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Just posted what you were thinking...
Just posted what you were thinking…

A few links for you on this Day Back Freezing Cold Monday after New Year’s…


Governor Ricketts sat down with both the OWH and LJS over the holidays. In it he gives a very, very brief overview of the upcoming legislative session that will seem to concentrate on property tax relief:

The OWH interview isn’t terribly far-reaching — the reporter says it was only 30 minutes.
They really could have just put a period after the headline.
Gov. Pete Ricketts is focused on property tax cuts, working more closely with senators in year two

Don Walton writes the LJS’s version.
He also wrote another about the upcoming session, and how the Governor went last year and could go this year.

The issues:
Property tax reduction.


Fischer and Sasse.
Sasse and Fischer.

Sasse VS Fischer?

That is the gist of the OWH’s cover story on Nebraska’s two U.S. Senators Deb Fischer and Ben Sasse.

They point out that Fischer has been working to be an effective legislator especially over the past year, while Sasse has been taking more “principled” stands.

They also point out that on all of Fischer’s big accomplishments, Sasse voted the other way.

Often times, I go back to the clip from this story.

Fischer said, Sasse has played up her status as the state’s senior senator — based on being in the Senate two years longer. In response, she jokingly called him “Skippy.”

Could be more interesting to watch if things get chippy in the Presidential race…


Don Walton wrote this in his Monday column, talking about the 2006 Senate race between Ben Nelson and Pete Ricketts:

“That battle produced the most memorable, most entertaining and funniest attack ads that probably ever have appeared in Nebraska.”

Funny, it was never posed that way back in 2006.

I’d heard “childish” and “false” and “unsenatorial”.

There was the animated “Farmer Nelson” by Ricketts.
The “Cat in the Hat” print ad by Nelson.
An ad featuring Nelson’s big game hunting, which rattled off a series of animals (such as the wily giraffe) that Nelson had killed.

But, until now, I’d never heard a reporter call them memorable, entertaining or funny.

Funny what a decade will do.


And there is a new pro-Charter Schools group in Nebraska.
Take a read here
Or watch KETV’s story here.

(You can check the spelling of the name of the group’s leader if the reporter’s pronunciation seems just a bit off. Sound familiar?)


More this afternoon!

Come on back now ya’ll!


  1. Key 'n Trumpets says:

    In today’s news, Democrat pundits and Liberal media both are talking about how Trump can beat Hillary. Indeed, most Americans seem sick of dynastic Clintons and dynastic Bushes, but whereas Jeb is dead, thus freeing GOP voters, Democrats who rejected Hillary in 2008 are today saddled with the same old unappealing Mrs. Clinton.

    Yet, if Dems voting for Hillary is a challenge to the human gag reflex, GOP leaders seem ever eager to court defeat. For it is only GOP leaders who are saying Trump cannot beat Hillary. Why? Because Trump is too bluntly honest?

  2. Bluejay says:

    Property tax relief?

    Does that mean sales and income taxes from Omaha to subsidize LPS and out state schools?

    Question: When was the last time a major company moved to Nebraska? We just lost ConAgra to ultra high tax Chicago. Sales tax there is 10.25%.

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