Fischer for VPOTUS?

Starting off your Tuesday morning with an oldie but a goodie Separated at Birth…


U.S. Senator Deb Fischer and “President Taylor” (Cherry Jones) from the TV show “24”.


Has the Secret Service been to Valentine?

Why the Fischer – POTUS reference?

Well, yesterday came one of the first suggestions that Senator Fischer be considered for a V-POTUS nomination on the 2016 GOP ticket.

In  a predictions section from Newsmax

7. The Republican vice presidential candidate is a) Senator Tom Cotton of Arkansas b) Senator Deb Fischer of Nebraska c) the former governor of Indiana, Mitch Daniels d) Congressman Tom Cole of Oklahoma.

(Emphasis added)

From that group Senator Fischer would be as likely as any, and frankly could potentially be on the short-list once the considerations start.

And then there’s this pseudo-Presidential website already up for Senator Fischer too. (You’ll note it calls her an “improbable” Presidential candidate, but it doesn’t say anything about Veep…)

Intelligent, calm, Armed Services Committee member with already a record of legislative achievement. Hmm…


I want a new drug

Governor Ricketts told KLIN’s Drive Time Lincoln host Kevin Thomas that if Nebraskans vote to keep the Death Penalty next year, the state will likely look for another cocktail of lethal injection drugs.

The Nebraska Radio Network notes…

“Ricketts says it’s possible that implementing a new lethal injection process could be done without the legislature’s approval.”


Call me crazy, but I’m guessing there might just be a little push-back on that. Just a little.


Wonder if Bill & Hillary will come up?

As mentioned before, tonight Donald Trump makes his appearance at the Mid-America Center in Council Bluffs. Doors open at 4:30pm with the main event happening at 6:30pm.

I won’t be surprised to see Trump fill the place.

And people have kind of taken that with a shrug. But I hope you realize that any candidate would salivate for the crowds Trump is getting. When someone else fills a room or a hall or a park, it is considered a big deal.

Trump is filling auditoriums and playing stadiums.

Of course the big question is whether Trump’s supporters — who have been recently shown to be infrequent voters — will also show up at the Iowa caucuses. Of course he would hardly be the first nominee not to win Iowa, but with the number of candidates in the race, it would really make things interesting going into New Hampshire and South Carolina.

In any case, I will be in C.B. tonight, so if you see me, please say hello!

Annnnd, I plan on doing a Periscope — live web video — of the event.

So around 6:30pm, look at my page on the Twitter ( and click the Periscope link I put up.

You should be able to click it without a Twitter account, and you don’t need a Periscope account to watch either — but you do need the Periscope ap on your phone or iPad if you want to be able to comment in real time.

It will also be available for 24 hours afterwards.


That’s nearly a decade

Hey tell your friends and enemies about Leavenworth St. and Wheels Down Politics because, hey we’ve been doing this for nearly 10 YEARS!

And thanks for reading and listening!


  1. Anonymous says:

    Senator Fischer is certainly competent in her role in the Senate but I don’t see her as Veep material. I don’t see the gravitas Sweeps. Someone with a broader resume than just being on a Foreign Relations committee for a couple years, maybe. Also, what does the lowly populated State of Nebraska contribute to a Presidential candidate in terms of electoral votes?

  2. Jimm says:

    There is not a good presidential candidate at the forefront of either party, maybe we need to find an excellent VP candidate that we can hope will exercise their talent and common sense once in office.

  3. Sparkles says:

    It would be great if Trump were to bring up the Presidency of Bill Clinton.

    Maybe he could focus on the immediate aftermath of the Clinton reign. As in, day 5 of GW’s tenure.
    The day when Fed Chair Alan Greenspan went on record to tacitly endorse W’s proposed $1.6T tax for the wealthy on the grounds that the that tax cuts were needed to avoid paying off federal debt too fast.
    Greenspan’s endorsement was out of character because he had historically favored debt reduction over tax cuts. But, based on the most current estimates available, it was projected that the economy they had just inherited from Bill Clinton would provide more than enough surplus funds to both pay off the national debt and reduce taxes too.

    Yep, it would indeed be fabulous if Trump were to discuss the Clinton Presidency. Because there can be no doubt that the CouncilTuckey throng that will show up to greet Trump are ignorant of this remarkably salient fact.

    • Clinton Recession says:

      Sparkles…Greenspan spoke favorably on a tax cuts because Clinton drove the US economy into a recession before he left office.

      • repenting lawyer says:

        Clinton Recession, The recession, if it was one since it did not meet the technical definition, did not start until well into 2001 in the reign of George II. It was mostly triggered by events in East Asia not under Clinton’s control. Thought we had lost faith in the Maestro.

      • Reader says:

        That’s a lie. Clinton’s economy has never been as good since he left office. But don’t hold Obama responsible. We had another Bush between him and Clinton.

  4. Mark Andrews says:

    Fischer is not ready for national office. I’m tired of one or two term senators stepping up like they’e Gods gift. Not that a guy like Biden, who’s overcooked, is much better. Neither extreme inspires confidence.

  5. Yargle Blargle says:

    If any of those four are the VP nominee, I will gladly accept any and all bets for the POTUS race. The Democrats could run a cheese sandwich and win.

  6. Macdaddy says:

    Trump should host another Apprentice show to pick his VP. That would be brilliant. The first task would be to compile the list of women who have accused Bill Clinton of sexual abuse and even rape. Maybe even do a presentation on why Juanita Broaddrick should be believed. Of course, Hillary said there was evidence exonerating her husband. She won’t share it, though. I guess we just have to take her word for it. Of course, the lovable rapist rogue narrative isn’t going to fly in a time where people are clamoring for Woodrow Wilson’s name to be stripped off of his alma mater because of some obscure opinions. America is going to make history with Jeffrey Epstein the pedophile’s buddy? I doubt it. But, yes, Sparkles. Let’s talk about the illusion that was the Clinton Presidency. There’s a whole generation of voters that knows nothing about the gargantuan catalogue of Bill and Hillary’s malfeasance.

    • Sparkles says:

      The National Constitution Center reported (Feb 2015) a survey of 391 members of the American Political Science Association ranked Bill Clinton as the 8th best President in the history of United States.

      (War mongering, economy ravaging GW and his Insane Clown GOPosse clocked in at 35 out of 43)

    • repenting lawyer says:

      Macdaddy, Clinton’s sexual follies occurred in a new age of news coverage. In the good old days these things were not reported, eg Harding. I doubt he was that good as POTUS, but bad behavior did not much impact his performance. Beyond the sexual matters, his sins seem minor and hers non existent. You are a nice reminder that POTUS hating predates Bush 2 and Obama

      • Macdaddy says:

        Still doesn’t change the fact that Clinton conceded the commission of a sexual assault and had 2 other women accuse him of rape. One of the accusations is quite reputable by Hillary’s standards and the other is reputable by everybody else’s standards. Hillary did her best to squash these accusations and protect her power. Oh, but she’ll watch out for every other woman. Just as long as they aren’t in her husband’s sights. You think America wants more of their grifting and criminal behavior?

      • repenting lawyer says:

        Macdaddy, So far as I know no formal rape charges were brought against Clinton, nor any criminal charge of sexual assault, which has no standard definition, so we would need a specific jurisdiction. His behavior was predatory and repulse. He ,however, is not running. We will see how Country reacts to his wife, but your crude view of her says marabout you than about her.

      • Reader says:

        Are you a virgin Macdaddy? Powerful men and women often have sex outside the bounds of marriage. People without power do so to. Most of us don’t care about the Clinton bedroom bashes. We were just glad we did so well under his leadership. Your obsession with Clinton’s sexual exploits seems unnatural unless you are a virgin and envy his prowess.

      • Macdaddy says:

        RL, Paula Jones brought civil charges of a sexual assault and won. The fact that some local prosecutor, faced with indicting a sitting President, declined to even investigate the 2 rapes is not surprising. Especially given the ferocity of Hillary at going after any perceived threat to her power. Today, your candidate says that victims of sexual assault should be believed. She then clarified that they should be believed until other facts show up. None have shown up in the cases of Kathleen Willey nor Juanita Broaddrick which means Hillary is lying yet again. There are millions of college students out there who have been taught to believe the victim, and they vote. When they realize what Hillary has done to innocent victims of her husband, how she continues to abuse those poor women, and that she wants to make Bill Clinton the First “Gentleman,” I don’t see how her candidacy continues. Couple that with the at least 10 flights Slick Willie took on Jeffrey Epstein’s plane and his visits to “Pedophile Island” and suddenly things aren’t looking so hot for Two-Slice Hilley. We live in an age of guilt-by-association. It was carefully created by The Left. So please, let’s make this campaign about Bill Clinton. Trump won’t leave that bat just lying on the ground.

      • repenting lawyer says:

        Macdaddy, Paula Jones lost, she did not come within the federal sexual harassment statutes, and her pendent state law claim for intentional infliction of mental distress lacked proof of physical injury, NE has same rule about this tort, Davis v Texaco. Sexual assault is a form of attempted rape in States that followed the Ohio criminal statutes as is NE. These States usually did not have attempt statutes, thoughNE does now.

      • repenting lawyer says:

        Macdaddy, On another historical note guilt by association dates back to the McCarthy era and was developed by the right and particularly HUAC. Nixon in 1954 and party of treason speech in Denver is a good example, as were both his House and Senate campaigns.
        Your predictions about Bill Clinton as an issue may be right, but mastery of the facts is not part of your art form.

    • Bluejay says:

      Yes. We need to hear the audio tape (again and again) where she laughs about the rape victim in her court-appointed criminal defense case. The poor woman is reportedly still troubled.

  7. Attention Trumpians!
    The event this evening is not in the arena. It is in the exhibition hall. It is a much much much smaller space. If you want to get in you better get there early.

  8. Anonymous says:

    A new WND survey shows Trump pulling his same big support among whites but he pulls even more among Blacks and Hispanics. He pulls 29 among men and 47 among women. “Conservative women voting in the GOP primaries” prefer Trump by a whopping 53%. That’s with everyone else still running.

    Okay, we get it. Minorities and women crave strong macho leadership. But what’s up with white males? In polls, white men seem to lag in support for Trump. That doesn’t make sense unless we stop to consider that every white male who has much to lose is fearfully aware they can be dragged into court for uttering a word against a women or minority. White males who hire people are routinely sued for discrimination and never by white males. It is much safer to always tell others, who are recording your opinion, that you prefer something more effeminate and less white and macho. Its safer. But do we believe white males will vote that way in the anonymity of the polling booth? Or with a gush of relief mark down “Trump!” If so, then Trump’s under polling is even larger than the 10% most experts agree has existed since June.

    I have been right about Trump since June. I could be wrong about this under polling. But I don’t think so. We shall see soon enough.

  9. bynd says:

    New survey shows over 70% of Americans think the country is headed in the wrong direction. Over 60% believe that the current Pres is doing a bad job.

    How soon is Ban leaving the UN? If the rest of the world likes Mr. Pres. so much, they probably would like to have him running their lives also frpm the UN.

    Maybe the Dems should worry less about the Repubs and worry moore about their own house. Partisianship, Trump for Pres. HC for VP.

    Or how about a cage match. I wouldn’t necessarily bet against HC.

  10. Macdaddy says:

    RL, Clinton paid Jones $850,000 to settle out of court and he gave up his law license. Only in the delusional world of a Clinton supporter does that mean Jones lost. I am glad to see that you and Reader are wedded to using ’90’s tactics to fight this. Sparkles, in the meantime, is like Randy from A Christmas Story, lying on the ground hoping it all just goes away. The world has changed, RL. You helped change it. So enjoy. We all know what the meaning of “is” is.

    • Sparkles says:

      I’m not “lying on the ground hoping it all just goes away.”

      Quite to the contrary, I implore Trump and his delirious legion of haters to continue their decades old assault on the Clinton’s with it’s accompanying virulence and fervor. Such toxic vehemence will no doubt prove helpful in the rage fest that is the policy-free, solutions-deprived GOP primary.
      But in a general election, with an electorate already repulsed by the decades of baseless Clinton/Obama derangement syndrome – the visceral, seething hatred and rabid xenophobia that drives Trump supporters – having a thrice married, philandering blowhard like Trump trying to beat up on a woman over her husband’s philandering, about which she is if anything the victim rather than the perpetrator, is almost comically self-destructive on Trump’s part.

      • Macdaddy says:

        Philandering? I didn’t see the word philandering in any of the synonyms for rape. Stay out of touch, Sparkles. Your candidate won’t beat the rap this time. People don’t want a serial rapist in the White House. Your candidate is deeply damaged goods and it’s not just from the brain injury she still suffers from.

      • Sparkles says:

        Ah yes, Hillary’s “brain injury”.
        More from the stream of bile that bubbles up from toxic waste dumps that litter the rightwing blogosphere.
        Like World Nut Daily’s (Birther Central) stories about Obama’s legion of gay lovers and his decades long frolics through Chicago’s gay bars and bath houses.
        Or Edward “The Grifting King” Klein’s claim that Hillary is a closeted lesbian.
        Or World Nut Daily’s recent claim that they caught, on video, Obama’s “Demon” racing in front of him.
        Oh, and course, WND’s claim that their long held belief that Obama is the Antichrist has been validated because a house fly once landed on him.

        By the way, what’s the body count up to now? Last I recall the Clinton’s had killed at least 6 or 7 people in addition being responsible for the disappearance of Kathleen Willey’s cat.
        And let’s not forget how the Clinton’s smuggled hundreds of millions of dollars worth of cocaine through a tiny airport in Arkansas. If I remember right, the Clinton’s killed a couple teenage kids who happened to stumble upon Bill and Hillary’s drug running empire.
        Then of course there’s Bill’s black love child.

        The sane world doesn’t gives a rat’s @$$ about your whacked-out conspiracies Mac.
        You’re never-ending cries of wolf have become nothing more than a sadly comical annoyance.
        Cries that now bring to the mind of millions the scene of Donald Sutherland’s scream at the end of Invasion of the Body Snatchers.

        Anyway, one would think if HRC truly were brain damaged, it would be an endearing quality to the Trump base.
        You know, “like minds” and all.

      • I don’t want a president who’s a ‘victim’. I want a president who, if her husband cheats on her multiple times, will haul his ass into divorce court. Hillary, on the contrary, seems quite comfortable with her husband’s philandering (and worse). I don’t think most people will sympathize with that.

    • repenting lawyer says:

      Macdaddy,, I reported the result in USCD Ark. Jones lost. Payment to make a case go away is not unusual. I report not from a delusional world of Clinton support but from 50 years of lawyering. Businesses settle cases for many reasons related to burdens of litigation not merits, Clinton had money and wanted to be free of Paula. Giving up license was for lying about Monica in deposition in Paula’s case. Actually I do not like the NE ARK rule on intentional infliction so on that I was not a Clinton supporter.
      I do not know what world I helped make and given your difficulty with facts I probably did not make one. Reality is a wonderful place, come join us.

      • Macdaddy says:

        Nearly a million dollars to make a case go away when, according to Hillary, you’re flat broke? That’s an admission of guilt out here in the real world. So’s losing your law license for perjury in the same case. Lying about Lewinsky was just the only lie they had him dead to rights on. His lies about that kind of taint everything else he said, right counselor? No? Guess you would have been right at home on his legal team.

  11. repenting lawyer says:

    Macdaddy, I suspect Clinton did not put up the money, and I have seen a lot more than that paid to make cases away. Clinton had enough trouble with Starr. Not clear he committed perjury, there is a rather technical issue about that .
    Juanita Broaddrick, she gave an affidavit in Jones case that nothing had happened. Made charges after 20 years when $ were being thrown around to get Clinton. Said she rebuffed Clinton because she was married, but did not tell husband. Did claim to have told boy friend with whom she was cheating on husband. You do not have to be Edward Marshall Hall to see a strong defense and the statute had run anyway. I though Willey was a battery, gross but not rape. Will refresh recollection.
    I think Clinton was no model of good behavior, but you seem to have limit on what you will say.

    • Macdaddy says:

      Actually, Juanita Broaddrick told several people at the time of the incident. NBC interviewed them and they corroborated her story. Also, Ms Broaddrick recanted her affidavit in the Jones case. Hillary says she should be believed and supported. Oh, I guess those were just words.

  12. bynd says:


    It appears that the one who likes to spend time in the toxic waste dumps would be you. Your knowledge of them is far superior to any one else here.

    You bring all those things up because of? They vast majority could care less. And if you are that afraid of Trump ond his minions so that every post you put out there is about him, then the like minds would be you and the one track minds of the Trump supporters. Always about Trump!

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