Death Penalty TV

The anti-Death Penalty folks have a new ad created, featuring State Senator Colby Coash. See it here:

If you’re in the Cone of Silence, here is the text:

My name is Colby Coash and I’m a Republican senator from Lincoln, NE.

There’s a real impact when we spend a lot of resources trying to execute somebody. It’s just costing us money that we can use for victims. We can put it into roads, we can put it into schools. There’s much better things we could be spending our money on.

I’m not willing to spend one more penny trying to do anything other than let them sitting (sic) in a cell until they take their last breath, whenever that is. That’ll save us money.

I might have had him re-record that last line to make it grammatically correct, but that’s me.

I thought the evidence was pretty square that there is little difference between the cost of executing someone versus having them sit in jail forever. But that puts the ball in the court of the pro-Death Penalty forces to make that case to the public.

The ad above is currently only on digital media, and isn’t yet on broadcast or cable TV.

Los Hermanos Cubanos

Because it is still at the top of the news, one MUST touch on the Nevada caucuses last night. I didn’t make a prediction on it, mainly because all that was being said was that it would be volatile, no one could predict turnout, and some of the actual results might be sketchy. That seemed to be the case at the start, but I haven’t seen much of that in the morning.

But the intrigiuing part of all this now, seems to be that the Establishment — i.e. non-Trump press and office holders and anyone else that sees him as a cross between Napoloean and the Robbers Barons who didn’t build universities — are just discovering that Trump could WIN.

So the word out now is that either Rubio or Cruz (as well as Kasich and Carson) must quit and put their resources behind ONE anti-Trump candidate.

Jonah Goldberg (who has been a guest on The Wheels Down Politics Show, discussing the aforementioned Death Penalty issue) makes a call for Los Hermanos Cubanos, with a Rubio – Cruz (not Cruz – Rubio) ticket. He sees Rubio as the one who could unite the anti-Trumps, as opposed to Ted, who is still anathema to many.

But the great Cuban-American ticket presupposes one BIGGGGGGGGG issue: You gotta get ONE of them to quit. There would have to be some outstanding pressure on Ted Cruz to give it all up right now. And be second fiddle to Marco Rubio? To hold the “warm bucket of piss” that one office holder called the Veep seat?

And one assumes this could never happen prior to Super Tuesday. And what happens if Cruz does well there — or at least better than Rubio? Think he’d give in? Or would Rubio?

I’m not sure what sort of pressure would have to occur to make this happen, but it would almost have to be 100% unified across all elected officials. Oh, and by the way, no one likes Cruz, and he knows it. How is that going to make him feel when Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan come pounding on the campaign office door?

You HAVE to admit that this is the MOST interesting Presidential election in your lifetime.


Fence splinters

Oh and hey, remember Congressman Brad Ashford? ‘Member when he endorsed Hillary Clinton? Yeah?

Oh, well he also said he likes John Kasich.

At one of his Coffees, he barely finishes saying that he endorsed Hillary when he immediately — doesn’t take a breath — says that he also like Kasich because he’s experienced. And then within the next breath, he says he knows Bernie Sanders, and….well…pick ’em.

I’ve run into people that like Ashford because of this, and others who have been watching him do this for years and years.

But GEEZ. Pick someone already! And stand by them.
He’s shameless in his attempts to play both sides of the electorate so that they think he’s “on their side”.

Guess what folks? He’s on HIS side.
Big surprise.

(See a video of his Coffee tawk, here.)


Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 1.15.45 PMFort retort

1st District Congressman Jeff Fortenberry has a Democratic challenger now.

He is a doctor from Norfolk named Daniel Wik, a pain management specialist who practices in Norfolk and Columbus. He received his degree from St. George’s School of Medicine in Grenada.

Not much on Wik, other than he has spoken out about malpractice of at least one surgeon in the area.



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  1. Wild speculator says:

    Rather that Rubio offering Cruz the Veep slot, he should offer him the SCOTUS nomination. I think a lot of people who don’ t like the idea of Cruz as president do like the idea of him as a Scalia replacement. Plus, in the long run, a Supreme Court justice is likely more important than a VP, and possibly even more important than a president.

  2. Bernie Sanders: “Greed, fraud, dishonesty, arrogance. These are some of the adjectives we use to describe Wall Street.”

    Um, no, those are nouns (except perhaps in Vermont.)

    Between this guy and Trump the chump, has there ever been a stupider Presidential election?

  3. Sparkles says:

    Quoting Jonah Goldberg on Rubio is interesting.
    It was the National Review who in late December stated that Nevada would in fact be Rubio’s ‘firewall’.

    And Los Hermanos Cubanos??jo
    Jonah must have missed that Trump trounced los hermanos cubanos among hispanic voters in Nevada, winning 44% of the hispanic vote to Rubio’s 29 and Cruz’s 18.

    And the thing that most puzzles me about pundits on the right – how does 3-5-2-2 get you the top of the ticket?
    It’s ever more doubtful Rubio will win a single state, including his own.

    Maybe it’s time the GOP apparatchiks took a big swig of The Donald’s cologne, fitting called; Trump ‘Success’ Eau de Toilette.

    By the way, couldn’t help but to laugh when I read what crazy, but optimistic, Bennie ‘the Blade’ Carson said after pulling down a whopping 4.8% last night –
    “I believe that things are starting to happen here,”
    You owe it to yourself to read the whole quote, the man is certifiably looney. He compares the current state of our nation to ancient Rome, and talks about releasing the lions and tigers and watching them… eat the eagles.

  4. Bluejay says:

    We need to spend more money for remedial English classes at the Senator’s alma mater, UNL.

    How did that video get released? Editors? Producers? Interns? Was it an all UNL production.? GBR!

  5. Jmurra says:

    I really don’t think OUR Supreme Court justices are supposed to be partisan, with party leanings, so pick the best candidate to do what the Nation’s highest court is supposed to do.
    It is utterly offensive to me that our Constitution could be twisted in its interpretation by people who follow one of the political parties or the other. It is supposed to be unbiased in its judicial responsibilities.

    • Sparkles says:

      You and our President are of the same mind.

      Just this morning he posted a reiteration his previously stated selection criteria on SCOTUSblog.
      Simply google: A Responsibility I Take Seriously.

      It’s remarkable how Republicans and the right wing media have been able turn so much our nation against this extraordinary President.
      History will judge the current make-up of the Republican party and it’s present leaders harshly.

      • Anonymous says:

        The Republicans have not succeeded in turning ‘that much’ of our nation against this President. Hillary will easily beat Trump and we’ll all be better for it.

      • Sparkles says:

        4:08, from you lips to the FSM’s meaty ears.

        Not only is HRC the most experienced, most highly qualified candidate in modern history to run for the office, she is the sole candidate currently on the trail not misleading the American people with unattainable promises and insane pledges. A noble stance making her task all the more challenging.

      • Macdaddy says:

        Take your meds, Sparkles. You’re delusional if you think Hillary is anything but a grifter whose one accomplishment is to rack up $2billion in contributions from shady characters and corrupt governments. That and keeping her man from getting prosecuted for rape.

      • Bluejay says:

        “Not partisan?”

        Obama wouldn’t even attend Scalia’s funeral.

        The most partisan President in my lifetime. He’s off the charts. He just bypasses Congress and issues unconstitutional Executive Orders.

  6. repenting lawyer says:

    Bluejay, What is wrong with not going to Scalia’s funeral, I was unaware that POTUS generally attended funerals. With your legal learning you know that the limits on executive orders is far from clear and the case law scant. How do these orders differ in partisanship from GWB’s signing statements? He regularly announced there were parts of statutes he was signing that he regarded as non binding.
    Trying to expand Presidential Power is a bipartisan activities of Presidents, and Bush II or at least his V-P and lawyers had rather expansive views of CinC powers.

    • Bluejay says:

      Executive Orders result in actions of the federal government. The signing statements were meaningless and a waste of time.

      In your heart of hearts, you know Obama has been bad for all Americans on every front. Maybe in 2017 he will help reduce the murders in Chicago, but I doubt it.

      • repenting lawyer says:

        A signing statement is a refusal to enforce, not that different than the issues with regard to immigration. Ignoring the Geneva Conventions lead to actions. I see no evidence that Obama was bad for Americans on every front.

      • Sparkles says:


        You people really need to cease the baseless attempts at rewriting well documented recent history.

        Executive Orders by President
        Nixon – 346
        Ford – 169
        Carter – 320
        Reagan – 381
        Bush 1 – 166
        Clinton 1 – 364
        Bush 2 – 291
        Obama – 224, through Dec 31, 2015

        It is A FACT, President Obama has turned to Executive Orders far less than all other modern Presidents. This is despite the unprecedented, often rancorous, obstruction he has faced from the Republican part – active, deliberate, debilitating obstruction beginning on the very night of his inauguration!

        Signing Statements –
        Obama Signing Statements – (as of 11/25/2015)
        31 statements effecting 97 specified provisions of law in 30 congressional enactments.

        GW Bush Signing Statements –
        161 statements effecting 1,100 specified provisions of law in 160 congressional enactments.
        GWB abused signing statements in a manner unlike any President in modern history.

        It is GW Bush, directed by Yoo, Addington, Gonzales, Ashcroft and Cheney, who ran roughshod over our constitution.

      • The Eye Ball says:

        Details. The problem with Obama’s executive orders is the SCOTUS reversed several of them on a 9-0 vote

      • Sparkles says:

        Again, a distortion of the facts.

        The SCOTUS decisions re Obama’s Executive Orders may serve as a good talking point for GOP politicians, but even a cursory examination of the underlying facts finds the claim hollow and deliberately misleading.

        PolitiFact reviewed the claim (championed by whack-a-doo congressman Bob Goodlatte) –
        GOP leader: Supreme Court has ruled 13 times that Obama exceeded his constitutional authority

        PolitiFact’s Ruling –

        You can google the claim and read for yourself what respected constitutional law professors have said about the claim of overreach.
        For starters, in eight of the thirteen cases, the alleged overreach occurred under President George W. Bush.

        In addition to PolitiFact, the organization also has a lengthy and enlightening review of the claim of “Obama and Executive Overreach”, dated July 3, 2014.
        Their findings; in only one decision among the 13 did SCOTUS find Obama “had exceeded his constitutional authority”. That was in National Labor Relations Board vs. Noel Canning, another instance in which Republicans, due to their disdain of the agency, had been slow peddling via filibusters any all of President Obama’s appointments to the NLRB.

  7. Anonymous says:

    If Trump is the sort of peg-hole filler I think he is, he will put the right person into the job for what he best intends them to do.

    The most obvious is Sarah Palin as Secretary of Education. Just her announcement ought to close down that department.

    • Sparkles says:

      Palin to Secretary of Education.
      Hulk Hogan as Director of Homeland Security.
      Charles and David Koch as Co-Directors of the Environmental Protection Agency.
      Ben Carson as Honorary Head of the Youth Violence Protection Task Force.
      As a teenager, I would go after people with rocks, and bricks, and baseball bats, and hammers. And, of course, many people know the story when I was 14 and I tried to stab someone… .. I was terrible, I tried to hit my mother in the head with a hammer.”

  8. Elkhorn Voter says:

    I received an Invitation to the Team Obama fundraiser for Lou Ann Linehan. Is it just me, but most of the hosts are former Hagel Staffers, non-Douglas county residents and Ricketts surrogates?

  9. Mr Chutes says:

    Anyone else still hearing that Chip can’t even raise the $2K filing fee to get on the ballot – but that there will still be a surprise contested primary? Sources w/Sec of State office say Chip hasn’t dropped by yet ! Very sad !!

  10. RINO Watch says:

    Someone ask Lou Ann who she supported for president in 2008 and 2012. Team Hagel screwed the party so they could get their cushy appointments.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Your comment would mean something if the Unicameral was partisan and it should be. For this one legged NE lawmaking creature to walk straight, it needs power of principled partisan push.

    Notice how the GOP shit assed senator said “I am a Republican” while he is stabbing the NRP in its principles. But what Republican in this blog objects to him advertising his GOP affiliation?

    You want to blame Linehan? The Unicameral is tailor made for political creatures like her. She’s probably going to be Ernie’s new best friend.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Colby Coash actually looks like a guy on death row.

    Replace the titles with his mug and add “Killer Due for Execution” and 99% of Nebraskans would believe it.

  13. Megynocologicaly Kelly says:

    Since we are being sincerely snarky today… have you noticed how Megyn Kelly is turning into a lesbian?

    She has shorn her hair, greased it back and dresses like a guy. She always has had a Hillary-ish glare but after Donald didn’t bend to her bitchy bitchness, which BTW inadvertently put Fiorina’s candidacy on the death spiral, Megyn has gone full butch.

    She looks like a dominatrix. But she’s not dominating much like she used to. When she gets canned from FOX there is always the valley film industry.

    • Sparkles says:

      Baron von Raschke to a newly commissioned role as Ambassador to North Korea.

      The Claw will bring the crazy bastards to heel!

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