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One thing I have learned on this blog is that commenters generally like to comment on things “Nebraska” — and not so much on the national news.

I can understand that, and realize that people would like an outlet that addresses the local issues.

That being said, this morning, nearly 99% of all political talk on Twitter, the radio, Facebook, TV and anywhere else (coffee shops, I’d imagine) is about one thing:

Donald Trump.

The Donald blasted out last night with some sort of proposal that would ban all Muslims from coming into the country. And then when asked if that included Muslim American citizens abroad, his spokesperson replied, “Yes.”

Then he backtracked on that later in the morning.
He compared himself to FDR and the Japanese internment (though he couched that in certain terms as well).
He has called it temporary.

And on and on.

The Speaker of the House has weighed in. Former VP Cheney weighed in.
It’s been quite the thing.

And others have noted that this is exactly what he wants.
People were talking about Ted Cruz in Iowa.
People were talking about the President’s lectern(!) speech in the Oval Office.
Some were beginning to write him off (again) in Iowa.

And then he threw that bomb onto the middle of the court, and everyone again jumped up and yelled, “TRUMP!”

And while some complain about his bombast, it is interesting that the same people will misquote him, take other quotes out of context, fail to quote him completely, imagine what he’s really thinking, etc. etc. All giving Trump fuel to attack The Media as portraying him in an evil light… and then walk back a few of his statements until what he is proposing doesn’t sound so unreasonable.

Trump is lots and lots of things, but, to this point anyway, he has continued to play the media and supporters and detractors like a virtuoso fiddler.

It is somewhat amazing.

And in a week there will be something different.


In case you were wondering…

Don Walton noted in his Monday column that he and the Governor are still obsessed with a 2018 primary challenge by a certain former Governor.

Well, apparently Grand Island is sewn up…

And he noted that Ben Sasse was “presiding” in the Senate during the recent ObamaCare vote. And…so what? Is Don under the impression that the Presiding Senator somehow controls or influences the debate?


DIY Kindling

And speaking of seeking the limelight, Senator Chambers sent a copy of his AG Bar complaint to all of his colleagues.

Only 130 pages this time.

For when that Yule Log starts to get low…



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  1. Janssen says:

    Trump isn’t too far off from Charlie Janssen circa 2009, making someone’s skin color an Spanish accent probable cause for a crime.

  2. Sparkles says:

    Lindsay Graham summed it up nicely this morning on Morning Joe:
    “When you look at history, there’s always been a market for this, xenophobia, race-baiting, religious bigotry.”

    I think the real angst our nation is now experiencing is not necessarily limited to the bile spewn forth by Trump, but the revelation of how large the percentage of the GOP base that has fervently embraced this blatant race-baiting and bigotry.

    In response to Trump’s latest demagoguery , Andrew Anglin, publisher of the neo-Nazi website Daily Stormer proclaimed:
    “Heil Donald Trump – THE ULTIMATE SAVIOR.”
    “Make America White Again!”

  3. @ St Sweep says:

    Sticking with our like for Nebraska political news — can you give us an update on the election commission happenings?

  4. Sparkles says:

    Of course, Donald Trump isn’t the only crazed demagogue fueling this xenobia and bigotry.

    Nov. 17, 2015 –
    Rev. Franklin Graham:
    “Islam is not a peaceful religion” contrary to what Presidents Bush and Obama have claimed.
    And in the recent past Graham has been quoted calling on the U.S. “to use weapons of mass destruction if need be” and referring to Islam as “a very evil and a very wicked religion.”

    Dec 5, 2015 –
    Rev Jerry Falwell Jr, addressing an assembly of ten thousand 17 – 22 year old students –
    “I’ve always thought if more good people had concealed carry permits, then we could end those Muslims before they walked in and killed.. .. I just wanted to take this opportunity to encourage you all to get your permit, we offer a free course.. ”

    Because, surely we can all agree, what Murica desperately needs is 20 million newly locked and loaded teens roaming our college campuses.
    Smells like Freedom.

    • Anonymous says:

      Sparkles, Republicans hardly need answer for the nut wing of Fundamentalism, though last time we had something close to Trump we had the Democrats: the party of Rum, Romanism and Rebellion, from Republicans.

      • Sparkles says:

        The nut wing of Fundamentalism and the Republican party were, in fact, formally wed in 1979 by none other than the founder of Liberty University, the malodorous Rev. Jerry Falwell.
        A marriage approaching four decades. A union held together through the last quarter century by Roger Ailes and Rush Limbaugh.

  5. Bluejay says:


    You might like living in Pakistan or Saudi Arabia. Maybe you should move there. You could start a blog documenting all of the beheadings by the King. Something like 151 so far this year.

    • Sparkles says:

      I’m an atheist.
      Why would I move to other countries who also find their governments crippled, the well being and opportunity of their populace retarded by regressive, fundamentalist religion?

      No thank you.
      Winter has arrived to America’s shores for the conservative, cultural fundamentalist movement.
      I’ll stay right here in the good ol’ U.S. of A., with it’s burgeoning population of atheists, agnostics and “nones”. Those who share my progressive, forward looking values.

      • bynd says:

        “On the Origin of Species” thumping, atheist extremist! Atheist have been responsible for more deaths from war than all the others put together. No wonder you try so hard assuage your conscience by lashing out with your garbage and bile. And then to spend all that time bad mouthing those whose beliefs you don’t even believe in. Pretty pathetic life Sparkles. Maybe your moniker gives you comfort though. I’ll pray for you!

      • TexasAnnie says:

        I hit the ‘Reply’ button on you Sparkles to get my comment directly after bynd’s comment:

        bynd! That’s over the top and you should take it back. Atheists are such a recent historical phenomena that you can’t say they are responsible for more deaths by war than… It’s simply not true. Now I won’t suggest you are a dumbass as Scientist Gerard did on down the line. But you are certainly guilty of hyperbole here. You should take it back.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Here’s something that Texas Annie is sure to jump on:

    Why hasn’t the Omaha media reported AT ALL about the trial going on yesterday, today, tomorrow, and Thursday of the former Boys Town employee who was fired for having sex with one of the protected minors living on campus during the summer of 2014? She is charged with sexual assault of a protected person, a class III felony I believe.

    Why isn’t that being reported? Is it because Boys Town is a sacred cow, both to the republicans k. Charge and to the democrats who can’t win an election?

  7. Darwin says:

    What you seem to be explaining, SS, is that Trump, who attended the most competitive college in America, and turned millions into billions, and earned two prime time Emmys, isn’t stupid or arbitrary.

    Trump is blunt and smart. His military academy teachers and coaches say he was a focused good student, good athlete and blunt. His kids are the same way. His uncle invented nuclear accelerators. Yet, as you point out, political leaders call Trump stupid and un-American and thereby make fools of themselves. But whose fault is that?

    If some GOP leaders are so inept that a charming Reagan or a disarming Trump can convince them to either get on the guy’s bus or throw themselves under it, that is salubrious evolution at work.

    Consider this. Trump said he decided to run when Romney lost. Not when Obama won reelection but when Romney lost. Romney won every state where Trump stumped for Mitt. Yet Romney appeared “inhuman” per Romney’s staff, as McCain appeared an angry dwarf. I have met and like both. Neither were GOP favorites. But they were GOP nominees. A teleprompter addicted nitwit beat them.

    One pundit recently said the GOP is invested in losing. Before Trump, that might seem hyperbole. But Obama does help fill GOP coffers. Moreover, the GOP’s “Vote for us because we aren’t Democrats” pisses off Trump, lots of voters and me. — I worked in the Middle East and have witnessed sharia and kitman. And I have never voted other than a straight ticket. But I will vote Trump if I have to write in his name.

    13 months ago, Rove predicted 24 GOP possible candidates and yet never mentioned Trump who has been talking about this more than two decades, always outlining the same policies but with a calm dignity one might call “presidential”. Two Emmy’s later, a seasoned Trump is negotiating his way forward. The GOP can get onboard, get out of the way, or end up stuck in his tire treads.

    • Sparkles says:

      By your criteria for POTUS, one would assume Maxwell Smart to be supremely qualified for the role.

      Don Adams won THREE Emmy’s, in a row, for Get Smart.
      And Adams didn’t inherit a successful business and a fortune estimated between $40 and $200 million dollars.
      Adams amassed a small fortune after beginning his career nearly penniless, his first job as a theater usher.
      As a Marine he participated in the Battle of Guadalcanal, was shot and contracted blackwater fever, hospitalizing him for a year. Upon his release from the hospital he serve as a Marine Drill Instructor.

      By your criteria we should building monuments and naming airports after Don Adams.
      Maybe we could turn the Capital Dome into the Cone of Silence.

      Oh, and Alec Baldwin has won two Emmy Awards, three Golden Globe Awards, and seven Screen Actors Guild Awards.
      Plus, Alec Baldwin is a direct descendent of Mayflower passenger John Howland.

      By the way, neither Don Adams nor Alec Baldwin succeeded by stealing from others, as did Trump. Neither of them ever filed for bankruptcy, as did The Donald, FOUR times.

  8. Sparkles:

    Do me a favor, and don’t call yourself an atheist.

    I get depressed when I read that atheists are tied with muslims as the most despised religious category in the United States; but then I read your rantings and those of people like you, and realize why.

  9. “On the Origin of Species” thumping, atheist extremist! Atheist have been responsible for more deaths from war than all the others put together.

    Ballocks. Hitler was not an atheist. Google ‘Timur’ and get back to me.

  10. …and by the way, Bynd, ‘On The Origin of Species’ is regarded as one of the seminal works of science, and when you post crap like that, 99% of scientists are going to write you off as a dumbass.

  11. Election Comm says:

    I heard Governor Ricketts is seriously considering other people not on the list. A woman and a man. Other new information? Guesses?

  12. bynd says:

    I certainly overestimated the ability of some on here to understand sarcasm. But then, what lowly person am I to attack a sacred scientific book:)

    I’ll raise your Timur with a Pol Pot. Yeah, the guy John Kerry help set loose on the Cambodians. And although we could debate until the end of times who killed more for what reason, Sparkles constant harping on it’s objections to faith leaves it open for such retaliation. I doubt it got as upset as most on here.

    Gerard: Quite frankly, the difference between you and Sparkles makes it almost impossible to believe that you even remotely believe the same thing about any thing. And yes, I took that into consideration prior to posting. I see I am right with your rebuke of it. If 99% of scientist did such, then 99% of scientist need to get a life.

    TA: Apologize for what? Call them what you want. It doesn’t take long for a Pol Pot, Stalin or Mao to make up for lost time. Point is, zealots and religiophobes can also be offensive. Maybe you should point your criticism to the one who originates such conversation. We all get down in the mud every now and then. We are all human.

  13. Race Matters? says:

    Cuban woman? That is not a reason to be picked as an Election Commissioner. Only a Rhino would do that. Notwithstanding, I like Acela

  14. Time and again says:

    Time’s Person of the Year is German Chancellor Merkel for her “strong response” toward “Russia… Ukraine… Greece… Syria… ”

    Time Magazine editor Nancy Gibbs writes of Angela Merkle, “Leaders are tested only when people don’t want to follow.”

    When people DON’T WANT TO FOLLOW? So, was Hitler a good Chancellor? There were people in Russia, Ukraine, Syria and Greece who didn’t want to follow Chancellor Adolph.

    Time Magazine measures news makers who helps Time earn a profit. And so we find finalists include ISIS, Iran, Trump, and Bruce Jenner’s new titties.

    But don’t you think Nancy Gibbs may be in love with Angela? Because calling people not wanting to follow Angela “good leadership” is a stretch. Did Joe Kennedy and Charles Lindberg secretly want to suck Adolph’s mustache? They sure as hell loved that German chancellor.

    If I was editor of Time, I’d make it a two way tie between Bruce Jenner’s left boob and Angela’s mustache.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Now that OWH reported on it there must be new applicants. When can we expect to get a request of new information from Taylor Gage?

  16. Where is Scott Lautenbaugh says:

    Where is Scott Lautenbaugh’s view on the election commissioner appointment process? He is an attorney and former election commissioner.

  17. News Flash says:

    People. News flash. The Governor’s office has done everything according to state statute. The application was posted on the website for December openings. It is an open process. None of the newly mentioned people have applied. Drama and untrue rumors.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Dean Mathisen would be capable but is near retirement age. The person appointed should be able to put in at least two presidential elections.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Phipps was an employee at the commission when Castillo was the commissioner. Phipps also worked for Heineman when he was state treasurer. That is how he came to be appointed.

  20. @ 7:55p says:

    It is an incorrect perception of her. You are the one who is not “bright.” Your lack of brilliance is literally shown in your sentence. You cannot even correctly insert the verb “is” into your sentence. Here is your light bulb answer to your big brain buster. Do not use the ” ‘s ” as a possessive in her name. We will not be taking personnel advice from you. It looks like you never graduated from junior high.

  21. To 12:10pm says:

    As a voter and tax payer I would like to know. If new applications are really being reviewed, give a deadline to the press. Taylor Gage did not give a deadline with the reporter. There is not one on the website.

    They need to take guidance from how the last election commissioner vacancy was done in Sarpy County with the retirement of Kay Forslund in ’09. Google it, the Governor’s office gave a deadline to apply.

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