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Mayor StothertJerry Kratochvil interviews Omaha Mayor Jean Stothert.

Jerry and Mayor Stothert take a deep dive into the recent Omaha snow storm, snow removal and the plans for future digs out of the deep freeze.

They discuss the planning that goes into 100 trucks plowing the city streets, and what the expectations are, and should be for the average citizen and the snow under their tires.

They then discuss one of the Mayor’s Legislative priorities, City library funding and control (LB 969) and the future of Omaha’s libraries.

They briefly discuss the fire at M’s Pub, and the what will happen next in that location and conclude talking about the new HDR building downtown and what may happen to the buildings on the new acquired space by Omaha Performing Arts.

On the Web: Omaha Mayor Jean Stothert
Facebook: Jean Stothert
Mayor’s Hotline (especially for potholes): 402-444-5555
HDR Development Q&A.


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  1. Ben Sasse, via Politico

    “I am not endorsing any candidate– I am urging conservatives to hold every candidate accountable to keeping their word so that we uphold the Constitution’s system of checks and balances. I’m pro-Constitution and if that makes me anti-Trump, that’s Mr. Trump’s problem”

    Sasse is going to Iowa to campaign against Trump. Thank you, senator!

  2. Corn pop says:

    Sep 20, 2015. Rand Paul has sunk to 2.3 pts, Trump is at 28 pts. Rand Paul says “What do you want me to do, set myself on fire?”

    Jan 20, 2016. Exactly four months pass… Trump is now at 37 pts and Paul has DROPPED to 2.0 pts. — Rand Paul says “I am the only one on this national stage who really doesn’t want power… I want to set you free, I want to leave you alone.”

    While Rand Paul hasn’t been on any debate stages lately, we are thankful for him leaving us alone.

    Five days later, Paul reneges on his promise to leave us alone.

    Jan 25, 2016. Rand Paul is making the rounds of Liberal Democrat talk shows and says “Donald Trump is a delusional narcissist and an orange-faced windbag.” Trump supporters laugh. (Come on, it really is funny.)

    Why are we discussing Rand Paul here on Leavenworth St. Blog? Because Rand Paul is today reduced to doing a Chuck Hagel ala sniping at the GOP’s frontrunner on Leftwing talk shows, because they are only idiots left who care to listen to Rand Paul… them and the Douglas County Republican Party headquarters.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Sasse is a very smart guy. He was endorsed by a very smart Right Wing Professor. Then a very smart Sen Cruz endorsed Sasse and Sasse won a Senate seat and the headline read “Sasse, the next Ted Cruz!”

    But Cruz is now smarting in Iowa. It turns out he spent months in DC drafting legislation to put Iowans out of work. Iowans seem not to like that. So now Sasse throws in against Trump, looking to become the next Senate recipient of the tinfoil hat. Well, it’s a goal.

    We are willing to bet that the good Professor donated more money to Ben Sasse than anyone here has donated to Donald Trump. And since Sasse is invested in Cruz, perhaps the Professor also donated money to Cruz.

    It is painful to see your hard earned cash go down the crapper. And we really do feel bad for your loss. But since last July, we have wanted want Trump to come roaring out Iowa like a freight train. And he cannot do that without crushing Cruz and the rest. Ces’t la guerre, mes amis. Bon chance.

  4. Didn’t donate a cent to Sasse. He didn’t need my money to beat a stiff like Domina. So you’re wrong.

    Trump might come roaring out of Iowa like flatulence from a New York rectum, or like idiocy roars out of his mouth, but I doubt it. And his chances of victory are zero. Too many people despise him. There just aren’t enough really stupid people.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Professor, when anger trumps reason, others need to take up the slack. Thanks for the rectal gas references. Very organic chem-like. But back to the points at hand.

    Sasse is doing his anti-Trump thing for Sasse. Ben either kills the giant or he has an “I told you so” in his pocket for later. Sasse want to be the next Ted Cruz and Ben seems smarter than Ted. Good.

    Megyn Kelly was placed in this debate by Fox to limit Trump’s options and make him appear weak. This debate has a far different dynamic than the first when Kelly attacked Trump for his treatment of Liberal Rosy O’Donnell. Trump benefited from that. This time, Fox intended to get Trump who leads firmly to drop into a gutter fight with Kelly who obviously seeks payback, which deflates his image as frontrunner. This is a good ploy by Fox. Kudos. And they accompanied it with scathing online attacks directly from Fox itself mean to bait Trump.

    His decision not perform in the debate can go either way. Fox thinks it finally has Trump. Maybe not.

    A Trump-less debate stage will be headed by Cruz whom every Iowa GOP big wig says is trying to destroy the Iowa economy, and Cruz and every other trailing GOP candidate will all talking about what? TRUMP. And won’t be nice and he won’t be there to defend himself. They will call Trump, leading at 40 pts in a field of eleven, “weak” and “cowardly”. How might that play with viewers who have witnessed anything but that? Else what? The candidates talk about “the issues” that Trump sculpted over the past six month to his liking.

    Who is foxier? Fox or Trump? We shall see. But never forget that Trump supporters don’t like him any more than they like chemo. They see the USA dying of dignified figurehead presidents. They want a gritty realist who can executively manage and make deals to our benefit. And if that doesn’t work out, impeach his ass. That viewpoint you just don’t see elsewhere. So, it can go either way for Trump. But that has always been the case. The point is, the next debate without Trump is still about Trump.

  6. Rectal gas references are very much in the tone of Donald Trump.

    “Megyn Kelly was placed in this debate by Fox to limit Trump’s options and make him appear weak. ”

    Megyn Kelly has the regular 9 p.m. slot on Fox News. They don’t need a sinister reason to have her on. She’d naturally be on.

    “Kelly attacked Trump for his treatment of Liberal Rosy O’Donnell”

    No, let’s not rewrite history here. Kelly said he’d called women ‘fat pigs’, ‘dogs’, ‘slobs’ and ‘disgusting animals’, and asked if he had the temperament to be President. The WaPo checked this, and found he called O Donnell a fat pig. He called Arianna Huffington and Gail Collins dogs, Bette Midler and a lawyer requesting a break to pump breast milk for her baby ‘disgusting’.

    I’m no SJW, but nor am I a vulgarian thug, and I don’t hate women. This is not just obnoxious, it’s stupid behavior for a man in his position.

    “But never forget that Trump supporters don’t like him any more than they like chemo.”

    That’s why they defend to the death his bankruptcies, flip-flops, crony capitalism, bizarre behavior, and outright lies.

  7. Key 'n Trumpets says:

    “Michael More Defends Megyn Kelly!” That is not a headline you expect to see.

    It is as if political correctness is entrenched on the opposite ends of the political spectrum and in the middle are Americans who seek relief from it.

    This is odd. Fox News acting like MSNBC. Glenn Beck holding hands with Jane Fonda. Megan Kelly with Michael Moore. Fox News Right-wingers and Hollywood Left-wingers forming a union to hate Trump.

    To any undecided voters still out there, those who are assumedly least focused and least impassioned by this impassioned race, this must look strange.

    • Has it occurred to you that there are Americans on both sides who are repelled by thought-free, obnoxious, braggart, lying behavior from a crony capitalist with 4 bankruptcies and policy positions chosen only for convenience or whatever mood-swing he’s currently in?

  8. anon says:

    Fox put the gun to Trump’s head, there is no doubt Kelly,who has been sucking up various media like a Kardashian, had to go after him. Now it is about playing out of Foxes box, aka MSM. Fox preaches to the choir, it will be interesting to see how this plays out, This is as good as move-on endorsing Bernie

  9. Sparkles says:

    All that wasted time in the legislature.
    All those intrusive, offensive robo-calls, for naught.

    The NRA crafted pro-gang gun bill supported by Ebke, Kintner, Groene and Stothert, just went down in flames.

    A victory for Ernie Chambers, the Lincoln and Omaha police forces and the citizens of Nebraska.

      • Sparkles says:

        John Wells, a man who spent nearly two decades as an Omaha police officer and is the current President of the Omaha Police Officers Association, labeled the bill “pro-gang”.

        So go …. yourself, Gerard.

    • The Grundle King says:

      Serious questions here Sparkles, to which I would anticipate some serious answers…

      1. How did you reach the conclusion that LB289 was “pro-gang”?
      2. How many Omaha gang members do you suppose have obeyed the law by registering their firearms?

      • The Grundle King says:

        I see you indirectly answered my first question with your response to Prof. Harbison.

        It’s “pro-gang” because a union boss sez so. Got it.

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