Unicameral Bucket List

First, less of a Separated at Birth, than a “Who Wore it Better?“…


State Senator Burke Harr at the opening day of the 2016 Legislature, and Hockey Night in Canada’s Don Cherry!



As the new Legislative session begins, the excitement turns to what each Senator’s “priority” bills are.

For instance, Senator Tommy Garrett came right out of the gate filing a bill making fetal dismemberment illegal after 13 weeks of a baby’s gestation.

He threw in some “choose life, fund adoption” license plates for good measure.

Others had different priorities.

Malcolm Democrat Senator Ken Haar was quoted saying…

“Only one more year, and I have a whole bucket list of things I’d like to get done.”

Whats the priority bill in his bucket?

Climate change.

Look for bills on Medicaid, seat belts and pot, among the other stuff.


Do you know how YOUR Senator voted?

State Senator Bill Kintner, with Senators Laura Ebke and Mike Groene are hammering the idea of open-voting for Committee chairs.

This was an issue pushed by Republican party chairs last year, as a way of showing who is placing Democrats in charge of various committees.

And it was pushed back because…well because those against the idea don’t want to be outed as voting for Dems. It’s that basic.

There is some sort of bogus argument that there would be “hard feelings” if it was known who voted for or against whom. Which has nothing to do with it, because that happens every day of the week.

You will get your Don Walton types who claim that George Norris wanted it this way, or some such — with a quick follow-up about how many Democrats and Republicans they can count on either side. They will note that Republicans should be independent. And then they will ignore the standard block-voting of all the Democrats.

The average person does not follow this, but voters would be surprised to know that this sort of secret, back-room voting still exists in Lincoln.


Don’t flush it

Always a kick to see how the states compare…

Screen Shot 2016-01-07 at 11.29.46 AM

You can note that “Flush with Cash” Nebraska ranks 4th in states preparedness for a weathering a recession. (Numbers are through 2014.)

They note…

“If states want to maintain a constant growth of available revenue using only rainy day funds during the next economic contraction only 6 states (Alaska, Iowa, Nebraska, South Dakota, West Virginia, and Wyoming) have a sufficient amount of savings to weather 75 percent or more of all possible economic contractions that may occur…”

(Click the map to go to the full George Mason University Mercatus Center report.)



A new website on the Blog Roll (over on the right): A View from the Middle Border. This comes from long-time reader and commenter Ed Stevens.

Along with the Nebraska Unicameral-centric commentary are several “apps” that he has linked in the header.

These include, how much State Senators are spending on things such as lodging, travel, etc; campaign funding info; and some basics such as phone numbers and all that. Much of this is available in other places, but Ed has combined it in one handy spot.

Take a read.


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    • TexasAnnie says:

      So does that mean you’ll vote against LR 389CA if it makes it to the ballot?

      I don’t know anything about Haar/Harr (sp?= your spelling v. the printed proposal) per se, except that this repeal would be a positive affect not only in keeping the state constitution current with federal authority, but in voiding Nebraska’s official homophobia.

      • TexasAnnie says:

        A quick check revealed that it’s Ken Haar, District. 21.
        So his name is misspelled on the resolution itself.

  1. Haar is the epitome of ‘a little learning is a dangerous thing’. He has some quasi-technical qualifications, and thinks it makes him an Authority on Science. But in fact he’s an ideologue whose effusions are replete with scientific errors.

  2. Yucky lawmaking says:

    So you think NE voters mind “secret, back-room voting” in Lincoln? Not hardly. NE voters think “checks” make pirogues and “balances” are tightrope walkers.

    Unicameral lawmaking is asexual legis-reproduction. There are no two sets of genetic code combining to spawn the bicameral’s dimorphic dynamic adaptability ala lawmaking.

    What Nebraskan’s have is one Unicameral house that masturbates, calls it love making, and then excretes laws from itself with all the unhealthy staid genetics of a vaginal yeast cell budding.

    People who like having a Unicameral often have a history of sex with their siblings. You can shame them into not talking about it in public but you cannot get them to quit humping the sis. Nebraskans like having a unicameral. To stop that, you have to sterilize them all and start over.

  3. Anonymous says:

    As for being flush with money while being surrounded by fiscally inept states, you do know, don’t you, what happens when you save and scrimp and buy your home for cash?

    You feel so proud that you owe nobody a dime. But then all of your idiot bum buddies who bought twice the house they could afford, and reneged on their mortgages, get bailed out by Bush and/or Obama using your tax money. The bums end up with nicer homes for free than the one you bought. Bush and Obama did that.

    Washington DC will rob Nebraska’s treasury to bail out the fiscally inept. Regular Republicans will do that, Democratic will do it with gusto. Trump, maybe not.

  4. Anonymous says:

    That red plaid sports coat is the tartan of Clan MacCrappy,

    Pete needs to test the new drugs right? Put some on that damn coat. See if it kills it.

  5. Colin says:

    I just want to point out the undeniable fact that secret ballot committee votes have absolutely nothing to do with Democrats being elected as committee chairs. The 4 (D) committee chairs (Crawford, Harr, Mello, Sullivan) all ran unopposed while all competitive races pitted two R’s against each other (Kolterman v. Davis, Johnson v. Brasch, Krist v. Bloomfield, etc.

    Bill Kintner sees his role in the legislature as being the Senator who stops bad legislation, and the state of Nebraska is blessed to have him in that role, but I still don’t understand how making committee chair votes public so everyone can see which R you voted for and which R you voted against helps the Republican cause.

    If we want R committee chairs all we simply need to do is put up candidates against the D’s because they run unopposed. We should never leave appropriations, business & labor, urban affairs and education uncontested.

  6. Tommy "Chong" Garrett says:

    From LJS 1/8/16
    Rules Chairman Tommy Garrett said he understood the need for transparency, but also loves the unicameral Legislature’s nonpartisanship.
    “I wonder if we had open voting on the leadership positions how long it would be before every committee chairman was a Republican,” he said.

    Get off the pipe Senator, you are a Republican. Right???

  7. TexasAnnie says:

    repenting lawyer, what’s your opinion on this: Chambers has introduced a measure to require the timely publication and distribution of the Constitution of Nebraska. Now why do you suppose Chambers is antsy about this routine task?

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