States of Obama and Ricketts


Well, President Obama’s visit was nice for Omaha (unless you were stuck in the traffic).

Not much memorable from the speech itself. A couple shout outs to U.N.O. Hockey and the new arena. Nothing really new on the national stage.

Lots of shaming of his political opponents and straw men. Condemnation of those who talk about “carpet bombing” just moments before (literally one paragraph before) bragging about how they have had 10,000 airstrikes on ISIL. (You can put that in the “what else do you want me to do?!” category.)

And then since he continues to be obsessed with Donald Trump, gave his stern-face (see right) about not hassling Muslims.

(By the way, depending on what you want to call a “hate crime”, the FBI says that in 2014 about 60% were committed against Jews, while about 15% against Muslims. But no matter…)


Were you there?

Back on a spring afternoon in 1976 I sat on the hill behind Bergen Mercy Hospital to see President Gerald Ford. The main thing I recall from that was he said that while he was born in Omaha, he didn’t really remember anything about it.

I think that brought everyone down a little.

I wasn’t at President Reagan in Omaha in 1986, though former Governor Kay Orr told an interesting story from it, when she was a guest on The Wheels Down Politics Show:

Reagan was coming to the Civic Auditorium in Omaha, and Orr says…

I really can’t believe I did this, but I did, so I will tell…

My staff said, “You really ought to call and see if you can come with him in on Air Force One.” So we made the call…Nope. No room on the plane.

Long story short, I flew out to Washington, D.C., called the (White House) staff and said, “Well, I’m here in Washington. And tomorrow the President’s flying in on Air Force One to campaign for me and I’m not sure I can get back commercially.”

So, I got a ride on Air Force One…

That’s the kind of move you have to make in politics sometimes.

But I was also at two of President George H.W. Bush’s events for Hal Daub in 1990. Always interesting working with the Secret Service dudes. 100% stern-looks and no-nonsense.

It is always exciting when the President comes to town. So I hope everyone involved, and everyone who attended had a good and memorable time.


2016 Papillion Climate Conference

And the President made a nice little visit to a local citizen before the shindig at Baxter Arena. Sort of a cute idea.

But what did the confab focus on? A suburban mom’s paranoia about…climate change.

On the day when everyone was wearing topcoats and gloves, he chooses to talk to someone who is worried about her access to polar bears.

And such is the visit of the lame-duck President.


Anger Management 101

But the climate-change worry teacher was not the only one who got a special visit with President Obama. UNL Professor Amanda Gailey, who is a member of “Nebraskans Against Gun Violence” also got a personal chat with The Prez.

Who is Professor Gailey?
She is the one who posted this to her Facebook page, after the non-indictment of the police officer in the shooting death of Tamir Rice in Cleveland:


(cursing redacted)

But you see, she is a Professor, and you can tell she is super-serious because swearing.

Ergo, Presidential meeting!
We wouldn’t want to let Kerrie Orozco’s family get all the attention.

Oh and by the way, this is the woman who was afraid to go on KFAB’s Chris Baker Show because he is too bombastic. Maybe she was afraid that she couldn’t use her super-effective cussing.


At a discounted consulting rate

Oh and hey, Governor Ricketts changed his mind and met the President at the airstairs.

No reason for Leavenworth St. to take credit for Ricketts’ decision…to do exactly what was suggested here a few hours before the reconsideration. (We’re here to help!)


Can I get a rah-MEN!

With this President, in the past, we’ve learned that it’s pronounced POCK-ee-stahn.

From the State of the Union, he let us know that we (including Peter Griffin) have been saying “quagmire” wrong all along (it’s QUAHG — like saga — mire).

And now from Omaha, we learn that Top Ramen is not “RAH-men”, but “rah-MEN!”

Boy have we been confused.

Who says we didn’t get anything out of the President’s speech!


Answer: “Strong”

Governor Ricketts gave his State of the State this morning, and it was…short?

Thirty minutes, tops, of actual speaking. And about half of that was recognizing local heroes in the audience.

After that it was property taxes, roads, prison reform, (no) Medicaid expansion and HHS improvements.

Really not much beyond listing those. In that sense, probably nice that it was brief-ish.


2nd District Poll

**UPDATE immediately after posting**

Remington Research Group polling firm informed Leavenworth St. that they have polled in the Nebraska 2nd Congressional District, and show Chip Maxwell with a lead over Don Bacon:

The data shows Chip Maxwell with a 31% to 11% lead over Don Bacon (58% Undecided). Maxwell is the better known of the two candidates in the district. 26% of likely Republican primary voters view Maxwell favorably with 13% viewing him unfavorably. 8% view Bacon favorably with 7% viewing him unfavorably.

“Chip Maxwell holds an advantage in the early stages of this race. Name identification is key at this point of the campaign and Chip Maxwell is known by almost 40% of likely Republican primary voters. That is significant,” said Titus Bond of Remington Research Group.

They state that, “the survey was paid for and commissioned independent of any campaign or committee.


“Decade” sounds like a long time

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  1. Oracle says:

    (By the way, depending on what you want to call a “hate crime”, the FBI says that in 2014 about 60% were committed against Jews, while about 15% against Muslims.)

    This is called “playing with statistics”. The best population stats I can find are 1.8 million Muslims in the U.S. and 6 million Jews. So it’s only natural that more hate crimes would be committed against Jews. Directly from your source (cns news!!!), there were 1,140 anti-religious hate crimes in 2014, 56.8% against Jews (648), 16.1% against Muslims (184). Doing the math, .0102% of Muslims and .0108% of Jews were subject to anti-religious hate crime. The percentages are so close and so small that one can’t conclude much of anything, and definitely NOT that Muslims are subject to less hate crimes than Jews.

    • Sparkles says:

      Then of course there’s the warning contained in the FBI’s May 2015 bulletin, titled:
      “Militia Extremists Expand Target Sets To Include Muslims”

      Google it, it’s a fascinating read.
      It’s serves as somewhat of a synopsis of a much more comprehensive study, completed in January 2013, by West Point Military Academy’s, Combating Terrorism Center. A study titled:
      Challengers from the Sidelines: Understanding America’s Violent Far-Right

      The May 2015 FBI analysis specifically speaks to the right wing delusions that: 1) Islam represents a foreign threat, equivalent to those which emanate from illegal immigration or international terrorism, and 2) The President of the United States not only sympathizes with Islamic extremists but directs US Government policy to align with their goals.

    • The Grundle King says:

      “Doing the math, .0102% of Muslims and .0108% of Jews were subject to anti-religious hate crime.”

      This is called “playing with statistics. By comparing the meager crime numbers directly to the much larger population numbers, you minimize the percentages to such a point that any difference appears insignificant.

      However, if you were to compare the probability of being subject to a hate crime (0.0102 % for Muslims, and 0.0108% for Jews), you find that a Jew has about a 6% higher chance of being subject to a hate crime than a Muslim does.

      And while that number seems rather small, it’s actually pretty amazing considering the fact that (in this country) no Jews have flown planes into buildings, shot up military bases, or shot up a facility full of disabled individuals in an effort to glorify Jehovah/Yahweh.

      So despite all the atrocities committed against America in the name of Mohammad and Allah, the Jews are statistically more likely to be subject to a hate crime, despite having done really nothing to warrant such hate (unless you’re an anti-Semitic conspiracy theorist nut, or a Klansman).

      But the truly nutty part is that, because a few extremists in Nevada and Oregon decided to have themselves a couple armed protests (which have, thus far, remained non-violent…unlike those ‘peaceable assemblies’ in St. Louis and Baltimore), folks like Sparkles seem content to downplay the real threat posed by Islamic terrorism, and focus on the perceived threat from the few-and-far-between far right militias. Everybody’s gotta have their priorities, I guess.

      • Oracle says:

        No, what you can take from this is nothing, as the numbers are too proportionally small. Unlike SS who seemed to think it meant something.

      • Sparkles says:


        “Perceived” my ass. The facts are the facts.
        Domestic violence by right wing extremist groups is seen by the –
        – Department of Homeland Security
        – West Point Military Academy’s Combating Terrorism Center
        – the FBI
        – and our nation’s Police forces
        as a significantly greater threat to Americans than muslim extremists.

        You can imagine whatever it is you choose to imagine. You can continue to ignore study upon study upon study, compiled by expert after expert after expert, but in doing so you only continue to prolong your chosen state of delusion.

      • The Grundle King says:

        Oracle, let’s put it this way…if the same hate crime rate were applied to Jews as what Muslims are subject to, Jews would have been subject to 36 fewer hate crimes…but who cares about them dirty, Zionist Jews…amirite? Hamas and Hezbollah FTW!

        Sparkles, it’s one thing for a government agency to recognize that a threat from far-right extremists exists…and another thing entirely to say that such a threat is significantly greater than the threat posed by Islamic extremists…especially considering the fact that the last significant attack by a homegrown anti-government radical of any political persuasion was the Oklahoma City Bombing…over 20 years ago. They’re probably still cleaning up and repairing damage in San Bernadino.

        But sure, let’s go with your theory that the far-right militants present the more ‘clear and present danger’ to the American populace. Sure, that appears to fly in the face of the evidence…but what does that matter?

        And I have no interest in perceiving your ass.

      • Sparkles says:

        You state:
        “another thing entirely to say that such a threat is significantly greater than the threat posed by Islamic extremists…”

        That is EXACTLY what each and every one of these govt agencies have determined.
        How is it possible you don’t understand that?

      • The Grundle King says:

        I have no doubt that these politically motivated agencies have found what you state…but it’s an absolutely absurd finding when you consider who has ACTUALLY been committing acts of violence, as of late.

  2. bynd says:

    Why is Ernie not being castigated for not welcoming the Pres.? After all, Ernie is one of the top 50 most influential politicians in the nation. Could it be, he saw it as a waste of time? Is he not as influential as some make him out to be? Couldn’t the Pres. use the killing the mountain lions example for gun control? I find it embarassing, that one of the top politicians of this state that so many admire, dissed the Pres. Shame on Ernie!

    • Sparkles says:

      Uh, Gerard, the point I made about weddings and hospitals supports the fact that drone strikes and carpeting bombing are different.

      You pointed to ‘bug’ in drone strikes, an anomaly, that is a ‘feature’ in carpet bombing.

      • bynd says:


        But in the end, they both kill innocent civilians. Only difference maybe how many. However with all the drone strikes, maybe not so much. But to the family’s of the innocent dead, it doesn’t matter.

  3. Sparkles says:

    Immediately following the SOTU, Senator Angus King, Independent from Maine, was asked what he thought about Obama making note of the complaints he hears from members of Congress, re the noise coming from their own base and how extreme the partisan rancor has become.

    King responded: “I think one of the best lines I’ve heard was from a Republican House member who said, ‘I spend all my time in Washington trying to convince people I’m not crazy, and all my time back in my district trying to convince my constituents, I AM crazy.'”

    • The Grundle King says:

      Of course, he didn’t name that member, because if he did he might be outed as a liar for fabricating the statement entirely.

      • The Grundle King says:

        No doubt, Oracle. I’m sure you believe the following statement, too…

        “If you like your plan and you like your doctor, you won’t have to do a thing. You keep your plan. You keep your doctor.” – Pres. Obama, June 23, 2009

        Maybe you’re just gullible.

      • Sparkles says:

        Of course you -have- to believe it to be a lie.
        You and millions on the right have spent years stitching together that alternate reality you inhabit. A fact-averse world in which every delusional stitch is required to keep it from unraveling and crashing down around you.

        That’s why 54% of Republicans still believe Obama is a muslim. In order for their alternate reality to exist, they need that to be true, evidence to the contrary be damned.
        44% still believe he wasn’t born in the United States, because the NEED to believe that.
        Hell, 49% still don’t believe in evolution! Because their faith REQUIRES they believe that.

        But I’m glad to say the sane world is finally finding comfort in simply ignoring your delusions.
        It’s like the President’s comment during the SOTU, about climate change denialists:
        Look, if anybody still wants to dispute the science around climate change, have at it. You will be pretty lonely, because you’ll be debating our military, most of America’s business leaders, the majority of the American people, almost the entire scientific community, and 200 nations around the world who agree it’s a problem and intend to solve it.

      • The Grundle King says:

        Sparkles, I would appreciate it if you could limit yourself to addressing the matter at hand. Whatever delusional beliefs you have about notions inside my head are just that…your delusions.

  4. bynd says:


    And those from the radical left believe that covering 40%, 11.5 million, of those without health insure acne with insurance is a good thing. While the other 19 million have none. 40% equals success. Only in the libs world.

    • Oracle says:

      bynd, then I guess you agree with Bernie Sanders. Everyone eligible for Medicare. That would take care of the 19 million uninsured.

      • bynd says:

        Oracle: All or nothing inside the box. I’ve already explained the alternative. Maybe you should go and look it up. You’re looking foolish, again.

      • Oracle says:

        bynd, I don’t have time to review all of your musings. Do you agree or not? It would seem to take care of your concern.

  5. Meanwhile, the airhead who leads the Democrats in the House said this

    . “I’ve been to Bahrain & looked right across the Persian Gulf to Iran. Everything is very close there.”

    The shortest distance between Bahrain and Iran is over 100 miles. Will Pelosi get the same ridicule for this real actual piece of idiocy that Sarah Palin got for something she never said? Of course not.

    • The Grundle King says:

      Likely not, because, “I can see Iran from Bahrain!” doesn’t quite have the same effect as, “I can see Russia from my house!” That’s probably due to the fact that that vast majority of voting Democrats probably think Bahrain is in Iran.

      It is absurd, of course, that Pelosi will get no attention for saying something that is actually stupid, while Palin got loads of attention for something she didn’t even say. Unfortunately, a person really can’t expect anything more from our media.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Jews follow Abraham who liked to f*** his own sister. (Hey, if its good for Obama’s professor…) Other than that, Jews are loath to strap suicide bombs to themselves. The toast is, “to life!”

    Christians follow a guy who said we should all die forgiving the A-holes who torture us to death, and I have yet to find many or any real Christians. A suicidal cult if you ask me, but as nonviolence goes, in essence, it is that choice to allow others to have different opinions unto your own death that is behind Western free modernism in a secular sense. Religiously, Christianity is inherently hypocritical. None can live up to its iconic example. But way, way safer to be accosted by Christian zealots with leaflets. For no Muslim can live down far enough to their iconic bloody awful example.

    Mohammed was a bloody killer of innocents. A bandit turned general. HIs own Koranic words order his followers to enslave, maim and kill people. Islam is a religion like believe in Adolph Hitler or Joseph Stalin cults were religions. — Islam is today the equivalent of The Reformed Church of Thugee, where members who are originally ordered to ritually strangle innocents instead go through the motions short of murder yet cheer when some true believer of their religion actually slaughters innocents.

    • bynd says:

      There is no mandate to live up to Christianity’s icnonic example. What ever that is.

      PS. Religion or not, there is no difference between men, their beliefs and their actions. but, whatever makes you feel superior.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Some of the most politically correct haters of Trump are, after last night’s debate, calling Trump “noble”.

    So what do you all here get excited about? Obama and Pelosi, like they matter.

    I have been in Bahrain during Ramadan and saw Muslims tossing down single malt scotch. Islam isn’t a religion. Its at best a scam, at worst a murderous scam.

    • repenting lawyer says:

      Anonymous at 9:13, I have seen Jews eat ham during Passover or baked potatoes with sour cream and steak and Catholics eating meat on days of fast and abstinence. Is all religion a scam because of the nonobservant or only Islam?

      • Sparkles says:

        I’m with Gerard on this one.
        And with the weather currently moving in, all hell may indeed freeze over by tomorrow morning.

      • The Grundle King says:

        Placebos are a ‘scam’ as well, as they contain no ingredients that could have any sort of impact on the diseases or disorders that they’re aimed at treating. And yet, for some folks, those placebos are effective at making the patient feel better.

        Perhaps religion is no different. Perhaps, in the lack of provable, scientific evidence of any deity, religion serves as a placebo for some to feel better about their lives. Is that really so wrong?

        Looking at religion from an atheists perspective…perhaps atheists could be a little less caustic towards people of faith.

        And looking at atheists, or even those who practice a different faith…religious folks should stop killing and subjugating others in the name of their faith, and should refrain from foisting their beliefs on others. Yes, the Bible directs Christians to spread the word of God…it never says they should force others to abide by it.

        Now before folks like Sparkles retort with something like, “So you’re okay with allowing abortion, then?!” No. I’ve never rooted my opposition to abortion in faith. Biologically speaking…a fetus is human, and it is alive. Legally and ethically speaking (from a completely non-religious POV), it is 100% innocent of any wrongdoing. That is all that matters to me.

      • Sparkles says:

        A reasoned response.
        But when viewing it from that perspective, one could also say the continued conservative iconization of the Reagan Presidency has a lot in common with religion and placebos.

        People choose to believe there to be value and merit in each, but when subjected to purely empiric scrutiny, they all kind of fall apart.

      • bynd says:


        No offense taken, so my answer isn’t based on such. But the biggest scam now days, higher education. Where those who go to get edumacated can not even determine if the knowledge they are paying such exorbitant prices can get them a job to earn enough to pay off those debts.

        And not to be mean, but Boernke as a molder of young minds?

        One exception, some professional trades.

    • Sparkles says:

      A Trump presidency would be historic in one perspective, often overlooked.

      My generation grew up with Rosalynn Carter in the Whitehouse and posters of a scantily clad Farrah Fawcett on the wall.
      The current generation would grow up with naked pictures of the First Lady on their tablets, and posters of Lego Star Wars on the wall.

      • bynd says:

        Sparkles: Porn and nudity. Isn’t that all part of the liberal Hollywood elite’s modus operandi? You have got to be salivating at such things happening. But the best of all, folks like Terantino(?) tweeting WH lines against gun violence. Takes irony to a level never before seen even by Trump!

        But I doubt it ever replaces the picture of the rabbit attacking Carter in a row boat:)

  8. bynd says:


    I’m sorry, what did you say? Look in your crystal ball and get the answer. I don’t have the time to keep repeating everything because your retention, anal?, is so poor.

    Bernie is a great guy though. Hope he gets the Dem’s nod. And with the young folks now days looking for safe places, Bernie will be right uptheir alley and would stand a good chance of winning.

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