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Screen Shot 2016-02-03 at 1.11.33 PMJust finished up a great podcast interview that will be up tomorrow morning, so we will keep this one short and sweet…


Oh Lord no…

Well, Donald Trump has called for a re-vote of some sort in Iowa. Or a re-caucus? He isn’t happy about the actions of Ted Cruz on caucus night, particularly regarding the calls that Ben Carson was out of the race.

But here’s the thing. Trump ain’t stupid — though everyone thinks he is. Of course he doesn’t expect a re-vote in Iowa. The plan, likely, is to keep the press talking about this for the next week, and keep asking Cruz about it. And that way Cruz isn’t talking about his plans or why New Hampshirites should vote for him.

Trump must feel pretty comfortable about New Hampshire in that sense, that he isn’t worried about any backlash of sounding like a sore-loser — and then will move on to South Carolina.

It really is a chess-match that Trump is playing, and it will be interesting to watch to see if he ends up out-smarting himself. Some think he could end up going 3rd party himself and really screw up everything.

You think about it and we will take our New Hampshire predictions (with percentages this time!) on Friday or Monday.


Snipe hunting

Democrat cheerleader Nancy Hicks at the Lincoln Journal-Star took to snide commenting about the recent snow storms in Omaha and Lincoln.

Her claim is that while Omaha had plowing issues with the recent mid-day storm, it was all clean streets and happy drivers in the Capital City.

“Although some people always complain about snow removal, it seems Lincoln drivers have been less critical.”


And Nancy puts her finger on it:

Ty Barger, the city’s maintenance manager — and the man who was compulsively checking the weather report every five minutes on Monday and who had already told city staff and hired contractors to show up for duty at midnight — said he knows the reason for the difference between Lincoln and Omaha.

“We are quite good at what we do.”

What’s that implication Nancy?

Hey look, I love Lincoln and the people there.
But the streets downtown are a mess.
And I’m talking about when they’re dry.

But way to stoke that indignation against Big Bad Omaha, Ms. Hicks.


Any way you define it

Chuck Hagel’s full statement regarding his party, in an interview with NPR:

Well, I’m not sure what the Republican Party is today, but I know what I believe as a Republican.

When I started out, references to Eisenhower Republican or the first Bush Republican, Reagan Republican – I was in a Reagan administration. I was in the Bush One administration.

These were Republican parties of, I think, responsible policy toward international affairs, strong military, diplomatic engagement, strong economy, free markets, free trade.

You’ve got now, in my opinion, a Republican Party’s that’s – it’s tribal. You’ve got probably five different dimensions of a Republican Party that are pretty strident.

Yes, I’m still a registered Republican. I don’t define who I am based on what everybody else is. I know who I am, and I know what I believe, and I’ve always taken that position.

And sometimes, it doesn’t always work to my political benefit.

And then there are “Republicans” who put a Barack Obama sign in their yard and caucus with Democrats.

Those kind of “registered Republicans”.


I luv ya!

Enjoy tomorrow’s podcast!
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      • repenting lawyer says:

        ProfGH, No sure sex divided seating or praying in a religious facility can be equated with country clubs. Orthodox and traditional Orthodox Jewish congregations usually have separate seating, but I have not meet many Jews who regard country club religious exclusions as benign.

  1. So Obama spoke at a gender-segregated mosque in Baltimore today. There’s a nice piece about this in today’s NY Times.

    Someone should ask him why he spoke out against a gender-segregated golf club, but thinks it’s OK for a mosque to be segregated.

    Incidentally, they have also hosted world leaders previously. Anwar al–Awlaki spoke at the same mosque in late 2001. He went on to become a leader of Al Qaida.

    I wonder which of the two will have done the most long-term harm to the United States?

    • Sparkles says:

      I heard during his visit, Obama burned the Constitution, shot a bald eagle and ate a Christian baby.

      And you left out an important part of Anwar al–Awlaki’s bio.
      The part where on September 30. 2011, the Obama administration coordinated an important meeting in northern Yemen’s al-Jawf province. A meeting between Anwar al–Awlaki, two Predator Drones and the Hellfire missiles that were their payload.

      After the successful strike, Obama was quoted:
      “The strike is further proof that Al-Qaeda and its affiliates will find no safe haven anywhere in the world.”

      An attitude strikingly different than his predecessor, who in a press conference on March 13, 2002 was quoted saying, about a little known figure named Osama bin Laden:
      “I don’t know where he is. I really just don’t spend that much time on him, to be honest with you.”

      • No, Obama spoke to a segregated male audience at a mosque. Women were in another, crappier room, watching the speech on TV. Muslims medieval practices are their own business; the US President affirming those practices by his participation is a hypocritical travesty.

        He could have chosen another mosque. He chose this one, which has Muslim Brotherhood associations and hosted an al-Qaida terrorist 3 months after 9/11.

        What Bush said was entirely appropriate. What was crucially important at the time was rooting out al Qaida, not settling a score.

      • Sparkles says:


        If they’ve joined the other team with the intent is to kill innocent Americans… smoke ’em.

        I can only assume you’d prefer we wait until we have a few truck loads of dead and/or irradiated Americans to parade in front of the jury during their trial?
        A trial after which we can provide them food, housing, entertainment, education, healthcare, special religious privileges and pay for their legal services while they live out their lives in prison or we await their decades long appeals process before granting them a painless death.

        Obama made the right call.

  2. Sparkles says:

    Also from Hagel’s NPR interview:
    When asked his opinion of the views expressed by the GOP Presidential hopeful’s re national security, Hagel replied:
    “Dangerously simplistic.”

    About a week ago yet another Republican and former SecDef was asked the very same question of the GOP lineup, to which Robert Gates replied:
    ““The level of dialogue on national security issues would embarrass a middle schooler,”

    Of course, maybe both are RINO’s. So their opinions should be written off. After all, it’s only national security.

    Or maybe their opinions should simply be ignored, as we’re overcome with rage when learning that in an outreach to others of faith, our Kenyan born, Muslim sympathizing, terrorist coddling, gay bathhouse frequenting, illegitimate President has not paid proper heed to the rights of muslim women. Women, who along with their children and spouses and entire extended families will be rounded up and deported from American soil in the first act as President by the GOP’s current frontrunner.
    Muslim Americans who will be pulled from their homes and shipped to yet unknown mideastern lands. Lands who’s inhabitants have been buried in American made munitions and whose sand has been turned to glass.

    • Not one person in this entire state cares what Chuck Hagel’s opinions are. And I count even our pal Aksabent, er, I mean Sparkles, who is simply using them for whatever his twisted little agenda is. I mean, if Hagel were even borderline competent, he’d still be Sec. Def.. When you’ve been ‘eased out’ by Obama for incompetence, given his record, you have to be pretty damn incompetent.

      What is embarrassing is that the US Secretary of State housed top secret materials at the highest level of classification on a private, insecure email server, including (according to the House Intelligence Committee today) materials that disclosed the identity of US intelligence assets and methods. It’s a travesty that she hasn’t been indicted yet. I wonder how many assets were burned.

      Trump is a former Democrat of marginal sanity (but saner than Sparkles) who just lost in Iowa and won’t make it even as far as the convention.

      • Macdaddy says:

        Don’t forget that she also instructed her staff to strip off classified markings and send her info through unsecured means. How much of that top secret and super top secret wound up in enemy hands? How much wound up in Clinton Foundation donors’ hands?

      • Sparkles says:

        “Trump is a former Democrat of marginal sanity”

        Which would make him the Reagan reincarnation the GOP has been desperately seeking for 35 years.

  3. Peter Paul Bot says:

    Sparkles do you stand with RAND!!! that is all that matters! We need a national defense strategy that pulls out of all occupied areas. Afganistan, Iraq, Guam, Puerto Rico, Spain, Cree, Gotham, Melmac, Gummie Bear Forrest and all other occupied lands.

    Most importantly we need to pull out of occupied U.S of A and give it back to the Bosnians!!!!!

    Freedom isn’t Free Sparkles remember that!!!!! unless you have a Free Friday Freedom Pass then it is free! To arms Paul Bots!!!

    • Sparkles says:

      Do Freedom Fries come with that Free Friday Freedom Pass?

      Cause when we End the Fed, abolish the Dept of Education, dismantle Medicaid, privatize Social Security and Medicare, massively slash taxes for the wealthy, hollow out our military, abandon all global relations and revert to gold as our currency, we true Paulista’s would never think to drop even a single doubloon on no friggin’ foreign francophile Frenchy Fries!

  4. Peter Paul Bot says:

    Well put Sparkles! Do not forget legalizing ALL drugs! Now that is what freedom smells like…i assume that is what is smells like as I have no functioning nostrals because…well

  5. Lou Ann says:

    I’m a Chuck Hagel Republican. There is nothing wrong with supporting Obama or giving to Democrats. All you have to do is invoke Eisenhower, Reagan and a few other Republicans and your good.

  6. bynd says:

    Meanwhile, HRC continues to sell her presidency to the highest Wall Street bidder knowing full well all of her trillions of dollars of promises can not be fulfilled as long as the dysfunctional House and Senate can not even agree to pass gas.

    I say, go Bernie! A man of high moral character and integrity when compared to HRC. But then a pedophile looks good compared to her also.

    Anyone have any lye, I need to take a very cleansing shower:)

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