Justice Scalia’s chambers

Welch - Scalia
Nebraska GOP Chairman Dan Welch and Justice Antonin Scalia, 1995.

I remembered a friend who had an interesting encounter with Justice Antonin Scalia years back, and I asked him to recount it.

Nebraska Republican Chairman, Dan Welch:

In 1995 I was working for Congressman Jon Christensen in Washington DC and got word that I was admitted into the Creighton School of Law. I accepted Creighton’s invitation but before I left Washington I put together a short list of people I wanted to meet.  Justice Antonin Scalia was at the top of the list.

I admired him then as I do today as a giant in American history, a great defender of the constitution, and a conservative intellectual the likes of which the United States Supreme Court may never see again.   I was both surprised and thrilled when the Justice agreed to meet with me.

I was invited to his chambers and sat with him for part of an afternoon.  We discussed the United States Government, law school and my pending career as a lawyer.  It was truly one of my most memorable experiences from my time in Washington.

Today, I mourn the loss of this great patriot, all that he meant to American Jurisprudence and his profound impact on this country.  May he rest in peace.

(I also recall Dan noting that Justice Scalia had a number of Dracula  figurines displayed that people had given him. And took one down that was behind them before they took the attached pic. That cracked me up.)

Thanks to Dan Welch for sharing that memory.


Everybody calm down

Lots of talking back and forth on the appointment of a new Justice.

As many of you have no-doubt read, New York Senator Chuck Schumer demanded at the end of President George W. Bush’s term that if an opening occurred, the next President should fill it. So Mitch McConnell has said nothing different than what the then political-fueled Democrats were saying.

It’s not rocket-science. The President can nominate someone, and the Senate can accept or reject that person in whatever Constitutional manner they want.

(There was a suggestion in the comments that the Senate would look “foolish” if they didn’t confirm a current judge whom they’d recently confirmed. But the only point they would need to make is that this is a different position. Or they judge had since ruled a way did not like. Or that this is Tuesday.)

Then again, if the Senate wanted to “advise”, they could come up with a short list for the President to consider. Heck, I’m not so sure he WON’T do that. He could say, “let me see your list.”

Then there was Jonah Goldberg’s suggestion…

Ah politics…


Ground and pound

As far as Saturday’s debate went, Marco Rubio did himself well by not diving into the octagon with the other candidates. Then again, because of it he was kind of out of the news cycle.

But no one — Trump, Cruz, Bush — came out unbruised. And Trump has gone so far on that end, I’m very interested to see how South Carolinians will react.

It was one thing to say that “George W. Bush didn’t keep us safe, because of 9/11.” It was another to say, “We shouldn’t have gone to war in Iraq.” But Trump saying, pretty specifically, that Bush KNEW there were no WMDs in Iraq, and lied about it, is a whole ‘nother direction.

So much seems to just roll off of Trump’s back, and one can argue that he knows exactly what he wants to say in the debates and elsewhere. But that was really kicking it up a few notches — and really against an opponent (Bush) who is way down in the polls.

And since it was a weird Saturday night debate, and most people were not watching, that message is probably the only one that people will get.


The only ways to go

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  1. huskerred says:

    Dan Welch seems like a decent guy, I hope if its his calling, he decides to run for office again. I would certainly be interested in listening to his ideas.

  2. huskerred says:

    In the last Mayor’s race, it was just Jean’s time, if I was Welch I would not be discouraged to try again at running for an office. Omaha needs good people like him.

    (Rest in Peace Justice Scalia)

  3. God Help Us says:

    Heath Mello is going to be the next mayor of Omaha.

    He’s already started the mandatory pandering to the police and fire unions that Hal Daub started. Mello has introduced a bill to give them all a $50,000 life insurance policy financed by the taxpayers of the state of Nebraska. Hal, and everyone who has followed him, have virtually bankrupted Omaha with their pandering. Mello shows great potential by shifting the funding of the necessary bribes to the state.

  4. Rinse Prepuce says:

    While the GOP SC debate signals not much new for the candidates, the SC Primary itself is of utmost importance to the National GOP for maintaining its madam role in whoring GOP candidates to Super PAC johns who are Madam Priebus’ paying customers. This is exactly what GOP voters hate.

    • Sparkles says:

      Beg to differ regarding the GOP base’s disdain for the over-the-desk posture they and their candidates have long assumed for it’s paying customers.
      Customers like the Koch’s, who personally bankrolled the Tea Party, and kingmakers like Sheldon Adelson, or Rubio’s personal billionaire Norman Braman, or Cruz’s personal billionaire Robert Mercer, or former Gov Walker’s personal billionaires the Ricketts family, or the billionaire who has now skipped the empty suit middleman altogether, Donald Trump.

      Not only has the GOP base long welcomed this grab your ankles arrangement, they’ve flocked to it with great gusto.
      For Christ’s sake, the GOP, with great fanfare, named their 2012 convention in honor of these billionaire John’s!
      Remember? The 2012 GOP convention in Tampa was themed “We Built This!”
      That “We”, being the Koch’s and Adelson’s and Ricketts of the world.
      Your party’s most recent convention consisted of days spent in prostrate praise to these oligarchs!

      WTF is the Matter with Kansas!

      • Sparkles says:


        That’s always the response, and even a cursory glance at the numbers on each side proves it to be a weak one.
        Yes, both sides are beholden to special interests. This has been true since our nation’s founding. Nobody argues that point.
        And yes, Soros and Steyers, and Bloomberg and many other rich people support democratic causes and candidates – BUT – the amount of money pales in comparison to the GOP donor class.

        The Koch’s alone have pledged to throw $889 Million at this year’s election.
        The Koch’s alone blow out of the water the total accumulation of Dem deep pocket donor class monies.

      • bynd says:


        So this is a jealousy thing? Their guys are more rich than your guys.

        The two biggest PACs at the time in 2014 when the Dems got shellacked where Dem PACs. Senate and House majority PACs.

        From none other than the Huffpost. Of the top ten richest House districts, 8 are Dems districts and of those the top 6 are Dem. districts.

        The average income of Dem districts across the nation is $1,000.00 higher than the Repubs.

        From Forbes: During BO’s inaugurals, both DC airports ran out of room for the corporate jets flying in. (Much like Warren’s week her in Omaha. my line.) It is the super rich of Silicon valley, Wall Street and Hollywood who fund the Dems now.

        So, once again, Sparkles fantasy world goes public on Leavenworthst. to show how far his mind has gone to lala land. Could it be he is setting up his excuse if the Dems get beat again in Nov.? His fear on here is becoming palpable. His rantings more incoherent and false.

      • Sparkles says:

        Once again bynd offers up some drivel irrelevant to the conversation.

        bynd, just because Glenn Beck has suddenly enlightened you to the fact that rich people live in Manhattan, San Francisco and Arlington, Virginia, doesn’t mean that’s relevant to the conversation.

        And your reference to Dem PACs is laughably naive, It counts only disclosed dollars.
        It ignores entirely the massive toxic disease that has overwhelmed our politics and is strangling our democracy – Dark Money.

        Amazon’s current Number 1 Bestseller in the political/elections category:
        “Dark Money: The Hidden History of the Billionaires Behind the Rise of the Radical Right”

  5. The Eye Ball says:

    Trump reminds me of Lyndon LaRouche. You get a mixed bag of unconnected facts and conspiracy theories. Marco Rubio has an ad out going against Trump on that 9/11 stuff.

    As for the battle over the Supreme Court, blame the Democrats and their decades of brass knuckle politics. Remember Bork? Also, Obama is not even trusted by Democrats so what is the point of him nominating anyone, particularly considering the number of 9-0 rulings against him?

    There are other things to consider too. SCOTUS is so precariously divided , a nomination process could drag on for months. The GOP Senate rather wait until the next president is in office so they can get off the hook for nominating an Obama nominee.

    • Sparkles says:

      A new PPP poll out today shows Trump increased his lead after blaming Bush for 9/11, repeatedly calling Ted Cruz a liar and even turning his anger toward the audience.

      Are you talking about Rubio’s new ‘Morning in America’ ad?
      The one that opens with a shot of the sun setting, in Vancouver Canada?

  6. bynd says:


    There you go again. Evidently you listen to Beck a lot since you know what he is saying. I listed my sources. You being the partisan ignorant that you are, are unable to read and comprehend simple sentences. I’ll try and write them to your third grade level.

    But from that one stupid comment about Beck, the rest of your rant is nothing more than the continuation of your fantasy about Beck and how much attention and credence you give to him.

    The truth hurts and Sparkles is being mortally wounded. As I said, your fear is easy for all to see. And at the same time, it is highly entertaining to watch you unravel. SC is coming into play more and more. And Bernie doesn’t have to win, just make a good showing.

    So Sparkles, what other conservative site’s knowledge will you entertain us with? Go Bernie, the true liberal.

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