Even more local poll numbers and an anniversary

tin1_1A brief post on this holiday Monday, but with a fair amount of info nonetheless..


Double Mint Poll

When touting the results of last week’s Nebraska 2nd Congressional District poll, Chip Maxwell referenced a November 2015 poll that his campaign commissioned by the MSR group.

He stated that the MSR poll mirrored the newer poll.

Maxwell’s November 2015 MSR poll showed…
Maxwell: 29.8%
Bacon 13.7%
Undecided: 56.6%

This compared to the Remington Research Group poll that was…
Chip Maxwell: 31%
Don Bacon: 11%
Undecided: 58%

FWIW, Maxwell’s November 2015 poll, also measured his strength against Democrat Rep. Brad Ashford in the General.

But, these were only likely REPUBLICAN voters.

Still, those results were…

Maxwell: 63.8%
Ashford: 21.5%

A further dive will be needed to see if there is a general consensus on Ashford’s take of GOP voters in 2014, and see how that may compare.

As the Bacon folks note, this is very early — but it is still something to look at. And Don Bacon’s Twitter account seemed more active than late over the weekend…


Linehan in?

It has been discussed here before, but Leavenworth St. has been told that “the word on the street” is that Lou Ann Linehan is IN for State Senator Beau McCoy’s 39th District Legislature seat (west Omaha and Elkhorn).

A few articles had been written about Linehan’s interest, and it has certainly piqued the interest of more than a few voters and non-voters out there.

Some find it interesting that Linehan supported Brad Ashford against Republican Lee Terry in the 2014 General. But while that may have looked like an anti-Terry position (for unknown reasons), her support of Brad Ashford THIS year is more of a conundrum.

She gave money to him in 2015, when looking at running in a very Republican West Omaha district

Also, Linehan is a known supporter of Charter Schools, and her daughter is the leader of the new “Educate Nebraska” group that is looking to expand various education initiatives, including Charter Schools.

She had been reportedly working with Jessica Flanagain — the Governor’s chief political lieutenant — but as she has gone “in-house” with the Gov, Chris Peterson would be someone likely heading up her campaign.

What does that all mean? Well, she would have two groups interested in her:
1) Pro-Charter groups, like say someone who has a Charter School interest, and very deep pockets…and owns the Chicago Cubs.
2) The Nebraska State Education Association (NSEA) which opposes Charter Schools and would be looking to knock off someone like Linehan.

Pat Borchers is the top announced candidate for 39, and has already raised more than $70K for this race. He has already established a potent ground game (and was featured as one of our house-walking candidates a few months back on The Wheels Down Politics Show).

Linehan’s entrance would certainly up the money in this one, and make it one of the races to watch for 2016. We look forward to an official announcement.


Tin Cup

There are a few more things to talk about on this Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, but we will cut it short here for now.

One, to hail the civil rights hero and honor him on this day. And the next time you are in Washington, DC, be sure to take a walk around his Memorial around the Tidal Basin near the FDR and Jefferson Memorials.

And the next “big day”?

Hey, Sunday, January 17th was the 10 Year Anniversary of Leavenworth St!

Things started here back in 2006, and we were talking about the Governor’s race, and the Senate race and all the issues that…we’re still talking about.

And it has been going for 10 years straight, with ONE break on weekly posts back during a busy time in the summer of 2014.

Otherwise it has been Nebraska politics, week in and week out.

Whew! And it ain’t stoppin’!

So… on this “Tin” anniversary…don’t bother sending in your canned goods as a gift.

You may express your appreciation any way you’d like, but one way that would be nice?

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But it also helps Leavenworth St. to grow, when others who aren’t aware of the talk of Nebraska politics see YOU following, and get interested. It helps to grow this site and make it all the more likely that Leavenworth St. will be going for another 10 years.

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So again, thank YOU for reading, listening and commenting!
TEN years! It has been fun!

Let’s keep going!


  1. Bacon is Toast says:

    Don Bacon made the fatal mistake of supporting the GOP government shutdown scheme in October. Now the DCCC can drop attack ads saying he voted to disrupt the lives of Offut contractors and many other CD2 families. This was a rookie candidate mistake that will cost him the election.

  2. Clearly too Stupid for Words says:

    Don Bacon will get 90%+ of the Undecideds. If there were that many Undecideds in a Push Poll paid for by Chip Maxwell who has been on the Ballot in various incarnations thruoit the years, then he is Toast.

    BTW, there was no ShutDown, and Republican Voters primarily enjoy the gamesmanship of ShutDowns. The Offutt Family and Network will vote for a well liked, Retired General every day of the week, over a Political Hack that can seem to decide if he is Republcan or Not. And also has a hard time being a real grownup and holding down a job for more than a few months at a time.

    Thank God for a good Inheritance…

  3. Elkhorn Voter says:

    We don’t vote for RINOs that support Brad Ashford. Borchers has been in this race a long time so why is Linehan getting in? Is this ties to her daughter’s shadowy organization. Is this a Pete Ricketts/Moenning operation?

  4. Sparkles says:

    How righteously hilarious!

    The Jan 14 pic on Don Bacon’s twitter page.
    It’s a pic of the Don Bacon, Pete Pirsch and a couple other members (?) of the Douglas County Republican Party, all of them sitting -directly- under a big black sign emblazoned with white lettering, reading:

    Surely not coincidence.
    It appears God has weighed in on not only the 2nd District race, but the entire DCRP!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Are any more candidates planning or thinking about running for the CD2 spot?? Chip Maxwell can’t really be leading this thing is he?? I think those numbers are way off. I seen Mark Elworth Jr filed for LD13 last week, so we can cross him off now as well. If Chip wins, I’m gonna have to vote for a blank spot. I just won’t support him. He would make a fool of the GOP.

    • Sparkles says:

      Your dilemma is very much like that expressed by long time NYT conservative columnist and author David Brooks. On Friday evenings PBS Newshour, Brooks lamented the fact that while it now seems certain either Trump or Cruz will win the primary, neither is electable in the general.

      He’s beside himself that the GOP’s mountains of dark money (courtesy of Citizens United) and the once powerful (and moderately sane) actors within the party seem to have simply given up. Ceded the field. Resigned themselves to another 8 years removed from the White House and the appointment by a Democratic President of 2, 3, possibly 4 Supreme Court Justices.

      Even Charles Koch shares your dismay. He was quoted a week ago in the Financial Times stating how “disappointed” his is in the GOP slate of candidates, their war mongering and their short sighted xenophobia. Although, he’s not so disappointed as to rescind his pledge to spend $900,000,000 trying to get Republicans elected.
      Re his financial preeminence, Koch actually stated, for the record: “You’d think we could have more influence,”

      • David Brooks in a conservative only by the depraved standards of the New York Times. He endorsed Obama based on the sharpness of his pants crease.

        Not one single primary vote has been cast yet. Not a single convention delegate has been selected.

        Meanwhile the Democrats are doomed to choose between a communist and a criminal.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I like Pat and his politics but he is a little socially weird. If some dude came to my door on a hover board not named McFly I would not open the door. Super smart guy who I like but not sure how well he connects door to door. Know nothing about Linehan except she is an R how supported Ashford but obviously so did the voters.

  7. Elkhorn Voter says:

    Did the voters support Esch? Did we in LD39 support Ashford in 2014 and again in 2016? Lou Ann is an Obama supporter. That says enough for me.

  8. Who is more qualified? says:

    I do not know why Lou Ann is running for State Senator. She is a very effective manager. She was a great Chief of Staff for Hagel and has shown she can handle executive functions in the State Department. She had to work with 99 other Senators and their staffs to get Legislation done. If I was Pete Ricketts I would fire Jessica and her minions and get Pete’s executive team in order and get Pete’s agenda passed.

  9. To who is more qualified says:

    You hit the nail on the head! Pete has stumbled dramatically in the past year due to unforced errors. Who runs the show for Pete? The Obama visit was a disaster PR wise. Stother was the Defacto governor on that issue. Pete is a great guy he should Pay Linehan to run the show

  10. Pollcatter says:

    Indeed, not one primary vote has yet been cast. But to clarify, the first votes are not cast in a regular primary but rather in a GOP caucus with secret voting. That can have a skewing effect.

    It is possible that Iowa GOP caucus Exit Polls will show Cruz leading, but that actual vote tallies will give the win to Trump. It will seem like more Trump magic.

    Imagine you are a Husker fan in Iowa during a heated game, in a bar full of drunks who have just chopped up a Corn Hat with a fire axe, and you are asked which team you support. Even the most die-hard Husker, when faced with actually dying hard, or even humiliation that can lead to ostracism, job loss, and no of sex from your Hawkeye sweetie, will shout “Go Iowa”. But in secret you are a Husker. That is how you vote in secret.

    Iowa Republicans must show up physically in a room full of avid Republicans who might be as crazy as their RNC chairman, their top party boss, who condemned his own front runner for saying what many voters, and what all Trump voters, think is basic common sense. It is easier and safer to just vote in secret at the caucus and say nothing to anyone.

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