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Just a quick post here this afternoon, then we can open the Comments section to your vagaries.

First, Senator Deb Fischer continued her Senate floor speeches honoring Nebraskans who have fallen in combat.

This one for Jeff Hansen of Cairo. See it here:


Houston, we have a problem

The latest round of the GOP debates is tonight from Space City.

By my count, this is debate No. 432.
That does NOT include the undercard debates which would put the number closer to 900.

I have summarized the readings and analyses by the pundits and I have discovered this:

If Trump, keeps winning, he’ll win it all.
But if Cruz and Kasich quit, Rubio could take it.
Unless he doesn’t win Florida, then he’s a goner.
And Cruz could still be the anti-hero, instead of Trump.
Unless he loses Texas, then he’s a goner.
Except that Reagan did terrible in the early primaries.
And Cruz loves Reagan. And so does Rubio.
And Trump could be the next Reagan.
Unless Kasich takes Ohio.
And open convention.
Or something.

Another debate should sort all this out.

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  1. Sparkles says:

    Riddle me this, batman –

    Latest Florida poll (today)
    Trump 44%
    Rubio 28

    Latest Ohio (yesterday)
    Trump 33
    Kasich 29
    Cruz 11
    Rubio 10

    Latest Texas (today)
    Cruz 38
    Trump 23
    Rubio 21

    Precedent of the first 4 primaries says these numbers are likely to hold up.
    If the GOP apparatchik still imagines they’ll swing Student Council President for Life, Marco Rubio, to the top of the ticket – someone’s got some splainin to do.

    • Assuming you’re speaking to me (I am Batman!)…

      First, I’d say this year throw precedent out the window.

      Second, I’d say that the Florida poll is likely an outlier (Q often is) and I think it’ll tighten much more as the date approaches.

      Third, as near as I can tell, there are plenty of hypotheses which state that if everyone stays in and splits the delegates, Trump won’t hit the magic number for the convention and it could be open — and Marco could get the nod in Hello Cleveland!

      IF that were the case, there would probably be a great chance that Trump takes his ball and goes Third Party.

      All that being said, Occam’s Razor would likely either a) say that Trump continuing to win will mean that Trump will win the nomination, or b) give you a clean close shave.

      And follow me tonight @LeavenworthSt on the Twitter!

      • Sparkles says:

        Certainly a scenario within reason.

        And, should the primary end in an open convention, with NoShow being handed the victory, it is guaranteed to be pyrrhic.
        The base will burn the tattered remnants of the party to the ground.

        With everything on the line and given one last opportunity to swing for the fences prior to the Super Tuesday showdown, I predict NoShow will avoid throwing a single punch at The Donald tonight.
        Rubio’s wealthy backers aren’t looking for a fighter or a leader, they’re looking for, as Grover Norquist put it; a Republican with enough digits to handle a pen

    • bynd says:


      Speaking of splainin. The OWH had an article today on the medicaid expansion being in trouble because it will cost more than originally planned. So, with all your rosy predictions of all the money that will be saved etc. how can this be? Mello and Campbell are scrambling.

  2. Question for you says:

    I’m wondering if John McCollister is a Republican. He’s seems to be aligning with Eernie Chambers more than voting with the Republicans. Is another Republican running against him in a few years?

  3. According to the Times of London, which has no dog in this fight, Rubio floored Trump, then stomped all over him while he was on the ground. “There is no statute of limitations on lies” is a good line.

    The employing illegal aliens issue may yet kill Trump, because it’s one that resonates with Trumpkins. And Trump basically admitted it. His excuse was it happened a long time ago.

  4. Anonymous says:

    While Ben Sasse continues tweeting about Trump in an attempt to put a chink in his armour, Deb Fischer goes on the floor and gives speeches recognizing fallen heros. Thank you Senator Fischer for restoring my faith in humanity. I don’t think there is a clearer delineation of the priorities of our two U.S. Senators.

    • With all due respect for fallen heroes, this is not a reasonable use of the Senate’s time. She’s was elected a US Senator, not a reverend. And Sasse is doing sterling work against Trump.

      I think 7:23 is a liberal troll.

      • Sparkles says:

        this is not a reasonable use of the Senate’s time.

        Really? This is the Do Nothing Congress we’re talking about here. Since being taken over by Republicans during this era of Obama Derangement Syndrome, the last two Congress’s, 112th and 113th, have battled for the notorious distinction of the least productive body politic in American history. It is certain that the current congress, the 114th, will both it’s predecessor’s out of the water.
        And the Tea-addled goobers will cheer the obstruction, as the roads deteriorate around them, the water that comes from their tap turns brown, the nearby community hospital shutters it’s doors, their sons and daughters are locked up for a decade because of the roach clip in their ashtray and raw sewage and effluent from the chicken processing plant is dumped into the same creek their grandson, Jim Bob III, fishes from!

        In fact, as reported in Febr 2’s, The Hill, Mitch McConnell’s office freely admitted that his party’s legislative goal for the next 11 months is to do absolutely nothing.
        In an attempt to protect Republicans current Senate majority in a challenging election cycle, McConnell plans to prevent action on several measures that have wide bipartisan support, for fear of being seen by the rube base as cooperating with our illegitimate, interloper President.

        The Senate will be in session less than 70 days in the next 9 months.
        Here’s their schedule for coming recesses:
        Mar 19 – Apr 3
        Apr 30 – May 8
        May 28 – June 5
        July 1 – July 5
        July 16 – Sept 7
        Oct 8 – Nov 13
        In a stretch of 4 1/2 months over the summer/fall, the Senate will be in session fewer than 4 weeks.
        The House schedule is even more pathetic.

        So Sasse Baron has nothing else to do but flit about the globe and clown it up on social media.
        Deb Fischer is to be commended for her recognition of Jeff Hansen, who died 9 years ago, but she has the time to do so only because there’s not a f^*&ing thing occurring on the floor of the Senate.
        And that’s BY PLAN, thanks to the self-serving political scheming of the Inglourious Basterds leading the GOP!

      • bynd says:

        Here goes Sparkles again on his rant of numbers. The amount of bills filed or passed is not an indication of productivity of Congress. The intelligent welcome the inability of the Congress to continue in it’s process to govern badly and keep passing laws that do more harm than good. 24 million is a small price to pay for them to do nothing. They do nothing well. It is when they start passing bills that they show how inept they are.

      • ” If all you type is true…”. Get serious. We’re discussing Tinkerbell here. There’s a better chance nothing he types is true.

        In the present instance, for example, he claimed the 112th and 113th Congresses came since the senate was taken over by Republicans. Not only is that wrong, but any normal person would have typed “112th congress wiki” into their favorite search engine to check, before making a public spectacle of himself. Our pal, though, likes making a public spectacle of himself.

        And yes I’m a grumpy old man, who despises hysterical lying idiots. At some point Sweeper needs to crack down on his deranged frothings.

      • Anonymous says:

        GH: I’m far from lib. What “reasonable use of the Senate’s time” has Sen. Sasse employed? The only sightings of him are on Twitter and in You Tube videos he is hoping against hope will go viral. I would far rather watch Sen. Fischer honor fallen heroes than be subjected to sophomoric social media postings that are made in an effort to garner national media attention and donor money. All I’m asking is that he act the part of a U.S. Senator, not a frat boy.

  5. Mr Schuetz says:

    A real story continues to develop – It’s February 26th and Chip Maxwell has not yet figured out how to get on the ballot. He has three business days (including today) to do so.

  6. NE Voter says:

    Each of these scenarios is delicious and portend a Democratic triumph in November.

    How does it feel watching the GOP fail to elect a Republican as its presidential nominee?

      • Sparkles says:

        Before composting, someone will have to undertake the nauseating task of extracting that shock of orange/blond hair mixed in with all the sh__.
        No way that stuff will compost, it’s likely got a half life beyond any isotope yet discovered.

        I’ve got just the man for the job! A highly paid public servant with absolutely nothing on his calendar for at least the next 4 years, our own Sasse Baron Cohen!

      • Sparkles says:

        At the Washington Press Club Foundation Dinner last night Lindsey ‘Butters’ Graham lamented that Hillary Clinton is about to become president, blaming it on Republicans.

        “How could that be? My party has gone batshit crazy,” he explained.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Gerard Harbison says: “… dispense with the cretinous nicknames… It reminds me of second grade.”

    Gerard Harbison also says: “The employing illegal aliens issue may yet kill Trump, because it’s one that resonates with Trumpkins.” — Professor Hypocrite, dispense with the nicknames.

    What “resonates” with Trump supporters isn’t found a chemistry class. What resonates is success.

    If you review what Luntz discovered about Trump supporters you will find the more you hit Trump, they more they support Trump. Explaining why, in your current state of unreason, seems a waste of time.

  8. Lil Mac says:

    While Trump’s “success” resonates with reluctant Trump supporters, Trump’s enthusiastic supporters are drawn to his “bluntness” which they see striking the PC rot out of America’s heart. Faced with Trump, the rot rises of its own noxious gas to explode. Eliciting political suicide is no small feat.

    The GOP Establishment champions Fiscal Conservativism and business success. By criticizing Trump’s tax returns and employees, the GOP Establishment is attacking Trump’s business success. That Rubio and Romney are doing this egged on by RNC Chairman Priebus is remarkable.

    Romney’s FB page is full of his supporters fuming at Mitt about how he was wooden through most of his own losing campaign but suddenly against the GOP’s frontrunner, now Mitt wakes up. Apparently Mitt too is a victim of Trump Effect.

    I view Trump Effect as a powerful twist on Socratic Irony; not a targeted lulling to commit faux pas but rather broadly eliciting everyone’s worst inner idiot to rise up and commit PC suicide. It tickled Fiorina to defend Rosy, Jeb to deny is own in-laws, caused Megyn to turn lesbian, pushed the Pope to plop; and defeated 12 GOP candidates so far (1 CEO, 3 US Senators and 8 Governors.)

    In concert with his self-funding, Trump has put a big dent in the Super PAC system of wealthy puppeteers like Murdock, Bloomberg and Ricketts who seek to own US politicians. For Trump supporters, and also for Americans in general, what’s not to like?

    • WHAT business success? He’s had four bankruptcies. Almost everything he’s launched has failed. Even his first two marriages failed. If he’d taken Daddy’s money and invested it in a mutual fund, he’d be a richer man.

      Rubio hit it on the head. He’s a con-man, a swindler, a scam artist. Time the rubes woke up.

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