Sasse: Trollin’, trollin’, trollin…

Screen Shot 2016-01-25 at 8.31.43 AMSenator Ben Sasse was bizzay on the Twitter over the weekend and lots of people took notice.

First, Nebraska’s Junior Senator was being goofy about all things blizzard related on the East Coast. People were getting a kick out of things like…

But Sunday night, things took a turn for the…political.

Senator Sasse started Tweeting directly to, or maybe at, Donald Trump. That would be @realDonaldTrump, as his Twitter handle reads.

As the Panthers were finishing off the Cardinals this one was midway into Sasse’s Trump-themed Tweets:

Which was a little unusual. Here Sasse was essentially calling the election for Trump. And that is a bit of the conventional wisdom among pundits these days — at least for the GOP primary anyway, if not the general.

But Sasse is very much a Ted Cruz guy, so “admitting” that Trump is the likely victor was a little weird. (UPDATE: Just a note that I have been lobbied furiously that Sasse is more an “anyone BUT Trump” guy…)

Sasse then however, started into “questions” for The Donald. And they went like this:

It seemed as if Sasse must was laying down his conservative markers, so that when these issues come up in the Senate during a Trump Presidency, he could recall this and maybe even convince Trump to staying on the conservative path.


But then came this one:


See, here Sasse went too far — if he was trying to convince people that he was trying to be above board.

This is Trolling 101.
Essentially, saying something outrageous to elicit an angry response from someone — usually in an online comment section, or especially on the Twitter.

As it turns out, Sasse isn’t so concerned about having a “conservative-off” with Trump, so much as he is trying to bang the drum just a few more times, especially with the Iowa Evangelicals, for which a Ted Cruz would benefit.

It is a little curious to see a U.S. Senator going this route. Trump has of course been doing this since he discovered Twitter. But he has been regularly denounced for it as well.

Sasse, on the other hand, has decided to get down and just a leeeetle dirty in the online mud with The Donald. That’s one way to go. Lots of people were giving him Huzzahs and virtual fist-bumps.

To the extent Trump responds or whether this helps Cruz’s campaign waits to be seen.


Also, stayed at a Jerusalem Holiday Inn Express!

Speaking of the Twitter, Brad Ashford was on there over the weekend — Tweeting that he went to the Mideast, a year ago, and took a helicopter ride:

And then retired Brigadier General Don Bacon responded with a Tweet of his own:

There’s juxtaposition for ya.


Poll cat

The NSEA put out a poll over the weekend, noting that 2/3 of Nebraskans (statewide) are happy with their public schools, and don’t want Charter Schools.

The Platte Institute, and others argue that the survey was poorly worded, and people don’t have working knowledge of what Charter Schools do, who runs them and how they work.

Along with Medicaid expansion and Medicinal Marijuana, this issue could be one of the big ones debated for the rest of the year.

Marker thrown.


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  1. I suppose, if you think a candidate’s character has no relevance to his qualifications for the presidency, then Sasse’s third question to Trump is “Trolling 101”. I don’t agree. I’m personally unafflicted with Judaeo-Christian sexual morality, but I also think an untidy private life and an inability to keep one’s carnal appetites in check are significant problems for a candidate.

    For example, even if you don’t think they reflected Clinton’s qualifications, they were a major distraction during his second term, and they diminished his effectiveness.

    Similarly, in France, where extra-marital affairs are virtually a national institution, Hollande’s private life has nonetheless been the subject of widespread mockery, and it has hurt his effectiveness.

    That being said, I’m sure the point is not lost on evangelicals.

    All of this is far more relevant than whether Rubio had an arrest for drinking beer in a public park when he was 20.

    • Re: Trump affairs with married women says:

      I think there’s a key difference here in what Sasse asked: He went after Trump not for the affairs themselves, but for Trump’s BRAGGING about affairs with married women–in other words, sleep with whomever you want, that’s one thing.

      But mentally healthy people do not BRAG about sleeping with women who were married–you don’t brag about a situation where you might have hurt someone else like a spouse, little kids, etc. The fact that Trump did so is a new level of really creepy narcissism, even for him.

  2. NE Voter says:

    Looks like Senator Sasse (Chardonnay-NE) fell into the punch bowl again. Only question I have is — Two aspirin or hair-of-the-dog?

  3. Sparkles says:

    As he enters his second in office. I hope Nebraska’s septuagenarians, Tea Partiers and Palin-ites are thrilled with the long list of accomplishments and wide reaching array of thought provoking policy contributions of Senator Sasse.

    By the way, is twittering Ben the one and only Senator in the United States willing to ally with the most despised Senator in modern history? The most flagrantly insidious grifter and malcontent to defile that august body in a generation?

    Aren’t you required to ask yourself, or if not yourself, maybe Faust: What’s the bargain?
    What’s in it for twittering Ben, to stake out such a seemingly precarious position?
    What’s our guileful, moneyed, carpet bagging Ben up to?

      • Sparkles says:

        Which part do imagine to be fact free?
        The part where Cruz is a grifter, or the part where Sasse is accomplishment free.
        Maybe it’s the carpet-bagging part? Or perhaps, that Ben is moneyed?

        Is it possible a sane person would imagine any of these claims to be open to dispute?

      • Mark Andrews says:

        “I was just wondering when we’d get our morning jolt of fact-free lunatic moonbat hyperbole.” I wish I had written this sentence. Dr. Harbison, I have $10 for the charity of your choice.

      • Sparkles says:

        Gerard and Mark,
        Is there ever a time when reality seeps in, just a little?

        Allow me to remind you –

        September 10, 2015 at 6:22 pm
        Gerard Harbison says:
        Trump will fade, and there are two dozen other candidates waiting in the wings. Some are quite good…
        ..I will put my money where my mouth is. And I’ve made money on every presidential election since 2004.
        – end quote –

        to which I replied –

        September 11, 2015 at 10:07 am
        Sparkles says:
        My money is on Trump winning the primary. Why would he fade?
        The very same bombast practiced by Trump has allowed profiteers like Limbaugh to “win bigly” since the late 80’s. And this bombast won’t hold up for a few more months? Trump is simply mining that vein of the Teh Great Stoopid that Limbaugh has for so long preyed upon (to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars).
        Plus, in relation to the stumbling, bumbling circus that is the GOP primary field (and their respective billionaire owners), Trump is the only one to have truly mastered the art of Ring Leader.
        In fact, Trump continues to climb in polls. It quite evident he’s getting better on the stump as he continues to refine his special brand of performance art.
        – end quote –

        Right on the f%^&ing button.
        But please, continue to believe your Republican party is on the right track. Continue to tell yourself that any day now, a conservative star will yet arise out of that clown show that is the GOP primary.

      • Sparkles says:

        Ha. That’s funny.
        Gerard still, somehow, imagines his boy No Show Marco is going to be embraced by the fanatics and rubes that now control the right.

        The depth of the cluelessness is a bit surprising.
        But only a bit.

  4. Cry Baby John says:

    Boo Hoo! I am being held accountable for my liberal votes!

    If these ‘special interest groups’ (like my father’s Republican friends) don’t keep quiet….District 20 voters will not believe my lies in 2018…

    Darn NET live streaming video….

  5. Bluejay says:

    Mark it down now. Megyn Kelly will destroy Trump Thursday. It will be something along the lines of, “Mr. Trump. You say you are smart and respect women. But just this week on Twitter you wrote the following about Michele Malkin. ….”

    Trump will blow up.

    He’s finished.

  6. David Bywater says:

    I have this feeling that when you write your posts, you actually speak the words out loud. You are something else…(in you own little world!)

  7. Conservative Voter says:

    Ben Sasse will never be president. He is Nebraska’s next Chuck Hagel. Still waiting for him to do something as a Senator.

  8. The Eye Ball says:

    Sasse is not trolling. It is one thing to get a divorce because a spouse had major problems but it is another thing to casually marry and divorce over simple things. A president should prove to be stable yet Trump has had more than one divorce.

    As for charter schools, you should see Tom Becka’s take on this on his Fox News gig.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Charter Schools? Only 45% of households have children under 18. Voters only care if Charter Schools lowers their taxes. And if it does, that message isn’t getting out and that’s not the fault of public schools any more than it is Rubio’s fault that Iowans shy away from Cruz over ethanol.

    Sasse is like a Krauthammer with bigger front teeth. Smart men but vulnerable to assuming their emotionally derived aversions are rational when such are actually rationalized. Being smart isn’t being wise and knowing isn’t the same as being perceptive. And tweeting while you are football inebriated is a bad idea.

  10. Anon says:

    Hillary is doing well despite the hammering. If it comes to her and Trump, and he has the best chance, she will only lose if she withdraws

  11. Piece in the WSJ today compares Trump voters with estabishment and social conservatives. They are far less educated, less likely to attend religious services, poorer, opposed to free trade, less likely to want to seek common ground, and less likely to be right-to-life.

    This really is the revolt of the angry and stupid.

      • Sparkles says:

        Since we’re on the subject, how about we check in on those who Choose Ignorance –

        The criminal investigation of Planned Parenthood called for by top Republican elected officials in Texas, just blew up in their face.
        Yesterday, a Houston grand jury investigating undercover footage of Planned Parenthood found no wrongdoing by the abortion provider. Instead, the investigation has resulted in the criminal indictment of the head of the activist group that produced those anti-abortion sting videos, along with the indictment of a second anti-abortion activist.

        We can now add Texas to the long list of highly public failures by the Republican party on behalf of their activist base. Yet another example of the right wing fabricating a ‘scandal’, then mongering in hate for financial and political gain. All while wasting countless millions in taxpayer funded personnel and resources.

        The other states, other Republican legislatures who have have wasted taxpayer money investigating Planned Parenthood, only to find not a single violation of the law, include;
        South Dakota

      • bynd says:


        Ignorance is believing that indictment equals conviction. (I see you have chosen it once again.) If it did, Bill would be more disgraced than he already is and Hilliary would be a foot note to history. Which actually can said about a lot of politicians. Remember, Medicaid expansion in Nebraska, according to you, was a done deal several days ago.

        Your contrived delight at what you believe is the demise of one of two political parties in this country shows how much you really don’t understand how our system works. One party rule is not a republic or democracy. Your cheering for such an outcome is a choice of extreme ignorance. No you are not Mark’s twin, you are the Donalds twin.

  12. Key 'n Trumpets says:

    Bloomberg has Buffett’s money, Obama’s politics, Romney’s personality, and the mindset of billionaire donors who have already wasted millions against Trump.

    At the barest whisper of the name “Bloomberg,” GOP leaders fall into Trump’s arms.

    And rightly so, for Bloomberg turned Republican only to run for Mayor and then turned Independent for most of his tenure. Bloomberg is Pro Choice, Gun Control, Same Sex Marriage, Anti Energy/Anti-Oil/Climate Changer and he’s for giving Immediate US Citizenship to Illegals who sneak in. He’s a Progressive Liberal who makes Trump look like apple pie. And he has played the race card.

    Americans have suffered eight years of the most PC-repressed unfree-speech tenure of a Liberal Progressive Black Obama, who like Liberal Progressive Jewish Bloomberg, have both already played the race card while in office like whining petulant children. Americans have had enough of this PC hell.

    A Bloomberg bid would pull votes from Sanders or Clinton. Trump wants that briar patch.

  13. Anonymous says:

    RWP, we all see the banjo pickers admit they endorse Trump but when Senator Sessions becomes Trump’s advisor and Grassley attends Trump rallies, and yet neither endorses Trump, how can that not intrigue you as a scientist? You are all about questioning and calculating beyond what you can see by what evidence you have at hand. Calculate this too.

    Every pollster has noticed that Trump under polls significantly and unusually so in voice vs. online polls probably due to variations in the anonymity of polling. People don’t like to publically admit they support Trump. Chalk that up to shame or fear. The more erudite, the higher one’s position in society, the more like a Sessions or a Grassley, etcetera, they won’t admit openly that they support Trump, even those who are working for Trump.

    Do you really think all who support Trump are banjo pickers? That would be a lot of banjos.

    I have several degrees, all with honors, a record of success, and I have served presidents. Trump is the most brilliant deep strategy and seamless execution campaigner I have ever seen. I see a Wharton grad from a family of rocket scientists. I don’t know how to play the banjo.

    We are all deeply ingrained with political correctness. Our primate emotions misplace irrational civility above the rational truth that executive management is just gritty executive management. We all know this within our thin bits of rationality, but no matter because so many others demand that we elect a dignified figure to worship. To stand up and say that is to risk being shot full of arrows.

    • Oracle says:

      Trump is the most brilliant deep strategy and seamless execution campaigner I have ever seen.

      It doesn’t take much to appeal to those who have a deep and irrational fear of others by denigrating entire classes of religions and ethnic groups. Trump’s campaign attracts authoritarians who tend to ignore every negative characteristic of their candidate as long as he promises to “fix things”. Trump is no genius. He’s just Trump being Trump. Just look at his actual business record and you’ll find someone who’s a great marketer, but has a horrible record of actually running companies.

      • Sparkles says:

        It was only a few days ago (Jan, 19) that former SecDef Robert Gates declared that running a business, or being a surgeon, in no way prepares you run a government. (alluding to Trump and Carson).
        Gates went on to declare, “politics is a profession”. A profession you simply can’t step into at the highest level and imagine you’d succeed.

        It was in this same conversation that he noted, when it comes to the military and our foreign engagements, none in the GOP primary field have any idea what their talking about.

  14. Sassefrass 2016 says:

    Sasse is NOT campaigning in Iowa and NH to tell people not to vote for Trump. He is campaigning in those states on behalf of Sasse for Vice-President 2016. He is hoping to be anybody’s running mate. By campaigning against Trump, he is “everyone’s loyal friend.” He is also rumored to be fantasizing he’ll be the consensus GOP nominee when the convention blows apart and they BEG him to run for prez. Not becoming the consensus Speaker of the House was a huge blow to him (especially since he is the smartest guy on the Hill and the ONLY one who could save the House from itself.) As a freshman Senator he had a whole host of ideas on how to fix the House.

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