The Assisted Suicide Bill

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Remember that Kay Orr introduced Don Bacon at his announcement…

State Senator Ernie Chambers has introduced an assisted suicide bill in the legislature, and it will be interesting to see what kind of support it gets.

Apparently the supporters of this type of bill don’t like the “assisted suicide” moniker. But whether you call it “Patient Choice at End of Life“, “death with dignity” or anything else, everyone should at least know what they’re talking about.

The number of “safeguards” required in this legislation certainly makes it a bigger hill to climb for anyone considering ending their life. Though one would think that in these circumstances, the capacity issue would be a big one nonetheless.

In the past, any suggestion for this type of legislation has been fought by the Right to Life folks, various churches and others.

On the other side, writers such as Scott Adams (of Dilbert fame) have written compelling pieces on why terminal patients — especially those in pain — should have the right to assisted suicide. (Adams’ was entitled “I Hope My Father Dies Soon“.)

If I had to guess, I’d think Chambers may have a hard time getting 25 or 30 or 33 votes on this. But, as he chip-chipped away at the death penalty vote, this could be another swing on this issue.


Remember her?

A few leftovers from the DCRP’s Elephant Remembers dinner…

Though you already read it here on Monday, Lou Anne Linehan made it semi-official that she will run for Beau McCoy’s West Omaha/Elkhorn seat in the Legislature, at this point anyway against Republican Pat Borchers. Her candidacy was announced at the dinner.

Thought she won’t have to announce her party registration on this nonpartisan ballot, it will be interesting to see how hard she pushes any Republican bona fides. Linehan has a close connection with former Obama Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel and she was a supporter of Democrat Rep. Brad Ashford against Lee Terry. AND she has supported Ashford monetarily for the 2016 race.

Whether this become a Ricketts-heavy race will wait to be seen, but it looks like Ricketts guy Chris Peterson will be running the show for Linehan.

This will be a fun one to watch.


Shout it out loud!

Also, at the event, candidates were announced to the crowd.

And a number of people mentioned that they felt Don Bacon and Chip Maxwell got about equal applause from those in attendance.

(But, it should be noted, that on the cover of the program — honoring former Governor Kay Orr — was photo of her and Bacon…)

Now this “yell-poll” is about as unscientific as it comes, but we will see this shaking out in the coming months.

Maxwell has gotten a little notice from the recent poll out between him and Bacon.

Though the December 2015 numbers aren’t there yet, Bacon had raised around over $200K as of OCTOBER, with cash-on-hand around $150K.

Maxwell on the other hand, through all of 2015 has raised only about $20K…and is $8 grand in the hole right now. [Update, 1/24/16: The Maxwell camp has contacted Leavenworth St. to say that the FEC numbers are wrong, and that they actually have $2K COH and that the FEC page should be updated soon.]

One would think he’s waving the recent poll to anyone thinking about contributing to his camp.


He drinks a shot of ethanol every morning….

For those of you having fun keeping track, Ted Cruz now has both Iowa Governor Terry Branstad AND Senator Chuck Grassley against him on the ethanol issue.

You never know how Iowegians are going to tilt on these things, but just at the point when Cruz was gaining some mo for the caucuses, the two top Republicans in the state come out against him.

Question: If Trump wins Iowa AND New Hampshire, is he unstoppable in the GOP Primary?

And can Hillary stop him?

And what effect would the inevitable third party candidate have?

(Very interested to hear from those of you who think, Yes-No-None)


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  1. Just a name says:

    The “Culture of Death” will advance as Nebraska becomes a more “progressive” state and Omaha being one of Pres Obama’s favorite places to visit.

    Birth control, divorce, abortion, “comprehensive sex ed”…now right to die, euthanasia, gender ideology…

    Good times ahead as the US becomes a secular humanist Europe.

  2. NE GOP Member says:

    This whole Linehan race smells. This is a Pete Ricketts stealth candidate. Everyone knows Jessica was behind her running. Linehan’s daughter magically get a charter school non-profit open at the same time??? This stinks.

  3. Sparkles says:

    “Linehan has a close connection with former Obama Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel”

    Adding more perspective to Linehan’s connection, Chuck Hagel’s bio includes:
    Lifelong Republican – a career beginning as a staffer to Congressman John Y. McCollister (R-Omaha NE), before becoming an organizer for the successful presidential campaign of former California Governor, Ronald Reagan.
    Hagel is a native Nebraskan, a UNO graduate and decorated Vietnam Veteran (Vietnamese Cross of Gallantry, two Purple Hearts, Army Commendation Medal, Combat Infantryman Badge).
    In 1982, after a brief stint as Deputy Admin of the VA in the Reagan Admin, Hagel left public life to amass a small fortune as an entrepreneur. In 1997 he returned to Nebraska, and politics to become the first Republican in twenty-four years to win a Senate seat in Nebraska.
    Hagel maintains a lifetime rating of 84% from the American Conservative Union. A rating that places him ahead of the staunchest of GOP conservatives, such as Don Young (AK), Chuck Grassley (IA), House Speaker nominee Kevin McCarthy, Former House Speaker John Boehner, notable Tea Party candidates Cory Gardner (CO) and Ted Yoho (FL), as well as more familiar names, such as Deb Fischer, Jeff Fortenberry and Mike Johanns.
    In addition, Hagel’s 84% surpasses the conservative rating of all of Nebraska’s 49 State Senators, with the exception of Kintner, Lautenbaugh, Pirsch and Larsen.

    Chuck Hagel and Bob Kerrey are two of the finest men -ever- to call Nebraska home.

  4. buck turgidson says:

    The moment you use “staunchest of GOP conservatives” and “John Boehner” in the same sentence, you’ve lost the initiative.

    • Sparkles says:

      The facts are simply not on your side.

      John Boehner’s American Conservative Union rating in 2014 was 94.3, a score making him more conservative than all but a very small handful of our 435 congressman.
      His lifetime score is 83.37 – which is a score more conservative the most recent year 4 year average of his replacement, Paul Ryan.

      Last fall, while the tussle over the GOP House leadership played out, the National Journal (Oct 21, 2015) compiled an academic political scaling system verifying that John Boehner has, in fact, been the most conservative House Speaker in modern history.
      A score based on a compilation of votes and speakers, dating back to 1955.
      Boehner scored far more conservative than both of his modern predecessors, Denny Hastert and Newt Gingrich.

      It’s a fallacy, perpetrated by the right wing media entertainment complex, repeated time and time time again, that Boehner lacked conservative bona fides.
      Christ… this is the man who passed out checks from Big Tobacco lobbyists to House members – ON THE FLOOR OF THE HOUSE!
      He passed out bribes to legislatures, immediately prior to a key Big Tobacco vote.

  5. To sweeper says:

    Could we please get more inside baseball on the LD39 race? Maybe a two hour interview of a precint captain. We get it Jess and Andrew do not like each other. This fight is about an exciting as Jim McGinnis reading his pocket constitution at a NAMBLA rally

    • Jess and Andrew? says:

      I don’t care about Jessica Moenning or Borchers consultant. Lou Ann Linehan gives money to Democrats to hold our congressional seat. What part of Traitor do you not understand??? Brad Ashford is the Answer??? Jim “Trust fund” Esch is the Answer??? Working for Obama is the answer??? I’m sorry, but Lou Ann has lost her way. It doesn’t make her a bad person, she just is not a good Republican or Conservative for that matter.

  6. Indoorsmints says:

    No political endorsement should ever go unpunished.

    Seeing last-gasp Cruz hoisted on his own ethanol/loan petard, Super PAC donors are drying up like grandma’s dugs and struggling GOP campaigns will soon halt, not only representing millions of wasted GOP dollars but also endorsements of losers by local politicians who obviously lack foresight.

    In Iowa, 31 major political figures have endorsed GOP candidates. Fifteen of them endorsed Walker, Perry or Jindal who aren’t even running today. Only one, State Sen. Zaun, endorsed Trump and that was recent.

    In Nebraska, Johanns, Daub and McCoy endorsed Jeb Bush who is 4.8. Karnes endorsed Christie who is at 3.8. Fortenberry, Speaker Hadley and Jim Smith endorsed Fiorina who is at 2.4. And Gov. Pete Rickett’s family wasted over $5 million dollars on Walker who dropped out.

    I know of no Nebraskan who has endorsed Trump, who is at 34.8. Voters, at least, can add.

    Endorsing a loser is like waking up next to a fat ugly naked person in a storefront window on Leavenworth Street at high noon.

    • Trump just retweeted one of his many openly Nazi supporters.

      I strongly recommend a very funny piece in the Weekly Standard, titled Nine Tales of Trump at His Trumpiest. It’s bust-your-guts funny. Golf cheat, serial litigator, cheapskate, repeated failure, persecutor of old ladies…

      • Sparkles says:

        A fabulous line from Matt Labash;
        “As reporters breathlessly cover his every speech, tweet, and fart (often indistinguishable), Trump has..”

  7. jackdaner11 says:

    Sparkles, so you’re OK with the death penalty for millions of the most innocent babies but not for criminals like Niko Jenkins?

  8. Choices says:

    As a Republican I find it shocking Linehan had no problem working for Hillary Clinton. She could have resigned after Benghazi, she didn’t!

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