Whose Tweets were meaner?

A vid this morning courtesy of Senator Ben Sasse. Taking a cue from the folks at Jimmy Kimmel, he reads the mean Tweets that he got after critiquing Donald Trump.

See it here:

U.S. Senator Ben Sasse Reads Mean Tweets From Trump Supporters

Posted by Independent Journal – Review on Thursday, February 18, 2016



But Senator Sasse will have to take a back seat to the LATEST Twitter spat with The Donald. We are looking forward to his reading time!:

Pope Francis



Or maybe next time in a Caribou Coffee hut…

Chelsea Clinton went to the Rockbrook shopping center in Omaha yesterday to campaign for her mother… at a women’s clothing store?

Screen Shot 2016-02-18 at 12.49.48 PM

She was pictured jammed into a corner, literally standing in front of racks of clothes, arguing that her mom could deliver health care better than Bernie Sanders.


See after getting hammered that there were empty seats at her recent venues, the Clinton campaign clearly decided that she needed a location that would look full no matter how many people weren’t there.

ChelseaSo they essentially put her in a closet.

For her next campaign stop, she could go up the street a few miles to Mary Our Queen Church and see if she can borrow their confessionals.

She could pack in one voter at a time!


Top notch and classy

Anyone watch the GOP “townhall” interviews last night?

You had Carson and Cruz and Rubio on CNN versus The Donald over on MSNBC.

And the contrasts were stark.

With a question on the cost of higher education, Rubio responded with his four-point plan, numerous suggestions and details about how it cold go through the Senate.

Asked about military issues, Cruz responded that he wanted a standing army of 525,000 and 6,000 planes.

Trump was asked for details on the military and noted that he wanted a military so strong, nobody would mess with it. Hmm.

Trump is rightly criticized for non-specific answers.
But…were Rubio or Cruz’s much help to the average voter watching?

Show of hands if you know how many planes we currently have?
Was Cruz for cutting or adding?

Will Rubio’s “Student Investment Plan” really fix things? Is the Democrat alternative — whatever that is — better?

Does anyone know?

Trump’s answer on education costs: “We have to help the students.

Now the rest of his response on that was fairly convoluted. But it was arguably easier to understand than Rubio’s.

I’m certainly not saying Trump’s answers are better or his plans are better or he’d be a better President. But if you’re turning on to see if he wants to Make America Great Again, his responses are short and to the point and generally easier to remember.

Especially if you put them on a hat.


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  1. Mr Schuetz says:

    Bacon gets more press than ever before … for supporting term limits but not committing to them. Bacon is Lee Terry 2.0 with same foot-in-mouth syndrome, less money and fewer ties to Omaha. Ashford will roll barring a February surprise.

  2. Trumpcard says:

    Trump has successfully baited Fiorina, Carson, Jeb and others. His Moslem comment prompted RNC Chmn Priebus to condemn Trump for saying what most GOP voters think is common sense, which pushed Trump up in polls. Trump recently lured Obama and the Pope to swing at him. (Sep 2015, CNN, “Trump disagreed with Pope’s immigration comments”.) The Pope took the bait.

    When the RNC Chairman and Trump’s GOP opponents attack Trump, his GOP support hardens.

    When Obama attacks Trump for being Republican, elephants circle to protect.

    When a Pope attacks Trump for protecting America, Americans circle to protect.

    This isn’t luck.

    On Oct. 24 2015, Kathleen Parker saw Trump bait Gov. Jeb Bush. She hates Trump but sees his brilliance, noting that Trump can “maximize the crippling effect of a well-aimed dart. He fires with such shrugging nonchalance that it’s easy — and wrong — to assume that, hey, he’s just sayin’. — Every message Trump delivers is ruthlessly crafted and intended to be psychologically devastating.”

    • bynd says:

      And he is faster than a speeding bullet, can leap tall buildings in a single bound, stronger than a locomotive.

      But he puts his pants on one leg at a time like every one else. Unless of course, he is laying on his backside and some one elses wife puts them on for him! I believe after spanking him.

      • Sparkles says:

        There can be no question, the history books will note that it was this GOP primary season that witnessed the transportation of America’s ill-informed electorate across the Stupidularity event horizon.

        The day of crossing, beyond this point of no return, will be noted as the day of the South Carolina primary debate.
        The exact moment of crossing will likely be debated for decades. Some scholars will argue it was when Trump screamed at Jeb!(?); “You said you’d pull down your pants”.
        Others will insist it was when excreTED yelled at Rubio: “Ahora mismo, díselo en Español si tu quieres”.

      • Stupid would be electing the superannuated socialist moonbat Sanders. Trump will start to lose regularly as soon as the GOP field narrows. He has very little chance of actually being the nominee. In contrast, even with their rigged delegate system, the Dems could easily nominate a man whose idea of paradise on Earth is Cuba.

  3. Trumpcard says:

    Republicans went after Clinton for sex instead of Whitewater crime and the GOP lost as it usually does. However, while trying to be sarcastic, one of you inadvertently described voters correctly. Voters are dim, distracted, emotional and no wiser as voters than they are as anything else.

    Voters are audiences who demand to be emotionally invested. Reagan had one Emmy. Trump has two. When Trump says “Make America Great”, that is just as sappy as Reagan’s “Shining City on a Hill”. Our Declaration of Independence is full of the same sap.

    • They tried hard on Whitewater. The Clintons had covered their tracks too well.

      The really crass exploit was Hillary’s cattle futures ‘speculation’. I doubt the biggest idiot in the world would argue that she honestly turned $1,000 into $100,000 in ten months in the commodities market. (But go ahead, Sparkles, argue). It was a cleverly done money laundering exercise.

      Yeah, they’re remarkably corrupt, or in other words, mainstream Democrats.

      • repenting lawyer says:

        ProfGH The commodes trader was probably putting her on the good side of transactions, but because of low margins that kind of profit is not unusual in commodities, very different than stock rules. Being helped along by friendly wealth, eg Bob Dole who never held a non government job and became a multimillionaire or the current Majority leader, is not unusual, andBush II and Reagan had a lot of help getting rich. Evidence was the Clintons lost money in Whitewater, but maybe they were helped by the Illuminate to cover there tracks or perhaps it was that most popular all conspiracy theory villains the Masons and the Jesuits working together

      • Sparkles says:

        Lawyer, Hillary Clinton’s $100K trading in cattle futures in 1978 has been exhaustively examined. Every minute detail, documented and analyzed.. for decades on end.

        Let’s say we look at a lawyer a little closer to home.
        For instance former NE AG Jon Bruning, who amassed a fortune estimated to be $4 Million while a serving as a politician for 17 years. A politician making $12,000/year for 6 years as a state legislator and never making more than $95K/year as AG.

        $100K successfully trading cattle futures or $4,000,000 as a Nebraskan pol.
        You do the math.

      • I knew he’d take the bait.

        It’s been extensively examined, for sure. One study said the chances she could have chosen such favorable times to buy and sell by accident are 1 in 31 trillion.

        RL: yes, that’s what most people think how it was done. Of course, in doing that, he defrauded the other people on whom the unfavorable trades were dumped.

        ‘Being helped along by friendly wealth’ is called bribery, when the politician has the ability to reciprocate with favors.

      • repenting lawyer says:

        ProfGH, Given the list of poliicos given the kind of help HRC got I was mostly objecting to the emphasis on her cattle futures deal when she did not hold public office and the ultimate source of the help my have been Tyson who did not support her husband while he was the gov. I am not sure about fraud if the broker was past posting with consent of other clients though there would be CFTC problems.

    • Sparkles says:

      More alternate reality and revisionist history from the right:
      “Republicans went after Clinton for sex instead of Whitewater”

      Republicans went after the Clintons for everything, including Whitewater, wasting countless millions of taxpayer dollars and untold resources and man hours. A practice that continues to this day (Benghazi-Benghazi!!)
      It was officially called the Senate Special Committee to Investigate Whitewater Development Corporation and Related Matters.
      The committee’s hearings ran for 300 hours over 60 sessions across 13 months, taking over 10,000 pages of testimony and 35,000 pages of depositions from almost 250 people.
      Many of these figures were, at the time, record setting marks for a Senate investigation.
      The committee issued an 800-page final majority report on June 18, 1996, finding nothing.

      Also, Reagan never won and Emmy Award.
      Although, he did win a Razzie Award in 1982 for ‘Worst Career Achievement’.

      Oh, and it’s not actually “Reagan’s” city on a hill.
      The ‘city on a hill’ bit was made prominent in an address given by JFK in 1961, in Boston. Appropriate since it’s a story of colonists arriving aboard the Arbella to what is today called, Boston.
      And comparing the horse$#^& that emanates from Trump’s mouth to the words of John Winthrop – a lost Founding Father who originally penned the words ‘city on a hill’ – or to the legacy of JFK, is obscene.

  4. bynd says:


    Just to help jog your memory, it was Mr. Gruber who admitted to writing the ACA to take advantage of the stupid, his word, and the could care less, electorate. That was the day that the ground was dynamited from underneath the Dem voters but so quickly, once again, they never knew what hit them. Your example, is little more than the Repubs falling on the Dems at the bottom of the pit. Remember, it was the electorate that elected Obama twice and then slapped him down by giving the Senate to the Repubs. The fact that Obama stuck his head in the ground and refused to believe, only matters in the next election as he is tied to the Dem candidate as Obama the third time. Which has nothing to do with the betterment of the people. Just raw power. Which did scare the Repubs into paralysis and more public stupidity. It’s like watching two brain dead fighters in the ring. To sad to even be entertaining.

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