s eight hours of repetition and false dilemmas, mind you. ‘Cause usually the ‘debate’ consists of bulls##t.

  3. Ricky says:

    60 per cent of Nebraskans APPROVE of the way Mr Ricketts is governing? Wow the GOP is a lot dumber than even I thought they were.

  4. Mark Andrews says:

    Exposing my ignorance, and not for the first time, but who is the rolly-polly bug man in the suit – the picture with today’s blog post?

    • Ed Stevens says:


      That would be none other than Galen of Hadley, Fleet of Mouth, Round of Girth … also known as “Galen the Slippery”. He has something to do with the Unicameral ….

      • Galen the Slippery says:

        We could get in bed together, Uncle the Wiggly! We both prefer style over substance. And your style is so obtuse, it is rendered meaningless. But your rhyme and cadence is almost orgasmic!

  5. Macdaddy says:

    Uncle Wiggly, this is why the LJS editorial staff is stuck in Lincoln and never gets called to the bigs. They should have saved a few pixels and just quoted Thomas Friedman: “If only we could be more like China.”

  6. Anonymous says:

    What voters want is a choice between Democratic Sirloin and Republican Lobster. Instead they almost always get to choose between elephant pee and donkey poo.

    Obama, Hillary, McCain and Romney all told lies rather than insult any protected class or object. They put feelings above truth. That is political correctness’ purpose. Trump since June has come in like Sullivan and US Voters Helen Kellers. Once enlightened, there is no going back.

    The Trump change is permanent. And its not because voters want more voice. They know their vote is only worth 1 of 150 millions. They want an honest candidate with balls. They crave truth, and anything other than raw and rude is sugarcoated. That is what this is about.

    • And now for something completely different... says:

      Trump may not be guilty of sugar coating or soft pedaling, but most of what he’s serving up is just pure bull sh*t and bluster. You may be tired of politicians who lack back bone and principles, but the answer isn’t to elect three year olds who specialize in temper tantrums and bullying.

    • Mark Andrews says:

      I was never a big Reagan fan but I felt safe with him as President. No safe feeling imagining Trump as President, only worry about what that narcissistic blowhard will say and do next. How’s he gonna work with the Courts and Congress? Berate them into submission like some crony board? He won’t even know what hit him. Has Trump even read the Constitution?

  7. Anonymous says:

    5:03 We all appreciate your Monty Python reference but the funniest thing about you is that you don’t care if what Trump says is or isn’t true. And you don’t know that is funny, which is itself funny.

    You literally say you only care about “temper tantrums and bullying”. That is your concern.

    Not truth but bullying? I suggest you learn how to box. Temper? Les that are nicely put aren’t more useful to survival or prosperity than truth, no matter how that truth is expressed. You don’t care for truth. You demand nice. And you make no bones about it. That is so funny.

    You are the reason why Trump is running. You embody the social disease that is Political Correctness. You don’t care if what is said is true as long as it sounds nice and doesn’t hurt the feelings of this or that protected political class.

    The only reason Democrat and Republican politicians usually spew this drippy shit is because people like you demand to swallow it. It is here your stated reason for opposing Trump. And that’s entertaining. Not unlike watching a monkey caged too long who drifts off unawares to masturbate in public. We are even going to try to hide our amusement at our disability and inability for it endangers us all. A dark humor for sure.

    America is full of shit, you are the shit, and Trump is the laxative. Americans are going to feel a whole lot better when you are finally down the political crapper. Bon Voyage.

    Get out of politics. Maybe you can get a new job, as a lumberjack… and that’s okay.

    • Sparkles says:

      Donald Trump is the Frankenstein Monster carefully stitched together over two decades in the Southern Strategy and Birther Boardrooms of Roger Ailes.
      A vile creature awakened and empowered by a current of virulent hate supplied by Rush Limbaugh and nurtured by toxic pools of hate and misinformation scattered about the fringes of the internet.

      A Frankenstein Monster representing the final, frenetic, dying gasp of a retrograde faction of the GOP.

      • Mark Andrews says:

        You’re not far off from a description of Bill Clinton. There’s no more vile, Southern strategy than being on the receiving side of a BJ in the Oval Office.

        Let’s not elect Hillary because we feel sorry for her being married to Bill.

      • Sparkles says:

        “Let’s not elect Hillary because we feel sorry for her being married to Bill.”

        I’d much rather have a President getting a hummer in the oval office, than have one getting advise from an Astrologer on what the alignment of Pluto and Uranus portends in regard to an upcoming meeting in Reykjavik.

        What d’ya say we elect Hillary because she is, immeasurably, the most well qualified candidate running for the position.

      • Anonymous says:

        Hillary is up to 1 trillion in new spending for all her proposals. And she probably isn’t done yet. Now that is scary. Not to mention, if she couldn’t keep her husband satisfied, how can she keep 380 million Americans satisfied? All presidential elections since I started voting over 5 decades ago are made up of lies, outright and some slight of hand. Trump is no better or worse than the rest. Although one must take into count, that Obama has set a new bar for unilateral action by a President. Harry went nuclear. Yeah the Dems should be scared to death with what the Repubs will do with what the Dems gave them. I’ll bet you if elected, Hillary will screw this country better than any time she did Bill.

    • And now for something completely different... says:


      I don’t know where to start. It’s hard to argue with bat sh*t crazy.

      I can understand why people are upset with Hillary Clinton’s inability to remember the facts. It’s a lot harder to understand how some of those same people can fall in love with Donald Trump. Trump doesn’t even know what the facts are. He just makes crap up and throws it out their for his followers to feed on.

      Trump isn’t rebelling against political correctness. He’s creating an alternate reality that looks like a paranoid caricature of the real world.

      Hillary is kind of scary. The Donald is dangerous.

      Reasonable minds seem to be converging on agreement that it would probably be best to avoid allowing sharp objects anywhere near Trump. A deranged band of malcontents wants to hand him the worlds largest army.


    • Sparkles says:

      One thing that would certainly be novel with a Trump Presidency – we’d have our nations first First Lady to have made a living displaying to the world her T and A.

  8. “Donald Trump is the Frankenstein Monster carefully stitched together over two decades in the Southern Strategy and Birther Boardrooms of Roger Ailes.”

    Crap. Donald Trump is a former Democrat who’s cobbled together every populist idea he can think of to try to grab a few malcontent votes. He’s never going above 30% support.

    • Sparkles says:

      30% is all he needs to the destroy what was already a miniscule chance of ’16 GOP Presidency.

      It’s the same 30% of the GOP base to whom Rush Limbaugh targets his ‘children’s’ books, with the farting patriotic horse who takes his readers through an imagined history of Murrica.

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