Leavenworth St. detour

West Dodge Road during a happier time
West Dodge Road during a happier time

It’s a thankless gig.

That’s what Mayor Jean Stothert learned yesterday.
You get a daytime snowstorm, and all heck will break loose.

The average citizen wants…nay, DEMANDS… that the city provide a snowplow directly in front of their vehicle, to their driveway, and up their front walk.

Heh. Well look, a little charity has to be given the Mayor. She Facebooked earlier in the day that pre-treating in this particular weather would not be effective, and could make things worse.

Here is the science behind pre-treating streets: Salt becomes less effective and almost non effective when air and pavement temperatures fall below a certain level. Below approximately 15 degrees, the risk for dilution and freezing is increased significantly. Two risks with this are creating ice sheets on the pavement from the brine itself and having falling snow bind to the brine, creating ice on the pavement, rather than melting or simply blowing off.

Then, you just have as many trucks rolling as possible. It’s not like she was holding a few plows back — or sending an extra dozen over to Barrington Park — instead of plowing Dodge.

And then the fracas between 84th and 90th was a little weird. Apparently the Walgreens at 90th & Dodge got held up, and there was a mini-manhunt on for a guy with a shotgun. And a cop thought it best to keep all the winter-rookies off that stretch instead of spinning into a shoot-out, or somesuch.

Is that random, or what?

It IS funny when the Omaha Police Union decides to drip some sarcasm at the Mayor, after she criticized the decision to stop traffic on Dodge:

It’s unfortunate that city officials feel the need to criticize the decision that was made for public safety as they sit in their warm offices.

I suppose if the perp was in the immediate area they gotta do what they gotta do. But is it THAT likely he tries to commandeer a car that’s stuck in a snowbank?

So anyway, you can (and will) complain. Next time just slide on into the Amigos there and get yourself a couple deep-fried burritos for the alternate route.


KFAB’s Scott Vorhees got kudos from a number of attendees for emceeing at last night’s Douglas County Republican Party “Elephant Remembers” event.

Of course, a few of his cracks hit Mayor Stothert and the snow removal efforts.

One line from Voorhees, to the effect of…”at least with the snow, there’s now something to fill the potholes with…”

The DCRP event featured former Arkansas Governor (and Presidential candidate…) Mike Huckabee and honored former Nebraska Governor Kay Orr.


Omaha Actor Tom Wees passed away on Monday.

Wees was sort-of Omaha’s most famous actor in the 80’s. He was the Ghost of Jacob Marley for a long time at the Playhouse, did a zillion commercials, and played Debra Winger’s doctor, when the 1983 movie Terms of Endearment was filmed in Nebraska.

But Wees also did voice-overs for various political ads, and this one was sent to Leavenworth St.:

A true pro, and he’ll be missed.


That white stuff on the ground?
It makes your car go slower.
Oh, and Lady in Front of Me? It’s still safe to go faster than 15 mph down this two-lane road.
Just normal moderation, ok?

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Maybe instead of paying $10 million to a private enterprise for four old buildings mostly likely to come down, the mayor could buy more plows and a tracking system to see if they are doing their job?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Yeah, the truth is the city is doing a horrible job managing snow on the roads. And the buck stops with Mayor Stothert. Her throwing the police officer under the bus (so to speak) was not classy at all. Step it up Jean!

  3. Ed Stevens says:

    Danged eastie wimps … out here in the flatlands we don’t even close our windows till the mercury drops below zero. And we don’t notice snow till its up to the eaves. Hell, snow is AFRAID to fall on most places out here – I mostly use my snowshovel for stirring the mash barrel. If I want to go anyplace I just light up the Ram (Guts – Glory), slide it into 9-wheel drive and ler ‘er rip. Wind? Anything under 90mph is just a light spring zephyr. We fly kites in tornadoes.

    Cowboy up, ya bunch of whiners … winter’s coming.

    • Ed:

      LOL! You would love it here in DC. We had about ½ inch last night and the metro traffic simply ground to a standstill. It took Prince Obama an hour and a half to get back from Andrews to the White House after his golf-game, and that was after using sirens and running stoplights, as per the royal proerogative.

      A lot of local schools are closed today. And since there is not ½ inch, but 15″, forecast Fri-Sun, life itself may come to an end inside the Beltway.

  4. Concerned Citizen says:

    The NCAA has made a bad decision concerning Alcohol sales during the CWS. I feel Senator Burke Harr is in danger if this policy stands.

  5. Lil Mac says:

    Knock, knock. Who is there? Its me, the Iowa primary. I’m a stone’s throw from Leavenworth St.

    Iowa presents an interesting contrast: Trump The Great Negotiator vs Cruz The Great Antagonizer.

    Apparently Trump builds consensus among those who at first dislike Donald as much as Cruz builds antipathy among those who at first like Ted.

    Trump being endorsed by Conservative leaders is very different from GOP leaders crucifying Ted.

    Gov Bransted tells Iowans that Ted’s evil lawmaking is killing IA’s ethanol industry job maker. McCain says Cruz needs to fix his Canuckness or be sued and -bingo- Cruz is today being sued by Democrats. Now Bob Dole says Hillary would crush Ted, nobody will work with Ted, and though Dole only met Trump once, “Trump would be better” than Cruz. Dole predicts Cruz would give the GOP “cataclysmic losses”. Ted Cruz has earned a lot of antipathy for a guy you at first want to like.

    Trump brilliantly timed this “Cruz-ifixion”, it was Ted who provided his own nails.

      • TexasAnnie says:

        As I said, we have open primaries here and I haven’t yet decided which candidate will get my vote. I’m waiting for the primary…

        Henceforth I will ignore your comments about being Libertarian as I have previously explained my uncoupling with the Libertarian Party since being a delegate in 2008. Haven’t paid dues since then, nor do I vote lockstep with any political party.

  6. Oh Sweeper says:

    Normally I’m all aboard with what is on this site but let’s be honest here, the Mayor screwed up. The officer did the right thing when he saw an overall public safety hazard. He also called it in and, from what other officers who do not lean left (if you know what I mean) the plows took 2 hours to get there. Don’t bury the officer for doing something that he believed to be right at that moment to protect the welfare and safety of the people in Omaha.

  7. Lil Mac says:

    “I still won’t vote for Trump in the open primary elections here (Texas), no matter how masterful his timing.”

    That’s the spirit, cowgirl! You ride on ahead and don’t mind the prairie dog holes.

    The first GOP Primary (Iowa caucus) is 10 days away. The Texas primary is the day before Memorial Day, May 29th. A Sunday, half a month after the NE primary.

    Perhaps we can revisit this while we grilling steaks and sipping iced tea. By Memorial Day, the GOP field should have narrowed somewhat.

    • TexasAnnie says:

      Nope! Primary elections here are March 1, 2016, BEFORE the useless Nebraska primaries wherein ONLY registered Republicans can vote for (or against) Republicans…

  8. Sparkles says:

    As the GOP primary race heats up, the Republican frontrunners reach deep into their bag of tricks to trot out the big guns –
    Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck and Phil Robertson.
    Oh, and of course there’s Ted Nugent, who’s joined the GOP chorus by demanding President Obama and Hillary be hung.

    Must be a proud day to call yourself a Republican.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Let us review how the Iowa caucus model works. — Parties pay for it all, so they pass the hat at each caucus home where anyone living in that precinct can show up and register Republican at the door and vote. Then the temporary caucus chairman hosting at his home runs a secret ballot on scraps of toilet paper and an ad hoc secretary tallies the votes. It is medieval. Corruption is of course common.

    Imagine an Elmer Gantry tent meeting where non-Christians and atheists can file in as believers, they pass the plate, give witness for their favorite secular lord, and then vote for a US President, and Gantry’s staff then counts the ballots and informs the world. — If Trump seems to be overkilling on crushing Cruz in Iowa, he probably is. Not only for momentum later on, but also because Iowans choose a President like you and your boozy neighbors choose what pizza to order.

  10. Anonymous says:

    As the Democrat race heats up, the cuckolded felon Ms. Thunder Thighs swells as Bernie the Toad puffs up to twice the size of the average hunchback.

    Keep telling yourself its due to pride not pus.

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