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Just for a little Blast from the Past, and a reference down below, here is a Separated at Birth for ya…


State Senator Bob Hilkemann and eHarmony’s Neil Clark Warren!


…by way of Tarheel…

OK Lovers of Politics, get those Palmetto Predictions in!

Polls close in Palmetto (the state’s name in my dystopian film) at 6pm Central, so that will be your deadline. You have to put some kind of identifying name on your comment, and give percentages for the candidates.

Also note that only the GOP votes on Saturday. The Dems are net week. For some reason.

My prediction:

Trump 32%
Rubio: 20%
Cruz: 19%
Kasich: 13%
Bush: 9%
Carson: 7%

You can’t win of you don’t play!


Fischer steps up

And speaking of playing and winning, Nebraska Senator Deb Fischer took the President head on in the U.S. Senate with her slam of the President’s “Equal Pay” bill.

As she wrote in the Washington Examiner

“The way to make meaningful, lasting progress on equal pay for women isn’t unilateral presidential action. I remain fully committed to forging a bipartisan consensus in Congress to update our laws and ensure women and men have the information they need to negotiate the salaries they deserve.”

Instead of mandating employer actions — creating another regulation for employers — she proposes that employers NOT be able to retaliate against employees sharing salary information.

Senator Fischer is able to step up on an issue like this and provide a little common sense in the legislative branch.

Read the whole Op-Ed here.


No Pen, No Phone

And Senator Ben Sasse took to the lights in front of the Supreme Court to give his thoughts on a replacement for Justice Scalia.

See it here:

He challenges the President to nominate an individual who will directly repudiate the President’s “Pen and Phone Executive” theory in the Rose Garden.

Sasse says that if the President — or rather the nominee — does that, then he would consider voting on the next Supreme Court Justice.

The Senator is getting good at trolling better than anyone else in Congress.

We should look forward to him reading Mean Tweets from @POTUS sometime soon.


Keeping it interesting…

The above referenced Nebraska State Sen. Robert Hilkemann prioritized Winner Take All in the Unicameral today.

That means that the issue WILL be taken up once again, hopefully with renewed interests in the Presidential Election year.

And I am told that if the measure passed, it WOULD go into effect for this year’s General Election results.


Get outside, would ya!

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  1. Bluejay says:

    It is literally insane that Nebraska to split its Electoral College votes. Another victory for the Dems in the non-partisan Unicameral.

    Cruz 26
    Rubio 24
    Trump 22
    Bush 9
    Others The balance

  2. Sparkles says:

    DumpsterFire 28
    excreTED 26
    NoShow Marco 18
    Bush The Meager 13
    Kooky Kasich 9
    Carson’s Larceny 6

    Post primary highlights –

    Carson cancels his book tour, er, I mean, suspends his campaign, sending his band of merry grifters scattering across the lands in search of their next meal ticket.

    Marco takes to the stage (sans Haley, Scott & Gowdy) to once again buck up Rube-io nation, insuring them that 3rd place is actually much, much better than 1st. He’ll then promise that Nevada – where Trump is polling at 45% – Nevada will be their golden ticket to victory.

  3. Pete says:

    Cruz- 28%
    Trump- 27%
    Rubio- 27%
    Bush- 9%
    Carson- 7%

    You read it here first, folks! Trump will beat Rubio by a hundred or so votes (because South Carolinians are stupid) and Cruz will be in the lead. Not the outcome I want, but it’s the outcome I predict.

  4. repenting lawyer says:

    Sweeper, Since any nominee is likely to be a sitting Article III judge and there are pending cases on the limits of Article II powers, how do you square Sasse’s proposal with the Constitution, orvwith his claim to deep understanding of the document. The rule on advisory opinions goes back to C.J. Jay. hardly a recent position.

    • Sasse can set any condition he wants, including that the nominee sing the Nebraska fight song standing on his head in the center of Memorial Stadium.

      The ‘I can’t answer that, it’s potentially pending’ argument is bogus, anyway.

      • NE Voter says:

        Sasse is a lightweight.

        As regards the wrong-headed canard that President Obama should not nominate a successor to the Supreme Court vacancy created by the death of Associate Justice Antonin Scalia, or that the Senate should refuse to hold hearings/put the nomination to a confirmation vote, please keep in mind that the current Republican majority in the Senate represents 20,000,000 FEWER American voters than the Democratic Senate minority.

      • repenting lawyer says:

        Prof GH, Of course Sasse may do what he wants, he could require the candidate to be a drunk or a chemist. But there is nothing bogus about the impropriety of refusing to resolve specific cases, particularly pending cases. Guess you did not cover the Revolutionary War pensions in Con Law for chemists, but Sasse, particularly when claiming to lecture in a non partisan manner on Con Law should know better.

      • repenting lawyer says:

        Bluejay, One of my sisters was reaching at Trinity in Dublin. The Creighton summer program was eating in the dinning room at lunch, so she went over and started singing the White and the Blue. None of the CU students knew the words. Probably no Prepsters in the group.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Fischer plays and wins on highway bill, national security, committees and getting things passed with bipartisan support. Sasse plays, trolls, makes videos not laws, votes no on roads, talks, talks and trolls some more. Fun to play, Ben, but we’d like you to work for Nebraska, not yourself.

  6. Sparkles says:

    Nobody better than Charles P. Pierce.
    A timely piece and quick read; “The Roots of Donald Trump’s Candidacy Lie in a South Carolina Cemetery”

  7. midtownguy says:

    Trump 33%
    Cruz 19%
    Rubio 18%
    Bush 12%
    Kasich 10%
    Carson 8%

    Carson drops out after primary. I’m most likely way off on my predication’s but I figured have fun with it.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Where is Sasse’s PR/ Communications Director? Will someone have the decency to tell him that using memorials as political props is not only tacky but un-statesman-like. It’s also extremely transparent that he is using social media to get noticed by the mainstream media. I didn’t vote for him to be churning out videos and tweets.

    • Sparkles says:

      I hear Sasse Baron Cohen’s next feat of filmed inanity will be an homage to one of Sasse’s favorites, and will be titled – Ben and Deb’s Excellent Adventure.

      And he’s got his Senatorial staff working on a script for an upcoming featurette; Fear and Loathing at Las Margaritas.
      ‘Cause, that’s what Senators do.

      Ben Sasse was paid $174,000 last year. He was provided an additional $1,406,053 for staff salaries.
      God only knows what it cost taxpayers to fly him all over the country (to Koch confabs) and around the globe for international meet ‘n greets. (Sasse Baron and Joni “Nut-Cutter” Ernst were in Munich Germany a week ago)

  9. Lil Mac says:

    I predict that after the SC GOP Primary, Donald Trump will still be a billionaire with two Emmys, a smoking hot wife, brilliant kids, and he will still be living better as Mr. Trump than the impoverished US Senators currently vying for second place who want to live in the White House because it is a step up from their trailer parks.

    • Sparkles says:

      Net Worth –
      Ted Cruz = $3.5M
      Jeb!(?) = $22M
      Kasich = $10M+
      Carson has yet to release his tax documents, but it is reported he and his wife have earned between $8.9 and $27M in the last 16 months. (the grifting in miracle herb cancer cures and Tent Revivalism must be good)

      It’s only Rubio who is, on paper, “trailer park”.
      And No-Show has the advantage of having his own personal billionaire, Norm Braman, always nearby with checkbook in hand.

      One thing all the others have that The Donald doesn’t – not having to suffer the indignity of the whole world being able to google naked pictures of your wife.

    • I’m sorry; nobody told me the candidate I support is disqualified because he is worth less than I am. Actually, a long term politician with relatively low net worth says he has been comparatively clean. What has Hillary ever done to earn tens of millions? I mean, other than graft.

  10. Anonymous says:

    There are times I forget and then Sasse begins to speak and I recall that his name rhymes with gas and that other word to describe what Jesus rode on Palm Sunday. He must have been thrown for a loop in school when the test was multiple choice or true or false instead of essay questions for long boring answers on an attempted bridge to nowhere.

    • Reader says:

      But this is not funny, nor very truthful. The delegate selection process is an established procedure and each candidate knows the process before submitting to it’s outcome. It’s not as though the superdelegates cheated, a la Cruz w/Carson’s delegates.

  11. I won. I had Bush as “go away” and he did.

    Meanwhile, Rubio odds for the presidency shortened overnight from 6:1 to 4:1 in London. My sister, who takes election predictions a lot more concretely, could have gotten 6:1, but couldn'[t make it to the bookies in time. Next time she’ll take my advice 🙂

  12. Lil Mac says:

    We crunched some SC ad spending efficiency numbers.

    Campaign Super PACs Total spent Result Dollars per point
    Bush $83,000 $13,700,000 $13,783,000 7.9 $1,744,683
    Rubio $4,710,000 $7,340,000 $12,050,000 22.5 $535,555
    Cruz $2,340,000 $4,730,000 $7,070,000 22.3 $317,040
    Carson $1,010,000 $45,000 $1,055,000 7.2 $146,527
    Kasich $497,000 $385,000 $882,000 7.6 $116,052
    Trump $1,780,000 $0 $1,780,000 32.5 $54,769
    (Morning Consult Feb 19, 2016: SC GOP Candidate ad spending w/ efficiency.)

    Super PACs are at Risk. Most money spent in SC for Rubio, Cruz and Bush was spent by Super PACS. A Trump surge may dry up the already tightened spigots. While GOP leaders are deeply invested in stopping Trump, PAC donors need a reasonable expectation of return on investment. Thus Bush dropping out after wasting $14 million PAC bucks in SC will have a chilling effect on Super PACs.

    Trump is by far the most efficient per dollar spent per point gained in SC; spanning from being twice as efficient as Kasich to being 32 times more efficient than Bush. The President is our chief treasurer and tax dollar spender. Fiscal efficiency, dollar sense, matters. This is Trump winning much more by spending much less.

  13. Lil Mac says:

    Apologies for this website literally crunching the above numbers to indecipherability. What we need to know is this:

    Trump spent $55K per SC pct point he gained, compared to Bush spending $1.7 million dollars per point. As the old saw goes, Trump squeezes each nickel until Jefferson farts.

    99% of Bush’s, 61% of Rubio’s, and 67% of Cruz’s SC spending was Super PAC money.

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