Down at The Chuckle Hut

Trump_BrothelSenator Ben Sasse continues to get good press on his confrontations with Donald Trump.

This time he sat down on FOXNews and expressed his consternation with Trump’s non-specifics.

See a summary report here:

Trump fans could probably take issue with the Sasse Tweet FOX quotes where he says…

…because if Iowa voters rejected Trump by a 3-1 margin, they also rejected Marco Rubio by a 3-1 margin and Ted Cruz by a 3-1 margin, right?

The argument is that if it were a 2-man race, like for the Dems now, Trump would be way behind. But that waits to be seen.

And while Trump’s Granite State poll margin looks pretty good, it would be Marco Rubio who could slip ahead of Cruz in both New Hampshire and South Carolina.

As in lots of other years, Super Tuesday, March 1st could be the big decision date.
That will be:

Alaska Presidential Preference Caucus
Alabama Primary
Arkansas Primary
Georgia Primary
Massachusetts Primary
Minnesota Precinct Caucuses
Oklahoma Primary
Tennessee Primary
Texas Primary
Virginia Primary
Vermont Primary
Wyoming Precinct Caucuses and Straw Poll

And by the way, what sort of Banana Republic are we that this is the Primary method we’ve come up with? Sheesh…


Party in the Situation Room

One thing about Sasse’s line…

“…I mean, the President answers the phone at 3am in the Situation Room, he doesn’t answer it at the Chuckle Hut.”


Just to clarify regarding “POTUS answers the 3am call in the Situation Room.” The President might get a call FROM the Situation Room, while he is sleeping in his bedroom. That’s the idea, right? When you’re President you answer the hard call at any time of day or night, where ever you are.

But most likely from your bed, in your bedroom.

You probably don’t get woken up at 2:45am, put on a robe, trundle your way to the elevator that takes you 3 stories to the underground bunker that holds the Situation Room, ease into your leather chair with the Presidential Seal on it, and THEN answer the call that you KNOW is coming at 3am.

So, OK maybe that was a misstatement.
‘Cause that’s sort of needed to make the next line work.

Because the implication (one would assume) is that Trump is busy being a comedian, so he is taking the important 3am call from a comedy club — in this case we can assume that said comedy club is called, “The Chuckle Hut”.

(Strangely enough, there doesn’t seem to be an actual “Chuckle Hut” anywhere in the U.S., except that it’s commonly used as the name of generic comedy club. Only actual reference seems to be from “30 Rock” and even that was used for another joke.)

So maybe better would have been…
“When the President answers that 3am call, he doesn’t do it from the Chuckle Hut.”

In any case, we get it. Trump’s not serious.
Just passing this one along to the staff for clarity of the joke’s sake.


Almost as good as the 11-Worth Cafe…

Always exciting stuff from the Washington, D.C. Nebraska Breakfast!

OK, maybe not “exciting”…but…well…here ya go:

Hey, nice job whomever came up with that “Nebraska latte” logo.

But if you’re in DC, it’s always a little kick to see what’s going on in the Capitol in the early morning hours.

Here’s the Nebraska Breakfast link, if you’re in town.


At this point, still Carly-free…

Hey, I have to go to a thing at the kids’ school on Saturday night, so I won’t be able to live-Tweet the GOP Debate.

But please include me on any of your pithy-Tweets (@LeavenworthSt) because then I can follow along with them as I watch later on the DVR.

And if you want to see what others are saying to me, do a @LeavenworthSt search while watching, and join in. I’m tellin’ ya, it’s the best way to watch.

Oh, and there’s a football game on Sunday.

Have a great weekend!


  1. To Sassy Pants says:

    Who do you support Ben? You are a fence sitter. Yea we get you don”t like Trump, but who are you for? You are a big freaking phony if you can’t express an opinion.

    • Sparkles says:

      Ben supports Ben.
      This is simply our lass Sasse preening in front of the Fox cameras for his 2020 bid.

      You see.. accomplishment-free, legislation-averse, No Show Marco has now lowered to the ground the bar over which one has to clear in order to qualify for GOP run at the most powerful and challenging office in the world.

      I anticipate a crowd of at least 30 will be sport an American flag pin on their lapel and signing RNC pledges in 2020.
      It wouldn’t surprise me to see names such as Pat Boone, Kidd Rock, Hulk Hogan and Meat Loaf toss their names into the GOP ring.
      And why not.
      Each has passed just a many pieces of legislation into law as Marco Rubio, Donald Trump and Ben Carson.

      • See, this is the usual content-free Sparkles ejacultion. Sasse could give Sparkles 50 IQ points and still beat him at the New York Times crossword.

        Nebraska Democrats are so sad. They seem to have internalized the parochial notion that because they have rejected the local wisdom, they’re somehow better than the rubes. Boys, thinking like that makes you just different kinda rube. You gotta git over it.

        Sasse is a highly intelligent man, and has an unusual stock of wit. I’m not ashamed he’s the junior senator from Nebraska.

      • Sparkles says:

        Now that we’ve heard your views related to the hierarchy of rubes, I look forward to you sharing with us your insight on repulsive personalities.

        You’re without a doubt, a world class expert.

        But I’m quite certain you’ve been made aware of this, and with great frequency.

  2. Macdaddy says:

    Senator Sasse needs to not get down in the trough with Trump. If he wants to go the route of being the love child of Don Rickles and Maureen Dowd, then quit the Senate and commit to political comedy. In the meantime, he represents Nebraskans and he shouldn’t forget it. Cut out the snarky tweets, get rid of the goofy Twitter pic, and get back to work…in the Senate where you need to be working Mitch McConnell and the Democrats over. THAT’S your freakin’ job. Go do it.

    • Anonymous says:

      Very well said. I’m still waiting for him to answer a letter I sent in early 2015 asking what he was going to do to close the border and deal with ISIS. Annoying questions from those he…..serves. Much more fun to free wheel the humor deemed by too many trips to the Chucklehut. Very well said, Macdaddy.

  3. Saline says:

    America’s Ship of State is drifting into extremis. We need to elect a new skipper who can cut anchor and make sail. And the place to look for an experienced talented captain isn’t among the 100 man crew of the US Senate who just show up and vote.

    People have odd ideas of what a President should be. Pundits want a Chief Philosophizer, Liberals a Chief Sympathizer, and Conservatives want a Chief Moralizer. Internationalists want a Chief Appeaser. Some want a “role model”. Yet, the U. S. Constitution insists we have a Chief “Executive” Officer.

    In our haste save the ship, it is suicidal to empower someone who never captained a rowboat. And that includes Rubio, Cruz and Carson.

    • repenting lawyer says:

      Saline, you are assuming “executive” carried its modern meaning of “business executive” a job which did not exist when the Constitution was written. The truth is most of our presidents, good and notes good, have been politicians, and the Founders thought politics, though not parties, was a training ground for statesmanship.

    • bynd says:

      No doubt, she could be the first President to get more money from foreign governments than we give to them.

      Not to mention, she is already bought and paid for by Wall Street while still vilifying them. Liars and cheats love liars and cheats.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Watched this and the previous Sasse video you put up. Trump should not engage. It’s just about media time for Sen. Sasse, I’m afraid. But if he continues to seek out interviews based on wanting to be the Trump antagonist, take a drink every time he says these things: “Post Constitution”, “My three little kids”, “What Nebraskans are saying”…..I’m not that astute but even I can see that this is a publicity ploy to make himself a household name during this Presidential race.

  5. Corn pop says:

    That is one helluva Sasse-whipping coming from Macdaddy who doesn’t even like Trump. But, Ben Sasse is doing more here than just shirking his duty and acting stupid.

    Sasse is giving his middle finger directly to 114,000 plus Nebraska voters who are avidly for Trump.

    The Iowa vote for Trump was suppressed yet Trump still pulled 24%. If we apply that to NE’s GOP 2014 turnout, that is 114K+ Trump supporters in Nebraska who Sasse is today mocking. They will remember.

    Maybe Sasse is book smart and the rest of him is jack-rabbit stupid. Or maybe not; especially if he sees his future elsewhere beyond Nebraska.

    Might this mean Sasse is planning on pulling a Hagel? Off to DC? The big FU to NE perhaps?

    Some have said Sasse wants to be the next Ted Cruz. You know, Ted the lawyer who didn’t know he was a Canadian, didn’t know he was threatening voters with make believe legal “violations”, and of whom even Karl Rove says Cruz stole Iowa’s election as a thief. That is who Sasse wants to emulate.

    So which is it? Sasse is stupid or Nebraskans are stupid for backing Sasse?

    • To Corn pop says:

      How do you think, “The Iowa vote for Trump was suppressed?” 114K+ Trump supporters in Nebraska? Surely you jest.

      Nebraska wants to be relevant on the national stage. Sen. Sasse is relevant.

      • Rubie says:

        Soooo, how’s he any different than the others???????????? There’s always the 2 other lawmaking bodies to keep him in check

      • Paul in Lyons says:

        Gerard, you’re not even American. Go back to your terrible Muslim-infested island. Hopefully Trump will deport you along with the other illegals!

  6. Voted Against Sasse in Primary says:

    I am proud to call Ben Sasse our Senator. Real leadership requires standing up for our founding principles, especially to caution against demagogues like Donald Trump. Statesmanship means standing up for your principles even when your constituents don’t completely agree. Prudence is deciding when to do both of those things.
    Ben Sasse is a prudent statesman; he’s already proved that in just over a year. He has proven me wrong.
    We are blessed to have him in the United States Senate.

    • Bluejay says:

      Me too. Voted for Bart but he is a friend. Would have voted for Ben.

      Just love how Ben is bashing Trump.

      But one mistake. Creighton is the best university in the state. Not UNL.

      • repenting lawyer says:

        Bluejay, Creighton is a University because of professional schools, has very limited graduate programs while UNL has a full set of graduate programs. Do not know how to compare especially since UN Med is a separate campus. At CU I officed for 35 years next to a UNL JD, PhD, who was as fine a scholar, teacher and person as I ever knew. Prep, however, is undoubtedly the best high school in the State

      • Oracle says:

        Prep, however, is undoubtedly the best high school in the State

        I second that. At least when I attended 🙂

      • Bluejay says:


        You could not be more wrong about the best high school in the state. The undisputed number one is the Duchesne Academy of the Sacred Heart. Prep is a distant second. Pender is third.

      • repenting lawyer says:

        Bluejay, I will not argue about Duchesne, I taught there for two years while in Law School and one of my sisters went there. Four went to Mercy, but I still have scares from RSM in grade school, so let us leave Mercy out.

      • Sparkles says:

        Ben’s aiming for POTUS, where this GOP primary has made quite clear that a record of accomplishment is simply no longer required of a Republican contender.
        In fact, knowing anything at all about the remarkably complex job for which you are auditioning is a detriment you’ll struggle to overcome.

        As Grover Norquist proclaimed, on behalf of the lobbyist and special interest communities:
        “We are not auditioning for fearless leader. We don’t need a president to tell us in what direction to go.. ..Pick a Republican with enough working digits to handle a pen.”

        Case in point – name 3 things Marco Rubio has done in his entire political career.
        I’ll get you started:
        1) Gang of Eight immigration bill.. ooops!

        It will be interesting to see Rubio’s handlers deal with the issue of immigration. Ya see, when young Marco ran for Senate, he opposed citizenship for undocumented immigrants.
        When he got to the Senate, Rubio helped write a bill that supported citizenship for undocumented immigrants.
        And when Rubio’s presidential ambitions were then threatened by a conservative revolt, the king of waffle spends much of his time renouncing HIS OWN bill.

        Were he to win the GOP primary, it will also be fascinating to see how a General election audience feels about the extreme positions he has staked out:
        Pledge to appoint justices who will overturn the Supreme Court’s gay marriage decision.
        Opposition to abortion with no exception for rape or incest.
        Opposition to stem cell research.
        Denial of the science of climate change.
        Promise to send ground troops to Syria.
        The budget devastation courtesy of trillions in tax cuts to the rich while at the same time pouring hundreds of billions more into our massively bloated Military Industrial Complex.

        To his credit, one thing Marco does indeed know well – the world of Grover Norquist.
        Ya see, he doesn’t like to take about it, but Marco himself was a registered as a federal lobbyist for the Florida law firm Becker & Poliakoff.

  7. To Eye Ball says:

    They both are phonies and hypocrites. Glad to see the Sasse family relocated to DC. He will never live here again. Just like Chuck Hagel

  8. Purple Penguin says:

    Interesting that the following Metro Area school districts favor a boy in your daughter’s locker room and competing on her sports team. These School Boards never asked the parents about this.
    Papillion-La Vista

  9. To Purple Penguin says:

    Call your School Board on this. I read the OWH article today on this issue. Imagine your daughter forced to change in the same locker room or travel with a male. Danielle Conrad is threatening to sue to make sure this happens. I’m glad the Catholic Schools and Millard want no part of this.

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