How does this million $$$ ad fail?

The next GOP debate, TOMORROW (Tuesday, 7:30pm CT), will have a setup of candidates that looks like this:


The undercard will be Huck, Santorum, Pataki, Graham. Gilmore is out.
(As voices cry out, “Who?”)

We can talk more about the pre-debate tomorrow, but feel free to jump in now.


Speaking of the candidates, Marco Rubio has a new ad out.
See it here:

I like Rubio.
I don’t like this ad.

Here’s the transcript:

This election is about the essence of America.

About all of us who feel out of place in our own country.

A government incredibly out of touch and millions with traditional values branded bigots and haters

This is about wages growing slower than the cost of living.

A generation drowning in debt.

And a president humiliated by Putin, Iran and Islamic jihadists.

I’m Marco Rubio I approve this message because this is about the greatest country in the world and acting like it

Part of what I don’t like starts with the very beginning of him shaking his head “no”.
I’m not sure what it is he’s shaking his head about — but he’s saying “this is…” while his body language is saying, “this is not.”

Next is the dark background that merges with his hair, so that it looks like his cranium stops at his forehead. But onto what he says…

I’m not real clear what the message is.

He says the election is about the “essence of America” and about those who “feel out of place” because the government brands them bigots.
OK, I’m sort of on board with that concept.

But then we get into the economy, which isn’t as clearly about the “essence of America.” But you can make that argument, I suppose.

And then the President is humiliated. Again, lack of strong leadership being the opposite of the “essence of America,” probably.

But even if you’re on board with the concept of “This election is about the Essence of America,” which is strong values, strong economy and strong leadership, the awkward tagline at the end wrecks it:

“Because this is about the greatest country in the world, and acting like it.”

First of all, the grammar doesn’t make any sense.
Listen to it, and read it again. It doesn’t sound right and it reads even worse.

“Acting like it.”
You want to be the greatest country in the world, not just act like it.
And while you can argue one way or another on that, still, it’s an ad and you shouldn’t have to argue it. It should be crystal clear.

The wording on this is poor, considering they could have said… whatever they wanted! It’s not as if this was off the cuff, just Rubio talking to someone. This was planned out for hours and days and crafted and trimmed and polished.

You shouldn’t come out of this saying, “wait, what did he mean?”

Anywho, considering that Rubio IS always clear and polished when speaking in the debates, this ad is a stumper.


In his LJS political column today, Don Walton opts for a sports joke in place of political commentary.

Jeff Fortenberry hosted a leader of the Little Sisters of the Poor in his Washington office last week. Husker football historians will recall that Bob Devaney always wanted to schedule them.

Little Sisters of the Poor is the religious group fighting ObamaCare. And during his U.S. visit, the Pope met with them as well.

As Fortenberry notes

“I really feel badly for the Little Sisters. The government exists to protect their rights, not to take them away. Mother Loraine has continued to stand up for the fundamental American principle of the rights of conscience and religious liberty.”

And as Fortenberry noted when the Pope visited,

“The fact that he is the successor of St. Peter validates the dignity of the institution and commands that everyone rise above petty partisanship and the rancor.”

So yeah, yeah, we’ve all heard the Husker joke a million times. But one would think mention of the group’s case in front of the U.S. Supreme Court on ObamaCare would merit mention by Don as well.


Not to make a big deal about this, but…

Governor Ricketts will be traveling to Chicago for knee replacement surgery.

There are no Nebraska orthopedists who are good enough to do a total knee on the Gov?

Maybe the only in-plan doctors for Cubs employees are in Chicago…


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  1. Bluejay says:

    All NE orthopods must be insulted.

    Governor is a state employee covered by the state’s plan.

    Keep the money in Nebraska.

    But Pete will need armed guards in Murder City. Not the case in Omaha.

  2. Ed Stevens says:

    I dunno, Sweeper … methinks you spent too much time in Dr. Phogbound’s class on the “Hidden Meanings of Political Commercials.” As Freud (or maybe it was Jung – I get those Teutonic shrinks mixed up) reminds us -“Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.” I’m not much of a Rubio fan, but I liked the spot – it’s quick, pithy and current, even though grammatically … uhh … awkward.

    As far as Pete’s new joint, fact is, knee replacement anymore has become more carpentry than surgery; mighty precise carpentry, I’ll admit (with post-op antibiotics), but carpentry nonetheless. Betcha there are at least a couple dozen Husker orthopods that could have done it – maybe they’re all Democrats – or they hate the Cubs.

  3. T says:

    The Governor is sparing no effort to protect Nebraskans’ hard-earned tax dollars and limit the number of times Troopers must travel with him out of state. With that in mind, he’s going to pack this particular Chicago trip with multiple errands. In addition to his knee surgery, he will see his dentist and have his annual eye exam. Traveling with the Governor will be the family dog, who will receive his annual rabies shots.

    Yet to be decided is whether the first lady’s personal vehicle will be shipped to Chicago for an oil change, or if he will simply fly his mechanic to Omaha.

  4. “There are no Nebraska orthopedists who are good enough to do a total knee on the Gov?”

    Based on my family’s experiences, no.

    An orthopedic surgeon took 5 days to do a jig-saw and was proud of his achievement.
    When asked why he was so proud he said because it said 3-5 years on the box.

    What’s the difference between a rhino and an orthopedic surgeon?
    One’s thick-skinned, small-brained and charges a lot for no very good reason….the other has a horn on his nose.

    What do you call two orthopaedic surgeons looking at a chest X-ray?
    A double blind study.

  5. bynd says:

    Actually, Dr. Burt did a bilateral for me abut 4 years ago. Went great. As opposed to the Nebraska football ortho who did arthroscopic on me 5 years ago and it hurt more after he was done. Maybe he was drunk then also.

  6. Bluejay says:

    New idea!

    All UNL student-athletes should have their ortho work done in CB.
    This will insure that the Hawks will keep the treasured Hy-Vee trophy.

  7. Macdaddy says:

    While Ricketts is in Chicago, he should swing by City Hall and find out how real politicians wield their power. Also, when he’s in the MRI scanner, they should run it on up and check to see if he has a brain. So many unforced errors.

  8. AHC says:

    His NEBRASKA doctor did refer him to this Chicago Orthopedic Doctor. Not sure why?? But he did take his physician’s advice nonetheless

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