The Wheels Down Politics Show – Borchers, Clark & Zoul: candidates canvassing

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Jerry Kratochvil interviews three candidates for the Nebraska Legislature — Patrick Borchers, Dick Clark and Zack Zoul — to discuss walking door to door in their districts.

Kratochvil gets individual responses from each candidate about their approach to canvassing, their message to voters, and what issues are currently important to the people of their districts in Omaha, Lincoln and Grand Island.

He also finds out about a few things like dogs, ladybugs, shoes and weight loss programs.

To find out about each candidate…

Borchers 05Patrick Borchers for Legislature, District 39 (West Omaha)




Clark 06

Dick Clark for Legislature, District 27 (West Lincoln)



Zoul 07

Zachary Zoul for Legislature, District 35 (Grand Island)






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  1. TexasAnnie says:

    The number ONE issue which all three candidates report when canvassing: TAXES!
    And here’s my advice:

    For Borchers – The cost of economic development has already crushed hope for quality Health & Human Services in Nebraska. Witness the ongoing issue of BSDC! For interest, compare the cost of economic development to the cost of educating Nebraska’s youth, as required by the state constitution. For example, how many tax credits were earned last year vs. how much did the state spend on special education? I know the answer.

    For Clark – There is a difference between property and income tax! Folks on the low end of the scale believe they should pay income taxes at a lower rate. Yet when it comes to Nebraska’s property tax abatement, where does the needed revenue derive? From the income tax! That is, from the HIGHER income-taxpayer. But the property tax is SUPPOSED to be uniform. It says so in your Constitution. And with all the income tax abatement (economic development) going on there, what plan will you utilize for tax reduction?

    For Zoul – Do you know about Nebraska’s tax policies?

  2. LD27 Voter says:

    I’m disappointed Perry Pirsch won’t be running for legislature, I was looking forward to hearing why he was taking the City of Lincoln to court over his vicious dog attacking people.

  3. Sparkles says:

    SS, a very nicely produced/edited little podcast.

    When you asked each candidate what they’re hearing from residents when knocking on doors, I found it interesting that Patrick Borchers was the only candidate of the three to mention Crime, 2nd Amendment and Planned Parenthood videos.

    All three candidates stated ‘taxes’ to be the primary concern of their constituents.

    An oddity –
    The Republicans (Andy Stebbing) made Lincoln’s Mayoral race all about -crime- in Lincoln (a GOP campaign of baseless fear mongering.. imagine). Yet, the subject of Crime was conspicuously absent from the list of issues Louisiana native Dick Clark is hearing from West Lincoln residents (Clark moved to NE in 2011, a Gov. Heine policy research import).
    Also conspicuously absent was any concern about 2nd Amendment rights, and by golly, Dick Clark surely LOVES him some 2nd Amendment rights. Especially 2nd Amendment Rights equipped with Silencers.
    In addition, Dick Clark was a leading figure in Platte Institute’s opposition to raising NE’s minimum wage – an Initiative that passed with overwhelming support.
    One would imagine Mr. Clark has a tough row to hoe.

    And finally, Mr. Zoul has discovered Trump-mania has thoroughly enraptured the residents of G.I.
    I would expect we may see a new, sweeping hairdo in the pics of Mr. Zoul in his next campaign pamphlets. Maybe he can promise his prospective constituents he’ll turn that money sucking Arch down the road into a ‘big beautiful fence’. A fence to keep out the hordes whose complexions are other than white. A fence that he’ll surely promise will be paid for by the residents of Kearney.
    Yeah, that’s the ticket.

  4. Sparkles says:

    New, Dec 2nd, Quinnipiac poll –
    Clinton 47 – Trump 41
    Clinton 45 – Rubio 44
    Clinton 47 – Cruz 42
    Clinton 46 – Carson 43

    More interesting is:
    Sanders 49 – Trump 41
    Sanders 44 – Rubio 43
    Sanders 49 – Cruz 39
    Sanders 47 – Carson 41

    • bynd says:

      Why don’t you post the odds for winning the 2016 World Series. It is as about relevant. Odds Sparkles will post another useless poll, 110%.

      • Sparkles says:

        A new PPP poll that was just released, asking respondents about the “attacks against Planned Parenthood clinics in five states, including arson, destruction of property, and firebombing” that had happened since July.
        For reference – the first edited, surreptitiously acquired Planned Parenthood video (with spliced-in footage from an undisclosed location) appeared on July 14th.

        The poll -predates- the Colorado Springs killings of:
        A 44 year old Police Officer and Pastor, father of a Elijah, 11, and Faith, 6.
        A 29 year old 4th Infantry Division Iraq War veteran, a father of two girls. 11 and 5.
        A 35 year old mother of two, a young son and daughter.
        9 others were wounded.

        The poll found –
        67 percent of Americans think those clinic attacks are domestic terrorism.
        77 percent of Democrats called the attacks domestic terrorism.
        54 percent of Republicans called the attacks domestic terrorism.
        66 percent of Independents..

        Again, this poll -predates- “no more baby parts” Colorado Springs.

        Since the release of the videos, threats against Planned Parenthood facilities have increased, 9 fold.

      • anon says:

        Bynd, you now these 2 guys possess vast amounts of knowledge and are infallible, just ask them, sparkley is the human google

  5. bynd says:

    Sparkles, It is sad that any one dies in such violent attacks.

    However, % abortions have gone up since PP came into being? Way too many.

    Number of children murdered in the womb, at least 15 million blacks. Genocide?

    You need to get your priorities straight. Or would that be your amorality?

    RL: I don’t know if you were replying to me, bend?, but 110% is beyond a certainty. And it was proven to be an accurate number:)

    • Sparkles says:


      “% abortions have gone up since PP came into being”

      Makes absolutely no sense.
      Just as “110%.. was proven to be an accurate number”, makes not a lick of sense.

      • bynd says:

        Sparkles: Did you never play sports? We were always told to give 110%. I apologize that such historical sayings are over your head.

        How much have abortions gone up do to PP. What would be the % increase.

        But the point was, and evidently is was not lost on you, it all makes about much sense as your obsession with polls:)

      • Sparkles says:


        “Did you never play sports? ”

        4 year Letterman in both football (1st string all-conference, blah..blah) and basketball, 3 year Letterman in track.
        110% was ignorant the first time I heard it, as well as the 463rd time I heard it.

        All of which has nothing to do with the vapidity of your statement:
        “110%.. was proven to be an accurate number”

    • Just the facts says:

      Planned Parenthood has been around for about 100 years. They weren’t doing any abortions prior to Roe.

      Bynd, you need to get your facts straight. Or would ignoring the truth be part of your morality?

    • repentinglawyer says:

      Bynd, I was replying to you, computer changes spelling and I do not always catch it. Did not play sports. SJ debate coaches would never say 110%. Did have the great Don Leahey for freshman history at Prep, but he just told us to pray to pass.
      Annon at 4:43, I am not infallible nor inerrant but I seldom admit to being wrong.
      Sparkles 110% isa meaningful number, but not a meaningful probability, which was my complain. While I lack the sports expertise of you and Bynd I do, for my sins, know about odds.

  6. Sparkles says:

    ATLANTA, Georgia, December 1, 2015 (LifeSiteNews)
    “Abortion rate declines to lowest ever since Roe v. Wade: new CDC report”

  7. bynd says:

    Well Sparkles, if it is something you don’t like, then good for me:) Although I see you exhibiting the classic symptoms of CTE. Write fast and often, your mental time maybe short:(

    How about a poll on how many times you have written about polls?

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