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M's Pub, 2016 (courtesy Sean Olsen) and Mercer Building Fire, 11th Howard, 1905 (H/T Timothy Schaffert)
M’s Pub, 2016 (courtesy Sean Olsen) and Mercer Building Fire, 11th & Howard, 1905 (H/T Timothy Schaffert)

Don Walton starts out his Monday column by (once again) singing the praises of the “non-partisan” legislature. (And then goes on to list what parties everyone is from. Funny that.)

But Don is wrong about why the Democrat Senators and Republican Governor get along. It is because they HAVE to. They can’t deficit spend, like they do in Washington.

And oh by the way, Don always talks about those “independent” Republicans who vote however they feel.

Funny that the Democrats in the Legislature don’t do that.
They vote as a bloc, time and time again…


Your vote or your life

Walton also waxes poetically about an old suggested “requirement” to vote.

And check me if I’m wrong, but is The Don suggesting that armed men should take you to prison if you don’t vote?

See, you’d have to pay a fine if you don’t vote. But what if you don’t pay the fine? Eventually someone has to MAKE you pay it, or pay the consequences, right? That usually takes men with guns…


I’m on a boat…

Brad Ashford recently called on Congress to “work more in 2016” because “working fewer days delays action on key issues.”

He notes that, “Congress needs to get to work on fulfilling our promises to veterans. We can’t achieve these goals if Congress is on vacation most of the year.”

And on that note, here is a nice recent shot of Ashford on vacation on a boat in Mexico:

Ashford-Mexico 01


(Leavenworth St. has eyes EVERYWHERE…)


Bacon or Maxwell or…

And SOMEONE is polling in the 2nd District Congressional race right now. Interesting. The suspicion is that it is neither of the current GOP candidates — Don Bacon or Chip Maxwell. Could be the DCCC. Could be an unknown candidate.

Who that would be, I have no idea.


D-Nabs for C-Max

More in the 2nd District race, Chip Maxwell gained his first “notable” endorsement.

Dave Nabity.

Funny though, I haven’t seen a press release from Maxwell gang, and Nabity’s endorsement apparently went out only to his Facebook “friends” (it isn’t on a public page).

FWIW, here it is:

Screen Shot 2016-01-11 at 6.37.28 AM

Also, FWIW, Jeremy Aspen also “Liked” Nabity’s liking of Maxwell.

It’s awesome to see that we are just a half a step beyond Jr. High in local politics these days.

The question is, does Nabity “Like” Chip, or does he “LIKE-Like” him?


Mmmm Bacon

And just to keep things balanced, here is the most recent list of Don Bacon endorsements:

State Senator Bloomfield joins former Nebraska Governor Kay Orr, Congressman Steve Russell (OK-5), Congressman Ryan Zinke (MT-00), Retired Lieutenant General Jerry Boykin, State Senator Beau McCoy, Omaha City Councilman Franklin Thompson, Bellevue Mayor Rita Sanders, Papillion Mayor David Black, La Vista Mayor Doug Kindig, Sarpy County Attorney Lee Polikov, Sarpy County Treasurer Rich James, Millard School Board Treasurer Mike Kennedy, Retired Gretna Mayor Tim Gilligan, Retired Sarpy County Sheriff Lieutenant Russ Zeeb, retired Sarpy County Election Commissioner Joyce Schram, Mr. Bryan Slone, the Associated Builders and Contractors, and the Concerned Women Political Action Committee in endorsing the candidacy of Don Bacon.


Kintner rules

ICYMI, I had a great conversation with State Senator Bill Kintner recently on The Wheels Down Politics Show.

Kintner is arguably the premier conservative in the Legislature right now and is NON-arguably the most interesting and free-est voice on conservative topics. If you are hoping for quiet, politically-correct politicking, you won’t find it with Kintner.

And on that note, take a listen right here!

You can click above to play in the browser or Direct download by clicking here, or by searching Wheels Down Politics on iTunes.


After the fire

Horrible thing with M’s Pub.

I took my son to get a late bite there after the Trump event in Council Bluffs a few weeks ago. Saw Director Alexander Payne sitting at the table in the front window as we walked out.

And my cousin was eating there when the explosion happened. She feared for her life for a few seconds while running out, but was fine, no injuries.

It was THE iconic spot in the Old Market.
Hopefully it will be again one day.



Thanks for reading and sharing!

Check back for more this afternoon.

And RIP David Bowie…


  1. Sparkles says:

    And these children that you spit on
    As they try to change their worlds
    Are immune to your consultations
    They’re quite aware of what they’re going through

  2. Don Bacon says:

    Thanks S/S. Our Congressman likes to play small ball and avoids the serious issues. Our campaign is focused on helping small business and innovators succeed once again by tackling a bureaucracy that is publishing over 3,000 new regulations a year and by simplifying and flattening a very complicated tax code. We also need to fix our corporate tax rate that is one of the highest in the free world. We should want our businesses to compete and win in the world. We’re also focused on fiscal responsibility. Our current Congressman interprets compromise and breaking gridlock with raising spending and increasing the deficit. We need to reduce domestic spending and reform our entitlements. We’ll be hitting a $20T deficit by the time President Obama leaves, approximately $60,0000 a person in shared debt. We will face a financial disaster if we don’t make hard decisions soon. Also, national security will be perhaps the largest issue this coming election. Our military spending has been cut by approx. 15% and our policy in the Middle East is in total disarray. I look forward to being a voice in improving our national security, reforming DoD, and improving the readiness and modernization of our military. We have a record low number of veterans in Congress and it shows. On that note, as one who was assigned three times at Offutt AFB and the base commander back in 2011-2012, no one will be able to advocate for the base in Washington, D.C. like I will be able to do. I will do it with a passion. Offutt is our local area’s largest employer.

    Regarding Dave Nabity. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting him and I respect him. I hope to have his support following the primary. I too will advocate for fiscal responsibility, the private sector and reducing the tax burden.

    • Macdaddy says:

      General, our Congressman isn’t avoiding the issues, he just can’t find them. He was actually looking for his office and ended up on that boat in Mexico.

      Thank you for running.

    • Sparkles says:

      Mr. Bacon,

      Our defense spending currently exceeds a stunning $600 Billion per year.
      And every ‘fiscally conservative’ GOP hopeful runs on a promise to spend even more.
      Presidential hopeful Marco Rubio has proposed increasing this already gargantuan $600B outlay of taxpayer treasure, an additional $1 Trillion over the coming decade. $1,000,000,000,000.

      Do you support Marco Rubio’s proposal to add $1, in new defense spending?
      Keep in mind, at the same time you’re seeking to decimate revenue streams by cutting taxes for the wealthy, increasing corporate welfare, easing banking restrictions/regulations (which are certain to remove hard fought *consumer financial protections) and, to aid quarterly profit statements, relieve Big Ag and Big Industry of common sense environmental stewardship?

      All, while demanding cuts to entitlements and “reduce domestic spending” related to our nations elderly and vulnerable.

      * One thing that has always amazed me;
      How is it possible Republicans pols can convince their GOP base, Joe and Jane Consumer, to vote -against- their own -consumer- protection?
      How do you convince someone to decry the lone government agency tasked to secure for -you- the tiniest bit of relief and protection against the legions of predatory lenders, rapacious credit card companies and unscrupulous investment advisors?

  3. Macdaddy says:

    Sad thing about devastating fires, Sweeper, it will never be the same. It takes time for the wood to look old. Inevitably, the eccentricities of the layout from decades ago will get erased. The creaking boards will be fixed, the worn mantel will be replaced. Iconic status takes decades to cultivate. More than likely, it will end up being M’s.2 Pub. Not, to be sure, a bad thing, but not the same. I’m just glad I’d been there recently.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Screw atmosphere and patina. It was a death trap that could have killed people. That’s the lesson of this. Nostalgia is a form of political correctness and America is dying of that.

    Conservatism isn’t hording garbage. It is reusing the Guinness taps.


    • Jimm says:

      Not sure what that means since he lived in the area many years. But I am not in favor of either Bacon or Maxwell as I need someone who will do positive things for a majority of the citizens not a wealthy minority.

      • Sparkles says:

        But wait, Jimm –
        Do you mean increasing military spending, cutting taxes for corporations (like ConAgra, Woodmen, TD Ameritrade etc..), “flattening” the tax code (for those at the very top), lifting regulations from banks, and easing environmental oversight of fossil fuel industries and mega ag operations..
        – ALL while taking a hatchet to entitlement programs –
        ..this somehow doesn’t make sense to you, doesn’t inspire you to vote GOP?

        Could it be possible that the ‘fiscally conservative’ practice of feeding a gluttonous Military Industrial Complex and pandering to the powerful and the plutocrats, that doesn’t directly advance the cause or ease the burden of the long struggling Joe and Jane Lunchpail?
        Do you mean that yellow substance that’s been “trickling down” on the working poor for the last 35 years isn’t liquid gold? It’s not the promised security and prosperity for all Americans? .
        Who could possibly believe that?
        I mean, what empirical evidence could anyone have to support such a claim?

        WTF is the Matter with.. Nebraska.

    • Bluejay insults veterans says:

      Yeh Bluejay … He carpetbagged his way all the way from places like Iraq. You insult every person who has served the nation and settled in Nebraska following their time in the military. Shame on you.

      • Bob Kerrey NE Native/Governor, Medal of Honor, Bronze Star, Purple Heart says:

        I’m confused.
        Insulting decorated veterans, calling them “carpetbaggers”, is out of character for the NEGOP?

      • Reader says:

        Carpetbagger is not the right criticism. Bluejay needs to realize not everyone is in favor of expanding military engagement. Sparkles is right to renounce the military industrial complex.

      • Bluejay says:

        He is from Illinois.

        Probably a secret Dem.

        Maybe even a friend of Obama’s. Might know Rahm.

        Have you now, or have you ever, been a resident of Illinois?

      • Sparkles says:

        In response to:
        “Have you now, or have you ever, been a resident of Illinois?”

        January 12, 1848, a House floor speech against the ongoing Mexican War:
        “That originally having some strong motive–what, I will not stop now to give my opinion concerning–to involve the two countries in a war, and trusting to escape scrutiny, by fixing the public gaze upon the exceeding brightness of military glory–that attractive rainbow, that rises in showers of blood–that serpent’s eye, that charms to destroy he plunged into it, and has swept, on and on, till, disappointed in his calculation of the ease with which Mexico might be subdued, he now finds himself, he knows not where.”
        – Abraham Lincoln
        U.S. House of Representatives, Illinois 7th District.

      • Bluejay says:

        I’ve changed my mind.

        Bacon is the next Lincoln.

        Reagan was from Illinois.

        Bacon is the next Reagan.

  5. To Bluejay says:

    You have a real problem and I would gladly donate money to a specialist who can help you. To say the least, you are paranoid. Just because someone was born in Ilinois, that doesn’t make them a Democrat.

    Also, where is your Nebraska hospitality? Would you rather have all of the military folks who have been stationed here leave Nebraska? How would that help the local economy? Instead of spreading your anti-military hate, maybe you should learn to be more welcoming. All of these veterans, like Don Bacon, serve to enrich our community.

    People like you make me embarrassed to be a native Nebraskan.

    • Bluejay says:

      I am now fully endorsing Bacon.

      ISIS hates Bacon.

      Bacon is our secret weapon against ISIS.

      Hillary will deploy Bacon to defeat ISIS. Nothing like good Nebraska Bacon!

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