Throwing it back (on Thursday)

Kolaches-28The Anti-Death Penalty folks seem to be planning to chip-chip-chip away at the Death Penalty, week and week, month after month for the next year, hoping that their points will be received differently each time.

And for what it’s worth, Nebraska will be Wheels Down (see what I did there?) for any Death Penalty activist looking for some oxygen to suck on the subject.

So the latest? From State Senator Colby Coash, a sort of twist on the “we’ve made it so hard to execute someone, we shouldn’t spend any money to execute someone because it’s so hard…”

Kind of a lift yourself up by the bootstraps argument.

They are saying that it has become so difficult to buy execution drugs, that everyone should just quit trying to buy execution drugs, because it’s too difficult. Or something.

Which isn’t anything new. They are clearly trying to jump on the bandwagon that the Governor drove down the street on a late Friday afternoon, with the Death Penalty “pause”. But the current assumption is that the drug issue can be overcome.

But here is what COULD be eventually effective for that group:
Find a well-known, otherwise pro-Death Penalty person to say, “I will SUPPORT the Death Penalty IF we can find an easy and logical way to carry it out. But if not, then I am voting against it. I’ll get back to you in October with my decision.”

Or some such.

Because the mean-time argument of “we made it hard for you, so you should quit because it’s too hard” doesn’t cotton with many voters. And if the Governor can find another route to execute the Death Row murderers, then their argument is shot. But if they can go the route above, they will find more people jump on board, for pure logic’s sake.

Of course, many peeps will still simply say, “I’m for it, and when they figure it out, I want it in place.” Which also makes sense.

In the mean time, the ball will be in the Governor’s court.


Do they get paid by the square foot?

The OWH isn’t done with the pay-raise vote by the Douglas County Board, nor should they be.

That was a ridiculous vote by Boyle, Cavanaugh, Rogers and Duda, and eventually voters should judge them on it.

The OWH editorial notes that for a similar gig — but with double the budget responsibilities, definitely more public scrutiny and probably a more time-consuming position — Omaha City Council members make LESS than County Board members.

And still, no word on WHY they need more personal cash, other than pointing to other county boards.

When an argument wouldn’t fly with your Mom, maybe it shouldn’t fly with elected officials.

In any case, the OWH to their credit digs deeper, and once again suggests the City-County merger. While logical, it is even beyond the point here and allows the County Boarders off the hook just a little.

Will be interesting to see if this story has legs…


How did Giuliani go down?

I am always fascinated when I see stats like these:

At this point in —
2004:(D): Dean +15
2008 (D): H. Clinton +18.5
2008 (R): Giuliani +2.5
2012 (R): Gingrich +10.5

But…this isn’t any of those years (really!) and none of those folks had the communication skills of Donald Trump.

I would be curious to see a Nebraska poll on ’em.

Oh, and if the national types don’t figure out a way to fix the ludicrous Presidential primary election system, do not be surprised to see Nebraska Republicans go the Caucus route out of pure desperation.

Not the most unusual things I’ve heard from Nebraska Republicans.


Surprising lack of kolaches…

Quite the show from Sokol Hall.
People swooning in the aisles.
The place hopping.

Oh, sorry, I was talking about when Ben Folds Five was there.
Sorry for the misunderstanding.

Also, my Grandma used to polka there on a regular basis.
Both vastly superior to the gathering from the other day…

Nyuk, nyuk, nyuk.


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  1. Ed Stevens says:

    OK … this really shouldn’t have to be stated, but …

    Re: the shtuppery about not being able to get the right drugs … here’s an idea … why not look up how Kevorkian (and others) did/ are doing it? Euthanasia, medically assisted suicide, doc croaking … whatever term is current with the PC/Prog crowd … it’s still killing, and it oughta work on capital criminals.

    It’s LEGAL in Washington, Oregon, California, Vermont and a couple of counties in New Mexico ferchrissake. Why doesn’t somebody in the statehouse drop a dime and find out what they’re using??

    I’m not even a DP supporter … but this argument is just too stupid to not comment on … if you wanna scrag somebody, there are lots of folks right here the good old Yew Ess Aye that know how to do it, have a lot of experience doing it, and are will to share their knowledge of how to do it. Give ’em a call.

    Jeeeezus …..

    • Anonymous says:

      Your writing style is infantile, but your suggestion has considerable merit.

      And once me get over executing one another, we can get to a rational state of being wherein we realize our own innate right to die. Thanks for suggesting this line of reasoning.

  2. huskerred says:

    I question the wisdom of Commissioner Boyle bringing bills to the County Board that praised outgoing speaker John Boehner and then hosting a hearing on the Trans-Pacific trade agreement. Is this within the authority of the Douglas County Board to be spending time on?

    Let’s get the merger question settled once and for all then let’s please move on…

    • Anonymous says:

      Merger is absolutely the stupidest idea. There’s no savings, all it does is shift things around to make it appear they save money. As the OWH said, merger was an Ashford idea….do you really want to consolidate power and money in fewer hands?

  3. Sparkles says:

    The $274,000 taxpayer dollars Richie Rickett’s just dropped on his crass political propaganda card mailing would pay for the increase in the Douglas County Commissioner’s salary for almost 3 years.

    Yet, when it comes to big spender Ricketts, it’s crickets.
    No.. actually that’s not correct. When it comes to Ricketts, his brazen political pandering was described as, what was that phrase again, oh yea, a “smart move”.

    And you know the $274,000 quoted as the expense for these cards is a b.s. number.
    You can be quite certain the statement provided by Department of Revenue Property Tax Administrator Ruth Sorensen was carefully crafted when she stated: “the cost to send these notices out is about $274,000.”
    Certain to be an intentional deception that in no way accounts for all the costs in a 769,000 piece mailing. No one their right mind believes .36 per card covers card stock, printing, state personnel, programming, handling and mailing costs.

  4. Brian T. Osborn says:

    If Ricketts wants to kill someone, let him enlist in the military.
    As for the way Nebraska kills its inmates? I suggest manuall strangulation by the state’s Governor. THAT ought to satisfy his blood lust.

    • The Grundle King says:

      For the life of me, I still can’t understand why liberals oppose the death penalty.

      Of of their main assertions is that it is ineffective due to the fact that it’s rarely used and takes too long to carry out, and that there are no legal or constitutional means to carry it out.

      The flip side of that argument is that it means there is likely no better way to guarantee survival into old age than to reside on death row…shit, probably beats the heck out of ObamaCare.

      • Sparkles says:

        Maybe we should just enroll those that commit heinous crimes in ObamaCare, and let Sarah Palin’s ‘death panels’ get ’em.

        I think the death penalty is too good for those that commit the most heinous of crimes.
        Let them rot, slowly, in isolation, their sustenance limited to the chemical byproducts of an Amigos/Kings menu and Pat Boone Xmas tunes piped in on a continuous loop.

      • The Grundle King says:

        Gosh Sparkles…that sure sounds an awful lot like cruel and unusual punishment. You sure you’re not a neo-conservative? 😉

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