Hagel won’t join any club that would let him in

Obama-Hagel-APFormer Nebraska Senator, turned Virginia Democrat and Secretary of Defense, Chuck Hagel took to the newsies today to knock the Obama Admin for hassling him after he resigned as SecDef.

Hagel said that the Obama peeps — if not President Obama himself — “stabbed him in the back” while criticizing his various actions as Secretary of Defense.


One can’t really doubt that the President and his flacks went on to criticize Hagel. But then again, was Hagel going out on a quiet note? Immediately in his statements, he talks about Obama screwing up in Syria and other places. Did he expect that they would take the critique quietly?

Interesting pattern for Hagel.

He has said that he didn’t leave the Republican Party, it left him.

And now the Democrats are doing the same to him.

Looks like it’s up to the Bull-Moose Party to (figuratively) shove him down the stairs to complete the trifecta.


Well, at least we know he’s not teaching Creative Writing

Saw the story on the Creighton Prof who added an anti-Trump note to his ancient literature test:


Creighton Test 01

People can get up in arms about this professor, but frankly he just wrote his own class description.
“Sign up for this class if you want my politics jammed down your throat. Or just keep away.”

I’m more comfortable with him being up front rather than trying to slowly use osmosis on everyone. Just make sure the Freshmen get warned early and often.




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  1. Sparkles says:

    Chuck served our state and our nation admirably. The SecDef role was simply a challenge for which he proved ill-prepared.
    You’d think he’d be wise enough to have left that sleeping dog lie.

    • “He sucked at his job, but he served us admirably”

      Well, I suppose if the job he failed at was to implement Obama administration policy, he actually did serve us. Never thought about it like that, Sparkles! Thanks!

      • repenting lawyer says:

        Hegel’s position on the Middle East was consistent, he disapproved of the folly of George II in pursuing the NeoCon belief that war in Iraq would bring democracy, but thought Obama was wrong to think we were not obligated by the mess we made and by Obama’s reading of the Arab Spring as other than an invitation to trouble. I do not think Obama’s errors justify George II but he has not been particularly clever. Prof GH’s example of Col. Q was accurate. Question of Obama’s weakness depends on views of infantry as solution, probably 10 years and more troops that were sent into Iraq with no guaranteed answer. Containment probably will limit but not totally eliminate the treat. The RINOs were right.

  2. Bluejay says:

    Hagel’s finest hour.

    He exposed Obama for the weakling and idiot that he is. The whole current Mideast disaster is on Obama and Hillary.

    Susan Rice is the leaker and attacker. She is running foreign policy. Pathetic.

  3. Bluejay says:

    Obama stopped the attacks on Syria when the military was on the verge of striking.

    A last, last minute reversal.

    Stunning and major, major news.

    • repenting lawyer says:

      BlueJay, Not sure removal of Assad would have made that much difference given that ISIS is part of the opposition. Evidence would be nice. Not irrational to want Congressional action, but Hagel argues POTUS had gone too far without to stop. Impossible to absolve George II who created the Sunni Shia war in Iraq that spread to Syria. Since George II went in with far too few troops in 2 wars, he is hardly a model of strength, unless only the ill informed are strong.

      • Bluejay says:


        The Sunni and Shia have been fighting for hundreds of years and not even Christ and Muhammad could stop these idiots today.

        Hagel’s point in the interview was that a decision had been made, the military was poised to act and Obama changed his mind at the last minute. Obama horribly damaged US credibility and let a tyrant continue killing with gas. Who is to say a cruise missle would not have hit Assad?

        And what about not doing stupid stuff? Don’t declare a red line and then grant Assad a pass after he crosses the red line. Stupid.

        Obama has less than zero credibility.

        You can’t spin this Syria incident.

        Vlad is laughing and ISIS is dancing. Major repercussions for Obama’s stupidity.

      • repenting lawyer says:

        Bluejay, Thought I had made Hagel’s point that Obama lost credibility for how he dealt with Assad, rest of your comments are rant. Made no effort to spin Syria simply do not see any intrinsic advantage in removal of Assad, though I think Chuck is right that Obama’s approach probably damaged his credit, though perhaps it has been repaired.

      • Bluejay says:


        You did faintly criticize Barack for destroying his credibility on his failure to enforce his red line.

        But to pin the ancient Sunni v Shia centuries old insanity on GWB is not fair.

        The bigger issue is how Obama has completely squandered our golden opportunity to become free of OPEC. Green energy is pie in the sky and decades off from moving above 5% of all energy.

      • repenting lawyer says:

        Bluejay, George II did not create SunniShia split but Iraq invasion light turned it into the shooting war that lead to ISIS. Odierno has said as much. Basevich at BU had written extensively on this(can not guarantee spelling). We can not escape dependence on foreign oil, though most does not come from Middle East. World economy’s dependence on oil would put US at risk even if US imported no oil at all.
        KPL was hardly a golden opportunity whatever its merits,

  4. repenting lawyer says:

    Sweeper, If politics is irrelevant to the subject, Trump in Ancient Lit. then Prof is on a frolic of his own. Dean Rod used to use this kind of case to prove law profs were at lest better than arts faculty, though I am not sure temptation of captive audience was resisted.

      • repenting lawyer says:

        Mark Andrews, I spent too much time trying to learned Latin and Greek with little success to doubt the utility of Ancient Literature. Still Acosta was silly, though Trump does remind me of one of the characters in the Two Captives otherwise know as A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum. When he was a regent at Prep Lubbers SJ did a wonderful production of the play in Latin.

      • Mark Andrews says:

        RL, would that Acosta was a classicist and not a petit Marxist.

        Yeah, Lubbers was an original; he taught himself orbital mechanics so he knew where to point satellite dishes. One looks in vain for Jesuits of Lee’s caliber today.

      • repenting lawyer says:

        Mark Andrews, Lee was at Prep my freshman year, first day there he scared the hell out of me. I think he punched me, he claimed I made that story up, but he laughted when he denied it.

      • repenting lawyer says:

        Sweeper, We had a bit of everything. I tried not to be partisan and was not interested in disciples, butI may have kidded myself. Obviously some courses raise political issues and there best to let folks know where you stand, if you make it clear agreement not required.

  5. Susana Martinez says:

    What the hell is going on with Susana Martinez? Listen to the 911 calls regarding a complaint about a party going on in her hotel room in Santa Fe. Jeeesshh. It’s embarrassing.

  6. Typical Team Hagel says:

    Classic pattern of Team Hagel. Turn on your friends for political and personal gain. When that doesn’t work for you turn on your new friends and go back to your old ones. Good luck in LD 39 Lou Ann, you spent the last decade trashing Republicans and now you want us to support you for office. ONLY 3 MONTHS AFTER YOU GAVE BRAD ASHFORD ANOTHER DONATION!

  7. Truth about Hagel says:

    Don’t feel sorry about Chuck. Chuck dug his own hole. He trashed Bush Jr. every opportunity he had so he could run for Prez. Sided with Biden on many issues. He supported Obama openly and took a job in his administration. If he was so distressed about the Middle East, he could have resigned immediately and exposed years ago instead of waiting until now.

  8. Stabbed in the Back??? says:

    How many republicans did Chuck Hagel “Stab in the Back” on the Sunday talk show circuit. The guy was all about himself

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