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Bill Kintner 01Jerry Kratochvil interviews Nebraska State Senator Bill Kintner.

Kratochvil and Senator Kintner discuss the beginning of the 2016 Legislative Session, and the first issue Kintner has encountered, as he just left a hearing: open voting for Committee Chairs.

They continue by talking about the turbulent 2015 session and where things went wrong and where they seem to be going. On that note, they discuss the upcoming issues with Medicaid expansion and the Learning Community, among other legislative topics.

They conclude talking about Kintner’s style of conservatism and how he got started in politics and why. We also find out about Kintner’s specialty before he got involved in politics and how he keeps it going today.

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  1. politik says:

    Iowa Primary news in Western Iowa emanates from Omaha. There are 47 state and territory primaries separating Iowa and Nebraska voters but in this first iteration, in Iowa, what we say here matters now. If this blog is about politics, this is the place for discussing America’s survival.

    USA Today’s rankings: 1 Trump, 2 Cruz, 3 Rubio, 4 Christie, 5 Bush, 6 Carson, 7 Kasich, 8 Paul, 9 Fiorina, 10 Huckabee, 11 Santorum, and 12 Gilmore.

    The rankings started Sept 1 as Trump, Carson. On Sept 22, it was briefly Fiorina, Trump. But now Fiorina is in the crapper with Huckabee and Santorum, the two losers Iowa Republicans picked over McCain and Romney. On Oct 1, it was briefly Carson, Trump. Now Carson (a 2014 insurgent maybe for replacing Boehner) is nose diving.

    Will Ted Cruz rise against Trump? Hard to see how. Ted was eligible to be Canada’s Prime Minster while showing up in GOP presidential straw polls. Iowa caucus voters may indeed be the “Walmart crowd” but all GOP voters, even in Iowa, are patriots. They won’t like to see the Canuck take his American citizenship so lightly, eh?

  2. Ed Stevens says:

    Not a huge fan of podcasts (no offense intended – it’s a personal preference thing), but I am a big fan of both Kintner and Kratochvil, so I gave this one a listen … and glad I did. With his “poverty pimp” and “turd-polishing” manner of plain-speak, his self-deprecating manner, and his firm grasp of basic conservative principles, Kintner is a star … one other Unicammers would do well to emulate.

    Maybe I’m a bit too pollyanna, but I could see the Kintner-Groene-Ebke nexus as an important nucleus around which a meaningful conservative consensus might grow. At least we can hope ….

    As most know, I am not a huge fan of the Unicameral in general, but guys like Kintner give me cause for optimism.

    • TexasAnnie says:

      I, on the other hand found his “plain-speak, self-deprecating manner” unsophisticated but having read some of your sing-song pieces, Ed, I understand why you prefer his style.

      As to substance, I appreciate Kintner’s “free-market” ideology, IF, rejecting tax subsidies in all forms.

      I am familiar with Groene and I have read Ebke’s blog. If Kintner’s in their league, he might do better winning “hearts and minds” by speaking more politely. On the other hand, if Kintner aligns with Nebraskans for Freedom, an organization which accepts tax subsidies, then he’s not the kind of “conservative” y’all need. I’m not going to bother looking it up now, but an easy test of this credential would be last year’s vote on the Woodmen of the World subsidy.

  3. Sparkles says:

    The newly announced, prominent and highly public support of heavyweights – Walter Scott and Michael Yanney, along with the continued support of Republican Senator and former Executive Director of the Platte Institute John McCollister as well as respected Republican Senator Kathy Campbell.
    A University of Nebraska Medical Center study showing an impact of 10,000, good paying jobs in Nebraska.
    77,000 of your friends, neighbors and family members, working poor Nebraskans, relieved of the soul crushing insecurity of the lack of basic healthcare. Each of them gaining access to life saving care – through the private market.
    Rural Nebraska hospitals and the communities/counties they support, literally saved from dissolution,
    $700 million in new economic activity in the state every year.
    The quiet but significant support of a slate of Republican state Senators who earlier in the year signed off on the commission of a now newly completed analysis, about to be released, showing the fiscal impact on state government will be considerably less than the original $59 million estimate over a five-year period. (driving yet another stake through the heart of Pete’s fictitious fiscal boogeyman)

    Richey Ricketts and his trusty sidekick Agenda 21, turd polishing Bill Kintner are about to be steamrolled, again.

    • bynd says:

      Or maybe it is just that some one finally came up with a better plan for our state than the ACA medcaid expanson. Wow, who would have thought that an Obama plan could be made better when ignored?
      And Campbell is a Repub in name only. It will be nice to see her gone. She has screwed up DHHS worse than even Heiny.

      • Sparkles says:

        Whatever floats your tea bags.

        Republicans can paint it purple, put a tricorn cap on it and call it Uncle Doody, but it’s still Medicaid expansion via the PPACA.

      • bynd says:

        But it is the ACA getting steamrolled as inappropriate for this state. So it would appear your tea bags have sunk and your spin is to save face. Which, since we have not seen it, may or may not be a good thing:)

      • bynd says:

        Just because I spend most of writings critisizing frustrated Nebraska libs/ Dem zealots doesn’t mean I’m a Repub. That is the biggest problem with folks like you, everyone has to be one or the other. I’m sure I left the Repubs long before you, regardless of your age. Difference with me is, I didnt repeat the original mistake by becoming a partisian again. So, keep indoctrinating your purple penguins, I’m sure the choice of color was not an accident even if attributed to the wrong party.

      • Sparkles says:

        I have no idea where it is you pull your data bynd, but I’m guessing it rhymes with morass.

        With nearly two weeks remaining (data to Jan 2, cut-off for sign-up Jan 15) the 2016 ACA enrollment in Nebraska has surpassed the 2015 numbers and is ahead of what was projected for 2016.
        As of January 2nd, 79,500 Nebraskans have purchased health insurance through the federal healthcare exchange.

        You imagine the ACA to be “getting steamrolled”, when, in fact, it is gaining steam in Nebraska.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Sweeper, look again at Cruz’s TV ad of lawyers sneaking into the USA across our border. None of those invaders look like Mexicans. They all look like Canadian lawyers.

    Whereas Trump only threatens the GOP by wanting to be President, Cruz has made a career out of proactively crippling GOP efforts in the Senate. And so McCain is happy to point out that Ted Cruz is one of those Canadian lawyers.

    Canadian Cruz. Sounds like a splitting headache in a bottle.

    • repenting lawyer says:

      Anonymous at 10:20, No fan of Cruz, but Harv L Rev article by 2 former SGs is very convincing on ‘native born” and though a territory and PCZ were involved arguments very close to that on Goldwater and McCain. Is issue justiciable or is House only judge of qualification? I lean toward political question.

  5. bynd says:


    Let me supply what you never do, context. This year they expected 20 million to enroll in state insurance exchanges. Actual max will be 11.4. Barely over 1/2 after three years. US unisured rates have gone from 18% to 11.4%. Once again a drop of only 40%. It is estimated that Obama care will enroll 50%, vs 70% first estimate, for 2016. All l this for how many trillions of dollars?

    Let’s not even go into your doctor and $2500.00 savings issues. Oops I guess I did. Several state exchanges have collapsed after spending billions. There are still more uninsured than insured.

    Some rates are going up 30 to 40% MY & TN. NM is proposed at 50%. Because the pools of insured are becoming more known than guessed at. The days of favorable rate rasing comparisions prior to ACA are coming to a screeching halt. Reality vs congressional sleight of hand will do that.

    So we are still payng for the uninsured through our insurance rates as well as the subsidized through our taxes. Especially with all the waivers the Pres gives that help save his friends money.

    Was the ACA the big motivator for the new plan in Nebraska? It would seem Kintner thinks so all he sees is more lip stick. But your rosey assertaion that the ACA is driving the action, is like holding a gun to some one’s head and then saying their confession was voluntary. Much like saying LB 775 has created so many jobs. Which just shows, both sides “lie” to suit their agenda.

    Put all the lip stick on it you want, It still looks the south end of a north bound drunk lib. Especially since there were much lower cost and more effective solutions. In the scheme of what could have been, Obamacare is an unsustainable failure.

    • Oracle says:

      Once again a drop of only 40%

      I, and most other people who can do math, would consider this significant. Especially if you were one of the uninsured. I’m sure Sparkles can rebut your ridiculous post, but in the meantime google “The ‘good old days’ before Obamacare”.

      Funny how you use the word “context”. Seems like it means to only include facts which support your viewpoint.

      • Sparkles says:

        One doesn’t even know where to start when rebutting one of bynd’s posts. It’s typically a slice of World Nut Daily, mixed in with some Breitbart and topped off with a little Avik Roy. All of their baseless claims and maniacal projections debunked, time and time again.

        The ACA has been a success on nearly every front.
        The number of uninsured is at a 50 year low. The cost curve of both healthcare and insurance has been arrested as never before.
        Of course it’s an unfinished success. More work needs to be done. Work which will begin again in earnest with the election of HRC and concomitant demoralization of tea-addled right wingers.

  6. Lil Mac says:

    Repenting Lawyer, Cruz’ birth isn’t a legal question. Voting isn’t a rational courtroom, least of all in Iowa where caucus voters are the original birthers. They spent years obsessing over Obama’s birth country.

    The core of Ted’s problem isn’t his birth in Canada but that as a grown up Senator, Cruz didn’t renounce his Canadian citizenship until he was running for President. That’s a grown up stupid move that makes Cruz appear lazy, unpatriotic and a snotty egotist to IA caucus voters. It hurts Cruz. The timing of this however is Trump’s.

    Trump is already working on winning the general election. That requires he win, if he can, a mini-landslide the Iowa so strongly that his GOP opponents are permanently paralyzed. GOP voters already think Trump is the GOP Nominee. Trump has the GOP nomination even without Iowa but if Trump can crush hope in the hearts of his GOP opponents so utterly and early, they will quit wasting limited GOP dollars Trump will need to take on Hillary later. It is just good business, if he can pull it off, to seal this deal in Iowa. He hasn’t acted stupidly yet.

    74% of GOP voters think Trump will be the nominee. He’s hammering Hillary thus gaining GOP support, firming it, and with GOP bosses now hamming Trump, Independents and Democrats who liked Bill and Obama but loathe Hillary are defecting in droves.

    • repenting lawyer says:

      LittleMac, Obviously you can not vote for a 12 year old and expect his or her nomination, so there is a legal question.That said I do not like Cruz, I do not live in Iowa, and I think caucasus are the devil’s workshop. However Cruz does meet the Constitutional
      standard if people vote for him. You have made your support of Trump clear, I gave up prophecy long ago.

  7. bynd says:

    Sparkles and Oracle,

    Well once again, a lot of ad homien attacks but that is typical when you folks are losing the debate.

    50% low for the uninsured. That would mean that in real numbers, at the start of 2015, the government estimate on the uninsured was 32.3 milliom. This year it is down to, at best, 11.4 million. So the figures still leave 21.9 uninsured. Some say call it 19 million. Regardless, the presentation of your numbers shows your distinct lack of compassion for the poor uninsured. And for you folks, politics trumps all. Pun intended. And that is about context. Evidently a word the Oracle doesn’t seem to quite get.

    Come back when your arses aren’t so sore from pulling your BS out of them.

    • Oracle says:

      Well once again, a lot of ad homien attacks but that is typical when you folks are losing the debate.

      You are bat-s**t delusional! Only in your world is a significant improvement considered a failure. Frankly, the only reason I post here is to correct the posted misinformation that appears credible so that passerbys don’t believe it. But your posts are so deluded, this probably isn’t necessary.

      • bynd says:

        Oracle: Prove the figures wrong. I’m sure the uninsured could care less about the lucky 40%, Still more unisured than insured and increasing what 3 million a year. Great you’ll reach your goal in another 6 or 7 years. So those who die while waiting are just collateral damage of a policy that considers 40% a success? Where do you work, the VA? How many more trillions will those years cost. As I said, 40% for the price is insane and unsustainable. I just hope when your next surgery comes, the doctor does better than a 40% job. 19 million aren’t seeing a doctor at all. But what do you care, you got yours.

        So says the guy who adds nothing of value but thinks he is Will Rogers. You’re a hoot:)

        By the way, you and Sparkles can go to the HP and see all of this. The only delusional one is the one who doesn’t care about 19 million uninsured peopel in America.

    • Anon says:

      Bynd, what these guys a with facts and figures are telling you telling you is medicaid expansion is free money, it comes from USG, then Nebraska doesn’t pay for it. If you get sick and medicare pays, that sickness doesn’t cost as much as the sickness otherwise. Free USG money is magic, just look what it has done for schools.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Prophecy? The word is “prediction”. This is a political blog. The only reason we come here is to predict outcomes of voters voting, which is a largely irrational process yet with insight and grasp of human behavior one can accurately predict. Otherwise one is simply cheerleading to people who’s minds are made up. You think I am for Trump when you aren’t for Cruz? What makes you think that? The man is unlikable. But we aren’t hiring a royal to worship. We are hiring a competent chief executive to be POTUS and out negotiate our competitors and enemies.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Cruz released his mother’s birth certificate to explain why Cruz renounced his Canadian citizenship only 20 months ago.

    Carson asked school kids to point out the worst student in the class, while Ben twirled a hammer muttering “mommy” Today Ben has been waxing philosophic, musing that had he smashed Boehner then Carson would be House Speaker today.

    I’d call psychiatrist Krauthammer to look at these guys but Krauthammer has himself been driven insane by this campaign season.

    When this is all done, there will enough loose nuts left over for a nice big fruit cake.

  10. Lil Mac says:

    Sorry for the snark. It is a result of our natural frustration with politicians. Politicians are not productive people, they don’t do real work, they manipulate power. Sort of like the difference between a Trump building properties that people live and work in and a Buffett who simply buys stocks, sells books to tell others to invest in his stocks, then sells at a profit. A builder versus a charlatan. Is that snarky? It is true, no matter how you say it.

    The difference between Trump voters and other voters is that whereas people “like” Jeb, Cruz or Sanders, nobody “likes” Trump. They feel America “needs” a Trump. That accounts for the solidity of his support despite his supporters being threatened with political castration by GOP Chairmen who assassinate their own front runner because they say “Trump cannot beat Hillary” who we now know herself wrote and ordered her subordinates to commit the felony of removing classification franks from secret information and then resend it. I was a top secret materials control officer and I have courts martialed people to prison for far less than Hillary’s foolish felonious actions. This is not a cigar in a vagina. She will be indicted and likely convicted. And yet GOP bosses act like they would rather have Hillary than Trump as President. That is insane, no matter how snarky we say it.

    • Sparkles says:

      Warren Buffett is a “charlatan”, who “simply buys stocks”.
      Whereas as Donald John Trump Sr., a wayward and surly child born into great wealth, thrice married, four times bankrupt, stands supreme as a renown builder of impeccable vision and character.

      Surely the fractured remnants of a disillusioned and manipulated GOP – the wasteland of a party left behind after GW’s devastatingly destructive reign – has reached peak delusion, no?

    • Sparkles says:

      Trump has one thing going for him that Warren Buffett is certain never to have.

      Trump now has a White Nationalist Super PAC blanketing Iowa with robocalls, asking Iowa voters to support Trump.

      One of the voices on the robocall identifies himself as Jared Taylor, publisher of white supremacist magazine American Renaissance. The same Jared Taylor who serves as spokesman for the Council of Conservative Citizens, which was cited in the manifesto written by Charleston shooter Dylann Roof as the group that opened his eyes to what he saw as the scourge of black-on-white crime in America. Roof went on a shooting rampage at a historically black church in June, killing nine parishioners.

      Another voice on the robocall identifies himself:
      “I am William Johnson, a farmer and a white nationalist. Support Donald Trump. I paid for this through the super PAC.”
      Johnson is Chairman of the American Freedom Party, a group dedicated to the promotion of white supremacy.

      Must be a proud moment for Trumpettes and the Grand Old Party.

      • bynd says:

        Much like around 1988 when the black Trump, Jesse Jackson, led the Democrats until after MI.and won what, 13 contest. Although that made the Dems jerk back to the middle with Clinton who was too centrist so they then came to the far left with Barack. The past is repeating itself?

        By the way, OWH, Friday the 26th. And thanks Wikipedia for the Jesse infor. So where does your info come from? It seems you have been to embarassed to enlighten us. But even your foil outfit will not protect you from the truth. Cue in Twilight Zone theme music.

  11. Key 'n Trumpets says:

    R. Howard, Democrat CEO of Mercury Analytics Polling, expected Trump’s first campaign spot to strongly appeal to GOP voters (it does) with a negative impact on Democratic and independent likely voters. Instead, nearly 20% of Dems would cross over to vote for Trump. 25% of Dems agree with the ad’s points, another 19% “somewhat”. And those crossover Dems are resilient (as are GOP voters for Trump). This means GOP voters pissed at Trump might vote for Hillary but Dem voters for Trump will vote for Trump. The same effect is seen among Trump’s GOP voters.

    Trump’s problem is -by 65/19/29 D/R/I- some voters think the USA’s “prestige” would be hurt by his election.

    Prestige is what Englishmen expect from the Queen. They expect a gritty smart chief executive in their Prime Minister. — Perhaps many of America’s problems are due to voters not hiring a competent Chief Executive for four years but instead they seek a Royal that other countries will admire. — Screw being admired. Uncle Sam’s pants are down around his ankles. Trump voters want a competent chief executive. Everyone else wants another Queen like her majesty Barack. But I digress.

    Howard says if Trump lowers the bombast in the general election and goes more centrist as all nominees do to get Independents, Trump can smash Hillary. And that is coming from a Dem pollster.

  12. Anonymous says:

    That’s good useful data, Key. It is suggestive but does not predict a Trump win. Perhaps Trump voters won’t show up. Maybe he cannot shift as he needs for the general. But the data is useful and allows rational treatment.

    • repenting lawyer says:

      Key, Curious as to how much of the 20% of Democrats are Michael Novak’s unmeltable ethnics who in POTUS races have not been dependable Ds since 1980. Previous study,where discussion here focused on WV and KY ran up the MidAtlantic States, and there is probably a similar group in most former industrial states.

  13. Key 'n Trumpets says:

    RL, saw this elsewhere and it seems pertinent to what you mention…

    Donald and Ronald, — In the 1980 debate, President Carter said Reagan was “extremely dangerous and belligerent” on military policy, “very dangerous” on Social Security, “heartless” toward “working families” and guilty of “very great insensitivity” toward poor people. — Sound familiar?

    GOP Party Bosses hated Reagan for almost beating incumbent GOP Pres Ford in 1976, weakening Ford thus causing Carter to win. In 1980, Reagan was strong but faced 9 GOP candidates, rather like Trump.

    “Reagan Democrats” saw their own Party ignore workers and focus instead on feminists, unemployed, minorities and other useful victims. They hated economic malaise, were strong on national defense, and loved Reagan’s one liners. They returned to Bill Clinton who they saw as having guts. Today Obama is seen as a Carter-like wimp and Trump has the guts. (Hillary? Wimp.)

    Carter was dour, defensive, and earnest. Reagan was energetic, optimistic, and full of one liners: “Are you better off than you were four years ago?” And Reagan’s supporters were unusually resilient.

    Reagan pulled 26% crossover Dems to Carter pulling only 11% crossover Reps. When we adjust Trump/Hillary’s crossover 20/14 for the resilience of “I am 100% sure I will vote for Trump” Dems, to the weaker “I might vote for Hillary” lassitude of polled GOP crossover voters, the comparison between Reagan’s and Trump’s power and impact (appears) solid.

  14. repenting lawyer says:

    Key, In 1980 there was a third party candidate who somewhat distorts the figures, and I am not sure how many Reagan Ds returned with Carter, and I suspect they did not support Obama. Without more demographics the figures are hard to interpret, if they are only old white ethnic males, not so significant, if broader cross section Ds very significant. Guess that is why we hold elections.

  15. Key 'n Trumpets says:

    Cruz just killed himself. He did an about face on deporting Illegals, saying “We don’t have a system that knocks on the doors of every house in America… We don’t have people door-to-door looking for murderers.” — In San Bernardino cops go door to door looking for murderers and the FBI monitors every call behind all doors for terrorists. –- Why would Cruz say this? Obviously, because internal polling shows Trump beating Cruz in Iowa. And so we see Trump pivot more toward Democrats while Cruz sticks a grenade up his own butt and pulls the pin. Cruz has done that before when pressured.

    How many examples of Trump Tactic does it take for us to be convinced?

    Trump tickled Cruz on being born in Canada. For two weeks, Cruz has whined about really being a US citizen. The SCOTUS may look at that but it is too late for Ted. While Ted was distracted by trying to prove his US citizenship, Iowa GOP voters have learned that Cruz renounced his Canadian citizenship ONLY 20 MONTHS AGO. Not in HS, nor college, nor in law school, or as a Senate candidate. Ted waited until he was running for President to quit being a Canadian citizen. What a dickhead!

    Trump doesn’t turn his opponents into fools. They come that way. Trump’s greatest triumph thus far may be the timing he used to pull the trigger on Cruz. But Ted loaded that gun and aimed it at Ted’s own head.

    BTW, look at the photo of Terry Branstad next to Donald Trump Junior, both wearing “Make America Great Again” hats. You may miss that but every Iowa GOP caucus voter will see it.

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