Deb Fischer endorses Marco Rubio

Deb Fischer Fox 020816 copyNebraska’s Senior U.S. Senator, Deb Fischer, announced her endorsement of U.S. Senator Marco Rubio for President this morning.

Fischer appeared on FOXNews this morning to make the announcement, but also spoke with Leavenworth St. to provide more details.

“I’m always impressed with Marco.

He has great vision, he’s good on the issues. And after I watched him in Iowa and saw how he kept to a positive campaign, that was really important for me. That’s what Nebraskans want and that’s what Americans want. 

They want somebody out there who will talk about the issues and talk about solutions.Especially someone who is going to keep them safe, and that’s Marco Rubio.

Rubio endorses Fischer in 2012He is so strong on national security and national defense. And that’s a priority for me and this country.

I serve on Armed Services and chair the subcommittee on emerging threats and I know the challenges we are facing as a country. Marco has a thorough understanding of that. He’s the guy who will keep us safe. He has a deep knowledge of foreign policy and international affairs.”

Fischer noted that she first Rubio him during her 2011 campaign for the U.S. Senate, and he appeared at an event for her in October of 2012. But she heard about him before that.

“When he was Speaker of the Florida House, (former Nebraska Unicameral Speaker) Mike Flood had met him at a national Speaker’s meeting and was very impressed with him, and told me about him.

Fischer & Rubio in Omaha, November 2015.
Fischer & Rubio in Omaha, November 2015.

Rubio was most recently criticized by Governor Chris Christie for not being an executive. Senator Fischer didn’t agree.

“Senators make decisions every day. That’s why I’m always a kind of surprised when that seems to be a talking point out there.”

National Journal reported on Sunday that Fischer, along with Senator Joni Ernst of Iowa, Senator Tom Cotton of Arkansas and Senator Dan Sullivan of Alaska were going to be endorsing Rubio, but on their own time. Senator Fischer said she wasn’t aware of that report, but noted that all of those colleagues serve on the Armed Services Committee with her.

Rubio spoke at the 2015 Nebraska GOP Founder’s Day Dinner in Omaha in November. The entire speech can be heard as a podcast at

See the entire FOXNews interview here:


  1. Now, if we could just get that Obama-loving, semi-liberal, obese New Jersey gasbag, who hasn’t got a chance of the nomination himself, to lay off likely GOP nominees, that would be just fine.

  2. And, because I feel like making the first two comments today, I think it’s funny that Gloria Steinem thinks young women support Sanders because the boys do. That s a better reason than the one they actually have, which is that he’s a freaking socialist.

    On the other hand, the estimable @gaypatriot advises, don’t vote with your lady-parts. It’s gross.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Good endorsement by Sen. Fischer. She didn’t jump out too early like Fortenberry did on Fiorina who is tanking. I wouldn’t mind a Rubio/Fiorina ticket but Rubio is my favorite by far for President. Now if he can just pick up steam and overcome the obstacles in front of him.

  4. The Grundle King says:

    For the life of me, I still cannot understand Trump’s appeal to people who believe themselves to be ‘conservatives’. His ‘family values’ appear to on par with a rutting whitetail buck, and his business success is much less ‘pulling himself up by his bootstraps’, and more, “Oops, I did it again…come bail me out papa government!”

    His largest appeal would appear to be his verbal bombs, which admittedly are pretty entertaining when lobbed at the Dems…but when he starts dropping them on “fellow” Republicans, he’s doing the Democrats’ job for them.

    Indeed, his primary interest in all of this does not seem to be at all related to ‘making this country great again’, but rather, accumulating more power.

  5. perspective says:

    Yea, sure, that Trump guy is history. Cruz has disappeared from the conversation and Trump’s lead in primary state NH means nothing. For balance, here’s a bit about the Donald…

    Trump’s classy behavior ala Carson at the ABC debate won’t matter to those who dislike Trump. But many Trump voters in NH saw a touch of kindness which may help Trump GOTV there. (This is the same rosy cheeked sweetie sort of shit people think merits value in Rubio and others.)

    Because the debate incident was unscripted, we are tempted to wonder if it is rather Trump’s bluster that is scripted for public consumption. As a young man, he wanted to make films. Storyline is his passion. And with two Emmys he is good at it. Actors say playing the heavy is more difficult and satisfying than playing pristine heroes. At the debate, we may have briefly glimpsed a real civil decency he prefers not to show within hard negations upon which much depends.

    But what does that say about us as rational citizens? That we prefer soft kind weakness in our leaders rather than strength and success? That as voters We-the-People are suicidal idiots? That we buy into the “victims are saints so let’s all be martyrs” nonsense? That we need to be fooled into voting for leaders who won’t lead us to our doom? Yea, I guess so.

    The warm milk of human kindness is full of botulism. Boil your water and your candidates.

    • Sparkles says:

      Thank you, perspective.

      For it’s certain we’d be remiss not to recall the hilarity that was the pre-debate pile up that kicked-off the debate on NH.
      Carson, spinning in bewildered circles as the other candidates slid past and stage hands poked their heads out, encouraging him to take his place on the stage, only to be repeatedly rebuffed.

      I haven’t witnessed anything so funny since Admiral Stockdale, opened the the 1992 VP Debate with the question – “Who Am I? Why Am I Here?”

  6. Sparkles says:

    Ah, the panic endorsements.

    Of course there are prominent women within the Republican party who don’t share the views of our freshmen female farm state Senators.
    As pointed out in a devastating series of tweets by former Bush speechwriter and conservative columnist David Frum – the august Eagle Forum, home to the The Grande Dame of all things conservative, Phyllis Schlafly, presents a bristling and highly detailed take on the neocons newly favored vessel, the empty suit that calls itself Marco Rubio.

    Simply google:
    Rubio The Big Con Begins

    This isn’t just a Saturday night hiccup on the part of the Rubio.
    This is a virus.
    A virus that Christie and Bush will insure is nurtured.
    As Romney was fatally defined early in the game by team Obama, we’ll now witness Rubio fatally defined by how own party.

    • Oracle says:

      Marco Roboto, as noted by Christie and the Sunday talk shows. Rubio is just a walking set of index cards that get pulled out as needed. No thought required.

    • Oracle says:

      Guess I stole the “index card” meme from Kevin Drum, so I’ll do a minor cut/paste to continue what he said: ..I suppose they (index cards) allow him to emulate a dumb person’s notion what a smart person sounds like. This is despite the fact that he normally talks with the same kind of hurried clip employed by nervous eighth graders reading off actual index cards.

      • Sparkles says:

        Rubio (like Walker before him) meets the only requirement set forth by Grover Norquist and his like-minded cabal, that being the ‘requisite number of working digits’

        One would imagine if Rubio were to actually be elected and R’s retained control of both houses, in the name of efficiency we could skip some of the formality and simply eliminate Ryan’s job as House Speaker.
        After all, with complete Republican control, why have the House Speaker undertake the menial task of passing out the graft checks on the floor the House during important votes (ala John Boehner on behalf of Big Tobacco)? Why not save a few bucks by employing aides.

        Maybe something akin to the card girls who appear in between rounds of professional boxing! No doubt it would do wonders for CSPAN’s ratings.

      • bynd says:


        Cabal! You take Black List much to seriously. What’s next, X Files conspiracy? Have the aliens taken over the Republican party? Has the soul of Che’ invaded Bernie’s body? Do you need more tin foil for your windows?

        Remember, HRC is a one percenter also. I hear she is starting a Cuban cigar importing business.

        Republicans, true diversity! Especially compared to the old, white, bald people running as Dems.

      • bynd says:

        But yet, here is your reply. Why is it, when it’s not worth a reply, there always is one. To prove what important point about yourself to who?

        Misogyny is only true when used in a disparaging way. Gender can be important, except to the PC folks.

        So anything valid to say?

      • Fisher’s gender is completely irrelevant. So why introduce it into the conversation?

        As for the rest of the nonsense, it’s clear our resident lefties think a Cuban-American can’t be intelligent, even though the same guy had a strong legislative record in Florida and became Speaker of the House.

        One thing I’ve noticed is that the left reserves its most potent venom for women and members of minority groups who support the GOP. They’re straying from the plantation. So Miguel Estrada, a talented jurist, is kept off the court of appeals, because a Hispanic conservative might give the amigos the wrong impression.

        To a much smaller extent, I put up with much the same crap: academics aren’t supposed to be on the right.

      • bynd says:

        So I must say, I am confused. But I guess I’ll just understand your comments weren’t meant for me. Sorry for the mix up. If there was one. And press on.

      • Oracle says:

        As for the rest of the nonsense, it’s clear our resident lefties think a Cuban-American can’t be intelligent, even though the same guy had a strong legislative record in Florida and became Speaker of the House.

        Her sex is irrelevant. Mentioning it is typically misogynistic.

        GH, explain to me why “Cuban-American” is not also irrelevant. Pot meet kettle. No “lefty” here has mentioned Rubio and “Cuban-American” in the same sentence, and how you draw your conclusion is beyond me. Hope the conclusions you reach in your field of expertise don’t come from the same process.

        And I really don’t see a “strong legislative record”. A large part of Rubio’s Florida success had to do with the institution and his seniority due to his appointment to the body. Google the National Review article. The amateur psychologist in me says “cognitive bias” is at play here. Since Rubio’s your guy, you are blind to your candidate’s obvious flaws.

      • Oracle says:

        Where’s your proof that lefties have an issue with Cuban-Americans and not Rubio specifically? You’re pulling this out of thin air and passing it off as fact. Sad, especially for someone in your position.

      • Sparkles says:


        I feel the need to take exception to your post to Gerard, specifically:
        “You’re pulling this out of thin air and passing it off as fact.”

        It’s certain not to be “thin air” from which this information originates.

        : )

  7. Where is Sasse? says:

    Who is Sasse endorsing? Are we waiting for the Gym Rat to Tweet it out? Ben will wait until the race is decided so he can brown nose some more in his bid to be President

    • Henry Robert says:

      I believe so. And a good choice for Rubio too if he were to get the nomination. His foreign policy lacks, and Deb picks up where he left off. Deb has strong domestic background from working in the Unicameral. Nebraska rising indeed.

      • Sparkles says:

        Henry Robert, you note:
        “His (Marco) foreign policy lacks, and Deb picks up where he left off.”

        Yet, first term Senator Deb states her endorsement is based in large part on:
        “He has a deep knowledge of foreign policy and international affairs.”

        And although first term Senator Rubio, has been appointed to the Committee on Foreign Relations – young Marco has a really, really atrocious habit of not showing up for work.

        His voting record in the Senate is among the very worst of ANYONE to EVER hold the office.
        From July of 2013 forward, No-Show-Marco’s missed votes places him in the 91% percentile on the no-show charts.
        And from last January to now, No-Show’s voting record places him at the very pinnacle of delinquency, an amazing 98.2%.

        When it comes to dereliction of duty, Rubio is the uncontested King.

        Hell, the Husker women’s volleyball team has more foreign relations experience than Marco Rubio!

      • Sparkles says:

        Oh, and in case your favorite right wing media source happens to be ignoring the story – Marco’s boogeyman, ISIS, continues to be thoroughly and systematically decimated.

        Those (formerly) well paid middle eastern teens riding around in the back of Toyota pickups with 1970’s era Kalashnikov rifles, lead by a handful of religious nutballs.. ..the ones No Show Marco assures you are soon to launch an all-out assault on your local Dunkin Donuts.
        Yea, well, the bits and pieces that are left of them is either soaking into the desert sands or they’re skulking away to the next highest bidder among Bush’s former BFF’s, the Saudi’s.

      • That, or a wedding party. One or the other.

        Meanwhile Obama’s own preferred anti-Assad rebels are about a week from annihilation; a million Syrians are desperately crowded along the Turkish border.

        I’ll give you this; it takes chutzpah to crow about the mess Obama has made of Syria and Libya. Oh, you didn’t mention Libya. I wonder why that was.

  8. bynd says:

    I just want to thank the libs on here for their keen insight and clever quips. I wonder if they even know who the Dems are in this election? After all, they don’t have good enough qualities for the the libs to talk about them. If they had any true convictions, Bernie would be their guy. Hillary is in the hip pocket of Wall Street. Not to mention being a 1percenter.

    But then, you don’t think the poor, oppressed and unions would have other than a one percenter to lead them do you? They are the acknowledged winners are they not?

  9. bynd says:


    You must be right. Only the Europeans are worried about or speak out about, terrorists coming in with refugees. And we certainly don’t want to be like them! You know, starting to kick a lot of them out. The illegals raping and pillaging in Germany and other places.

    By the way, rumor is, you support illegal immigration because of all the foreign relationships, wink, wink, you had and the only way to get them back for you, is illegally. Are you one of the great Americans who pretends to be a relative of the illegal immigrant children so you can put the kids into the sex slave market? Or are you one who helps keep them from such a putrid life? It seems by your writings here, you don’t even care.

    And why are you so worried about all the minute when such larger and more heinous crimes are being allowed to be committed by your government who can not even run an efficient vetting system in this country? How many kids have you “taken” in? America, land of the free, child sex slaves that is. Coming to an INS station in your area. This public message brought to you by your Democratic government and Sparkles. You bring them, he’ll test them!

  10. Anonymous says:

    If you don’t like the race so far, wait until you get a load of the 2016 Independent Presidential Bloomberg/Hagel team! It’s coming soon.

    Bloomberg/Hagel are bona fide GOP former incumbent rock-stars who turned into elephant hunters while in office. Bloomberg is richer than Trump and owns media.

    If Republicans dump Trump, where do all those Trump voters go? Hmm?

  11. Anonymous says:

    BE IT RESOLVED: That Nebraska shall hold its Primary Election on the First day of January, with brownie points for communities holding their election at midnight.

    News Year’s Eve Midnight Voting. George Norris would love it.

  12. Oracle says:

    Somewhat off topic, but google “Wealth Inequality in America ” and watch the video. Explains why Bernie’s gained so much traction.

    • The Eye Ball says:

      And that is proof of how stupid people are. Those stats are bogus as it says nothing about income mobility. Besides, does anyone really want to be paid the same amount of money at 60 what they were earning at 16? Heck no!
      I suppose something should be done about “Penis Inequality in America” and use scissors to solve the problem.

      • Oracle says:

        Wow, Eye Ball. You are what is termed a “useful fool”. Go ahead and look up income mobility. You’ll find that it has declined over the years. Don’t see too many people moving into the top 1%. Your post is just a knee-jerk reaction that occurs when you see irrefutable facts that disagree with your world-view. Must make your head hurt!

  13. Slimey Ted Cruz Camp says:


    Marco Rubio is SUSPENDING his campaign for President and heading back home to Florida.

    The TrusTED Team

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