Mrs. Ricketts’ PAC

Nixon birthdayI get it when people circle the wagons around the home-state guy. But I did find the LJS’s Zach Pluhacek’s Tweet curious: “Trump going after our governor’s mom”, with a link to the USAToday story which describes…the Governor’s Mom funding a PAC going after Trump.

Of course Trump’s response to all this was very Trumpian (“They better be careful, they have a lot to hide!”), but one can’t blame him or any other candidate lashing out when a billionaire funds a PAC to attack you.

Wait, Marlene Ricketts is a billionaire?

Well, let’s just note too, that it is curious that Joe Ricketts chose to hide behind his wife on this one. It’s not as if the Missus just decided to up and start herself a PAC to take down The Donald. Joe is the one who has gotten the share of the bad pub in funding various attack organizations.

And then Governor Pete Ricketts’ office responded to the Trump Tweet:

“It came to my attention a couple of weeks ago that my mother had contributed to this organization. Members of my family are politically active on both sides of the aisle, and they independently decide who to contribute to and support.”

It came to his attention?
She “had contributed” to “this organization”?
They created it! They are the only donors!

But does anyone think that — outside of Democrat sister Laura — that TEAM Ricketts doesn’t huddle on EVERY national policy decision? No doubt there could be some discussion where Pete has to differ from Dad because, Nebraska. But that discussion WILL be had.

Because no one believes, “Where’s Mom? Oh, she went to the hair salon, the grocery store, then formed her own PAC with $3.5 Million to destroy Donald Trump.”


It’s 4:20 somewhere…

Attorney General Doug Peterson takes to the web pages of National Review Online to further his assault on Colorado’s pot laws.

Says Peterson:

Whatever may be said of the economic success of Colorado’s impairment industry, it is not a success for the rule of law. Nor has it been anything but harmful and expensive for Colorado’s neighbors, like Nebraska, who continue to interdict illegal marijuana consistent with their own laws and, lest we forget, the CSA.

To hear more from the AG on this issue, as well as others before his office (including the medicinal marijuana issue in Nebraska) be sure to listen to my podcast interview with him at



The Doctor is IN

Ben Carson says, “Obama was ‘raised white’“.

I always wondered when this would become an issue — if it is.

Because if President Obama were a Republican, this is pretty much the ONLY thing you would hear about him from the black community. You would hear on a regular basis that he is only half white. That his dad is African, not a descendant of American slaves. And don’t even start about being raised in Indonesia or by his white Kansan grandparents.

Those are certainly all interesting issues, and not even necessarily those that SHOULD be discussed. But it always cracked me up that he tries to portray himself as a big White Sox and “south side of Chicago” guy.

He still Christmases in Hawaii.


Taking the Deep Dive

My investigation of “can Trump win the GOP primary” continues.

On the one hand I’ve got a study from a Stanford U. publication entitled, “Donald Trump Will Not Win the Nomination“. Essentially a mathematical study, based on current polling averages.

Then there’s this analysis from American Thinker entitled, “Guess what percent of the vote Trump needs to win the GOP nomination“.
(Short answer: 32%)

Huffington Post takes a few breaths from calling Trump a racist (over and over again) to note that Trump COULD win the whole shebang if he wins the (apparently racist as well) Rust Belt.

But they don’t nail down how he wins the primary.

And then the latest is how Trump is ahead of Rubio in Florida. (Though the poll hasn’t been updated since South Carolina.) That would seem to change some of these analyses.

So the upshot, as I keep reading, is that the race will STILL be up in the air…through the Nebraska GOP Primary.

That’s what everyone has been hoping for, right?
Maybe get Ivanka to speak in the back of a clothing store at Rockbrook?
Well, as near as I can tell, you may get it.

Or not.
Nothing’s terribly clear these days.



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  1. Sparkles says:

    When is someone going to tell Bennie ‘the Blade’ Carson that it’s far past time he stop making a total arse of himself.
    Time to abandon the campaign trail and get back to a more simple life as a shill for miracle herbal cancer cures.

    You know what – Sasse Baron Cohen clearly has nothing on his calendar, maybe he can whip out a little video, enabling Ben to see the error of his ways.
    I got it! He could do a riff on some classic Dr. John –

    I been running trying to get hung up in my mind
    Got to give myself a little talking to this time
    Just need a little brain salad surgery
    Got to cure this insecurity
    I been in the wrong place..

  2. Oracle says:

    Go read the NRO article by Doug Peterson, then read the comments. The vast majority of the commenters think he’s an idiot. I concur.

  3. Sparkles says:

    How about Lincoln’s own young gun Sen Adam Morfeld!

    Calling for an investigation into whether faith-based adoption agencies in Nebraska are violating federal law by discriminating against potential adoptive or foster parents based on religion.
    Beyond the investigation, Sen Morfeld directed the HHS to immediately begin severing contracts with agencies that discriminate, and to report any findings to his office within 90 days.

    What’s that line again… “with great vengeance and furious anger”.

    Gotta love it.
    Sen Kolterman carries the water for a couple regressive, homophobic faith based adoption agencies, in a bill that could threaten $30 Million the state receives in federal aid, and young Adam steps up to the plate, bringing the big wood.

      • Sparkles says:

        You are, of course, correct Joe Bob.

        Sen Morfeld requested HHS immediately sever contracts with agencies that discriminate.
        He also informed them he plans to notify the federal government of his concerns.

      • Sparkles says:

        I’m familiar with that term only from a layman’s perspective.

        Although, I am aware that, adoption by single LGBT individuals is now legal in every jurisdiction in the United States, and adoption by same-sex couples is legal in every state, with the exception of Mississippi.

        It would seem the litany of legal challenges that have been overcome in securing the legalization of adoption by same-sex couples speaks volumes to what the courts have found to be in the “best interests of a child.”

        In fact, the plethora of rigorous studies that have been conducted, many on behalf of these high profile legal battles, have found that children raised by same-sex couples perform just as well, if not better, than their traditional family peers.

  4. Bluejay says:

    Laura Ricketts is a major Liberal. Big time contributor. She earned her fortune working in a Chicago law firm for a few years and trading stocks on the web. She now lives on Lake Michigan and enjoys owning the Cubs.

    • Bluejay says:

      Correction. Her dad, the capitalist, made his billions and gave her some. But you knew that. And so did I. Just wanted to highlight what self-loathing ingrate hypocrites the Dem donors are.

  5. Anonymous says:

    What are we saying here Sweeper? That without the Ricketts’ Trump-assassination PAC, Trump might have won Iowa? Perhaps Trump may have won NH and SC by 50 pts each? That’s the idea, right? Trump is doing okay anyway. So maybe Joe having been a discount broker doesn’t automatically turn him into a political financial wizard.

    Last summer, Joe Ricketts gave $5 million dollars to Scott Walker who immediately dropped out. That was so early that ten more GOP candidates have dropped since. Walker booked with Ricketts’ cash.

    If that was Ricketts’ family money wasted on Walker and now on Trump, Pete should have the old man declared incompetent. But if it was donations from other millionaires, well, buy a flak jacket. Because average folks who lose $10 to a discount broker won’t torch the broker’s barn. Let’s hope old Joe is only pissing away Pete’s inheritance.

    This is like watching an episode of the Beverly Hillbillies.

  6. The Eye Ball says:

    First off, no presidential candidate loses their home state. There has been various claims that Cruz would lose Texas, Rubio lose Florida and Kasich lose Ohio. That is pure nonsense. Never has happened and never will.

    Secondly, the biggest problem with Trump is you can’t attack him on personality or policy from the top down because it won’t have much impact. What will have impact is when people wake up to his creepy personality. He just said in Nevada that he wanted to punch a heckler in the mouth. You can’t get people to rally around such a person. If Trump wins the nomination, there are just millions of people who will stay home because he is a tremendous jerk. Trump is burning a lot of bridges and he is not going to apologize for doing so. This is why eventually, he is going to run into problems that he, himself, created. However, people won’t catch on to this until the people who have to deal with him on regular basis start speaking out.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Eye Ball, you say “No presidential candidate loses their home state.” Sparkles was too easy on you.

    45 presidential candidates lost their birth state and the 34 lost their state of residence. Among those who lost both birth and residence states were Romney, McGovern and in 1900, William J, Bryan lost Illinois and Nebraska. Abe Lincoln is on the list for birth state but you didn’t specify.

    You also said “Secondly, the biggest problem with Trump is you can’t attack him on personality or policy from the top down because it won’t have much impact” — Son, that is just a load of impacted horse shit.

    The President, the RNC Chairman and the Pope have all condemned Trump. You say he “can’t” be attacked from the top down but there isn’t anyone on top who hasn’t attacked Trump!

    Your frustrated circular reasoning then refuses to note that all three of these gentlemen attacked Trump over the border and immigration issues on which most polled Americans agree with Trump.

    • Sparkles says:

      I understand Eye Ball’s frustration.
      Respectfully, I can’t bring myself to sympathize.
      It’s a bit scary, but I’m thrilled the implosion of the party on intransigence has finally arrived.
      The demise of a party of cretins like Gingrich, Delay, DeMint, Issa, Jefferson Beuaregard Sessions III, Steve King, Joe Wilson etc.., clears a path for the eventual return of a party of reason, planning and thoughtful collaboration, something our nation desperately needs.

      The GOP and their co-conspirators in the right wing entertainment complex have spent the last 35 years piecing together, inane slogan by inane slogan, the toxic orange mass with bad hair that is now consuming their party from within.
      They’ve prepared the field in advance for the embrace of Trump’s policy free, monosyllabic, governance-by-bumper-sticker vision for a hate filled, inward looking, xenophobic America.

      Our country has seen this before. Thankfully in the 1960’s the party had the man of the stature of Buckley to rise up and beat back the conspiracy nutball Birchers, relegating them to pariah status.
      Now that conspiracy nutball King of the Birthers has arrived, just in time to commandeer an enraged and tragically misinformed GOP base, the fractured right has no one like William F. to ride to their rescue.
      The party of Grifting Obtuse People long ago sold its soul, en masse, to Big Oil, Big Ag, Charles and David Koch and Roger Ailes.

  8. Mr Schuetz says:

    How about this fire chief “retiring” with a full pension at the ripe age of 46 – and probably heading straight to double dip and be chief at Offutt? What can be done about this revolving door ridiculousness? Very sad!!!!

    • Bluejay says:

      Every police and fire retiree is an effective millionaire. The risk free rate of return right now is 2%. One million therefore only yields $20,000 per year.

      Of course they all retire as soon as possible. Best job in the Omaha except for that UPRR guy with the grad student at Mizzou.

      Taxpayers totally screwed.

  9. Comparing campaigns says:

    Borchers hold a fundraiser and Nebraska’s own Kay Orr is the Headliner. Linehan holds a fundraiser and a Virginian who supported Obama is the headliner for her. Pretty sad.

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